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What is in a box spring mattress and what makes a great one? First off if you are looking for a mattress that has layers of gel foam or memory foam this will not be the mattress for you. Some of these types of mattresses do not contain any type of gel foam or memory foam. The mattress should have strong spring action in it. It will be firm or soft whatever your preference is. These types of mattresses will be cheaper than your standard gel foam or memory foam mattresses. This means they may not be as long lasting as traditional mattresses. The quality of these mattresses may not be as high as traditional mattresses either. If you have limited financial resources, or you are on a budget, or if you just do not want to spend a truckload of money on a mattress then this is the mattress for you. You do want to get a durable and comfortable box spring mattress though one that will last you a decent amount of time.

Sweet Night Queen Mattress in a Box – 8 Inch Individually Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattresses

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is equipped with individually wrapped coil springs which will help you to stop tossing and turning. It will keep the body well supported it also has gel foam in the mattress. The mattress will resist roll off and sagging to keep you firmly in place while you sleep [1]. It has a medium firmness to it. The mattress is made without harmful materials and it will fight mold, bacteria, and allergens. The mattress is made with springs of high-quality carbon steel that resists deformation and rusting. You will be sleeping on a healthier mattress. The mattress is encased with individually wrapped coils which are in separate pockets. This means that it will diminish the sensation of movement but this will also prevent you from tossing and turning. It will give you targeted support and it will align your head, shoulder, and spine properly. The gel foam will slowly adjust to your body’s weight and temperature and it provides you a buffer so you will never feel the coils. The company says the mattress is guaranteed and if you do not like it for any reason contact the company as soon as you can. The company claims 95% of its customers keep the mattresses and they offer a 10-year warranty.

Feedback: This is a touching review written by the customer because he is so sincere it what he writes. He suffers from serious and chronic hip and back pain to the point he was considering surgery. He bought this mattress and he unpacked it. He let it sit for 48 hours and it totally expanded to its normal size. He slapped bamboo covers on the mattress and he has never looked back. He slept on the mattress and now for 6 nights he has slept so wonderfully like he never has before. He is ecstatic to report he is now free of pain and it was because he switched mattresses. The old mattress caused all that serious pain. This being the case, that old mattress is very poor quality if it caused this consumer that much pain. He never dreamed that it could be the mattress that was causing all of his pain. He weighs 260 lbs. and he has found the perfect mattress. He says if this will help one person who has had the same kind of pain than this review was worth writing. He really wants to help other people and this type of review will sell a lot of mattresses for the company. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars and he is very happy with it.

The customer says they bought the mattress and they are so glad they did. It has relieved their lower back pain and they decided to buy it because of all the positive reviews. The customer has rated the mattress 5-stars and beyond the lower back comment, the customer does not detail why the mattress is so good. We could use a lot more information about the benefits of the mattress. These kinds of reviews just do not help people to buy or not the mattress you need to convince people to buy the mattress. You leave out so many positive or negative comments that need to be included to steer the person toward a decision. Again, you may write about your experiences with the mattress that the potential purchaser may be facing and your review could be the solution to those issues. We also need to know why the customer gave the mattress a 5-star rating.

Box Spring Reviews

The customer says they bought a twin mattress for their daughter who decided to sleep by herself. The customer says the bed is very comfortable and it has two layers as you can see from her images. The customer says when she lays on the mattress it distributes the body evenly and it causes her body no pain. The body is evenly supported on the bed and for a growing child, this is critical. The customer says she made the right decision to purchase the mattress. This is all fine but we need to know more benefits of the mattress for the child and how it has helped her to sleep better. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars. More information is definitely needed to help us make a decision to purchase or not purchase the mattress.

Here is one of those reviews that have no value for the potential customer because it says absolutely nothing about the benefits of the mattress. The customer says they are glad they bought the mattress and they love it. Well, why do they love it? Is it because of the coils or is it because of the gel foam? The customer says it is reasonably priced but other than that what is so beneficial about owning the mattress? The customer also rated the product 5-stars so they really liked the mattress. This alone just rating it 5-stars will not sell the mattress it may for some people but for most people, it will not sell the mattress. People want to know why the mattress is so good because they want to know why they should invest their money in the product. I know for myself I would want to know why I should invest my money in this mattress.

Olee Sleep 12 inch Hybrid Euro Box Top Pocket Spring Mattress (King)

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Benefits and Uses: This box spring mattress has layers including a pocket spring to its composition. Soft memory foam molds to your body to keep you sleeping comfortably. The high density foam section disperses the weight and absorbs the weight as well. The mattress is over $250.00 dollars which may because of the extra features that are built into the mattress. The mattress has the same comfort and support as a traditional innerspring mattress. The cover is soft and pliable and you can remove it from the mattress and wash it.

Feedback: The customer says he is a big guy at 6’2″ 275 lbs and he is right he is a big guy. He has the dimensions of a linebacker. He waited 6 months to write a review because he says he needed to have the mattress for a period of time before he could report on the quality or lack thereof concerning the mattress. He says he sleeps on the mattress 5 nights a week and he sleeps very comfortably. the quoted some of the other reviewer’s comments but they have not been included here in this review. The mattress may have a little sinkhole in it but this is mattress but is nothing that will affect the quality of the mattress. The customer says he does not see or feel any sagging or sinking in the mattress. He weighs a lot and the mattress is holding up fine under his weight. He says he does not read a lot of reviews that show longevity or the person has not slept on the mattress long enough to qualify to write a review. But this is not true yes it is good to have experience with a mattress before you write a review because it is more authoritative. But sometimes people have problems right off the bat and these issues need to be noted as well. This way you may save a potential customer a lot of money by reporting a problem right away. The customer may experience the same problem when they buy a mattress.

