Best Body Butter for Dry Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

The best body butter for dry skin is the issue at hand. Is it really wise to put body butter on dry skin?  It seems like putting body butter on the dry skin would make the skin one oily mess. It would feel uncomfortable to massage body butter all over the body. But it seems like it is a popular method these days to soften and keep dry skin hydrated. Could body butter clog your pores? This is all a person with a propensity to get acne needs is to apply butter to their body and clog their pores. Or have their skin produce an excess of sebum oil and then break out in acne.  Let’s examine this topic a little deeper and we will find out what is the best body butter to put on dry skin.

Tree to Tub Lavender Shea Butter for Body 

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lotion is rich with lavender and has aloe vera among its ingredients

Benefits and Uses: The company guarantees that you can walk around town and feel completely hydrated. No more feeling like you are walking in the desert because your skin is so dry.  This lotion is rich with lavender and has aloe vera among its ingredients. You will feel hydrated in three days. The reviews state that many people were relieved from dry, cracking skin and the lotion kept them hydrated in the winter months. If this is true this is quite a powerful body butter lotion.

Many body butter lotions are heavy and thick this manufacturer claims. But their shea butter lotion is light and goes on like mildly. Spread it over your body easily and it leaves no residue.

It is so light it leaves no greasy mess behind. It is safe to use on all skin types it contains no parabens, harsh chemicals, silicone, or DEA/MEA and it is free of a lot of other elements as well. Here is the good news the company will return your money to you if you are not satisfied with this body lotion.

Feedback: One consumer felt this product lack hydration the very thing it touts it will give the consumer. They still felt like their skin was dry after a few minutes of applying it to their skin. They may not have given the product even time to absorb into the skin and hydrate it. Based on this it may not be a valid review. They did like the smell of the product and thought, for the most part, it was organic.

The product did not work for this consumer. The body butter was too thin to spread over her whole body. She has year round very dry skin and this lotion just did not work for her. She thought about using it strictly as a hand lotion because it made her hands feel heavenly. But she had toon keep reapplying it after every time she sanitized her hands. This was a bit much to use especially when the bottle costs $20.00. Regretfully, she had to return the product. She did like that the lotion was free of fragrance.

It seems like a lot of people like fragrant free products. Another person likes the body butter because it applies easily and lightly and smells absolutely lovely. It makes her skin feel soft and smooth. She feels

like she is wrapped in velvet. This consumer likes the lotion because it is free of toxins and will get rid of stretch marks caused by pregnancy. She says it feels great on her skin and it is safe to use for her and her baby. This is a new angle. This person has no problems with her skin but she adores this product. She cannot get over the wonderful lavender smell the butter lotion has. This is unusual that this person would use a butter body lotion for dry skin. She has no issues with her skin at all.

PriMiracle’s Best Natural Unscented 16 Ounce Hand and Body Lotion

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can moisturize every piece of dry skin even dryness caused by eczema

Benefits and Uses: It is free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and it has no artificial fragrances added. It is safe for men and women to use and it is made in the U.S.A. It is of course cruelty-free which is bizarre. You must don’t see people putting body butter on animals every day. This seems like a pointless statement to make. The deeply hydrating formula gives intense, hydration at the deepest levels for up to 24 hours. You cannot go wrong purchasing this product. It can moisturize every piece of dry skin even dryness caused by eczema. If it can do that it is one powerful body lotion. It is a lightweight fast-absorbing lotion that absorbs deeply into the skin. It will keep your hands and arms and feet moisturized. It will make you feel years younger and it is paraben free and contains no dangerous chemicals. It is loaded with minerals and antioxidants to defend the body against free radical damage. It is scent free and it applies easily.

Feedback: This customer grew up in Arizona and tried this lotion. It did not anything for their skin. They do not like the product and think it is a complete waste of money.

This review is one of the most candid ones. The consumer said most of the reviews on this product were positive. This is because the people were given the product for free to review. The positive reviews made the company happy. She did not get the product for free but paid for it. She did a test of it on her bicep nothing happened. She ventured out and applied it all over her body.

The result was very negative for her. She broke out in little whitehead all over even on her thighs. The product costs way too much money and it doesn’t dispense well. She answered one of the company’s automated messages asking how the product worked for her. She said it did not work for her. The company did not respond to her. She did not like this. I am not sure how she knew that all the positive reviews were given by people who received the product for free. How would she know this? I seriously doubt that over 50 people said they received the product for free to review.

This customer thinks the product has a nice thick consistency. They like it because it is made with all quality ingredients. It is made in the U.S.A. which they appreciated.

Bliss Body Butter  Paraben Free Maximum Moisture Cream

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butter will give you soft and smooth feeling skin every day

Benefits and Uses: Manufacturer says the butter will give you soft and smooth feeling skin every day. It is loaded with shea butter, coconut oil, and other moisturizers. It also contains antioxidants to fight against free radical damage. It is supposed to restore moisture to the driest and roughest skin. It may be safe for men to use. The company says it is used in all bliss massage spas worldwide. It is a miracle lotion that will hydrate the scaliest skin and leave the skin hydrated for hours. Saying it is a miracle lotion is a bit of a stretch.

Feedback: This was a strange review. The consumer says the product works well and smells alright. But it doesn’t smell like grapefruit? I am not sure what smelling like grapefruit has to do with the quality of the product. They gave it three stars. They did not like the product.

