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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Bronzer. This could be another name for a tanning product. It is usually a self-tanning product. The big question is can you really depend on these tanning products to give you a natural-looking tan that will last a long time? Is it safe to use self-tanning products? It seems to be that the self-tanning industry is a popular and big money making market these days. Let’s face it most people want to have golden brown skin during the summer not ghost-white looking skin. What better and easier way to get a tan than to use a self-tanning product? What easier way to get a golden brown tan than to apply self-tanning products to the skin? Let’s tan!

Organic Self Tanner Lotion

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Organic Self Tanner Lotion

Benefits and Uses: This product will turn lifeless ghost-like skin into beautified brilliant bronze-colored skin. It will keep you looking sun-bathed for two weeks. This is is a chemically-induced suntan of course. And whether it looks natural or not is another question.

They claim you can get a suntan overnight to whatever degree you desire to tan the skin. The company also says they use all natural chemicals in their tanning products unlike so many other tanning products out there. They know you are sensitive to what you put on your body. They claim you can feel the difference with their suntan product once it is applied to the body. This Is a nice feature the company has enlarged their product container and they are charging less money for it. This is rare these days in the beauty market.

The company makes the product in different sizes for your convenience. The medium-sized container is perfect for keeping around the house. The travel-size you can take anywhere. The company offers another outstanding bonus they will refund your money fully. If you are not satisfied with their tanning product. They are so confident you will like their product they think you will never use the money back guarantee. Time will tell if this proves to be true.

Feedback: This veteran tanner says the product is white and hard. It is hard to know where to apply the product on the body. She has used tanning products for years and she claims she knows how to apply it to her body. The product was a little too orange for her. This is confusing the customer says the product was white than she says it was orange. Which color is it? She thinks the smell of thinning product is nice. This customer did not give nice feedback. She said the product smelled like old lady perfume and it was obnoxious to her sense of smell. She couldn’t stand it and she had to wash it off. She needs to remember that someday she will be a senior citizen and she will be wearing the same kind of perfume she is now criticizing.

Another client said they already had a base tan and this tanner made them look more like a pumpkin. They washed the tanner off. They think it might be for people who are already tan and want to look tanner. This is not the case because the company said you could put it on pale white untanned skin. The customer loved the smell and liked the easy application of the product. But it did not give him the tan he wanted so he washed it off.

The consumer received the product for free and said they gave a fair and honest review. The product is a thick, white cream. The smell is nice and not a stinky chemical smell. The person said they got an “instant” glow from applying the product. It will give them a gradual tan but that is ok with them because the tan will not look fake. Let’s hope their tan does not look fake but I have my doubts that it will look real. Some tanning product leaves your skin looking blotchy after a few days. According to the client, this tanning product does not do this to your skin after a few days.

This customer showed an image of what the product did for their arm compared to their hand. The hand was pale white but the arm looked slightly tan and it had a natural look to it. It seems like the product does work. But it may take many applications of this tanning product to get a deep golden tan. Another customer says this self-tanning product gives the most natural looking tan of all the tanning products they have ever used. If they were stranded on an island this would be their go-to tanning product. They claim they cannot live without this product. This may be an exaggeration because no tanning product can be that vital to a person’s existence.

The customer forgot to put it on their hands and feet and the tone was noticeably different between where they applied the product and did not. They received a tan overnight. Apparently, the product really does work. The person says this is the best tanning product on the market today.

Spray Tan Micro Mist Body and Face for Bronzing and Golden Tan

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Spray Tan Micro Mist Body and Face for Bronzing and Golden Tan

Benefits and Uses: It will accomplish this in half the time and at a fraction of the cost again the company claims. The company boasts that doctors recommend the product and celebrities use it. IT has no side effects and you do not need to be outside for the tanner product to work. You should not have to go out in the sun for the tanner product to work anyway. If you need the sunshine to activate the self-tanning product then what is the point of applying it in the first place on the skin? It can be applied to any skin color tone.

The customer said this is a terrible product that doesn’t deserve a one-star rating. He said it was like he was spray painting himself. The tanning lotion left streaks on his skin. He had to rub it in so it wouldn’t leave big, dark spots on his skin. The worst tanning product he has ever used. It seems kind of strange that you would spray yourself so you could get a tan. According to this customer, the company’s boasts of doctors recommending it and celebrities using it just are not true. It does not seem like this product has a very bright future. It is inconceivable that you would be able to spray a product on and expect it to tan your skin. It sounds like the same process of spraying paint on a car or some other inanimate object.

Another customer says she is not a fan of this product because it only lasts for a day. You spray it on and you wash and it comes right off just like spray paint would before it dries. She tried the cheaper brand because her regular brand keeps going up in price. She is not a fan of this cheaper brand and she will stay with her more expensive brand. You should be able to wash your hands or other parts of your body and not have the spray come off. You just cannot spray a tan on it just doesn’t work. This customer likes the product and says it is the least orange (more brown) of all the tanning products she has used. It stinks not as bad as some of the others smell. She says they all smell. She takes a drop cloth and sprays a mist 2.5 to 3 inches from her skin and then lets it dry. She makes 2 or 3 more passes and this works fine for her. This sounds like a lot of effort to put into for a temporary tan. Just go to the beach and tan yourself that way.

