Best Baby Body Wash and Baby Shampoo

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Johnson's Natural

We need to realize that babies have such sensitive skin and scalps that a product must be bought that will meet their specific needs. Their skin is still developing and their scalps are so sensitive to the touch. The slightest irritation from hair shampoo and they will let you know it makes them feel uncomfortable or it just outright is causing them pain. Be warned though that sometimes a label will say that the baby shampoo/body lotion will not irritate the baby’s eyes or delicate skin. This proves to be not true as soon as you apply the product to the baby’s skin or hair and the soap washes into the little one’s eyes it will sting the eyes and the baby starts crying. In extreme cases, the skin may become irritated and the baby’s skin will break out in rashes.

We have an autistic son and when he was a lot younger we once bought a hair shampoo that was designed for babies. It said, “no tears” on the label. Well, guess what, as soon as the soap was rinsed out of his hair and it ran into his eyes it irritated his eyes and he started crying. So much for the no tears formula. My point is you must be careful when you purchase these products because what they say they will do or not do on the label is not always the case. How do you prevent this from happening either talk to your pediatrician or

try the trial and error method. Talking to your pediatrician would save you a lot of time and effort though. It will also cut way down on your expenses when it comes to buying the right body lotion and hair shampoo for your baby.

Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash

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Johnson's Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash

Benefit and Uses: There is plenty of soap in this container. It contains no parabens or other harmful chemicals. Very gentle for baby’s sensitive skin. It has been tested by dermatologists to prove it will not irritate your baby’s skin. It is guaranteed to not irritate your baby’s eyes or skin so there will be no tears. It says right on the label that there will be no more tears. Granted in a review or two some customer will note that the shampoo upset their baby.

Feedback: The customer really likes the baby product. It has the ability moisturize the skin so it won’t dry out. It does not hurt the baby’s eyes or skin. The new moisturizer element to the new formula is very nice. The customer says he trusts Johnson’s baby products. He seems pretty happy with the product. This father’s son has baby sensitive skin and still uses this baby shampoo/body wash product. The father used it on him 20 years ago and the son still uses it. He says it doesn’t irritate the son’s skin or eyes. The son likes it that he can order it from Amazon so he doesn’t have to go into the baby aisle at the store. Personally, if I saw the son venture into the baby aisle at the store and I knew he was buying the product for himself. It would not bother me in the least. Hey, he needs to use a baby product he needs to use a baby product.

This family uses the baby product because in one way or another they all have skin issues. The husband uses it because he has super sensitive skin and the son has used it since he was a baby. The mother uses it because she has skin allergies. The whole family likes the product it is gentle on their skin and gets their bodies clean. This is a testimony to the product that it was designed for a baby’s skin but it can be used on adult’s sensitive skin as well. Mommy has a sensory child who she has to wash quickly and aggressively.

Apparently, the kid fights her during the process. The soap gets in the child’s eyes but the child never complains. The lady thinks about the product containing formaldehyde but prefers to think this is just a bunch of hype. The product does what it says it will do and causes no tears and the mommy thinks it is gentler than a lot of Johnson and Johnson products. The mother is a pH balanced mother and likes the product because of that. I seriously doubt the company who is famous for making quality baby products for years is going to put formaldehyde in a baby product. Come on in a baby product that is ridiculous.

The customer uses the product on her dog by adding essential oils to it. She feels it would not harm her dog’s eyes if it got in them. It seems risky to be washing a dog in a baby shampoo. She doesn’t know that the product will not hurt her dog’s eyes if it happened to get into them. About all this review said was it was a great product and arrived quickly. But the customer did not let us know why it was a great product for the baby or the family. What are the benefits? How did baby or family like the product? Critical details were left out in the review. A very generic review indeed.

The buyer said the pump broke in half on the first use. The wash is great but the pump system is less than desirable. The whole reason the consumer bought the product was that it had a pump. She found a cap to fit the bottle but that is not the point. She needs a pump to wash two wild toddlers with. Toddlers will not sit still in the bathtub they want to play and move around. She needs the pump for convenience and to get the product out quickly and on the toddler’s bodies and hair. Another complaint about the pump. The client says you have to use both hands to manipulate the pump and even then very little soap comes out. The product does not irritate her baby’s eyes though. The company needs to fix the pump apparently it is a weak pumping system that breaks and does not dispense enough soap. I am not sure what the customer is saying but he says this product should not be confused with the “no more tears” product because it is not that product. This is indeed strange he would say this because it says right on the front label “no more tears”.

Johnson’s Natural Head-To-Toe Baby Wash For Newborns

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Johnson's Natural Head-To-Toe Baby Wash For Newborns

Benefits and Uses: The product contains 98% natural ingredients which are telling of the company’s potential honesty. They are being truthful and not telling the world their product is made of 100% natural products when it is not. It is gentle on baby’s skin and hair and it contains no harmful chemicals in it. This should be the case when 98% of the product is natural ingredients.

Feedback: The customer loves the product because it generates enough bubbles for her 3-year-old daughter. She refuses to use bubble baths because they cause bladder infections the cheap brands do anyway in this customer’s opinion. She had a terrible time with her 15-year-old daughter because she was constantly getting bladder infections because her father would use cheap bubble bath brands in her bath.

She asks her daughter if it hurt to pee so she can make sure there are no bladder infections in place. I am struggling to accept the fact that bubble baths can cause bladder infections cheap brands or not. There just seems like there would not be any harsh chemicals in a baby’s bubble bath to cause bladder infections. It would cause some major irritants to cause this to happen. To say that bubble baths cause bladder infections just not make any sense to me. This seems a bit extreme to me it appears to be hype at best.

