Best Baby Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2019)

This is indeed a sensitive issue which baby shampoos are the best to use for baby’s delicate skin. Babies have gentle skin as is and the slightest abrasive hair shampoo will irritate the skin. You want to use a baby shampoo that will not dry out the baby’s skin and leave it irritated or cause a rash to develop on the skin. You can choose wisely and safely for your baby because obviously, she cannot choose for herself. Become an expert ingredient label reader. Look for ingredients that sound unsafe or will cause an allergic reaction on your baby’s skin. If you have trouble deciding you can always consult it with your pediatrician. They can give you many helpful suggestions on what baby shampoo to use or not to use for your little one’s sensitive skin. Or if you would rather pick the shampoo out yourself than pay attention to the reviews and what the benefits of the product are. Together we will find the perfect baby shampoo for your baby.

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo For Hair & Body

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Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo For Hair & Body

Benefits and Uses: The product comes in a pink 18-ounce plastic bottle. The formula will not cause the little one to have tears and it will cleanse the hair thoroughly. The shampoo is specifically designed for newborns and infants both who have extremely delicate skin especially the newborn. The shampoo contains a calming oat extract that will leave baby happy and smiling during the bath. Aveeno is a well-known company in the world of baby products. Let’s see what the reviewers have to say about the product.

Feedback: The first client says the shampoo gave her son rashes on the skin. Instead of clearing and keeping away the rashes it caused rashes on the baby. She warns to be careful when buying baby shampoos for babies with sensitive skin. The product definitely did not work for her. The client says the baby’s skin can get dried out so easily especially in the wintertime.

This shampoo keeps her baby’s skin soft, moist and supple even in the middle of winter. She likes the product. This customer started using the product because they heard it was used for chemo patients. Why it worked well for their children was not discussed. It always helps to know why a product is successful for a family. They did say the product would not burn the children’s eyes if it happened to get into the eyes.

The client uses for her kids and herself. She has eczema and the product does not burn if she or her children will have a breakout. She says everyone’s skin is different and many baby shampoos dry out her and her family’s skin. She says (like we mentioned above) that she uses the shampoo as well. It keeps her skin moist and it has a very light scent. Her mother is very sensitive to scents so they but products she will not react to. This product seems to meet all the needs of the family. A happy crew indeed.

The client said the product was too watery and the scent is too light for her liking. It seems funny that even famous products most people like there will always be some who won’t like it. The company says the product is tear free right in the benefits description. But this mother says every time she rinses the shampoo out of her son’s hair it gets into his eyes. He cries every single time and the sad part is that the mother has a ton of these bottles of this product in her home. She is afraid to use it (And rightfully so) becomes her son cries in pain when it gets into her eyes. She should return the bottles of product and get her money back. The company does not say what their money refund policy is. This is a different review as the client says she doesn’t know if her son’s skin is absorbing the moisture from the product or not but after every bath his skin is super dry. So, apparently, this shampoo is drying out the son’s skin.

This customer said she read some bad news about the product and it was so bad she stopped using the product. She should share the bad news so other people can be aware what that negative news was. It may make them stop using the product as well too. But on the other hand, the bad news could be one of those “fake news” articles. You just do not know. This is a nasty review but the customer says the scent of this baby shampoo reminds them of pet shampoo. Apparently, this person thinks the baby shampoo smells pretty bad. Others have said the like the scent of the shampoo. It was not a strong scent in their opinions.

This client says the shampoo did nothing to help her baby’s skin. She advises people not to buy the product if their baby’s skin is dry or has eczema. The thing is just because a baby has dry skin or eczema doesn’t mean that their skin will react the same way as her baby’s skin did. This circumstance will not apply universally to all babies with dry skin or eczema.

This review is loaded, to say the least, and rather confusing. The lady says you should try baby shampoos on your pets first to see if they clean the pet and then use them on the baby. Why would you use a baby shampoo designed for a baby on a pet? The shampoo is designed for babies, not pets. So she washed her 15 lb. dog in the shampoo and it did not work well on her dog. This is perhaps because the shampoo was designed for babies, not dogs. She tested the product on herself. She says she washed her body and hair in the shampoo once maybe twice a day for one week.

She said it dried out her skin and her hair. She had to use a conditioner in her hair to get it moisturized again. She puts her hair in a bun and never blows dries it. She wears it like this to work every day. She is generally a clean person except when she goes to the gym. She says if you are not worried about the shampoo burning the eyes or irritating the skin this is a great product to use. She will not use it on her baby because it did not get her dog clean. So, does she like the product or not it is hard to tell? Again, the shampoo is designed for babies, not pets. They make shampoos to meet the needs of pets. This is really not a fair comparison between her baby and her dog.

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Tear-Free, Sulfate-Free Bubble Bath, Developed by Doctors

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Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Tear-Free, Sulfate-Free Bubble Bath

Benefits and Uses: It is a number one selling product on Amazon. It has been time-tested in the laboratory for years. The company has a video commercial for the product on Amazon.

It has been tested intensely to make sure it was tear-free for babies. It was developed by doctors using botanical extracts and grapefruit. Grapefruit sounds like it would sting if it got into the eyes. Because it was developed by doctors doesn’t mean it is a quality product. It is safe to use on all skin types and it has ingredients that will purify the skin and hair and keeps the skin soft.

It is an American -made product and is free of harmful chemicals so your babies’ skin will not be irritated. It has not been tested on animals but why would test a baby hair shampoo on an animal? It is fully guaranteed by the company but the company does not say what the refund policy is.

