Best Bronzer for Pale Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Organic Self Tanner

This sounds like a contradiction in terms. A bronzer for pale skin. In the past pale skin was a sign of beauty but today the sign of beauty having the best tan possible. But if you have pale skin that is sensitive in the first place then you run into the issue of getting sunburned quite easily if you try to suntan. Take my word for it, getting a sunburn is no fun and is quite painful. It is very unpleasant to have your skin feel like it is on fire. Your clothes touch the red and raw skin is very uncomfortable.

Then you start peeling big chunks of dead skin and it itches like you want to scratch until you make it bleed. Which ends up irritating the peeling skin even more. So, how do you stop this from happening especially if you have pale skin? You know that people with pale skin are much more vulnerable to getting a sunburn than people with olive complexions. There is an answer to this dilemma though is to buy an indoor bronzer that is made for tanning people with pale skin. This way you can tan without ever going out in the sun and look like you have spent hours outdoors sunbathing. Personally, the preferred method would be coat your ski with a powerful sunscreen and tan naturally outside. There are plenty of tanners on the market today that can help you get a tan if you have pale skin.

Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds

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Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds 

Benefits and Uses: This product has a unique feature (or is it unique) that the product will not run off in the shower. It shouldn’t run off in the shower anyway. The company raves about their super tanning product. You can turn that pale skin into golden bronze quicker than you can snap your fingers. The company says it is an accelerating tan formula. It will turn heads the golden tan you will develop indoor. Hopefully, it won’t look like a tan you developed indoors. Because indoor tans tend to look artificial. Your skin will get too dark from indoor bronzing products. The product is able to protect tattoos and the tan will be deep and dark and last forever. Another benefit is you will never turn orange like a pumpkin. Say goodbye to short-term tans forever. The product will help you get a tan indoors or outdoors because the product acts like a suntan lotion. You will have a wonderful tanning experience wherever you are. The product is backed by their Apollo money back guarantee. They do not explain what the Apollo money back guarantee is.

Feedback: The customer bought it for her daughter-in-law who loves the product. She said it smells wonderful before and after the tanning process. The customer said she tried it herself outside when she realized it could be used for outdoor tanning as well as indoor tanning. The only problem is the product has no SPF rating which means it will not protect you from the rays of the sun. She has a nice base tan and this product really darkened her skin. She claims that two months later you can still see her tan. But what good is it if it will not protect you from sun skin damage. Another customer says they have a “Southwestern Minnesota” pale skin tone or they are as white as they come. They tried the product in a pre-tanning session before they went to Mexico. They said the product did not work for them. It protects tattoos which they were looking for in a tanning product. They do not know if it protected their tattoo or not. They will not buy the product again. It was useless for them. Why do some claim it works so well and others say it doesn’t work at all? It makes no sense. Either it works or it doesn’t work.

This client said they used it only 3 times and they have gotten 1/2 the color they naturally get while they tan in summer. They get very dark during the summer. The will buy the product again and they suggest other use it. The only problem is it has no SPF rating which gives your skin zero protection outdoors in the sun. This could be very harmful to the skin. People have aged prematurely from tanning out in the sun without putting any kind of protective sunblock on.

This customer has very sensitive skin and will have an allergic reaction to a lot of tanning products. Slept with some of this product applied to her arm there was no reaction. She applied some to her skin and she said she began to tan which was unusual for her because her skin is so fair. She says the product will lightly stain the clothes but it doesn’t run off the skin. Sounds like she may be in the market again to buy this product. The product has a floral scent and smells wonderful. The client says the stuff works great as they have only tanned 4 times in the last 10 days. They have a nice base tan already. This product was much cheaper than the products the suntan place tried to sell them. This client says the product does not stain the clothes. Yet the other customer said it does slightly stain the clothes. Who do you believe?

Another customer who complains that they do not notice much of change in skin tone while using the product. They say it tans as well as if they did not use the product at all. What The customer is saying is that this product does not work for them. This client was disappointed with the product. They said it did not do what it said it would do. The reviews said it was a great tanning product but it did nothing for this client. They paid a higher price thinking it would give them a good solid tan. They basically wasted their money on this bronzer. I wonder if they tried to get their money back? They should have since it did not work for them.

The customer has tried many tanning products in the past and was quite skeptical about this one. The others left an orange tint on the hands. This product left no tint on the hands and it tans but not too fast. It works just right and it smells like grapes which the customer thought was pleasant.

Skinerals Self Tanner Sunless Bronzer Onyx EXTRA DARK with Natural and Organic Ingredients 

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Skinerals Self Tanner Sunless Bronzer Onyx EXTRA DARK with Natural and Organic Ingredients 

Benefits and Uses: Their product is supposed to be safer to tan with than natural outdoor tanning or tanning beds. They say the product will give a nice dark, even tan and leave the skin looking blotchy. Like other tanners will leave the skin looking blotchy. But will the reviews support these claims? The tan is supposed to last for seven days which really is not that long. It should last for at least a month. Why this is important is unknown. Every bottle comes with an authentic serial number to protect customers.

Feedback: The lady has been a self-tanner for years. She used to go to tanning parlor for years. For the last 10 years, she has been using self-tanning products. She is in her 40’s and cannot afford to let her skin be exposed to the tanning parlors anymore. She is why she quit them about ten years ago. She used another product that tanned her ok but when it wore off it left uneven splotches on the skin. This product stated turning her leg tan in one minute. The tan lasts for 7 or 8 days then the product must be re-applied. The customer says this product fades evenly leaving the tan even until it completely fades. She tried it on her elbows and supposedly it tanned her elbows as well. I saw her images and in all honesty, it did not look like the product and made her skin any darker.

