Best BB and CC Creams for Black Women

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

These creams must be able to meet the needs of black women of all skin types and skin tone colors. The products much blend naturally with their particular skin tone. The product must look natural and apply easily and smoothly. The product must not irritate the customer’s skin. The product must have a lot of dark shades to meet the needs of these women. A reputable brand would be helpful for this particular clientele to be able to use. There are a lot of these types of products on the market for black women and with a little bit of searching on the internet, they are not hard to find. There is a huge market among the black population for these types of beauty products. Let’s start looking together.

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

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Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

Benefits and Uses: The product protects against UV sourced photoaging. And it provides lightweight and invisible coverage and balances out the natural skin tone. The product protects against UV sourced photoaging. And it provides lightweight and invisible coverage and balances out the natural skin tone. It is supposed to give your skin 100% protection from the damaging rays of the sun. But how much and how often do you have to apply the stuff to maintain this type of protection?

Feedback: The customer says this is the best bb cream she has found. It is transparent on her skin and feels very lightweight. Her skin is combination/oily. Her t-zone is oily and the rest of her skin is dry. This offers good protection for her skin from the sun. She has sensitive skin and this stuff does not make her breakout. It is lighter than her skin tone but when she applies it though for some unknown reason it blends perfectly with her skin tone color. She doesn’t know how it does this and she really does not care. It comes in s small container and she does use it daily. But the cream has lasted her a long time.A little bit provides good coverage. She doesn’t hesitate to recommend the product. It also has a low

The customer is 61-years-old and has hot flashes which are annoying to her, more than anything. She uses this product. Her face flashes red but not because she has rosacea. It is because she has hot flashes that turn the cheeks red. She says it is embarrassing but this product conceals those red spots naturally She does not agree with other reviewers who said the product looks too yellow it is the perfect shade for her skin. This client has used many other types of famous brand creams but they did not work as well as this product. This product is more like a cream because it absorbs into the skin but it will still protect like a sunscreen. She says it doesn’t settle into fine lines or look like it was caked on.

The customer is cautious in this review. She has used the product for two weeks and it has not given her trouble so she says it is working good so far. She says this is why she gave it four stars because she wants to see if it will keep on working for her. If she is trouble free from the production the future she may upgrade the product to five stars. This is one of the few bb creams she can use that will not irritate her sensitive skin. She will update the review when she has more information.

The customer thinks this stuff is good and it is working very well for her. She says the product is amazing but she says she hates looking like she is wearing foundation. She doesn’t look like she is wearing foundation with this product. The coverage is good and the cream is buildable on the face. It goes on naturally on her face and blends well with her skin tone. The only complaint she has is that while the shades do work for her she would like to see the company produce more shades.

The product has full matte coverage and looks darker in the tube than when it is actually applied to the skin. This is odd because a couple of other reviewers said it did not settle into fine lines or pores. I wonder if this particular client is applying the product wrong. It has not caused her any breakouts but it is too much of a matte finish for her. She is the only one who said it settled into the lines on her face.

This review was written by a 50-year-old customer and she said the cream did not work well for her. It went on too heavy and thick for her skin. She said it caused her to break out. It sounds like the skin had an allergic reaction to the product. The coverage was decent and it blended ok with her skin tone. It just will not work for her. I doubt she will purchase this product again. This customer says it has good coverage and blends well with her skin tone. The only problem she has is the product is overpriced. She says it is not worth the $30.00 dollar price tag.

The customer did not like the color/pigment of this product. She bought the light/medium shade and she usually has success with the light/medium shade. But not with this product’s light/medium shade it was too light for her. She said it went on kind of thick on her skin. Could she have applied too much on her skin? She is one of the rare ones who said the product went on too thick.

Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Cream Broad Spectrum Spf 30, Fair To Light Tinted

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Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Cream Broad Spectrum Spf 30, Fair To Light Tinted

Benefits and Uses: It gives full but invisible coverage while balancing out tone and texture. It leaves the skin feeling very smooth. It is for fair to light skin tones and it is not known how it would work on darker skin tones. Light deflecting minerals provide good coverage and the oat formula balances out skin tone and texture.

Feedback: She plastered makeup on her face as a younger woman using eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. As she got older her perspective on makeup changed. Sometimes she would use some and at other times she would not use any makeup at all. Now, she uses a moisturizer instead of a foundation because she doesn’t like the heavy feel of a foundation on her face. She opts for the more natural makeup look and she likes to wear makeup in a way that it looks like she is wearing no makeup. She has used many foundations and moisturizers but this product is her favorite and it seems like she will stick with the product. She says she has been graced with nice skin and she doesn’t like to cover it up anymore. Her attitude toward makeup has changed drastically over the years.

The customer says she likes this company’s products but not this one. She says there is definitely something wrong with this product. She went vacation and used the product for 3 days. At the end of the three days, her face developed little bumps and her skin began to swell around the eyes. This was all predicated by dry skin. It does sound like she had an allergic reaction to the product. She warns people not to buy the product because there is something in it that is harmful. Some of the other reviews did not mention anything about the people having an allergic reaction to the product. So, the problem may not be universal but just isolated to this woman. She does not know that other people will have the same allergic reaction to the product. Before people stop buying the product they need to try it themselves or at least read some updated reviews of the product.

