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So tell me what makes a good bronzer the “best” bronzer. OK, you want me to tell you what makes a good bronzer a great bronzer. I was not expecting this. The whole article is designed to review bronzers and to determine what makes a great bronzer. A good bronzer product should be able to apply easily to the skin. It should be the specific shade to a specific skin tone. Or at least be close enough to the skin tone that it blends seamlessly with the natural skin color. It would be nice if the bronzer gave the skin a natural-looking tan as well. We must not forget the bronzer has to blend well with other makeup shades. It should be of a texture that makes it glide over the skin.

It should leave a nice glow on the skin but not too shiny that you look like your skin was struck by a moonbeam. It should naturally cover-up acne, pimples, and other common skin imperfections. The bronzer should not clog the pores or make the skin produce excess oil. The customer wants a lightweight bronzer that feels light on the skin like the customer was not wearing the bronzer at all. It must conceal acne but not activate acne and it should not be pasty or chunky on the skin. The customer does not want to apply a heavy bronzer that makes them feel like they are wearing cement on their skin. It really has to look natural on the skin and not fake or contrived. Also, the product you buy from the company should offer many shades of the bronzer. A shade to blend well with the makeup you decide to wear that day.

You probably do not want to pay an extravagant price for the bronzer either. You know it would be nice if the bottle contained a lot of product that would last you a long time. It would also be beneficial if the product would spread on the skin a long way with one little dab. We do not want a bronzer that will have a bad reaction to our skin type either. Ideally, the bronzer we choose will be designed to be applied safely to our particular skin type. The bronzer should not irritate or burn the skin either. A big plus would be that we are able to contour the bronzer naturally on the skin and blend perfectly with the other shades of makeup we may be wearing that day.

COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made by a very famous company-Covergirl. It is a bronzer loaded with minerals. The bronzer will make the skin radiate without the ultimate glow. It will not clog the pores and it is safe to be used on sensitive skin. It comes in many shades but it is designed for darker skin tones. Obviously, the shades will match the darker skin tones.

Feedback: The customer said she is learning how to contour. She heard of this product on “Youtube” and she is just beginning to learn how to contour. She uses this to contour cheeks and the nose. She says it displays a subtle contour nothing that stands out but it is noticeable. To get the “over the top”look she buffs out a product and then adds this product to it. This customer says the product works very well for black women. She uses it every day that wears makeup. It makes the makeup pop and it really brings out the colors. The customer says she wishes she would have bought the product before. The client says she puts the product around the perimeter of her face. It gives the face a nice glow. She says the glow looks natural. But how can any glow look natural it really can’t? The human skin does not naturally glow without products to enhance the shine on the skin.

The customer has found a few uses for the bronzer. She uses it for eyeshadow, to bronze, and to contour makeup on the face. It contains glitter but after you put on the makeup and set it with the powder you cannot see sparkles. Then the sparkles are useless if you cannot see them. This is the customers go to bronzer and eyeshadow. This customer says the bronzer gives the makeup a nice glow that stays on the face all day.

Another customer who took a chance on the product. She tried it by buying it online. She says it is good for all her brown beauties(whatever that is supposed to mean?) The client was not disappointed with the bronzer. The client has brown skin and she says this product is about 2 shades darker than her natural skin tone. The client says it warms up the face and it does not look cakey and it looks really good on her skin tone. She says it does not cause breakouts as she has really sensitive skin.

She uses it on the hollows of her cheeks and on her forehead. She posted an image of the bronzer on her face. Only half her face and forehead are showing and you really cannot see what the bronzer has done for her skin. The customer has very dark skin and this bronzer looks very natural on her face. She has been using it long before it was sold on Amazon so she bought it on Amazon. She says she will buy more of the product in case it is discontinued. But she really does not say how the product looks natural on her dark toned skin. This information would be nice if the client would have included it in the review. This review really does not convince people to buy the product. The client rated it 5 stars but the only problem is the client does not chronicle why she rated it 5 stars. This product has received many 5 star ratings.

best bronzer

COVERGIRL Cheekers Blendable Powder Bronzer 

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Benefit and Uses: Another bronzer that claims it will add a nice glow to the skin. It will give the face an instant tan so this bronzer could be considered a tanning product as well. It a smooth blending bronzer that you can slip it into your purse. The product will finalize the beauty routine.

Feedback: The customer has oompaloompaphobia (A definition could not be found for the condition) which made her afraid to use bronzers. She broke out of her fear and tried this bronzer. She really likes the bronzer and she discovered it on “YouTube” and now she is sold on bronzer. It gives her skin a natural glow but not a matte looking finish. It is a sunkissed natural glow. It does not make the face shine like the moon but it gives the skin a nice natural glow. It applies easily, lasts long and it is priced reasonably. The customer rated it 5 stars. This customer has fair skin and she uses the product. She is not good at contouring but she applies it to the cheeks. She also applies it to the forehead and she loves the color. She does not say what the color is that she loves. She also does not say what it does for her cheeks or her forehead. She could have included more specific details in the review. She really liked the product because she rated it 5 stars.