This consumer had lived in the desert for many years and suffered from very dry and cracking skin. She found this butter lotion and tried it. She used it through two pregnancies and applied to the stretching skin from being pregnant. She likes the product. The consumer and her husband really like the product. She gave it to her daughter for Mother’s day and her daughter is thrilled with the product. She thought the product was pricey.

She really likes this product and found it by accident. She found a tube in her drawer and applied the product to a dry patch of skin under her ring finger. It healed the dry spot so, she bought another tube and is using it. She is considering buying more tubes to keep around the house.

This is the only product that helped her hands. She washes her hands a lot and they get dry and crack. She used this lotion on her hands and it has been keeping her hands from drying and cracking. She adores this product because it is the only one that works for her.

This consumer raved about the product. She said that the moisturizing effect it had on her skin was amazing. It has a pleasant scent and one tune lasted her for one year. She highly recommends this product. This product goes a long way and a little amount will cover a large portion of skin area.

The client lives in a dry climate and they wash their hands all the time. This product is fabulous it softens their skin without leaving it greasy. It is fragrance free which is beneficial if you or your co-workers are sensitive to fragrances. Apparently, the small tube and the high price did not bother this person.

The user said the lotion did not moisturize their skin at all. It isn’t even like a true body butter but more like a cream in a tube. There is nothing special about this product. The smell was strange and the product did not impress this person at all. They will definitely not be purchasing this product again.

This was a mixed review, to say the least. The husband says the wife loves the product and he said the product worked well for him. He gave it only three stars because he said it was not worth $28.00 a tube. The wife says it is worth it because you pay for quality. He says that if a person s willing to pay$50.00 for a product then it should be advertised as selling for $50.00. When it should be selling for $15.00 dollars. I guess he is saying that the product is advertised as overpriced and is overpriced. It should cost less money. His arguments are not clear.

Reviews really help to determine if a product is worth buying or not. Many people in past reviews have said they have bought a particular product based on the reviews written about the product. You can really get an extensive perspective and a well-rounded one from reading both the positive and the negative reviews.This is especially true if you are gon to invest a sizable amount of money in a product. Reviews also tell how good or bad the company’s customer service is.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

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soothes and restores sensitive, dry skin

Benefits and Uses: This is a travel size product great for when you are away from home. It is supposed to moisturize extensively for 48 hours. It soothes and restores sensitive, dry skin. It has an irresistible, soothing scent. Dermatologists recommend it and it is  a hypoallergenic scent. It has no added colorants or harmful chemicals. It contains almond milk from Spain and train honey from Ethiopia.

Feedback: This consumer thought the body lotion smelled too sweet and perfumey. She gave it a low rating of two-stars. Another customer usually buys the product in the store and the then she bought it off Amazon. The product from the store was much different than the product bought on Amazon. The product from the store has a thin, creamy texture. The product from Amazon was thick and dry and it was past the expiration date. It didn’t smell right either. She gave the product from Amazon  a two-star rating. She probably won’t buy the product from Amazon again.

This user bought the product and anxiously waited for it to come in the mail. The package arrived and she opened it. The product smelled a little weird she just passed it off as smelling odd from the shipping. She used the product for a while and it congealed. She said it looked gross and it was useless but it worked great until it solidified. She could not find an expiration date on it. She thinks it was shipped before and then returned. The product was repackaged and sent to her. If this is true these are extremely unethical business problems. If this review goes viral it could damage the company’s reputation and hurt their sales. his is the second review that said the product dried out and the trend is disturbing. It is bad business practice to send old products to customers. Can this company be trusted?  This consumer has skin dried by the  Arizona sun. She bought the product and applied it to her arms. It worked wonderfully and she really likes the product. Another customer thought the smell of the lotion was awesome.  The body lotion was smooth and creamy and stays on the skin for a long time. She likes the scent a lot and is very pleased with the product. The price of the larger container was a good deal she said.    

Citrus Grove Ultra Healing Shea Body Butter and Intensive Moisturizer 

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scented with essential oils including bergamot, sweet marjoram, and benzoin

Benefits and Uses: It is scented with essential oils including bergamot, sweet marjoram, and benzoin. It has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties contained within the essential oils. It has a base oil that facilitates healing, gives moisture, and nutrients to the skin. It will also help to treat many skin diseases. It will act as a mosquito repellent shielding from their annoying bites.

This body butter oil is multi-functional as it can help the skin in so many ways. It is cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, synthetic free, and free from any type of harmful chemicals. It contains many vital nutrients and vitamins to further buffer your skin and protect it from environmental hazards. It comes in a completely recycled package. The company is environmentally sensitive.

Feedback: This consumer from California, finds that the product is too greasy. She applies it to her body and it doesn’t absorb into her skin; it justs sits on top of her skin. It feels very greasy to her. She likes the scent but that is about all she likes about the product. She has very dry skin.  A second consumer absolutely loves this product and recommends it highly.


There is always a butter body lotion available for sensitive skin on the market. This article has a list of some of the top shea butter body lotions on the web today. Tap into the rich resources who can find on the internet. You will be able to read this article and find a butter body lotion that should work for you. Or at least motivate you to do some searching on your own. We have done the basic leg work and have listed some high-quality butter body lotions for you to read and investigate.


Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.