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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

A bronzer brush is a brush specially designed to apply powders and foundation to the face. It must have long, soft bristles to be able to apply the loose powder in even concentric strokes on the face. You do not want the powder to look like it has been put on in layers or on separate spots on the face. You want it to blend the powder in an even coat and that it will look natural like it is apart of the skin. You also want the brush to be able to apply the powder so it matches the natural skin tone. One thing is for sure you do not want a brush that will not bend with the contours of your face.

You also do not want a brush that will wear out after two applications. A huge benefit is if the brush glides so smoothly on your face you won’t even feel the bristles touching your skin. You do not want a brush that will irritate and burn your skin. In this case, you will have red streaks all over your face instead of powder. A nice feature of the bronzer brush is that it will be able to have more than one function. A multi-purpose bronzer brush would be ideal. You will want to be able to lightly brush the bronzer on your face. The brush should apply the powder so masterfully that you will never know you painted powder on your face. It will also look like a professional makeup artist painted the powder on the face as well. This would truly be a high-quality bronzer brush. Does such a brush exist? Or is it some dream that a company came up with? No, it is quite real and you can find many high-quality bronzer brushes on the internet.

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals and Kabuki Brush Duo

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Benefits and Uses: The brush will apply the powder that is supposed to give you a tan that lasts for 5 days. It is a mineral powder. For best results apply the powder with the kabuki brush in circular motions. This will give the fullest and smoothest coverage.

Feedback: The kabuki brush makes the tanner easy to apply. The brush worked well for the customer but the powder did not leave the deep tan the customer was hoping for. This will be the last time they purchase the brush. Again, the brush worked fine but the powder is the problem child. It did not last as long as the company said it would. It lasted only two days the tan, not the five days the company said it would last.

Another customer is happy with the brush but by the time she puts sunscreen and foundation on the tanner does not come through. She really likes the brush and the tanner has helped her tremendously. It leaves a nice golden sheen on her face. She went away with her husband and he said she went to a tanning salon. As she put it she accused her of attending a tanning salon. It seems like the customer thinks the brush works ok but you have to wonder. It leaves globs of powder and it does not cover up the sunless spots on her skin. She will keep trying it because it costs so much money. This is the second mention of the product being costly. A good product and brush for beginners to use and it applies easily with the brush. It is too expensive though this customer says.

Qivange Makeup Brush Set

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Benefits and Uses: The wooden handles will guarantee the long life of the brushes and they will not cause any damage. You will not feel like you are picking up pieces of cement when you use the brushes.

The brushes in the kit, come in different sizes making for a wonderful makeup experience they come in different shapes. Allowing you to apply the bronzer and makeup creatively and masterfully. It can be used both in the home and the professional environment. The company says if the brushes do not meet your standards then contact them first. They will be glad to either refund your money or send you replacement brushes.

Feedback: The customer absolutely loves the brushes and she likes that they are a darker color. They look very nice to her and they work great for her. They were exactly as she expected. The customer says the brushes are lightweight and easy to handle. They are a mauve color which she says is nice.

They come in cheap packaging and not in bags with drawstrings like most brushes do. The bristles are not very colorful there are a lot of white bristles in between. The bristles are soft but the color of the bristles was not impressive in the customer’s mind. The best thing about the brushes was their color but the customer said nothing about how well the brushes worked. The review was very descriptive of the products but was lacking in the functionality of the brushes.

The brushes are a little heavy to hold but the customer says they are just that good. This contradicts what the company and other customers have said that the brushes are lightweight. Each brush is labeled for what its use is and the brushes come with instructions on how to use them. The veteran makeup artist says if you are new to applying makeup and don’t know how to use the brushes do not worry. The brushes are labeled for what they are to be used for. They come with instructions for added insurance.

This customer complained that the brushes were not functional. They looked good in the pictures and they looked good in real life. They are made very sturdy and they are put together well. The bristles are all the same length which makes it hard to blend she says. The bristles are too fluffy and dense which makes it difficult to put eyeshadow on and she finds that none of the shapes are useful. The bristles do not shed which is a positive she says. I just am puzzled that she cannot use any of the brushes since they can be used for so many applications. Other customers say the brushes are great. This seems to be a lone wolf review. Another customer says the small brushes are too big to use for eye makeup but if the brushes are labeled for eye makeup (and I don’t know that this is the case) how could they be too big? It would seem odd they would not have included a brush in the kit that could be used for an eye makeup application. Now, another customer says the brushes run too small. So which is it are they small brushes too big or are they too small?

EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

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Benefits and Uses: It is a blunt bristle cut in such way that it will apply the product, buff it, and blend it so there will be no streaks left on the face. Brush the powder and apply in circular motions from the top of the head to the apple of the cheeks for a smooth and seamless application. The brush is made of mainly recycled products and the handle, in particular, is made of bamboo. The company is celebrating its tenth year of being in business. They have come out with a brush with a new look that fits comfortably in the hand. They create the brush so you can use your own individualized beauty technique to show your beauty to the world. The one question I have is that bamboo would seem to be an easy wood to break. So, are the handles that sturdy?

