Best Antiperspirant for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

The last thing anyone wants is to apply a deodorant that will leave their underarms itchy, and stinging. Nothing can be more aggravating than having irritated, itchy underarms. Especially, after you have done hours of research to find that perfect antiperspirant for sensitive skin. You think you have found the perfect product that will solve all of your skin issues. Then it lets you down too. What are you supposed to do? Don’t give up because there is a product made out here that will take care of your unique skin problem. You will have the freedom and confidence to venture out in public knowing you are wearing the perfect deodorant that will not make your sensitive skin scream.

You want an antiperspirant that will keep your skin feeling calm, fresh and cool all day and night long. This article will point you in the right direction to finding the perfect product for your sensitive skin. There will be a list of reviews and descriptions of those products.Included will be real-life experiences of people who have used the product and then ventured an honest review of their experience with the product. Hopefully, all the reviews will be sincere, honest and transparent.  

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Sensitive Skin

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great underarm protection to keep sensitive skin calm and free from irritation

Benefits and Uses: This is a popular product that had over 2300 reviews written on it. This is a good thing in case you forget to use your deodorant the next morning. The product is made by Dove who always produces high-quality products

It has Dove 1 /4 moisturizers (what those are is not known) for great underarm protection to keep sensitive skin calm and free from irritation.  It is unscented which will stop any skin allergic reactions for skin that is sensitive to scented antiperspirants. There is no ethanol alcohol in the formula which helps skin to recover from shaving trauma.   

Feedback: This male customer wrote a very unfavorable review of this product. He has been buying for five years and the whole family has been using it. He bought the “new formula” deodorant in winter. Summer comes rolling along and with it 80-degree weather in his neck of the woods. Suddenly, the deodorant stops working for him. He puts on triple layers of the product but it still isn’t working. His wife comments that it is gooey and leaving marks on her clothes.

He searches the product and finds the “new formula” warning. He makes a trip to his local supermarket and finds they are selling the “new formula” product as well. He warns consumers don’t waste your money buying this “new formula” deodorant because it does not work. This warning is good to put out there. But just because it did not work for him and his family does not mean it will not work for other people who buy the new product. Each person will react differently to the “new formula”.Granted there will be some people who will not benefit from the “new formula” deodorant but not everyone will have negative reactions to the product.   

This customer calls this product his “go to” deodorant because it works for him every time. It is his favorite scent of all the Dove antiperspirants. It smells mild but not too strong. Unlike other antiperspirants, this particular one does not give him cysts under his arms. He says, unfortunately, it shows up on black/dark clothing if you put 20 layers under your arm. But it washes out of the clothes east enough. Just put a couple layers on and you are good to go.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Sensitive Skin

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super long-lasting deodorant

Benefits and Uses: This is a super long-lasting deodorant. It is supposed to give you protection for up to 48 hours. his means you could potentially forget to put deodorant on for two days and you will still be covered. It too has 1/4 Dove moisturizers to keep underarms smooth and soft. It will keep your underarms from becoming overly sensitive and irritated. It has an instant application for a drier, cleaner feel all day long. It is free of any type of scent for sensitive skin. This Dove product also has no ethanol alcohol in it which will help skin to recover from underarm shaving irritation.

Feedback: This customer switched to this deodorant because it smells great and is easy to apply. The only problem is to remember to spray it on before you put your clothes on so you won’t spray it on your clothes. Another customer said they love this product because it sprays on easy. They wanted to get away from a roll on so they switched to a spray. They said to remember to spray before you put your clothes on. If you spray with your clothes on be careful because they accidentally sprayed it in the wrong direction with the clothes on. It stained their clothes but they managed to get it out in the wash. They said it smells great and keeps them dry. And it never rubs off on their clothes when it is applied properly.

This client likes the deodorant but the smell is a little too perfumy for them but they say it works great. It smells better than another one they were using. They did say it took them some time to grow accustomed to the scent. This customer switched from a brand that promised to last all day but it didn’t. They tried this product and they really liked it. It works great even on hot humid days and she ordered a pack of ten from the United States. She and her daughter are committed clients to this product.

Another client likes the product but says it is not as economical as a dry deodorant.It gets used up very quickly but this is fine with this client. They love the smell and it keeps them dry and is long lasting. They spray their feet with it when they wear their shoes without socks. Their feet give off a very strong odor but the product takes care of that.

The customer complained that this particular spray left dry chunks on their skin and clothing when it dried. It smells nice and has good coverage when it is sprayed under the arms.The funny thing is they have had no such issues with other Dove products. This is their one big complaint about the product. Another customer complaining about the “new formula” saying they don’t think it works as well as it used to. It doesn’t last all day and the customer has to spray it on twice. They usually like Dove products but this particular one is not working for them.     

The client says this product smells ok but they like the stick deodorant better and this spray definitely would not be their first choice. This person was disgusted with this Dove spray. They have been using Dove products for years and they really liked the stick. They just thought they would try something different besides the stick would leave white spots on the clothes which were hard to get out.The smell of the spray was overpowering and made the customer nauseous. (If a deodorant spray that makes a person nauseous when they smell it then there’s definitely something wrong with the product.) The thought was people around them would be able to smell the deodorant too.  They like the stick better and they will not be buying the spray again. They did not like the spray at all.