Natural Sunless Tanning Lotion by Endlessly Beautiful Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

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Natural Sunless Tanning Lotion by Endlessly Beautiful Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

Benefits and Uses: The company says this is a great alternative to the harmful UV rays of the sun and expensive tanning parlors. Sun tanning parlors are not the safest places to go and get a suntan in. Every beauty knows her product and she knows this product will give her that outstanding suntan she always dreamed of. It is supposed to be durable and long-lasting the company says about their product. But really other than a natural suntan what really is enduring and long lasting?

It is made of all natural products and they put no harmful products in the ingredients. It is supposed to leave the skin supple and tan and you can tan yourself safely using the product. It is said you can achieve a tan in less than 4 hours. It will be as if the sun touched you with its golden rays giving you a deep golden brown tan. It doesn’t smell and it will not leave a greasy film on your skin. You will not walk around looking like an orange either. It will no orange tint. (This seems to contradict what the one reviewer said about the spray on tanning product that they all smell bad.) All you have to do is exfoliate, moisturize and apply a thin film of lotion on the skin and within 4 hours you will have a fabulous tan. That is all there is to it. The tan last for 10 days then you repeat the process all over again.

It is paraben free and cruelty-free. Why in the world would you apply suntan lotion to an animal? The animal doesn’t want or need a tan. It seems pointless to say the product is cruelty-free because no one is going to apply suntan lotion to an animal. You do not see dogs tanning themselves in tanning parlors or at the beach, do you? There are also no suntan lotions or tanning products made for animals. It is safe to use on men, women, and teens. It is made for people with pale skin, light skin, and medium colored skin. People who are dark-skinned should not use this product.

Feedback: The customer has tried a lot of tanning products and they did not work. The ones that did work were the strongest smelling. She just wanted one that would work well and not smell. This product met those criteria for her. She sampled some on her arm and it turned into a nice tan overnight. This will be good for her in the wintertime because she has S.A.D. (She becomes really depressed in the wintertime because it is dark.

This product will help her depressed condition which is great. She received the lotion fast and in good condition. Another client likes this sunless tanning lotion she found. She has to apply 2 thin layers of the lotion 2 days in a row for the tan to last. It did not stain her bed or pillows because she puts the lotion on before she goes to bed. She has skin allergies but it has left no red spots or red patches on her skin. It has not irritated her skin though. She put some on before work and it did stain her clothes. She gave it a four-star rating instead of a five-star rating because she has to use two applications of the product instead of one to make it last. She doesn’t know how other tanning products work.

This person likes the product and gave it a 5-star rating. The person is not a sun-seeker because when they were young they spent hours in the sun without sunblock. They are very light-skinned and do not do well in the sun. His cycle would be he would burn, peel, and then that was it. He needs to obviously stay out of the sun and so he tried this sun tanning product and it worked for him. This person has been around the block a time or two with using tanning products. They were both disappointed and surprised with the product. They were surprised because being light-skinned it did not change the color of their skin. They were disappointed for the same reason and they said they used other tanning products that worked better than this product. The reviews gave the customer an expectation that the product would work for them it did not.

Bestbronze Luminate Shine Hair Spray and Body Golden Shimmer with KUKUI Extract, Vitamin A, C, E (3.5 fl oz)

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Bestbronze Luminate Shine Hair Spray and Body Golden Shimmer

Benefits and Uses: This is strange but this product is supposed to make the hair shine and the body glimmer. It is a hair shampoo and tanner all in one. How can this be? It is said that the product is the secret of models and actresses worldwide. Who have golden brown, shimmering bodies? But how do we know they use this product and even if they did how can it be proven? It is applicable for all skin types and it is claimed to give you a beach-ready tan in a very short time. I believe it was in seconds claimed. It is not sticky and it dries in three minutes so this means you can have a beautiful tan in 3 minutes. It has vitamins and other elements that make the skin shine and remain youthful looking. It goes on in seconds and lasts for hours.

Feedback: The consumer says the product is great and gives the skin a nice glow. But it would be convenient to know why the product is great and how long it takes to get the nice glow. How long will the nice glow last? Why do they like the product so much? Just a few questions that need to answer in the review. Just this review on its own would not convince me to buy the product. Nor would peak any interest for me to even want to research the product further.

Designer Skin Black Mega Magical Silicone Tanning Product

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Designer Skin Black Mega Magical Silicone Tanning Product

Benefits and Uses: The gel is supposed to make the skin feel alive and radiant. It has 20 added dark tanning bronzers to give you that “golden brown look” fast. It did not say how fast though. The bronzers and the amino acids keep the tan lasting longer than other tanning products. The citrus smell is supposed to leave a nice scent after application on the skin.

Feedback: The only customer who reviewed the product said it was a lot cheaper than buying it from their salon. All they said was it was a great product. They are 100% satisfied. Why are they 100% satisfied? Is it because the product works well? Is it because they bought it cheaper on Amazon? No information detailing why they are so satisfied with the product. This review gives me no motivation to want to buy the tanning product.


Self-tanning products may give you a temporary tan but they will not be long lasting like a tan acquired from being out in the sun. The tanning products each estimate how long it will take for the consumer to reach the “golden brown” stage. The downside on some of the products was they smelled bad, left an orange tint on the skin, did not work for some clients and one client said spraying the tanning product on was like spray painting themselves. The product left streaks on their skin. You need to first decide if this type of tanning is for you. Next, if you decide self-tanning products are the way to go then decide which one will work best for you.


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