11 Wonder Benefits from Using Canola Oil in Your Hair

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Is canola oil really a super cure for hair? Or is this another fable from years ago? There are so many treatments out there is canola oil any different? These other oil treatments are legitimate and proven solutions. So, can canola oil really compete with these other wonder-working treatments? We will discuss in this article what the benefits and advantages if any, canola oil has over these other popular treatments. 

History of canola oil

Canola oil is extracted from rapeseed and is one of the lowest vegetable oils in fat at 7%. Canadian breeders had tried for decades to produce a high-quality, edible oil seed and in the 1970’s they succeeded by extracting anti-nutritional elements out of the rapeseed. It also grew and thrived in the Canadian plains. The plant was named from establishing a contraction from Canada and ola “which means oil.” Canola must meet strict international standards to be canola. It has to have less than 2% erucic acid in its fatty acids, the solid component has to have 30 less than micromoles of any one or mixture of 3-butenyl glucosinolate, 4-pentenyl glucosinolate, 2-hydroxy-3 butenyl glucosinolate, and 2-hydroxy-4 pentenyl glucosinolate per gram of oil-free solid. So, what this means is that canola oil has a very specific function to play in helping hair. So, canola is a high-quality manufactured oil. It will benefit your hair tremendously. Please note that even though canola oil was derived from rapeseed it’s a totally separate plant.

Hair Loss hurts everyone 

Hair loss hurts both men and women. But men are more prone to hair loss because of the patterns of baldness that develop on their heads. But today baldness is common and may be caused from a range of problems from vitamin deficiency to major health issue. So, get the canola oil. This oil has been found to greatly help with hair loss issues. Why is canola oil so helpful?

People looking for a way to accelerate hair growth and develop a healthy scalp they need to look no further. Canola oil is all they need to reach these goals. In coordination with other solutions canola can make excellent masks to hydrate hair. The anti-dandruff elements contained in the oil will prevent hair loss. Canola is also a major component in making better hairstyles especially those with dry hairstyles. Canola oil is very good for frizzy hair and it will prevent the hair from frizzing.

For frizzy hair you need to get some warm water and canola oil and mix the two into a spray bottle You will need to keep the spray bottle so you can spray the mixture into your hair. Canola oil’s main power in stopping frizzy hair is that it moisturizes the hair keeping it hydrated so frizzies cannot develop in the hair. If you don’t want to spend a million dollars to treat frizzy hair than canola oil is the choice for you.Canola oil can be purchased for a very reasonable priced in many grocery stores.


Methods to treat hair with Canola Oil

Start by mixing equal parts of canola oil and olive oil about 2-3 teaspoons of each oil. Pour them into a bowl and mix them up. Next, dip a cotton ball into the solution and dab the liquids evenly into the scalp and hair. Be sure you coat the ends of your hair with the oil mixture because your hair becomes dry and needs to be moisturized.  

Canola oil can benefit those who battle dandruff problems. Mix canola oil with tea tree oil but make sure you mix more canola oil than tea tree oil in the solution. Heat this mixture up and apply it for three to four weeks. If you happen to notice continued hair loss then add equal amounts of canola oil with almond or olive oil. If you find the mixture aroma too much for your smell then add some lavender or  primrose essential oils to the mixture. This will sweeten the scent for you. This treatment will help make your hair thicker and stronger. It will decrease hair loss and you will observe your hair growing again.

A strange but clinically proven application for canola oil is using it in a hair mask. Mix canola oil in equal parts with mayonnaise. (Guess what mayonnaise has more uses than just spreading it on bread to eat in a sandwich.) It does sound very messy to rub mayonnaise in the hair but it does work to stop hair loss. Add some lavender and primrose essential oils to eliminate any bad smell from the other ingredients in the mixture. You may feel like applying mayonnaise in your hair makes think you are a sandwich, but it will improve the health of your hair. As pointed out earlier you can add lavender or primrose oils to the mixture to spice up the smell of the hair mask.

Paste the mixture into your hair and cover it (A shower cap is recommended.) Let sit  the solution in the hair fro two to three hours rinsing it out of the hair.

This one sounds really bizarre but it is suggested that beer mixed with canola oil will help the hair grow. No, don’t drink the beer apply it to your hair. This combination of beer and canola oil is very good for tied locks. To make this unusual mixture mix a ½ cup of beer with one tablespoon of canola oil and egg. The smell may not be wonderful but the results speak for themselves. Apply the paste to your hair and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. You can store some beer in a spray bottle. Then spray the mixture into your hair but do this frequently for the best results.

Another popular treatment is to to use essential oils because they are effective in treating hair, health and skin issues. This treatment will help to alleviate dry hair. (no one wants to hear their hair crunch and crack when they brush it.) Mix three tablespoons of canola oil with some tablespoons of almond, tea tree or olive oil. Heat the mixture until it is warm. Apply it to your hair and then cover your head with a shower cap or cotton cloth then leave it on for one to two hours then rinse it out of your hair.

This mixture sounds like you are preparing a banana split for your hair. But you can mix banana with canola oil  for effective hair masks. Prepare the solution by adding some tablespoons of honey and canola oil. Top it off with a half piece of banana. Put the ingredients in a blender and blend them together until they are smooth and then take the paste and apply it to your hair. Cover your head with a towel and leave your hair untouched for 45 minutes then wash it out with water. This treatment is good for moisturizing your hair and it supplies protein for your hair to grow.

Canola oil has very high amounts of Erucic acid this acid contains a lot of protein. This is beneficial for anyone who wants long hair. The wonderful thing about this solution is that you don’t have to mix anything with the canola oil. The canola oil will have tremendous results for the hair. Take a cup of canola oil and boil  it to a mild temperature. Apply the oil to the scalp and massage then cover up your hair with a towel or shower cap. Leave your hair untouched for 20-30 minutes then wash it out with water.