This customer says you need a mitt to apply this tanning mousse to the skin because it goes on the skin so thick. It tans very nicely and the product does not smell too bad to the client. They like that is is a natural product with no harmful ingredients in it. This client is 62-years-old and has aged skin as she put it. She tries to take care of her sin in the Florida sun. She tried the product and walked by the mirror and was surprised to see she had tanned so quickly. She says the product is working well for her better than expected. This customer said the product is fabulous. It is natural and it applies nicely to the skin. She likes her tan to be consistent all over and this product has turned the trick for her. She will only use this product from here on out.

This client was disgusted with the product and the price that was being charged for it. She looked everywhere and found that it was being charged $20.00 per bottle. She says the people need to have a reality check on the overpricing of this product. She tried it twice and she does not like the product applied it with a mit and the product streaked and stayed exactly where she applied it to the skin. She says it is too streaky and it does not blend worth a dime. It dries fast but you cannot blend it.

Spray Tan Solution (Medium) Airbrush Tanning Micro Mist (32 oz)

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Spray Tan Solution (Medium) Airbrush Tanning Micro Mist (32 oz)

Benefits and Uses: The company boldly claims that they have spanned the globe looking for the best organic products. Which seems a little unbelievable when the organic ingredients should be in their own backyard. The product applies to the skin flawlessly, smoothly and evenly. The producer says no matter how good the false tanning product goes on if it is not even and smooth it will look like a fake tan. Every famous person in the world uses this product again another exaggerated claim. The company says your skin will glow and you will be full of confidence because you used this tanning product. All of these opinions are hyped-up exaggerations. Noone has confidence because they have a nice tan. Confidence comes when a person has a good perception and is comfortable with who they are. This is one of those products that seem to not be genuine because there are too many sensationalistic claims made about the product. There are instructions on how to apply the tanning product with each bottle sent. The bottle also contained instructions on how to apply the product.

Feedback: There were no reviews written about the product. This is really strange because no one wrote a review of the product. In the product description, the company says celebrities and doctors love this product. If this is true then why didn’t any of these people write reviews about the product? The claims made about the product seem too hyped up to believe. If all these things are being claimed about this tanning product then most likely it isn’t a very good tanning product. It may be reasonable to think that the complete opposite is true of this product than what these claims are saying about it.

Organic Self Tanner 4.7 oz: Bronzing Your Skin With Care

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Organic Self Tanner 4 Bronzing Your Skin With Care

Benefits and Uses: The company warns that if you expose your skin to the UV rays of the sun it could damage your skin. It could cause wrinkles, premature aging, sun spots, age spots, and the worse of all skin cancer. Tanning parlors were deemed as unsafe as well. They say their product will give you a natural-looking tan while keeping your skin’s natural beauty. Their product is the safest option. Along with all the other tanning products of course. Don’t be embarrassed to go to the beach because you have ghost white skin. Us their tanning product and you will obtain an instant gradual tan. How can you get a gradual tan instantly? How can you get an instant tan gradually?

They even say if you have been indoors all winter you can still go to the beach with a natural-looking tan. The organic formula prevents your tan from looking streaky because it goes on naturally and it looks like a natural tan once it is applied. Cheaper tanning products will leave an orange tint on your skin. Not this product it will leave your skin with a golden tan. You will never see an orange tint on your skin. The product was designed so it would not leave the skin looking orange like a fake tan would. Fake tanning products leave a chemical smell on the skin so people will know you have applied a fake tanning product to your skin. The product has a naturally free of scent so no one will ever know you used a tanning product. It is safe for men and women to use and it can be applied to all skin types.

Feedback: The customer likes the smell of the product and that it is organic. She has very pale skin and she has tried numerous tanning products. Her complaints ate they smell bad and they do not have a lasting effect on her skin. She found this product and liked it. She says it smells fresh but it doesn’t last long enough (the tan) between applications. You really don’t see a difference in the color of her skin before she applied the product and after she applied the product.

The person has tried every tanning brand from pharmaceuticals to tanning salon products. This brand did nothing for her skin. It did not tan her legs or her arms but it tanned nice and evenly on her face. It was hard to apply even with a mitt. He exfoliated her skin but it was no use. It is strange that her face tanned but not the rest of her body. She may have applied it wrong. He says the dry time takes too long and it is too much work to apply this product to her body.

Self Tanner – Sunless Tanning Spray, Natural and Organic Ingredients, Self Tan Dry Oil w/ FREE Bonus Gloves & eBook

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Self Tanner - Sunless Tanning Spray,

Benefits and Uses: It will not leave your skin looking orange and it does not have that fake chemical ta smell. But it is still a fake tanning product. It could be the best tanning product you ever will use so it is stated.

Feedback: The customer claims they were not paid to leave this stunning review. It applies
beautifully with a mitt. She does this before she enters the shower so she doesn’t have to hassle with the product in the shower. It gave her a bronze tan from the beginning that she has just built on. Another client thinks the product is poor quality. She put it on 9 hours before she showered and by that time it had left a faint color on her skin. It was orange. She will not use the product again. This is irony to the fullest because the company says right in the product description this product will not leave an orange tint on the skin. So, either the customer or the company is not telling the truth here.


We have chronicled through some of the best tanning products available on the market today. There were a few reviews written by people with very fair skin. They said the particular tanning product they used helped their skin to tan perfectly. They were pleased with the results and you can be too. If you have a very fair skin you have come to the right place. Find a product that will work best for you.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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