The Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

This would obviously mean the soap would have to be able to moisturize and keep the dry skin from peeling, drying more, and itching. Don’t forget it has to keep the skin from flaking off which would be more of a problem in the winter than in the summer. You don’t want to have to make a Mortgage payment on a bottle of body wash for dry skin either. You will want to pay a reasonable price and get a large bottle of product. You want the product that when you put a little drop on your body you can lather the soap and have it cover your whole body. This way it will go a long way and you will get your money’s worth out of the product. The product would preferably be made by a reputable company that has a large number of reviews written about the product. This way you know a lot of people have used the product and know about the company and their product. It is best if there are more favorable reviews written about the product than negative reviews.

We want the positive reviews to beat the negative reviews by a large margin. We also know that if a common thread of problems keeps appearing in the reviews then more than likely it is a real problem with the product. And that it is not just some random complaint by a customer here and there.

Puracy Natural Body Wash

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Puracy Natural Body Wash

Benefits and Uses: The ingredients are supposed to bring superior results to the skin. The soap was created by doctors so it was said. It is geared for men and women of all skin types. All the ingredients are made with no harsh chemicals which line up with the product being made with all natural ingredients. The product is 100% guaranteed but specifics of this guarantee were not spelled out. The body wash is cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals.

Feedback: The customer had good results for with the product at first. She used it for a week then things went south. The wash made her skin drier and she started having acne breakouts on her stomach and her back. Her skin started to get irritated. Se says the product is not worth the $20.00 price tag. The customer ignored the bad reviews and tried the product anyway. She regrets that decision because her face was on fire after she used the soap. It dried out her skin especially on her legs and her arms. Her face was red and the product did not work for her at all. She said the product failed her. It burned her face she is done with the product. This is supposed to be the best selling product but is burning this woman’s skin? There is something really wrong here. Best-selling products are not supposed to burn people’s skin.

The client noticed her skin had become sensitive to many things and it was time to try a new product. She wanted to try an organic/natural product so she scoured the internet looking for one. She came across this one and gave it a try. She said she read many positive reviews on the product. Many reviews said the soap left their skin feeling soft and smooth after they got out of the shower. She tried the product and has now used it three times. The wash leaves her skin smooth and hydrated and feeling great. Usually, when she gets out of the shower her legs need moisturizer, not with this product. Her legs feel nice and hydrated. She can apply two pumps to cover her whole body. It smells wonderful as well. This product has become a part of her regular beauty routine.

This customer has very dry and sensitive skin and any beauty product she used would make her skin break out in a rash. She tried this one and her skin did not react to the product. She says the product is amazing. She doesn’t use a moisturizer on her body anymore because this wash leaves her body hydrated. Another customer says she loves this product because this is the first body wash she has used that does not leave her skin dry and itchy. She says normally when she exits the shower if she doesn’t put moisturizer on within five minutes her skin dries and it starts itching. She then goes into scratching mode. This product hydrated her skin so well in the shower she does not need to use a moisturizer when she gets out of the shower. This is the first product to work like this for her in 27 years. She will continue to use the product as long as it works for her.

Another customer complaint that the wash dries out the skin after a few uses. At first, the product worked well for her because it left her skin feeling hydrated and soft. As time went on she noticed she was using more moisturizer than she normally did. Her knees dried out and she noticed scales on her skin. This means the skin became very dry. She switched back to her other wash and her skin turned to normal. She says the product is not for people who have dry and sensitive skin. This product has a history of working well for a little while then the customer’s skin will begin to dry up. This product is developing a pattern here. Again, it is a best-selling product. It seems to work wonders for people or it really works poorly for customers. There is no middle ground it is one extreme or the other.

Dove Body Wash, Dry Oil Moisture 22 oz

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Dove Body Wash, Dry Oil Moisture

Benefits and Uses: The product contains argan oil which is supposed to lock in the skin’s moisture. It is supposed to be the number one pick of dermatologists the company claims.It has a formula that is able to deliver natural nutrients to the skin and it is gentle on the skin.

Feedback: This customer says it is mid-winter in her area and she has been using the product faithfully. Her fingers and thumbs do not have the fuzzy, hairy skin and she does not have paper cuts since using the product. She says the wash moisturizers her skin very effectively. She keeps a travel tube and uses it at work. The customer is allergic to many body washes as her skin becomes very dry after using them. She tried this body wash and it bothers her that it smells like a straight soap instead of smelling fruity or some other nice scent. The wash is leaving her skin moisturized and her skin is not dry anymore since using the product. She will put up with the scent and use the product for now.

The consumer just went through some hard chemotherapy and her skin was dry and irritated. It was flaky and she was embarrassed every time she undressed for the chemotherapy. This is because her skin was flaky but this has all changed. She started using the product and after she got out of the shower she noticed an improvement in the appearance of her skin. She feels she made the right decision buying the product. She certainly did. She is really happy with the product. The customer’s daughter who is 21-years-old loves this product. It smells sweet and it cleanses her body very well. She is particular about the beauty products she uses but she really likes this product. She says everyone should use it. The customer sent the product to the daughter at school.

