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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

So are we talking about an air mattress you inflate and then float down the river on or the rapids. It better be of a good-quality that will not have holes poked easily into it. Then all the air leaks out and before you know it you have a flat air mattress. But we are not talking about those types of air mattresses. We are discussing the air mattresses that you sleep on yes sleep on. You most likely do want a mattress that you have to inflate but also one that you can obviously sleep comfortably on. I am not sure that air mattresses are very popular today. If you are in the market for one you can find one easily on the market. The air mattress should have a built-in pump that will inflate the air mattress quickly and efficiently. You want to purchase an air mattress that will be made of a durable product that will not spring a leak the first day you purchase it. You will find that air mattresses are much cheaper to buy than regular mattresses.

You can buy air mattresses the standard twin, king, and queen-sizes. Hopefully, the air mattresses will last as long as regular mattresses do. Another thing to consider when buying an air mattress is that you will have to pump it up from time to time. It is time to start looking at some of the air mattresses on the market.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

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Benefits and Uses: This brand of air mattress has had over 14,000 reviews written about it. This is the most reviews I have seen written about a product. So, it is a very, very popular product. The mattress has over 40 air coils in the mattress. The bed remains stable and durable so you will stay asleep. The pump system is a one-click system that will inflate the mattress in 4 minutes. It will deflate as quickly. You may top off the air in the mattress if you like. The air mattress. The mattress is made for home use and it can be used by friends, relatives, or other overnight guests. You can quickly set up the air mattress and take it down as quickly. The perfect bed for those unexpected overnight guests who drop in. The mattress is a queen-size mattress and it has a sure bottom grip that prevents the mattress from sliding on the floor. It will deflate and sit snugly in a carrying bag. You can take it anywhere. The top surface is water-resistant and it is made of a puncture-proof material. The company offers a one year warranty on the mattress.

Feedback: This is a happy review and it all worked out well for the customer. The review was written a few years ago. The customer had used quite a few air mattresses in the past. This one he really liked and it inflated very quickly. It was comfortable and he slept soundly. The second night the product seemed to lose air and in the past, this meant the product had a leak in it. The customer said typically once you buy the product and the mattress starts to deflate indicates there is a leak in the mattress. He called the customer service dept and the rep was more than willing to help him. She told him to deflate the mattress and inflate it again and it should stop the mattress from getting soft and the mattress will stay firm. The customer did what the rep said and it solved the problem. The customer sent the rep an email and the rep responded within 15 minutes. The customer said the solution worked the mattress is firm after a few nights of sleep.

This is outstanding customer service. The client updated the review and said now he pulls the air mattress out for overnight guests he no longer uses it himself. He is still very happy with the purchase. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer bought the mattress to give guests a place to sleep in their small NYC apartment. The mattress was a lot more comfortable than their fold-down bed to sleep on. The customer slept on the mattress for about 4 nights and they said it was comfortable. The pump surprisingly broke down and the customer reached out the company. The Rep suggested a fix that did not work so the customer rep shipped a new mattress that arrived the next day. The reps always answered emails promptly. The customer really felt taken care of and likes the company’s very good customer service. This is the second report about the company’s outstanding customer service.

The customer rated the product 5-stars. The mattress was bought on a recommendation by a neighbor. The customer said the recommendation was thorough and it was thorough and quite lengthy. It was a good review though well-written. The customer bought the product and really liked it. The mattress lost a little bit of air but the customer re-inflated the mattress to his desired level. He says the pump is a one switch apparatus that inflates the mattress in 4 minutes and it will plug into a standard outlet. The customer measured the mattress and said it was a queen-sized mattress. The customer noticed the queen sheets did slip off though after a while. The customer has used other mattresses that took 3 minutes to inflate but through the evening the mattresses would lose a lot of air. The customer slept on the mattress with his wife and by himself and the customer said, the mattress is comfortable to sleep on. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The company had two reviews that specifically noted the company’s outstanding customer service. The common strands in the reviews were the reps were eager to help the customers and offered solutions to the problems quickly. The reps promptly answered the customer’s emails as well. The reps were very courteous and helpful for the customers.

Classic Air Mattress

Aerobed Classic Air Mattress, Twin

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Benefits and Uses: Oval coil construction offers extra support for a peaceful night of sleep and you will wake up refreshed in the morning and without pain. The mattress inflates with a handheld pump this could be a lot of extra work if you don’t want to inflate the mattress by hand and it could be time-consuming as well. The mattress is a standard twin-size mattress and twin bed sheets will fit the mattress. The mattress will hold a person that weighs 300 lbs. and it will deflate quickly. The bag fits neatly into a carrying bag.

Feedback: The customer bought about 4 of these mattresses because they liked them so much. They use them when they go camping, on road trips to visit family and friends. They use them when they sleep in cabins where the bedding can be questionable. The customer says you should buy twin-size air mattresses instead of bigger sizes. This allows for more space and location flexibility. In the winter, the air gets cold so put a blanket under the sheet and you will stay warm. There are two pump systems one for comfort and the other one deflates the mattress quickly. The customer says the mattress is a good investment that is reasonably priced. The client suggests you keep one in the linen closet so when that surprise overnight guest shows up you will be ready. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The customer says you can put two twin mattresses together and hold them together with a bed sheet.