The customer says his mattress is firm enough and he has slept many comfortable nights on the bed. He thinks he should do a 180 degree jig because he bought a very good mattress. The customer writes he will rate it 5-stars. The customer says he wrote a review after sleeping on the mattress for 6 months. He says this is not very long to use the mattress and then write a review. Again, the customer is incorrect in making this observation because 6 months is long enough to write an educated review on the mattress.

The customer was cautious about buying a mattress online but the customer did it anyway. The customer says the box came and it was in terrible shape absolutely damaged. This seems to be a common problem when these mattresses are shipped that the outer boxes are damaged. It took the wife and husband to carry the box into the bedroom because it was so heavy. The wife took a knife and carefully cut the plastic the mattress was kept in. The mattress was not damaged to the surprise of the customer. The customer could not wait for the mattress to air out. The customer put the mattress on the bed and there was no smell. The mattress prevents independent motion from transferring from one person to the other person while they sleep on the mattress. The customer says she does not wake up stiff in the morning since she has been sleeping on the mattress. She loves the mattress and she rated the mattress 5-stars.

The customer says the mattress was great in the beginning but things went south. After a year of sleeping on the mattress, the customer and his wife noticed the sides they were sleeping on began to sink. Now, when they lay on their respective sides on the mattress they sink into the mattress. The customer says he has to get a new mattress and he is disgusted with the mattress. The couple has been at the same weight for years. The wife weighs 110 lbs. and the husband weighs 170 lbs. And they always sleep on the same side of the bed. The customer rated the mattress one-star the lowest possible ranking. In all fairness, the company should take the mattress back and either return the client’s money or give them a replacement mattress.

Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring/Mattress Foundation/Strong Steel structure/Easy assembly required, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress has a strong and sturdy metal frame and the mattress comes in compact and convenient packaging. It will come right out of the shipping box. The mattress comes with all the tools you will need to put the mattress box spring together. The mattress comes with a 5-year warranty but the problem is that the warranty is limited. This could be an issue and the warranty covers the mattress on a limited 5-year warranty. The mattress does not come with a bed just the mattress box spring.

Feedback: There have been over 4400 reviews written about the mattress. The customer is a 21-year-old female who bought the mattress and had it delivered to the reception office of her apartment building. She had someone help her carry the mattress box to her apartment. She took out the mattress and read the installation instructions. She says she figured out what to do in 5-minutes the instructions were solely based in pictures. It took the young lady 1 hour and 15 minutes to assemble the mattress by herself. She says the installation was very easy and she attached the instructions with her review. The pictures did not show up under her review. The box spring looks great on her bed and she really tightened the screws up. She says the box spring is strong and sturdy and the customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

This customer has owned the mattress for one year and they say it is a piece of junk basically. The bars have begun to sink in the middle and the mattress squeaks excessively. The customer says they would like to get rid of the mattress right now. They will not buy these mattresses again and they rated it one-star. Hopefully, this mattress will not fall apart after a year every time.

Zinus 14 Inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring, Mattress Foundation with 9 Support Legs

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is made by the same company as the one directly above this review. So, the product description is the same so it will not be written here.

Feedback: The customer says it took them an hour to unpack, sort out, and assemble the mattress. They said it was a very easy task and the mattress is sturdy. The customer says they read reviews where the customers said that it was hard to put together. This client says it was very straightforward. The customer suggests that you: separate the parts so the “like parts are grouped together, assemble the 4 corners and set them apart, assemble the middle crossbars, set the frame together and screw in each section, push the steel bars in place, put the mattress on the side and have a partner help you install the cover on the mattress, install the feet, and lay the mattress back down and you are done. These are good instructions to follow because the customer installed the mattress without any problems. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

This is terrible but the customer said the mattress they received had already been used. The zip ties were already broken off, the middle bars were bent at the connecting points. The zipper to the cover was broken and the customer got a wrench and a hammer and tried to straighten out the middle bars. The customer put together half the mattress and said she wasted her time. She says she should have returned it and she should have returned it. This is sad that the company sent her a mattress that had been used and then returned. The company cannot be trusted to send a quality product and the product costs $139.00 which makes this practice even worse. The customer rated the mattress one -star.

Best Box Spring Reviews

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress – Bed in a Box – Twin – White

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Benefits and Uses: This is a 12” mattress in a box and the memory foam will contour to the body. It will give you great support as you sleep soundly through the night. The mattress will reduce transfer motion so you will sleep in peace. The mattress and the foundation are sold separately and there is no installation required for the mattress. Just take the mattress out of the box and it will unfold and it will be ready to sleep on.

Feedback: The customer is 5’4” and she weighs 140 lbs and the mattress has no give. This is the hardest mattress she has ever slept on and she writes that the product looks great and it is a high-quality product. It is just not for her. She rates the mattress one-star which is odd because she did write some positive remarks about the mattress.


There is some new information for you to think about concerning box spring mattresses. They are varied in price and each one comes with different benefits so choose the right one for you. This article will give you some direction about which box spring mattress to choose.


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