This male customer absolutely does not like the product. He says he wants to pour some down the drain every time he showers to get rid of it faster. If he feels that way about the product why doesn’t he just throw away the product and but a different brand? He says he used to use an amount the size of a quarter to cover his whole body. Now, with this new formula, he uses a lot more. He says he has to scrub a lot harder to get all the deodorant off his body. To me getting deodorant off the body is not that big of a deal. Apparently, it is a concern for this customer. He needs to find a product that will get all the deodorant off his body with less effort.

Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free

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Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free

Benefits and Uses: It says right in the product description that the packaging may vary. The company says this is a preferred brand of dermatologists who supposedly recommend it to their patients. It mildly cleans itchy and dry skin but not mildly in the sense that it doesn’t clean thoroughly. It has ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin. The formula leaves no soap film on the body after it is rinsed off.

Feedback: The customer says the smell is not the best. But it doesn’t linger on the body for a long time. The body wash lathers more like standard soap than a body wash. No one complained about the way the person smelled after using the product. The body wash leaves no deodorant residue behind on the body which was a major concern of the client. The customer says the body wash conditions while it cleanses the body but it doesn’t interfere with the body lotion. She says do not let the smell deter you from buying the product.

The customer has dry, itchy and flaky skin. Her dermatologist advised her to use this product because of her skin. He told her to use it in wintertime forced hot air for three days. She followed his advice and she said after one use the product is a game changer. Her skin always itches after she gets out of the shower. This changed when she started using this product. Her skin does not itch anymore. Her skin has adjusted very well to the body wash. She says it doesn’t lather very well though. She doesn’t use a moisturizer anymore. It sounds like the product is working quite well for her. The customer has been using the product for over a year and claims this is the only product she can use on her skin. Her skin is sensitive and dry and gets irritated very easily. This product works well for her but she says it doesn’t lather very well. She says anyone with dry, sensitive skin should try the product.

This is another customer that says this is the only product they use. But it is used on their son who has eczema really it is the only body wash they can use on his very sensitive skin. They mix it in his bath water, Any other product severely irritates his skin and cause major eczema flare-ups. They have used this product for years on their son and will continue to do so. This product works very well for his skin. This veteran customer uses this product on her skin which has eczema. She says it doesn’t lather very well so you know the body wash will rinse off completely. She says the stuff works well on dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. She says it is scent-free except for a mild oil smell. The smell is not bad at all. She uses a body lotion with the body wash but she plants on not using the body lotion in the middle of summer.

Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Body Wash, for Dry Skin

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Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Body Wash, for Dry Skin

Benefit and Uses: It is free of scent and of any harmful chemicals. It will work on the whole body that suffers from the dry and itchy skin. It will not irritate the skin. It is claimed to be 10 times more nourishing than regular body wash which is a little hard to believe. How do measure if it moisturizes the body 10 times more than a regular body wash? It is a mild body wash for dry skin that has been approved by dermatologists.

Feedback: Off the top, the reviewer says this is not a paid review. The company did not pay them to write this favorable review. They have very dry and itchy skin which is worse than normal because of the climate they live in. This product is very gentle on their skin and it keeps their skin wonderfully hydrated. The customer did not have the itchy skin for 24 hours which is a first for them. The person did not put on any moisturizer to test and see if the body wash was keeping their skin soft and itch-free. They like the product and bought it on their own. They will not go back to their old product besides it stopped working on their skin.

The customer said they inherited eczema-prone skin from their father. The father advised the client to try this product. The client tried the product and it worked well for their skin. It is mild and treats eczema-prone skin well. They have no redness on their skin when they get out of the shower after using the product. The other product they were using left the skin red. This customer has very sensitive skin and most body washes make her break out in hives. This product did not make her skin break out in hives and a little bit goes a long way. The things she did not like about it was the smell of the product was very offensive to her. It did not clean her body well at all. She says it barely touched the body odor. How she knew it did not really get rid of her body odor is a mystery. She has to use her shea butter lotion in conjunction with this product. Like other body washes she has used this body wash dries out her skin.

Dove Body Wash Pump, Sensitive Skin 34 oz & Men+Care Body Wash with Pump

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Dove Body Wash Pump, Sensitive Skin 34 oz & Men+Care Body Wash with Pump

Benefit and Uses: The body wash is hypoallergenic and scent free for sensitive skin. The body wash hydrates dry skin pretty well the company says. The product provides men with healthier, stronger skin. I am not sure how the product can make skin stronger? Their proprietary technology activates when the soap lathers.

Feedback: The customer (along with other customers) says the product is now watered-down. The customer thought it might be because he is not using the product fast enough. But he says it is the way the product is now made. So, the company is cheating the customers by sending them a sub-par product which is watered down. This is very surprising that Dove would pull something like this with one of their products. Can they be trusted?


We have reviewed some of the best body washes on the market today. One surprising insight was that Dove was sending their customers watered-down versions of the men’s body wash. A lot of reviews pointed this weakness out thereby putting Dove on notice they need to send a rich body wash to the client base and not a diluted form. They could lose customers if they keep this deceitful practice up. People pay for a full and rich product, not one that is watered down. The other products are beneficial to help hydrate the dry skin. There is one out there especially for you.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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