Canola Oil is good for More than just Frying Food

Canola Oil is good for More than just Frying Food

Canola oil traditionally is used for frying foods not for hair treatments. But it is now widely used in hair treatments and has proven quite valuable in that application. Another benefit to using canola oil over counter hair treatments is that canola oil is a lot less expensive to use. Plus canola oil has less damaging effects on the hair than the counter treatments have. Canola oil treatments help with breakage, split ends and nourishes dry hair.

It must be noted that canola oil will have varying effects on individual hair. It depends on the condition of the hair when the canola oil is applied. But over time the canola oil will reverse the damage  done (by whatever factors) to the hair. This everyday kitchen essential will help with hair treatments  in awesome ways as we have discussed above. Also, canola oil is natural in all of it’s ingredients and is a healthy source for hair. The treatments can be done in the privacy of your own home.

A lot of people’s hair go through routine treatments. Such as shampooing, curl ironing, conditioning, blow drying, bleaching, and coloring. These treatments can damage hair if used excessively over time. So using canola oil can keep hair healthy, shiny, and  rich-looking.

Generally, canola oil treatments will either be mixed with other ingredients or used independently. Some treatments call over canola oil to be mixed with egg yolk, mashed avocados, and honey. Sometimes it will be mixed with equal parts of olive oil. Any combination listed above will be useful. You will also need a wide tooth comb, microwave, glass container and warm towel for canola oil hair treatments.

Here is one such recipe: 6 tablespoons of canola oil or 3 tablespoons each of canola and olive oil. Warm the oil in a microwave for 15 seconds or until it’s relatively warm.  Don’t heat it to the temperature where it will be scalding hot and burn your fingers, scalp, and hair. While the oil is heating get a towel and toss it into the dryer. You want the towel to be warm for this mixture. Once the oil mixture is ready, pour some on your fingers. Massage the oil through your hair and leave it in for about 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up wash it out of your hair then shampoo your hair as you normally do.  


More Wonder Treatments with Canola Oil

Did you know that styling products, chemical treatments and the sun’s rays can leave your hair dry, brittle and vulnerable to breakage. This is why it is beneficial to treat your hair with canola oil. Like other types of oils canola oil can moisturize and soften hair. A little bit of canola oil in your hair can leave it soft and manageable. Sprinkle some in your hair and leave it in for then cover your hair with a towel or a plastic shower cap  ten minutes before shampooing it out.

You can mix canola oil well with other ingredients to make an effective hydrating hair mask. Take a small bowl and mix one teaspoon of canola oil with two teaspoons of olive oil, walnut oil, or avocado oil. Now mix in two teaspoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of vegetable shortening. Melt the oils in the microwave on a low temperature setting. Add two teaspoons of honey or molasses and stir these ingredients in well. Mix in in one tablespoon of apple cider and one egg yolk and then mix the whole blend into your hair and wait 15 minutes. Shampoo your hair as normal then rinse with warm water.


Before you say No, Listen to the Benefit of Canola oil for the Hair

Canola oil is a great choice for dry hair because it contains unsaturated fatty acids that are great moisturizers for hair. There are some who say canola oil coats your hair better than special hair oils. The texture of canola oil is very light so it penetrates into the scalp deeply. It also absorbs into the shaft of the hair and moisturizes it from inside which is very effective for dry hair. Sterols contained in canola oil help recover damaged cells so it heals split ends. Canola oil is also rich in vitamin E which protects the hair from further damage. The key to being successful with canola oil is to use it on a regular basis. If you do you will make the hair stronger, softer and silky.     

Warning: If you suffer from adverse reactions from using or eating canola oil (This is called canola oil allergy.) See a physician as soon as you can and stop using it.


More Ways to use Canola Oil  

Canola Oil  

To help moisturize hair and to keep it from drying out follow this procedure: Mix equal parts of canola oil and olive oil together about three tablespoons of each is the ideal amount. Heat the oils up and then using a cotton  pad apply the oil to the scalp and hair. Remember, to coat the hair ends with the hot oil mixture as they tend to dry up. They need to be moisturized. (As we discussed about the hair ends earlier.) Massage the oil into the scalp for ten minutes and then leave it in the hair for two more hours. As usual wash your hair.


Wrapping up the Wonder of Canola Oil.       

Canola oil is widely used today because it is cheap but quite effective in helping various hair issues. Like what  we discussed above, it’s more than just an oil to cook with. And cooking with it does have wonderful results. But more to the point of this article is that canola oil has tremendous benefits for the hair. It seems like people would be surprised to know that canola oil can be used in so many hair applications. But it can be a very effectual when used for the hair.

Canola oil has all natural ingredients which will improve hair health and not leave it damaged for years or a lifetime. We have reiterated throughout this article that  canola oil is very cost – effective to purchase and use. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which will help with many different types of hair treatments.

It can be used by itself or mixed with other oils and ingredients to give the desired result in various hair treatments. It is wise to use in in conjunction with daily hair and hair beauty treatments. Some of the solutions that are used with canola oil can sound strange and messy but they work quite well, The oddest mixture is mixing beer and canola oil together but it is reported to work. If some of the solutions are very bad smelling then there are essential sweet-smelling oils available to neutralize the bad smell of some mixtures. You really have nothing to lose by trying some of the canola hair treatments we discussed here. You will do yourself and your hair a favor if you use these many tried and proven canola oil hair treatments. They will help stop split ends, moisturize dry hair and stimulate hair to grow again.     

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.