17 Benefits and Uses of Oxygenated Water

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2018)

17 Benefits and Uses of Oxygenated Water

What is oxygenated water?

It’s water that is injected with extra oxygen under high pressure. It’s claimed that oxygenated water contains more oxygen than regular drinking water. In one study,  five brands of oxygenated water were compared to drinking water. In four of the five brands, it was found that there was more oxygen in the oxygenated water than the drinking water. The fifth brand had an equal amount of oxygen as the drinking water. What good is having more oxygen in the oxygenated water if it won’t be absorbed into the body anyway?  

It really comes down to this if you really believe oxygenated water has any practical health benefits and uses or not. Oxygenated water manufacturers (of course they will claim this to sell their products and make money) claim there are all types of benefits to drinking water containing extra oxygen. It helps to enhance athletic performance, reduces toxins in the body, improves overall body functions, and it’s supposed to slow down the aging process. Is there really any scientific support that there are authentic benefits uses for oxygenated water?

The other side says that there is no scientific support that oxygenated water will benefit the human body in any way. In fact, there has been specific scientific research done to show that oxygenated water doesn’t help enhance athletic activity or exercising. This article further states that oxygenated water doesn’t absorb into the body and certainly doesn’t absorb into the intestines or in the digestive tract. If oxygen did adsorb at these levels, the amount would be so limited it wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

So, who are you supposed to believe: the ones who say that oxygenated water has many significant benefits, but there is no experimental support for these claims? Or the ones who say buy regular water it’s a lot cheaper than oxygenated water. They also have scientific proof to support that oxygenated water is no more beneficial for the body than regular water. You must weigh the evidence from both sides and determine for yourself which side is accurately giving information about oxygenated water.

Here are some of the benefits oxygenated proponents make:

  • It increases overall energy because more oxygen enters the bloodstream
  • Oxygenated water is supposed to boost the immune system
  • Helps the body absorb prescribed medications better
  • Makes exercising more effective because it brings more oxygen into the body
  • Enhances athletic performance for the same reasons listed in number 4 above
  • Helps dissolve minerals and nutrients making them more accessible to the body
  • Oxygenated water cleanses every cell with cleansing, healing oxygen
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Removes toxins from the body inhibiting serious diseases from developing over the long-term
  • Dissolves fatty tissues and helps digestion
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Helps relieve constipation
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out toxins
  • Allows faster recovery times from exercising and athletic events
  • Oxygenated water has a longer shelf life than regular bottled water
  • Greatly reduces internal muscle burn

Another issue comes forth; have people who have consistently consumed oxygenated water  experienced these benefits and if they have, they give testimonies to that end. Do these people really experience these changes or is it all a psychologically induced phenomenon in which they think the benefits are occurring and they really aren’t. As we have mentioned earlier, a fundamental problem with the testimonials is that it has been scientifically proven that the body doesn’t absorb more oxygen from oxygenated water. Despite this objection, let’s look at some of the benefits that are claimed from drinking oxygenated water.

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Testimonial Time

Oxygenated Water

One consumer claimed that when he drank oxygenated water, he could actually feel the oxygen entering his body. It was said that after he drank the oxygenated water, he felt better overall. In October 2006, he was diagnosed with asbestosis (a chronic lung disease that leads to long-term breathing problems) and COPD (is a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible. The more familiar terms ‘chronic bronchitis’ and ’emphysema’ are no longer used, but are now included within the COPD diagnosis) which he contracted working 20 years in a boiler plant. He had chest pain and inflammation. His doctor prescribed a compressor/nebulizer in which he inhaled Albuterol Sulfate. He said there was no improvement; so he decided to inhale, the John Ellis oxygenated water, (3cc-4cc) through his nebulizer.  

