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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Do you mean to tell me that you have to purchase a special soap to wash your beard with? You take a shower and you just watch the beard with the same soap you wash the rest of the body with right? This could get expensive buying a separate soap for your beard. Does a beard really require that much care? If it requires buying a whole new soap you might as well shave it off. Why would you have to buy a separate soap to wash your beard anyway? I mean the beard will not get any dirtier than the hair. Whoever heard of giving your beard a shower anyway? But wait a minute there has to be some reason why there are so many beard soaps on the market today. The question is which beard soap do you buy? Do you a beard soap that is scented or unscented because remember your nose will be smelling the scent all day long.

You do not want to buy a beard soap that will leave an unpleasant odor on the beard. You will want a soap that will not irritate your skin or make your beard itchy. It would look awfully strange for you to be scratching your beard or pulling on your facial hair because it itches. You took the time and effort to grow your beard now you want to purchase a beard soap that will benefit all that grooming and growing work. There is enough demand to warrant a whole industry geared toward manufacturing beard soaps. You will want to buy a soap that will not leave your beard feeling knotty or greasy. You definitely do not want your beard to feel oily from buying an oily beard soap. It would be helpful to buy a beard soap that comes highly recommended by other beard lovers. They will know the pluses and minuses of the product as it should reflect these points in their reviews. This article will help you to buy the best beard soap for your unique beard.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo 

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Benefits and Uses: How can you take a beard soap seriously with a name like “Professor Fuzzworthy’s” ? Apparently, over 1000 customers took the product serious enough to write reviews about the product. The soap was voted the number one beard soap with the best price and the highest quality. The question is will the reviews support these robust claims. Another question arises was the award for real? The product is made of all organic ingredients that will not be harsh on the skin or the beard. It has a manly woodsy scent and it guarantees to prevent the beard from itching. It is said to promote beard growth that is if you want to promote beard growth. The soap can be used on the hair, beard, and the whole body and the bar of soap is travel friendly. In other words, you can take the soap on vacation with you if you want to. It is claimed the product has been imitated but with no sound results. The days are over where you have to wash the beard with harmful chemicals that will stunt beard growth.

Feedback: This is a very rude but honest review. In it the customer said, “if they had a brain” which is totally unnecessary and unwarranted to say this about other people in a review. That being said the customer says that to expect a change in the beard after one shampoo with this product is unrealistic. He says he noticed a change after 2 or 3 days of using the product on his beard. He is wrong in the sense that everyone’s beard is different. People may see a difference after just one application of the product. The client says it made the beard softer and more manageable. As rude as this reviewer is, I would really not put much stock in anything he writes.

He says the product will not detangle the beard like a comb will. He has a point on this one. He says beard oil and beard balm cannot be replaced by this beard soap. Again, this is his opinion. I would not decide to buy or not to buy the product based on this one review.The client has used the company’s other soap which had a different scent but he decided to try this scent which he liked. He likes the other scent better though just a personal preference he writes. He says the shampoo is literally a block of soap. You rub it into the beard and he cleanses the beard. He noticed a difference in the beard fairly quickly. He says the beard smelled nice and it felt clean and soft. The soap will also clear out beard dandruff.

This client says after reading the reviews he decided to purchase the beard soap. The shape is in the shape of a bar of soap. The client really likes the smell and the shape of the bar of soap. He says the scent smells like a manly forest smell but the scent only lasts for about 30 minutes. He would like the smell to last longer. He says the soap he applies twice to each side of the beard. He says it lathers up very nicely and he washes the beard every morning. He noticed a lot of dandruff in his beard but the product took a lot of dandruff away which was his purpose in using the shampoo. He says the soap lasts about as long as two bars of regular body soap. It lasts a long time in other words. He complained again that the smell did not last long enough.

This client has used many beard soaps in the past. He says this beard soap is by far the best one he has used. The client says he likes the smell, the long lasting bar of soap and it makes his beard feel soft and fresh. It gets the beard very clean. He has found his dream beard soap. He says he will not stop buying this product until he shaves his beard off and that will be never the client writes.

Castile Soap with Sandalwood and Amber By The Famous Beard Oil Company

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to be award-winning and the company says that after one use the beard will feel clean, wonderful and refreshed. This claim is guaranteed by the company but what do the reviews say? The formula is supposed to tame unruly beards and give the beard you always dreamed of having. The ingredients are all natural and will leave the beard smelling wonderful. The one of a kind formula will fight inflammation (I never heard of inflammation being a problem with beards) dry, skin and itching. The company says the products are all hand-made on American soil and they support local businesses.

Feedback: The customer uses the product on a cleanly shaven face. (Even if the product was made specifically for full-grown beards) The customer says he used shaving oil on the face but it left his skin feeling too oily. Now, this soap lets his face his face feel clean and fresh. He likes the product but he is using it on a cleanly shaven face. It is perplexing why he is using this product on a cleanly shaven face when it is specifically designed for full-grown beards.