The shade gives the skin tannish shade in the wintertime. It gives the skin a glow but it does not make the skin shine too much. The customer says she has to scratch the powder to loosen it or she would have to wave the brush back and forth forever. She was expecting her skin to have a bronze shine from the product. Instead, it made the skin look a muted tan. She says the container is small and you get what you pay for. She says it would be better to buy blush in the local store so you can see what you are buying before you buy it. The only problem is this is a bronzer product, not a blush. The customer rated it 2 stars.

The customer bought the product from a local pharmacy and the quality was good. The customer bought the product on Amazon and the quality was different. The customer had to use more bronzer on the face and it was not as intense as the product the customer bought from the local pharmacy. The customer will go back to buying the product from the local pharmacy. It is strange a pharmacy would sell bronzer. The customer rated the product 3 stars. The customer uses the bronzer to contour every day. The product sun kisses the skin even in the wintertime in New York City. The product is great and arrived in brand-new condition and the customer likes the product. The customer says the bronzer does not look as dark on her skin as it did in the picture. It applies well to the cheeks and the customer has a golden tan. The customer says she has to use a lot of bronzer on the cheeks for it to show up. The customer speculates that the bronzer would look good on a person with a lighter tan. She really does not know if this observation is true or not.

The product had too much shimmer for the client she prefers a matte finish on her skin. The product smells great she writes and this was the first thing she noticed was the scent of the product. She says this is odd that she noticed the nice smell right off. She will not buy the product again because it leaves a shiny finish on the face. She likes the color but she rated it 3 stars. This is a sour review and rightfully so. The customer purchased the product and the bronzer powder was completely smashed. Another negative is that Covergirl has no money back guarantees. This means that once you buy the product you are stuck with it because you cannot return it. Covergirl does not allow products to be returned. This is poor customer service on the company’s part. It is not like the company cannot afford to take returns. They make plenty of money selling their beauty products.

Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer by Elizabeth Mott

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Benefits and Uses: The product is perfect for making the face shine and the bronzer is effective for contouring. The formula is smooth and blends easily with other makeup. This also makes for the ability to build up the bronzer in layers. Specifically, the product is good for contouring cheeks, chin and eyes. This is great the company will allow you to try a sample of the bronzer before you buy it. This is outstanding customer service by the company. Rarely, will a company let you try a sample of the product before you decide to buy or not to buy the product? The company does not allow this product to be tested on animals.

Feedback: The customer is 40- years-old and she says this product does not give the shine on the skin like so many other bronzers do. The client tans well in the summer and says this product evens out the skin tone in the summer. She likes all of this company’s products and she is a big fan of the company. The customer says the product is not that great and it is warmer than she thought it would be on the skin. It does not blend very well she complains. She won’t buy the product again.

The customer says the product does not show up very well on the tanned skin. The customer has to apply a lot of the bronzer on the tanned skin and it still does not show up very well. This customer says the product would work better for someone with lighter skin. The customer cannot make such a broad generalization like this. She doesn’t know if the bronzer would look good on someone with a lighter complexion than hers.

The customer does not like the bronzer. The color is off for her natural skin tone because the bronzer makes the skin look dirty. The customer rated it 2 stars. The customer does not like the product and she most likely will not buy it again. Another customer who complains the color is too long for her skin. She wanted to ike the product because it is cruelty-free but it did not work out for her. She wanted to like the product because it was not tested on animals. This has nothing to do with lking the product because it is a good quality product. This is really a weak reason to want to like the product because it is cruelty-free.

best bronzer

#1 Brazilian Bestbronze

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Benefits and Uses: Supposedly, this product has the distinction of being the best-selling bronzer in Brazil. Again, the company claims it has been the number one selling bronzer spray in Brazil for 10 straight years. But how do you verify a statement like this? This is a spray on bronzer which may not be a practical way to apply the bronzer to the skin. The bronzer dries quickly and will tan the skin quickly as well. The bronzer becomes waterproof after being on the skin for 8 hours. This is too long who will stay out of the water for 8 hours especially in hot Brazil. It will not stay anything either.

Feedback: The customer says this is an awful bronzer product. It did not do anything for the skin and it is too expensive. The company, unfairly, will not accept returns either. Maybe this is why the bronzer has been the best selling bronzer in Brazil for 10 straight years. No One can return the product.

This is a succinct and straight to the point negative review. The customer says you have to spray a ton of bronzer to see any results. The product is too expensive, it takes too much to spray too see any results, and it is a waste of money. Strike 3 and this product is out. The company will not allow returns either which is extremely poor customer service. If you do not allow the customers to return the product you won’t have any customers to sell your product to. The product retails for a whopping $40.00 per bottle!

Neutrogena Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer

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Benefits and Uses: The product will not clog pores which is a great benefit to start out with. It is made by a very reputable company which always helps to sell the product. It is oil-free, fragrance-free and applies invisibly to the skin. In other words, you cannot see it after you apply it to the skin. This may not be a good quality of the product. If you apply bronzer to the skin you want to see it.

Feedback: The customer has medium skin tone not quite olive. The client lives in the South near the ocean so the customer is tan all year round. The customer says the product works well on the skin.


best bronzer

Good news for you bronzer lovers. You have read a list of some of the best bronzer products available on the market today. Find the product that will work best for your skin needs. A couple of negatives though and that is a couple of the companies whose products were reviewed do not allow for returns on their products.


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