Feedback: She found this product by accident in the drugstore and bought it.She liked it so much she bought some travel-sized brushes and they do the trick for her. The bristles are soft and rival any higher end products. She is not a makeup snob and believes there will be other opinions disagreeing with hers. She has a more expensive brush set but says this one just as well and it is a lot cheaper.

The customer bought this brush after a brand she has been using for more than 4 years was discontinued. Her old brush is still going strong after prolonged use. The newer version of the brush she bought is a better design than the old brush. The old brush was a blunt shape and she could not apply eyeshadow under her eyes. It is possible she can do it with the newly shaped brush. The brush works well in applying mineral makeup and the customer seems to prefer mineral makeup. The customer brought his brush which is much cheaper than some of the other brushes she has purchased. The expensive brushes have worn out in 6 months to a year. This is a crime considering they cost so much money. This brush has soft bristles and only costs $6.00 including shipping. The bristles are soft so she does not poke and prod herself early in the morning and not one bristle has shed. The brush deserves a 5-star rating she claims. She gave it a 5-star rating too.

The fan brush is a way to big and the customer emphasized way too big. It cannot be used to apply highlighter unless you plan on applying highlighter to the whole cheek. It is good for brushing off powder or dusty eyeshadow. The bronzer brush is good for applying bronzer as a contour. The brush is great for the price and the bristles are super soft. The brush is put together well and is a good brush. The customer was disappointed that the fan brush was so big. The customer says the brush is labeled as a blush brush. But the brush is too dense and small to apply blush to the face. It picks up a lot of blush and applies it to one concentrated spot. It picks up too much color. It would be more effective if it was larger, fluffier brush or a brush that was less densely packed with bristles. Then it would not pick up so much color.

The customer says the eco tools made of bronze are not as good as the old eco tools made of silver. The bronze ones started shedding after only two weeks. The silver ones which are 5 years old are still in great condition and they are put together well. They are taken care of as well. The company has really gone downhill in the quality of the brushes they make. For a brush to shed after only two weeks is a very poor quality brush. There have been a few reviews stating that the old brushes are much better than the new brushes. I hope the company is reading the reviews and takes to heart what these people are saying about the quality of their new products. If they do not pay attention to what customers are saying about the weakness of their new brushes they may not have any clients left to sell to.

This tells me the that the quality of the brushes the company makes have really gone downhill in the last few years. The company would do themselves a favor if they made the new brushes at the same quality as the old brushes. Id the company is trying to save money to make money well they could be in trouble. After all, it is the customers who are keeping this company in business. Keep disappointing your customers and you will not have a customer base left to sell products to. I just do not understand why companies sacrifice quality so they can make more profits. This is a very bad business model to follow. The company needs to pick up the production and start making the quality brushes again.

Bronzer Brush Flat Angled Kabuki Makeup Brush

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Benefits and Uses: The company says if you duty their brush you will save 50% over the cost of the brand name brushes. Their brushes work just as well as the more expensive brushes. The bristles are made of the right density to pick up just the right amount of foundation and apply it evenly to the face. The bristles will pick up a little bit of foundation but enough to cover a large area of skin. It will spread the foundation evenly and it will not splay. The company says synthetic brushes pick up less product than other brushes anyway. The different brushes on the main tool will blend and contour your makeup perfectly.
The company had a good deal going at the time of the product writing but the deal may have expired.

Feedback: The product received over 4400 written reviews and it scored a five-star rating of 82% out of 100% which says a lot about the quality of the brush. The customer says she had used her prior brush for 10 years but it finally gave out. She bought this brush and was surprised at the quality of the brush. This was even after all the positive reviews she read about the brush. The bristles are soft and the brush is easy to hold. The applicator is very easy to use for her makeup. She has used it for several weeks and not one bristle has fallen out. She says when she applies the brush to the skin and presses hard it does not splay. Cleaning is a breeze she uses a little bit of olive oil and the brushes id dry in 2 or 3 hours. But I wonder if there is a residue of olive oil on the brush. Would the olive oil make the powder stick to the bristles?

The client says the application with these brushes is flawless. But the only problem is the first brush fell apart after only one month of use. The second brush despite her handily it gently fell apart in her hand. Can you blame her?

Concave Makeup Brush 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B076CF75W3&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20 - Best Bronzer Brushir?t=balancemebeau 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B076CF75W3 - Best Bronzer Brush

Benefits and Uses: The brush was designed for liquid foundation and it works perfectly for such an application. The bristles are anti-bacterial and the handle is made of a classy black wood. The product is sturdy and should last a very long time.

Feedback: The box the brush had come in had been previously opened before the customer got the box. The seal on the box was broken and open. The customer says the brush will be cleaned and the customer will use the brush. If I was the customer I would promptly return the brush to the company and get a replacement. The customer does not know what was done with the brush or where it had been.


You are armed with a list of some of the better bronzer brushes on the market. The brushes come with brushes attached to the handle that will serve more than one makeup application. One of the products had a set of several products with different sized brushes and various shaped brushes. The kit also came with instructions on how to use the brushes and the brushes were labeled for what they were supposed to be used for.


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