Feedback: This is a sizzling review of the product. The customer says the product is absolutely not tear free because every time they washed their baby in the shampoo it cried. The customer says they tried it on their hair. It burned their eyes like an adult shampoo would. But not all adult shampoos would burn the eyes. To keep the eyes safe you would close the eyes while shampooing the hair.

They said the company lied when they said it was tear-free on the label. It is interesting to note that the company also said in the product description that the product was tested extensively and found to be tear-free. They said this emphatically but here this consumer said their baby cried every time the baby was washed with the shampoo. The parent said it burned their eyes when they used it.

The customer said they will never trust what they read on labels again. Sadly, the customer said they will never use this company’s products again. It sure sounds like the company lied about the product being tear-free because it sure made this customer’s baby cry.

Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash with Aloe, Cucumber, Citrus Essential Oils

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Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash with Aloe, Cucumber, Citrus Essential Oils

Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to clean all skin types and is tear free. They all say their products are tear free. It is free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, and fake fragrances. It has mainly organic ingredients for natural skin and hair care and it carries essential oils to give a sweet but not overpowering smell. Their babies love it and they think your baby will too. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you do not love the product the implication is they will refund your money.

Feedback: This customer is in their twenties and is using this baby shampoo. The results they have had are wonderful. They have really long hair and it gets tangled a lot and it is very oily. Usually, early in the day, you can see the oil in the scalp. By the end of the day, the hair is very oily. Since they have been using the product the hair stays clean all day long even until the end of the day. There is no longer oil in the hair but the hair looks fresh and clean. They gave some to their mom and she said it leaves her hair looking and feeling fresh and clean. This is two adults using a baby shampoo. This stuff must be powerful to keep even adult hair clean and shiny. The customer was hoping others would read their review and see the results the customer has achieved using the baby shampoo.

Another adult bought this product to use. The mother has sensitive skin and this is why she bought this product. It has been helping her skin to stay moist and it has not reacted to this shampoo which is a big plus for her. Unfortunately, her baby son has inherited her sensitive skin. She ran out of his hair shampoo and forgot to buy more. She tried this on her baby and it worked fine and he had no allergic reactions to the shampoo. She needs to be careful what she uses on her son. It has been working so well for him that she is considering switching him over to this product permanently.

The customer says the product leaves the little one’s hair and skin dry. It doesn’t completely clean oily hair. She will not buy the product again. Another one says the product smells like plastic and they will not buy the product again. They will go keep using their old standby products. This man does not like the smell of the shampoo because it smells like adult perfume. He says it should like fruit for the kids. other than the smell he likes the product. In the reviews, there were a few adults who said they have been using the baby shampoo and they really like it.

Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash Oatmilk Calendula, 8 Ounce 

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Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash Oatmilk Calendula

Benefits and Uses: It contains extra gentle plant-based cleansers to soothe and soften the skin. The oat milk is supposed to soothe and calm the skin and hair. Calendula oil is supposed to calm the scalp and dry patches of skin on the scalp and the body. The product is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and the formula is free of harmful chemicals. But what do the reviews say about the product?

Feedback: A first-time mother combed white scaly stuff out of her baby’s hair. She found out this is what is known as cradle cap. She bought this shampoo and the cradle cap went away. She stopped using this shampoo and her baby instantly got the cradle cap back. She wanted to finish the other shampoo she had on hand. She used this product and the cradle cap disappeared again. Her little girl is 16 months old now, she washes her hair daily in the kitchen sink.

The customer uses this product on her two children. She doesn’t mind the smell of the shampoo but it isn’t that nice either. She recommends parents use it if their kids have sensitive skin or eczema.

The mother says it stings the eyes bad and for a long time. It says right on the bottle does not get the shampoo in the eyes. She got the shampoo in her eyes. The formula says it is era free but it obviously is not tear free. She says she will use it herself but she will not use it on her children. The company is sending a mixed message because they say it is a tear-free shampoo. Then they turn around and say do not get the shampoo in the eyes. If the product was truly a tear-free shampoo you should be able to get it in the eyes and have no irritation or burning sensation.This is a false advertisement on the part of the company. This is not cool.

Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap, Eczema, Sensitive Skin (4oz)

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Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap, Eczema, Sensitive Skin

Benefits and Uses: This product says your baby will enjoy her bath and they will have no more tears at bath time. The ingredients are natural and will keep the baby clean all the time. It also will replenish, clean and keep baby’s scalp healthy all the time. They use no harmful chemicals in the ingredients so the shampoo will never irritate baby’s skin. The company claims they made a worldwide search to find the best products for the shampoo. They tell customers do not worry we have made sure this shampoo works. They will refund your money if you do not like the product and they will ask you no questions.

Feedback: Customers complained the bottle was too reach. One customer said the bottle arrived in a bad condition and the shampoo was leaking. One customer said they did not buy the product for a friend’s baby and they do not have any of their own babies. She bought it for herself and it sounds like she really likes this baby shampoo. Here is another case of an adult who bought a baby shampoo.


So, here are some baby shampoos you can try on your children if they have eczema or sensitive skin. The shampoos are formulated to be gentle and not irritate your baby’s skin. They are supposed to help treat scalp issues and keep the baby clean. Most of them say they are tear free and will not make your baby cry or irritate and burn her eyes. In most cases, the shampoos were not tear free and they did irritate the baby’s and the parent’s eyes. A lot of adults buy baby shampoo because it works well for them.


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