He said the results were impressive, miraculous as he stated in the testimony. He did this for 3-4 days, and the chest inflammation went away. He could go without this treatment for 1-2 weeks. The inflammation would come back, and he would repeat the process. He found it easier to breathe outside winter air.  He was seeing a Pulmonary Specialist every six months. At the end of one of his visits, he told the doctor what he was doing with the water. The doctor just walked out of the room. He went to the specialist’s appointment at the end of the year, and he told the specialist again that he was only using the water and not the sulfate. The doctor checked his chest and said the chest was clear of congestion. He told this consumer to keep using the same treatment he had been applying. The specialist cut the appointments back from every six months to once a year.

The same consumer said he had a nine-year-old grandson. The grandson suffered from Croup, a cough, so he gave the grandson (3cc) of the water through the nebulizer. The cough went away immediately after the grandson inhaled the water vapors through the nebulizer.

Another consumer states that his wife had ovarian cancer. She started drinking John Ellis’s water, and then the doctors performed surgery on her. The cancer (still identified as cancer) had been reduced to a sandy, granular substance, which cannot attack the flesh, since cancer kills by attacking the tissue. She also has chronic pancreatitis, because of this her immune system is shot, and she couldn’t have chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Either treatment would have killed her. The surgery was three years ago, and her condition hasn’t changed (she hasn’t gotten any worse).

The consumer further writes he came across an article, written in the Washington Post twenty years earlier, about a miracle well in Mexico. Supposedly, the well was purified with John Ellis’s water. From that point on people would come from hundreds of miles to draw water from the well. Thousands of miracles were occurring from people drinking that water in the well. The Washington Post claimed that the water had become miraculous. The man, who purified the water, said it wasn’t miraculous water but water purified by John’s oxygenated water. This testimony hasn’t been verified by any scientific research. The thousands of miracles, as far as I know, haven’t been medically confirmed either.

17 Benefits and Uses of Oxygenated Water

Another consumer states that the water protected her from viruses, pathogens, and other germs people coughed when they were near her. Next, she became very ill with meningitis. She tried using her blood purifier for 1 1/2 years. The blood purifier didn’t help her. She started drinking John Ellis water and after a while (the time wasn’t given) her meningitis was cured. Again, there is no medical confirmation for this cure. She also developed cervical cancer. She lost her health insurance because she had to leave her job because of meningitis. She has been drinking the water for cancer. She says the horrible cervical pain is gone and she isn’t getting any worse from cancer, so she thinks. Since she started drinking the water for cancer. She has no medical confirmation that any of these events are validated.

Another customer says after drinking the first gallon of the water that the headaches disappeared, and the vision improved. Another customer (a naturopathic doctor) says he feels a lot better when drinking this water as opposed to when he drinks his reverse osmosis water. He didn’t go into detail about how the water improved his health.

This is another generic testimony of how a consumer drank this water, and they feel better than ever before. She said she was near 50. She didn’t give any detail on how it made her feel better or the great benefits she experienced from drinking this water.

Oxygen Rich Environments

It has been suggested that cancerous cells cannot survive in an environment that is rich in oxygen. People who have a lot of oxygen content in their bloodstream are less likely to get cancer. So, the conclusion is that people who drink oxygenated water are less likely to get cancer because the water will infuse their cells with more oxygen. The water will keep their cells free from cancer. There is no experimental basis or medical history to support these claims. A doctor who has won two Nobel prizes for research found that cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen rich environments, but this still doesn’t prove that oxygenated water can prevent cells from developing cancer.

It has further been suggested that in oxygen-rich environments, pathogens (disease carriers) are never found. So, in these cases where a people have oxygen-rich bloodstreams, they are less likely to get sick. Again, oxygenated water is supposed to help keep people healthier. Still, the problem is that the body doesn’t absorb the extra oxygen found in this water. So, these benefits most likely won’t be realized.

The Other Side  

Medical professionals who say that there is no benefit to drinking oxygenated water cite some reasons why this is the case. As we mentioned earlier, one of their reasons is that the body doesn’t absorb the extra oxygen found in this water. Along these lines, it is claimed that athletes who drink oxygenated water between athletic events will have a performance edge because their bodies will absorb more oxygen from the supercharged oxygenated water. But this is simply not the case because the body doesn’t absorb more water while the athletes drink this water between events. Another reason is that the human body may perform a little better during the actual exercise because the body inhales a bit more oxygen not because the athlete drinks oxygenated water. Even the difference in the breathing is so minimal that there really is no physical advantage for these athletes. There is no scientific support to prove this benefit.

