Best Bronzer for Dark Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Self Tanner Tanning Lotion

This is a tough call because if your skin is already naturally dark or if you tan very easily anyway it could be hard to find a bronzing product that will enhance an already healthy-looking tan. Or if you are dark-skinned by nature you may not even need a bronzer to enhance the color of your skin. Where is the balance? But if you would like to apply a bronzer to your skin that is practical as well. Obviously, many companies have designed bronzer products for people with dark skin. So, you are not alone in your quest to find the right bronzer for your dark skin tone. There are others who have gone before you with the same questions you have about bronzer products. Thee pioneers (sort of speak) have scoured the internet like you have. They found the perfect product for their skin that met all the requirements they were looking for. You too can meet your desire for finding the perfect bronzer that will meet all of your expectations. The impossible dream is not impossible and it is not a dream. There are products sold every day that will take care of all your skin beauty needs.

COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer Light Bronze

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COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer Light Bronze

Benefits and Uses: This is a natural color that blends well with your skin tone. It is loaded with minerals as well which will help keep your skin smooth and well-nourished. Your face will look like the sun kissed it without the shine. It can be used for sensitive skin and it will not clog the pores. It is hypoallergenic another fine feature of this bronzer. It is available in many colors and it is specifically designed for people with darker skin tones. This will be the perfect solution to your beauty routine.

Feedback: The customer is learning how to contour with her makeup. She found this product and started using it. She is happy with the results. She uses everyday to contour her cheeks and nose.She says it is a wonderful contouring tool. It is quietly noticeable but it doesn’t scream “look at me.” She must like it a lot she uses it every day. Another customer says she puts it on the perimeter of her face and it gives her a nice glow and it looks very natural on her face. This customer took a chance and ordered it online and she was not disappointed with the product. She is brown-skinned and this bronzer is two shades darker than her skin. I don’t know how she figured it was exactly 2 shades darker though. This customer says it is the best bronzer on the market today. She uses it as an eyeshadow as well. She also contours with the product She says it has a slight glitter which can be absorbed into the skin. You just have to rub it in.

The customer wrote a mixed review of the product. It arrived damaged her residence. She inspected the shipment and concluded it had not been tampered with. She has a pale complexion and this tone is a little too dark for her skin. Next time she plans on buying a lighter shade. She says the color was way off her for her skin tone. It left a reddish tint on her face. It looked unnatural on her face and it looked like it was not clear what color went with what complexion. The customer says that the product is finely milled and is too red. She gave it a 3-star rating and she did not explain why she did this. Some details would have been nice to have been noted. It could have saved some people time and money because they may have the same issues this customer has.

The bronzer gives this lady’s makeup a nice glow and it stays on all day long. She says she has been using this bronzer for a while. It was getting hard to find but she found it on Amazon. She has extremely dark skin and this seems to be the only bronzer that works for her. It blends in nice with her skin and looks natural with her dark skin tone. This customer says it glitters too much which she doesn’t like. She puts it on with setting spray and it covers her blemishes naturally.

This customer says it does not glitter enough so she doesn’t consider it a bronzer. Since when does a bronzer have to glitter to be considered a bronzer? The package arrived damaged and part of the powder was missing. She found the missing part in the compact. She will continue to use the product but for some reason, she will not buy it from Amazon again. The customer had different colored blushes she had to mix together to achieve a color she could live with. This product arrived and she threw all the other colors away. This bronzer is the perfect shade for her medium-colored skin and she says it looks good on her too.

This woman has a medium-colored skin and was searching for a bronzer that will work for her. This one does the trick for her and the tone matches nicely with the color of her skin. She dabs a little on her eyelid and it makes the eyelid come alive. She puts a little bit of yellow tint on her cheeks and she doesn’t look too ashy. It is the perfect product for her.She says this type of product is hard to find in the drug store setting. The customer is directing this complaint to the manufacturer, not the seller. It is too delicate this is the second time she has purchased this product. It breaks off too easily and you can forget about carrying it in your handbag. She says you might as well dump it in there. I am not sure what she means by this. She says this is her favorite blush. I thought it was a bronzer?

Self Tanner – Tanning Lotion and Best Bronzer Golden Buildable Light, Medium or Dark

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Self Tanner - Tanning Lotion and Best Bronzer Golden Buildable Light, Medium or Dark

Benefits and Uses: Pitfalls such as sunburn, rashes, and skin cancer. Using this product will steer you clear of these serious skin problems. I really doubt any ingredient would be this complex to read and pronounce. Their product is safe to use for any age group.Men and women alike can use the product. If you are pale-skinned and want a golden bronze tan instantly this product is for you. The company guarantees the product but they do not tell you what the guarantee is. The reviews will confirm or negate all the bold claims this company makes about their product.

Feedback: The customer considers herself an expert self-tanner. She has 15+ years of self-tanning experience. She has red hair and she is very pale-skinned. She has been afraid that when the tanning product arrives the bottle will be too small. She goes through product extremely quickly. She likes bronze colored tanners because then she can see where she left streaks in her application. She also likes tanning products that will give an instant tan.

This product has become her favorite tanning product. It is white with a thick cream-like consistency that you really have to rub into the skin. This is good though because it lets you see if you left any streaks behind or if you need to blend the product is better. It tans very quickly which she really likes. It works in hours literally. She applied some before work and at lunchtime one of her co-workers asked her if she had gone tanning. It smells nice and it doesn’t leave an orange tint on the skin.