This customer said the spray protected all day but the smell that it left in the bathroom was overwhelming. Another client said it did not take care of the sweat issue and had to reapply several times during the day they don’t like the product. If you have apply a deodorant several times a day then the deodorant must be pretty weak.

Almay Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Sensitive Skin, Roll-On

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Almay Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Sensitive Skin, Roll-On

Benefits and Uses: The description listed says it is a product of Almay and there is a list of active ingredients listed on the web page. It comes in a package of six and that is the extent of the description. So, other than reading the reviews you won’t know what the product will or will not do for your underarms. There is not a lot of information a consumer can use to help them make a smart buying decision.

Feedback: This reviewer had no deodorant issues until within the last couple of years. At which time they started developing skin rashes under the arms. They switched to this product and it has worked very well; it goes on smoothly and lightly and smells wonderful. It does not clog the pores allowing them to breathe which reduces the smell from under the arms. This person lives in the desert and has found this the deodorant to work very effectively for them against odor, skin rash and other issues that they were experiencing before this deodorant was used. They appreciate that the deodorant lasts in the heat of the desert. The temperatures can get very warm in the summer and having a strong deodorant to withstand the heat is comforting.

This veteran use of Almay says the deodorant works well for them. Most deodorants they try makes them break out in a red, itchy, rash. This one does not and they like a deodorant that will not give off a strong scent but is scent free. This is scent free and the customer really likes this as well too. They have bought several canisters of the product. They really like it as is suggested by the reality that they’ve been using it for years. They have no plans of changing products. The product dries quickly so the customer’s sweaters do not get soaked with deodorant or sweat.

This customer really likes this product as they have been using it for more than 10 years. That is a dependable customer to stay with the product that long.It has no scent which this user liked because they don’t want to smell like a perfume factory. Sticking with the same deodorant for over ten years speaks to the quality of deodorant because you are not going to find a lot of people who will use the same deodorant for over 10 years. To keep it that long the product is really good and working very well at keeping the customer dry fro odor and sweat. For a person to use a deodorant for over ten years is remarkable and it shows that it has kept this customer dry for a long time.

The customer did not like the Almay roll on because it was too sticky. They ordered the gel and like it much better. This client said she used to be able to use only Almay deodorant because her skin was so sensitive. But the latest round they sent her was in a new bottle. She also thinks they changed the formula because when she used the deodorant it left red burn marks under her arms. She had a picture to verify this really did happen to her. She will try and send the 6 back and she is not happy with Almay at all. They lost a reliable customer.

It is hard to conceive why deodorant a company has to go and change the formula for their product. It works fine for years and a lot of people are satisfied with the way it works. Then they change the formula or improve it so it is supposed to work better.  But a lot of times the “improved” formula makes the deodorant worse and people end up not liking the change. The customers will quit using the deodorant and search for a new deodorant that will work for them. It makes more sense if the deodorant company would just leave the original formula in place and not try and improve on it. A lot of times it will backfire on them.   

ODEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant

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ODEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant

Benefits and Uses: It is free of parabens, antiperspirant, stabilizers, preservatives, thickeners, allergens, and it has no traces of any inorganic ingredients. All the ingredients are as natural as natural can be. It is strong enough for men to use and gentle for women to use. In fact, the company claims the whole family can safely use the deodorant. The deodorant is medically certified to work as stated.

It doesn’t interfere with the natural functioning of the sweat gland or lymphatic system. The body continues to cool itself naturally. You still sweat you just don’t smell. It does not mask the smell but it kills odor-causing bacteria to stop the unpleasant smell. The container will last for four months and the company offers a money back guarantee if you do not like the deodorant.

Feedback: This client got right to the point. She sweats a lot and stinking is not allowable for her. She needs a deodorant that will be strong and have her smelling bad all day. She found out that the smell from the underarms comes from bacteria mixing with sweat to cause the bad odor. She says sweat by itself does not smell. She bought the product tried it and she really likes it. Most of all she does not stink.

Another client says it blocks bad smell and leaves no stain on clothes. They will buy the deodorant again. This client says she loves the design of the bottle and the product smells nice and covers her odors. She says it would be great gift idea. Most people would not appreciate being given deodorant as a gift. This is not a great gift idea. People could become offended receiving a gift like this.

Calypso Crush Organic Deodorant

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eliminate body odor on contact

Benefits and Uses: This deodorant is made of all organic ingredients and has a leading lime and coconut scent that will eliminate body odor on contact. It is an all-natural deodorant that is free of parabens, aluminum, cruelty, and vegan are not in the ingredients either. The deodorant has a group of natural ingredients that will help to eliminate odor as well.

It is perfect for sensitive skin and it will not cause your skin to break out in any rashes or other allergic reactions. The company has a unique guarantee not only will they refund your money if you are not happy with the product. They will also send you the money to buy a product from their competitors. You cannot beat a unique guarantee like that.

Feedback: This female customer was not happy with this product. She said she ruined one of her blouses with all the oily ingredients in this product. She tried everything to get the oils out but nothing worked. Another client says her son likes organic products. She did not say why he liked this product. This was not a helpful or informative review at all.


You have a list of antiperspirant products that would benefit you if you have sensitive skin under your arms. A couple of the products reviewed were made by Dove and Dove is a reputable company that always puts out high-quality products. Almay was another trusted re. There were a couple of unknowns in the list reviewed as well. So, please read the list and decide if any one of the products will work for you.


Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.