Best BB Creams

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What does a customer want in the best bb cream? Well, one that does not cost a bag of gold. It has to work and it should blend in naturally with the person’s natural skin tone. It would be nice if the product was of a shade that blended well with other beauty products the customer was using. If it could hide skin imperfections, acne scars, acne, and age spots that would be a great help. Don’t forget it would be advantageous if the product did not settle into thin lines and creases in the skin.

You would like to purchase a bb cream that would brighten the skin and take years off your look as well. If it could conceal black spots under the eyes and hide puffiness under the eyes all the better. It is possible to find a bb cream that would meet all these requirements. And of course, you do want the option from the company you are purchasing the product from to give you the option of a money back guarantee if you do not like the product. If the company accurately represented their product and do not try to sell an artificial product from the original product this is always a big plus.

COVERGIRL Clean Matte BB Cream 

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Benefits and Uses: The product will not clog pores and it will last all day. It is BB cream free of oil and is designed for sensitive skin. Most likely if you have this type of skin it will not irritate the skin or cause the skin to breakout.

Feedback: The customer did not have high expectations for the product. The consumer thought it would be just another bb cream that might last for part of the day. The customer has acne, scarred, combination skin and she is of Asian-American descent. She thinks the color might be too yellow for some people. But she says it works well for her and she likes the matte finish on her skin. She says she puts powder on her ‘troubled areas” and this bb cream takes care of the rest of her skin. It will not be a 24-hour mask but it will last 6-8 hours. It seems to cover acne and dry patches. This is the cream she keeps reaching for.

She says it is a good medium coverage. The customer says she is a lazy makeup wearer. She does not like the look of foundation or powder. She tried this bb cream and rubbed it into her skin very well with a brush. This is her go to coverage product and she says it covers nicely. She has very fair skin so she needs a particular shade to blend with her skin. She told a friend about this product and now the friend loves it too. I wonder if the customer received some kind of benefit for recommended the product to the friend.

The customer says the matte finish is the right look for her oily skin. She says she has not figured out the best way to apply it. She tried a sponge and it sheared the coverage too much and then she tried a brush applying a little bit at a time and this worked adequately for her. She still looking for the best method to apply this bb cream.

The person has a light skin and she really likes the bb cream. She says she has oily skin and likes the product but she wishes it covered more than it does. She puts a little bit on at a time with a brush which works ok. She has light colored skin and uses the light-colored version of this bb cream. She says it covers nicely and does not make her skin break out with acne or does it make the current acne worse. She says it matches her neck skin color very well. The areas of her face that are oilier she adds more bb cream to these areas. The product works well for her.

The consumer used some unnecessary language in the review to make her point. She used this other product for over 10 years and was devastated when the product was discontinued. She did a google search and came across this product. She gave it a shot and she really likes it. The coverage is good but not heavy and she says it blends well with the blush she uses. She has very fair skin and the stuff absorbs all day long and how she knows this I do not know how. The bb cream the customer has used in a variety of ways and the customer says the cream comes cleanly out of the tube.

The client also writes that the product does not accumulate in the tube like other beauty products will. There is nothing she does not like about the product. This is huge for her because she is hard to please. The customer initially writes that the product looks too cakey on her face. It is way too thick she complains. She writes in a review she was applying it with her fingers which made it look bad on her face. She tried applying it with a beauty blender and it went on much better and it lasts all day long. She says the bb cream looks so much better on her face once she applied it the correct way.

The customer gave it a one-star rating. The customer has oily skin and the product slides over her skin. It was not what she was expecting. She says even when she uses setting powder and foundation it still would not stay in place. It has sheer coverage but the cream does not work for her. The customer says a person with very dry skin may be able to use it. She doesn’t know this to be the case. The customer will not use the product again.

COVERGIRL Smoothers Lightweight BB Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The bb cream will enhance the skin. There are 10 benefits the product will provide for the skin. It will cover the skin nicely. It applies to the skin lightly so lightly you will not know you are wearing it.

Feedback: The customer is 66 years-old and says she loves the product. She applies it to wrinkles around her lips and on her forehead. It covers the wrinkles very nicely a lot better than foundation ever did. She says it also moisturizes the skin and she says to apply the product and you should not use a moisturizer where you apply this product. You will be happy she writes. The customer says the bb cream applies lightly to the skin. The client says some discoloration will come through but it works nicely. It will provide light coverage for the skin. The customer writes she uses the product daily and it does not cause her to break out. She has acne-prone skin and she really likes the fact that it does not cause her skin to break out. The customer bought this instead of paying $30.00 she usually pays for the product she uses. She has cinnamon-colored skin and says the cream blends well with her skin tone. It covers lightly which she likes. She thinks someone with a darker complexion would not like this product. She does not know this would be the case for people with darker skin tone than she has.