This customer says the air mattress is good and comfortable and you cannot over inflate the mattress. Put a sheet over the white part of the mattress because if you don’t your clothes or pajamas will get stuck and you won’t be able to roll over. The mattress smells like vinyl but if you let it sit outside the smell will dissipate. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says he usually does not write reviews but after he got two bad mattresses he felt compelled to. Both mattresses separated and started leaking. The customer said the return process through Amazon was very easy and painless. The customer rated the product one star. I doubt the customer will buy this mattress again. The customer bought this brand of the mattress before and it lasted for awhile. Until a 230lb man had slept on it every night it finally collapsed. The customer bought another mattress and it deflated after the first night of use. The customer bought this brand again. The customer says this brand is the only mattress that will not deflate after being used every night. But is this such a good mattress after all it collapsed from a 230 lb. man sleeping on it every night. This indicates that the mattress is poorly constructed because it should not have collapsed from a 230 lb. man sleeping on it every night. There is something wrong with this mattress.

The customer writes the pump system is a nightmare to work. The customer wishes the pump was like the old pump that gave out. The pump is hard to put on and lock it in place and then to take it off before it leaks is hard. The valve of the mattress is leaking and a patch will not fix the leak. The customer rated the product one-star and most likely will not buy the product again.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress has two pumps so the mattress will stay inflated all night. The primary pimp system will inflate and deflate the mattress in 4 minutes. The secondary pump system will keep the mattress inflated to your level of comfort for a good night sleep. Keep in mind, this is Serta air mattress so it will be a high-quality product. The primary pump system will automatically shut off when the mattress is inflated and deflated. The automatic pump system saves you the trouble and time of having to pump up the mattress by hand. The coils support the body giving you a comfortable sleep and the surface of the mattress will hold the sheets in place. The mattress is made of materials that are puncture and water resistant. The mattress will have a long life and it is 18′ high making it easy to get on and out of the mattress.

Feedback: The customer says the product is not quite a queen-sized mattress because queen-size sheets don’t quite fit on the mattress. The customer can live with this though. The length is 18 inches but the customer wishes it was a little higher. The customer sleeps on the air mattress 5 out of 7 days during the week. The customer is out of town 2 days a week. The customer didn’t want to buy a traditional mattress. The mattress was rated 5-stars by the customer. They finally decided on this mattress and they are glad they did.

The customer has not had a good experience with these mattresses. The first one was comfortable and lasted about a year. The pump is quiet and will automatically inflate the mattress to the right level. It is quiet which is nice. It is also nice the pup will automatically turn on in the winter when the mattress loses air. The first mattress separated from the pump. The customer followed the instructions and was sent a second mattress but this one came with a hole on the top of the mattress.

The mattress has a generous 2-year warranty. The second mattress was returned and the customer was sent a third mattress. After the second night of use, the pump separated from the mattress so the customer does not know if they got defective mattresses or the whole mattress model series is defective. The customer says the company is easy to work with but the customer is tired of being defective mattresses. The customer is rightfully upset of having to deal with defective mattresses. The customer rated the mattress 3 stars.

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump, Twin

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Benefits and Uses: The air mattress has a built-in pump for home use. The mattress retails for about $34.00 on Amazon. I don’t know if the quality of the mattress is very good for such a low price. The pump is high-powered and it will inflate and deflate the mattress in 3 minutes. The mattress is 16.5 inches high and it is the standard twin-size mattress.

Feedback: The mattress has had over 6,000 reviews written about. It is a fairly well-known product. The customer was confused by the bipolar reviews. Some said the mattress was great and others said it was awful because it leaks. The customer took a chance and bought the mattress. The mattress loses air over 4 nights but because it was stretching and after a week the mattress destabilized and the mattress stayed firm. The client followed the instructions. The customer says people need to be patient and give the product it is a good mattress. But the client fails to realize that other customers may have followed the instructions and their mattresses still could have leaked. If that may customers said the mattresses leaked there has to be a problem with the mattress leaking.

Air Mattress 

King Koil Queen Size Luxury Raised Air Mattress 

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress has a built-in pillow and the company stands behind the product. They offer a one year warranty on the mattress. Another company (Serta) gives a two-year warranty on their mattresses. The mattress is designed to give the spine extra support and the suede top keeps the bedding in place. The mattress will give the body a better sleeping posture. The mattress has a built-in pump that will inflate the mattress in under 3 minutes.

Feedback: The customer said he would give the mattress 6-stars if he could. He says it is a great mattress for the price and it is a lot better than a lot of air mattresses on the market today. The customer says the kids love it and the guests will enjoy sleeping on it. The customer says they have a lot of guests over to the house. The house has 5-bedrooms so the customer will buy another and make it an extra bed in the home for guests. The customer has a big tent dso these mattresses will be perfect for camping trips. The customer has bought and used this brand of mattresses in the past and they really love King Koil mattresses.

This company has poor customer service and they treated the customer very badly. The customer bought the mattress in October based on a guest’s visit in mid-October. The customer said the guest canceled the visit so the customer did not inflate the mattress in the middle of December. The customer said with great difficulty he attached the pump to the mattress and it did not work properly. The motor was arcing inside the mattress and the customer saw the arcing through the vents. This is such a dangerous safety hazard. The customer contacted the company and the rep called the next day. The rep sent a new mattress would be sent the next day it never arrived. The customer made follow-up calls and the calls were never returned. This is such poor customer service. The warranty is supposed to be for one year but according to the customer, this is a lie as well. The warrant according to the paperwork was either 2 months or 3 months. The customer gave it a one-star rating.


We have shared some air mattress reviews with you and the mattresses, for the most part, were good quality mattresses. There was one exception because the company lied about how long the warranty was on their product. The company says the warranty is for one ear but a customer noticed on the paperwork the warranty was good for either 60 days or 90 days. The rest of the mattresses seemed top-quality. Most of the mattresses had automatic pumps but a couple had hand pumps.


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