The mother likes the product a lot it is perfect for her newborn son. She liked the soap lasts throughout the bath time for the newborn. One application on a washcloth that is. The washcloths are gentle enough that she can get between his toes and fingers to remove all the lint. She liked the matching washcloths so much she went out and bought two more boxes. She bought a different type of soap but switched back to this brand to match her washcloths. The soap smells very nice. She says she purchased a bottle and washcloths for her parents so when the little one stays with them it will be easier for them. The soap is very gentle on the newborns sensitive skin and apparently, the soap has not irritated his scalp, eyes or skin.

The customer says this body wash was too thick for her toddler’s skin and it did nothing for the toddler’s skin after the bath. Another customer says to run away from this carcinogenic scent as you can because it stinks. And it will cause cancer. I find this really troubling that this customer thinks that Johnson and Johnson would put scents in their baby products that would cause cancer come on for babies. There is no support for this claim and I find this statement to be total hype. The company would not put any kind of ingredients in their product that would cause cancer for babies. I just don’t understand how the customer can think that a bay body wash and hair shampoo would have the potential to cause cancer.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – Sulfate-Free

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Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - Sulfate-Free

Benefits and Uses: The product is generations old and has been developed by doctors to assure baby’s skin stays soft and smooth. It contains no harmful products and is supposed to be a best-selling product on Amazon. It contains pure and nourishing natural products. It is free of harsh chemicals and it is guaranteed but the company doesn’t say how they will guarantee the product. It is always suspicious when the company says the product is guaranteed but they do not tell you how they guarantee it. This product is cruelty-free which means the company did not give any animals a bath in this product. It is applicable for all skin types and can be used to treat certain skin conditions on babies. Most likely if adults used the products with the same skin conditions they would be helped too.

Feedback: A couple of customers did extensive research on shampoo and body lotion products for their children. Both consumers landed on this product and they say it is helping their children’s skin. One consumer said it was helping her daughter’s cradle cap. One consumer says that most tear free products contain numbing agents so the eyes will not get irritated. But I find this hard to accept that a company making baby shampoos and body lotions would put numbing agents in their products. Why would a company put a numbing agent in a baby product? This is inconceivable to me. One customer said they got some of the shampoo in their little boy’s eyes but he did not fuss. His eyes were red afterward. She used it on her face and got it into her eyes. She said it felt like she had gotten water in her eyes which she claims is worse than having them sting. I have gotten products in my eyes before and I am saying getting water in your eyes is not as painful as having stinging eyes. You can get the water out quickly but sometimes the stinging takes some time to remove from the eyes.

Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo 

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Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo 

Benefits and Uses: They say that dermatologists and pediatricians suggest that patients use this product. The formula keeps the baby’s skin soft and smooth and gently reacts with the skin. There are ingredients in the product that will nourish and protect the baby’s skin. The product is safe enough to use every day on baby’s skin and it contains no harsh chemicals. The ingredients seem to react gently with the baby’s skin causing no irritation.It is supposed to be tear free as well.

Feedback: The customer said her babies with eczema did well with the product. The body wash lathered just right and there was no scent and it did not dry out the baby’s skin. Another consumer says it is the best body wash she has ever found for her children. She occasionally swipes some for her own use.This customer says this baby product is good to be used for adults as well. She says it doesn’t irritate sensitive areas and doesn’t lather that much but cleans very well. The product was designed specifically for babies and unless the adult has sensitive skin it probably would not be wise to use it on adult skin. Usually, it is adults with sensitive skin who will use baby body lotions or shampoos.

The customer complains that the smell of the product is really bad. It has an ominous medicinal smell to it. She thinks they could have made it unscented or have a light scent to it. Her daughter does not come out of the bath smelling like the product. But during the bath the smell of the product is awful. She did not say whether she would buy the product again or not. There were 63 reviews written about this product and only one negative review was written about the product. The negative review focused on how bad the product smelled not how inefficient it worked on her baby’s skin. This is not too bad of a track record for the product.

Earth’s Best Soothing Shampoo and Body Wash, Lavender

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Earth's Best Soothing Shampoo and Body Wash, Lavender

Benefits and Uses: The product is a tear-free product that will absolutely not irritate the baby’s skin or eyes. It contains beta-glucan which naturally occur in cell walls of certain foods. Now, it may be that the beta glucans naturally occur in the cell walls of this product. The product is free of harmful chemicals.

Feedback: The customer has used the product on their kids since they were young and they have not found a better product than this one. It smells nice and it washes off the skin clean. This mother doubles this product as a bubble bath and a body wash. It is safe to use is shipped quickly and the mother is happy with the product. The consumer loves the smell of the product and it cleanses their body adequately.The only thing they do not like is the high price. I have to disagree with this consumer because the low-end price is $7.65 which is not high at all.


This article has given you some choices to think about concerning the top body wash and hair shampoo to use on your baby. Most of the products seem safe to use on the baby’s sensitive skin daily. Most of the products reviewed in the article are tear-free. One customer claimed the product they used would cause cancer it was a baby product. No baby product is going to cause a baby cancer. For one thing, the product would never get past FDA approval and no company that makes baby shampoos and baby body washes will put carcinogenic ingredients in their product. They would go out of business in a hurry. Some of the products adults use as well even though they are made for babies. These are the adults with very sensitive skin. There is nothing wrong with an adult using a baby shampoo and body wash if it will help their sensitive skin. If adults do not have sensitive skin it may not be the greatest idea to use a baby shampoo or body lotion.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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