The customer used many bb creams over the years but the customer keeps coming back to this one. The customer likes the product because it is reasonably priced and it is a great product. It gives light coverage and hides her freckles but it does not make them disappear. She says it does not look like she has makeup caked on and it evens out her skin tone very well. The customer says the product was not what she was expecting. It is lightweight but it was lighter than she thought it would be. She says she was expecting it to hide her acne but it did not cover the acne probably because the coverage was too light. She gave it 3 stars because she did not want to make people think it was a bad product.

She did not give it more than 3 stars because she would not recommend the product and she will never use it again. She should have been honest in her rating because the way she described the product it sounded like she would rate it at one star. She is not being truthful in her rating of the product and her 3-star rating does not accurately reflect the way she really feels about the product. If someone says they would not recommend a product and they will not purchase it again. To me, this means they really did not like the product and they would give it a one-star rating. The content does not match with the rating the customer gave for the product. This review would not convince me to buy or not to buy this product because it is sending strong mixed signals.

The customer complains that the cream was too dark for their complexion. The matte finish looked too unnatural and the customer says they will not buy product blindly off Amazon again. Despite the great reviews of this product, they are done shopping blindly on Amazon. They will go the store try on the bb cream before they buy it. It will cost them more money but it is worth it to them. This way they will purchase the right product and they will not waste money on amazon anymore. The customer gave the product a 2-star rating which is not very good. The customer did not like the product. Apparently, this is not the first time the customer has bought a product without trying it out and it was not what the customer was expecting. How many thousands of times have other customers done the same thing on Amazon?

The customer gave the product a 2-star rating and she said she should have paid attention to the negative reviews. She says this is not a bb cream it is just a product that absorbed into her skin and did not do a thing for her skin. She says it was like putting on another product on her face that was useless. She most likely will not be buying the product again. Here is another customer bought a product blindly on Amazon, and it wasn’t what she was expecting. She basically wasted her money on this bb cream.

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream 

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Benefits and Uses: The product covers the skin and makes it look gorgeous and radiant. This product has the benefit of having an SPF rating of 42. This is very good protection from the damage the sun could cause to the skin. The ingredients in the product will preserve the elasticity of the skin. Other extracts in the product will soothe the skin and the product can serve many functions as a makeup beauty product.

Feedback: The product had over 900 reviews written about it so it is a well-known product. Hopefully, most of those reviews will put the product in a favorable light. The customer was skeptical they would receive a fake bb cream. But they were pleasantly surprised that the received the real deal. They had purchased a product before and received a phony product. They did some research and found out this is the real bb cream. The customer says the pump cannot be removed from the bottle and the matte finish looks real on the skin. These are all signs this is the real bb cream. The notes that other customers had received fake products from the reviews she read. She is very happy with her product. Yet despite all the positive features that would indicate this is the real bb cream some doubt still remains in the author’s mind.

The customer says she listed a few reasons why she said she received a fake product. Some of the wording on the label was different and certain parts of the container were different in appearance. The pump did not twist off. The customer did not try the product to see if it was authentic or a fake. All their reasons are based on outside sources which really does not prove that the product is a fake. Some of the wording was changed in order. Some of the words were written in a different tense. These reasons do not indicate the product is a fake. If the customer tried the product and notice differences in the actual product than that could be valid. The customer’s reasons for the product being a fake really do not prove it is a fake.

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is lightweight and applies lightly on the skin. It gives excellent coverage and the product description gave the ingredients contained in the product. This was the extent of the product description.

Feedback: The product had over 1200 reviews written about it indicating it is a popular bb cream. The customer has switched to Korean products because of the great benefits they give the skin. This product covered her acne scars and pores nicely. It also gives her skin protection from the sun and she does not have to wear sunscreen which she liked. She says she found the right shade to match her skin tone. The customer says she bought the real product and it really helped her acne. She says she had bought a fake product and listed some reasons why it was fake. She says all the factors are outside factors. The real and fake products had different coloring on the bottles and the seam showed one bottle where the seam did not show on the real product. Some of the wording was different on the two bottles. Again, these reasons really do not validate that the earlier product she received was a fake. She did not compare the actual properties of the products so the reasons she listed for the one product being a fake really do not prove the product was a fake.

La Mav Organic BB Cream 

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Benefits and Uses: The product will make the skin radiate and it will fight imperfections such as blemishes to name one. It will also combat redness and if you have eczema-prone skin, rosacea-prone skin or sensitive skin this product is for you. The product claims to be able to prevent blemishes but I DO not know how a bb cream can stop blemishes?

Feedback: The customer says it spreads easily on the skin and closely matches the skin note. But it amplifies the pores and the lines in the skin. For these negative reasons, the product will not work for this customer.


The article has covered some of the popular bb creams on the market today. A couple of the really popular bb creams had very high SPF ratings which add an outstanding component to the product. It is a sunscreen as well that will protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. There were a couple of reviews written about products in which the customers listed reasons why the products they received were fake. The reasons listed were all reasons that were external to the actual design of the product container and wording on the container. There was nothing mentioned about the actual product being different than the original product was. The reasons listed were not valid enough to prove the products the customers received were fake.


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