Another benefit claimed is that oxygenated water (which would increase the oxygen absorption level in the digestive organs) is absorbed into the digestive organs increasing their ability to filter out toxins. But the reality is that oxygen is absorbed into the lungs. Another expert said that oxygen absorption into plasma (blood) is very low and this contradicts the claim that higher levels of oxygen are infused into the blood by drinking oxygenated water. An expert in the water treatment field (who worked in the field 40+ years) said too that oxygen is only absorbed through the lungs and not the intestines as is claimed to be a benefit of oxygenated water. He further states that water absorbs about 10 ppm of oxygen which is a very small amount. This is a negligible amount and really would have no benefits for the human body. Another expert (expertise in dihydrogen oxygen) said that adding another oxygen molecule to H20 is chemically not feasible. This would mean that if oxygenated water were to chemically bond, it would become hydrogen peroxide. This is a chemical reaction that will never happen naturally. So oxygenated water becomes that way by adding oxygen by pressure. It is a mixture and not a chemical compound like regular water is.    

Another opposition site states that all water exposed to oxygen (air) will be saturated with oxygen. So, all water is oxygenated anyway. So, there are no special properties to oxygenated water. When you open the bottle of oxygenated water, the oxygen is slowly released into the air so to get the extra oxygen you have a limited time to drink the water.

A  Ph.D., Jim Brown,  stated on another website in 2001 that a study done at the University of Texas was seriously flawed. The study concluded that oxygenated water would increase athletic performance (this experiment was mentioned elsewhere in this article) and so that conclusion gave a shot in the arm to water manufacturers to claim this benefit from drinking their products. The data was flawed because there was no measure given to show the water actually delivered the oxygen into the blood. Also, the sample population of those who participated in the experiment were small. There were five women and twenty men. The premise itself had no scientific basis. Another Ph.D., Howard Knuttgen said, that if some of the oxygen stays in the solution (after the bottle is initially opened), it follows the water into the stomach. The oxygen will continue to move out of the stomach, and it will result in an expensive burp. So, that is really all that oxygenated water has to offer.

He also said that if the oxygen were to be taken to the stomach and intestines (and it isn’t because it goes through the lungs) that the blood would travel to the right chamber of the heart. From there to the lungs and the objective of the blood flow to the lungs, is to pick up oxygen from the alveoli. To be carried to every tissue in the body including the exercising muscle. But for the blood to carry oxygen from the intestines is a physiological impossibility. (oxygenated water enthusiasts claim this is a benefit) The reason is that oxygen already present in the blood will reduce oxygen that is to be transferred from the alveoli to the blood in the pulmonary capillaries. In other words, extra oxygen from the oxygenated water will not transfer from the intestines. Because there is already an adequate supply of oxygen in the blood.

Final Summary

So, here you have it both sides of the oxygenated water debate. The proponents who suggest many benefits to drinking oxygenated water (there is a list of 17 such benefits listed above) who really have no scientific basis or support for these claims. They say their products will deliver numerous health benefits for your body. Then you have the opponents of oxygenated water, who systematically break down each of the benefits claimed by the oxygenated water supporters. They have scientific knowledge, and they give scientifically-based facts to support their rebuttals of the claims made for oxygenated water.

Recapping the study conducted at the University of Texas. this study was said to support the benefit that drinking oxygenated water will enhance physical performance for athletes. The study was reported to be invalid, and there was no scientific support to validate its conclusions.  As we discussed earlier, the basis for this experiment was based on an unscientific premise. A significant control was left out of the research; there was no method to measure that the oxygenated water would actually carry the extra oxygen to the blood.

So, in the final analysis, the decision to support the benefits claimed by the oxygenated supporters or to reject these claims is up to you the reader. Remember, that the claims made by the supporters haven’t been validated.



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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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