This female client bought the soap for a friend who has a beard. She started using it as a body wash and loves it. It was designed to be a beard soap but she uses it as a body wash clearly not its intended use. It is rather odd she is using it as a body wash. Her only complaint is that the product should come in a larger size. She is in love with the product. The client has sensitive skin and the soap does not bother her skin.The customer bought it for her dad and he loves the product which is a big plus for her. The product is a big hit and her dad’s skin feels great and his hair is soft. Clearly, the customer’s dad is not using the product for its intended use. He is using it on his hair and a cleanly shaven face. The product is made for a beard that is fully grown. The product is a hit in this household. This customer does not like the product because it does not have a strong enough sandalwood scent but it cleans the beard very well. He gave it a 3-star rating which seems low just because the product did not have a strong sandalwood smell. If I was in the market for a beard soap this review would not deter me from buying the beard soap.

Honest For Men Stealth Beard Wash 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of 100% natural products which the company says is the best ingredients to use for the beard. This may or may not be true. It does make sense because if you clean the beard with all natural products it will lessen the chance of tangling the beard and irritating the skin. The company says if they cannot pronounce an ingredient they did not put it in the product. The company says their product holds more soap than the competition’s containers do. The product will soften the beard, remove dandruff, and leave the beard smelling great. It does not strip the beard of its natural oils and it leaves the beard feeling fresh and soft. The product is free of scent so if you are allergic to scents this is the product for you. The product is made on American soil.

Feedback: The customer says the product works and smells great. It lasts a long time and works as an effective bathroom air freshener. This is a unique take on the scent of the product. The male customer will be buying the product again but beyond the great smell, the customer did not say how his beard was benefited by the product. The client was skeptical about using a non-liquid beard soap. It surprised him that it worked so well and after the first use, it left the beard feeling soft and clean. The product lathered very well during the first use which surprised the client.

(A side note the product had 14 reviews written about it and every single one was a 5-star rated review which may be impressive if the reviews were valid. In other words, if the reviews were written without any bias. If they are valid reviews this is impressive that all the reviews were positive and were rated at 5 stars.)

The customer wanted an unscented beard soap and this one kind of fit the bill. It left a slight soap aroma on the beard. It left the beard feeling soft and clean. The product will last the customer a long time and he doesn’t expect to buy more product for a long time. The customer says the soap works well for the beard and body again, another client using the soap for a purpose it was not designed for. He says it will last him for a long time. He did not say whether he would buy the product again or not.

Sophisticated Beardsman Citrus Fresh Beard Soap

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Benefits and Uses: This soap is designed to be used on the body and the beard and it is a 5.5-ounce bar that will last forever. It is effective to use on women’s bodies because when it lathers up it feels like a soft lotion. It eliminates the dry and itchy feeling s the beard grows. This is nice because newly growing beards can be very itchy and dry. The product conditions, moisturizes and protect the skin. It can be used for all skin types. The company will fully refund your money back if you do not love the product.

Feedback: The product suds up nicely but the pine smell does not last long on the body and the beard. The customer would like the scent to linger longer on the beard and the body. It smells like pine cones on the hand that lasts a long time. The smell lasts a long time in the shower. The client would like the company to design the scent that it would last a long time on the body and the beard but he does not know how the company would do this. I am sure the company can come up with a way. He writes the ingredients should be all organic and natural.

The client says this product is a lot better than other products he has tried. He does not say why it is better which would have added a lot of value to the review and the potential customer buying experience. There is just not enough detail shared in this review. The customer gives it a 5-star rating but again he does not say why. The client says the product lathers up nicely but there is no scent to the soap. He was hoping for a nice burst of sandalwood but all he gets is a faint smell of lemon which he claims vanishes quickly. He wonders if he got a bar of soap that sat out for a long time. If he thinks this because of the faint lemon smell he needs to read the label on the bar of soap. It says it has citrus in it this may explain the faint lemon smell.

Honest For Men Black Forest Scent Beard Wash 

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Benefits and Uses: The company says by buying this 5 pack you can save 25% of the price of one individual bar. The company boasts that one of their bars equals 24 oz. of the other companies liquid soap. They say do the math but how do they know their comparative figures are accurate? They need to do the math. The scent is a strange combination of vanilla and a wood smell. This may not be a very appealing combination.

Feedback: There is not much feedback written about the product. There were only three reviews written about the product. I am not sure why there were only three reviews written. The product could be unknown to consumers because people are not looking for beard soap by the millions.


Still the idea of using a beard soap is unique in the fact that not everyone uses beard soaps even those who have beards. The negative reviews written about the products were relatively mild compared to negative reviews written about other products. Some of the negative reviews were minor complaints. One of the products (if the reviews were legitimate) received a 5-star rating from all the review written about the product. There were 14 reviews written about this particular product. Some of the customers used the beard soaps for other reasons than for what they were designed for. It was odd that one woman is using a beard soap for a body lotion.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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