The customer was looking for an easy lightweight moisturizer to apply to her skin to protect her skin. Something she could quickly slap on to do chores around the house. A simple product to protect her skin from the sun. She tried this product and it was not what she was looking for. It smelled like a beach sunblock a little too intense for her purposes. It applied thickly to her skin and it would require some blending to match the tone of her skin which would be alright if she was going to the beach. She says she will keep this product for the beach. It will probably never get used and she will end up throwing it away.Basically, it sounds like she wasted her money the product. It did not meet her needs.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA No 27 Honey Beige

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Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA No 27 Honey Beige

Benefits and Uses: The product is reported to have excellent coverage and is lightweight once applied to the skin. You will not know it is there. It is able to correct dark spots by covering them up. It will treat dark spots but it will cover them up. It will protect the skin from the sun and it has properties that will reverse the effects of aging.

Feedback: The customer has oily and acne-prone skin. She found this product and it has benefitted her skin nicely. She doesn’t use foundation anymore since she started using the product. She says the product covers up her mild acne scars and leaves her skin hydrated, smooth and soft. The product has replaced her foundation and acne medicine. It performs the same function as those products did. Her makeup routine is now simpler and cheaper. She has oily skin and has a light complexion

She is Mexican with light-colored skin. She tried other beauty creams but they really did not work for her skin type. She says she is constantly getting compliments on how healthy and smooth her skin looks from friends and family members. She has progressed from the oily and acne-prone skin with acne scars to smooth and healthy-looking skin since using this particular product.

She says she cannot tell us how much she loves this bb cream. It is 40% hydrating and 60% mattifying in her opinion. In other words, it hydrates the skin while leaving a nice dull finish to the skin without any excessive shine. It has medium coverage and it is buildable so you can cover more with it if you build upon what you have already applied to the skin. She says she can feel it hydrating as soon as she applies it to her skin. It has a matte finish, is reasonably-priced and it works for her. All the features she was looking for in this type of cream.

The customer is on an acne medication that has made her skin very tender and she cannot pay a lot of products on it or she will break out. She has cystic acne which this product covers nicely. It does not irritate her hypersensitive skin and she likes the product. She can apply it without using a setting powder and the product is all she puts on her face. She prefers a lighter coverage. She is buying her second bottle and she will use the product even after her skin clears up.

This customer bought the product for a girlfriend but the product did the girlfriend’s skin no favors. She used the product and she broke out in a rash. Needless to say, she stopped using the product. The customer says that the product could not be returned. The odd thing is that they do not know if this purchase was a legitimate product or not. The coverage was ok and it felt more like a foundation than a bb cream. Apparently, bb creams are more lightweight than foundations are. They say it will lighten your complexion so if you have a tan and apply this product you will look funny. They remind us that if you buy the product from Amazon (it sounded like) you will not be able to return it. This is a mixed review for sure.

She says the color of the product matched her skin well. She even said it was not pasty on her skin after applying it like so many other creams had been. The major problem is the smell is too strong for her. The sweet, flowery scent she cannot stand so she cannot wear the product. She will be returning it she promises.

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream SPF20, Light

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Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream SPF20, Light

Benefits and Uses: The product does not have a traditional product description but the label gives a few of its benefits. It is a sunscreen to protect the skin with an SPF rating of 20. It also corrects the skin which sounds like it will restore and replenish the skin. It may moisturize the skin fairly well too. That is about all the details the product label gave.

Feedback: The customer nervously bought this product hoping it would not be too light for her skin. The reviews she had read mainly said the product was too light for their skin. She was looking for a product that would apply easy and fast. She was looking for a product that would cover the redness on her skin. The product looked good on her skin and stayed set for 5 to 6 hours. This really surprised her that a $14.00 product would work so well. She tried more expensive beauty products but they did not work for her. She said it was not effective in covering dark spots under the eyes. She did not buy it for this reason but to cover up the redness on her skin and it does this very well. This is her go-to product.

The customer says it works better if you are looking for a more natural look. It also works well as a concealer. The client only gave it 3-stars so she was not too impressed with the product. It sounds like it did not meet her expectations.

Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream SPF 25, No. 1 Medium, 1.01 Ounce

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Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream

Benefits and Uses: This is a multi-tasking product that appears to be so new that no customer reviews have been written about the product. It has algae in its ingredients and it is supposed to boost the skin cells ability to protect against ultraviolet rays and the antioxidant abilities of the cells. These benefits have never been heard of before. And it did not tell how the product could boost the abilities of the skin cells of the skin cells. to protect against sun damage and increase the antioxidant capacities of the cells. These benefits may not be existent in the product. There is no clinical support to verify these claims.

Feedback: There is no feedback available because there were no product reviews written about the product. But some of the benefits claimed above by the company for the product seemed unrealistic. The methods of how these benefits would be accomplished were not explained. They seem like they may be exaggerated benefits.


We have journeyed together through some bb creams and cc creams that will help Black women with various needs and issues they may face with their skin. Some of the products had numerous reviews written about them so they are notable products in the industry. There was one product that had no product reviews written about it so it could be a newcomer to the beauty industry. Look through the reviews and choose the cream that will work best for your complexion.


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