This customer gave it 4 stars because the smell is rather strong. She says it is very thick and a little bit goes a long way. She uses a little bit of product to cover her entire body. She says it leaves no product on her hands after she washes them. She says the product lasts a long time as she showers every day and sometimes twice a day but the product doesn’t wash off. She puts it on her feet, elbows and arms and then rubs it into the rest of her body, She uses a sponge to apply it to the hard areas.

Indeed this is a roller coaster review. First, it turned the customer’s skin a nice golden brown and then by the 4th day her skin turned an orange tint. She complained to the company and they refunded her money to her in full. She likes the way the company takes care of their customers and really cares about them. Then her skin turned back to a golden brown. She has pale skin so she was not surprised that her skin reacted this way to the product. She is generally pleased with the product and she will buy it again. This is odd the product turned her skin golden brown, orange and then golden brown again. The product should not have reacted with her skin like that. Is there something wrong with the product’s formula?

She says it runs more than any other tanning product she has used. She applied it and then waited two days to shower. She washed her hair but did not use soap on her body. More product came off on her towels then stayed on her body.

It Sounds like this product is not working for her. It was somewhat orange on the skin and she claims its better than most. It seems like the product did not work for her. Quite frankly, I am surprised she gave it a 3-star rating and not a lower one.

Another customer thought the first application of this product on her skin worked well for her. She had a base tan from summer. Along comes winter and she applies the product again. But this time she had no tan and the product worked terribly. Her skin was orange she says she will not buy this product again. It sounds like she was quite disgusted with it. You cannot blame her because it did turn her skin orange. Noone wants to look like a walking human pumpkin. I do not understand the perspective of this customer at all. She says the product is white and extremely thick. It is very hard to rub in and it turned her skin quite orange. It stains everything. She got a little bit on her hands and then she washed her hands. Her hands still had orange spots on them and she hardly got any on her hands. She says despite all this it is an effective product. I cannot see how it can be an effective product when it stains everything and leaves her skin an orange color. Tanning products are supposed to turn the skin brown, not orange. Even if it turns the skin brown later it initially turns the skin orange this should not be happening. There has got to be something wrong with the formula.

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

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Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Benefits and Uses: This seems very unlikely that this product can tan the skin 100 times greater than the original tone of the skin. I never heard of a tanner that can do this. If you tanned 100 times your normal color you would not look normal anymore. It has auto-darkening tan technology whatever that is supposed to mean. It is a silicone tanner that enhances the color of the skin. It has an orchid blush scent that sounds pretty sweet.

Feedback: Her sister is super dark. She asked her sister what she had been using and she told her this product. She says she is definitely noticing a difference in the color of her skin. This customer says she bought this product from Amazon. The customer says it is a fake because the customer bought the same product from eBay and it was a lot darker than the one the customer bought on Amazon. The one from Amazon smelled like burnt skin even after the customer showered. There is something really wrong with this formula if it is giving off the scent of burning skin.

Self Tanner Tanning Lotion – Organic and Natural Ingredients

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Self Tanner Tanning Lotion - Organic and Natural Ingredients

Benefits and Uses: It has all natural ingredients and it tans the skin gradually like you would get a natural tan gradually. It also retains water in the skin keeping it hydrated so will not dry out. This is the company that says you need a chemist to read the ingredients on some tanning products. This is an exaggeration if I have ever heard one. The company says people are buying 2 or 3 bottles of the product to give to family members. I doubt this claim is true. They guarantee the product but they do not say what the guarantee is.

Feedback: The customer says the product is awesome it applies super easy and smoothly. Beyond this brief description, the customer doesn’t say why the product works so well and why it is such a high-quality tanning product. More details would have been helpful. Her skin is so soft and she cannot stop staring at her hands. If people are giving her funny looks there must be something wrong with the appearance of her skin. The product must have reacted with her skin in a weird way.

Physicians Formula 7854 Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition Bronzing Veil,

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01LXFV2CR&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20 - Best Bronzer for Dark Skinir?t=balancemebeau 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01LXFV2CR - Best Bronzer for Dark Skin

Physicians Formula 7854 Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition Bronzing Veil

Benefits and Uses: Advanced technology from Italy combines the best elements of powder, baked, and cream bronzers to give the best tan imaginable. It is supposed to give such a fine glow that it would be undetectable and it looks very much like a natural tan. The exclusive blend triples the tanning action and gives you a longer tan with a nice, soft glow.

Feedback: The customer uses the product all year round a darker shade for the summer and a lighter shade for the winter. The person applies it in the morning before putting on the makeup. She suggests you may want to apply it again for a social occasion.


We have covered some bronzers for dark skin and most of the products reviewed seemed solid. There was one exception though because this product had a history of turning people’s skin orange. There has to be something very wrong with a product that turns the skin orange. One customer said the tanning product they used turned their skin golden brown than orange and back to golden brown. There is something very wrong with this tanning sequence.

You must be careful not to buy a product that is making outrageous claims about the tanning benefits because the reviews will usually contradict these claim. The honest reviews will anyway. Also, if you read reviews where the tanning product is turning the customer’s skin orange you probably want to steer clear of the product. Pick a product that will blend well with your skin tone and it will look natural on your skin.


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