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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

This is a different subject to review. It is not every day you will see reviews about bunk beds. The set has to be well-constructed because it needs to hold two people, not just one. The construction must be sturdy so that the upper bunk bed will not collapse on the lower bunk bed. It may be that bunk beds are designed for children and not adults. It is not conceivable that a bunk bed set would be able to hold the combined weight of two grown adults. The length of the bunk beds would be the other inhibitor for adults to sleep on. The bunk bed should be able to hold the combined weight of the children. The bed bunk must absolutely be designed to protect the top occupant from rolling out of the bed and falling to the ground.

Dorel Living Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kids Bunk Bed with Ladder, Black

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Benefits and Uses: This is a unique feature but this bed can be split into 2 separate beds which includes a twin-sized and full-sized bed. It can even use a mattress without a box spring. Bed support slats and guardrails are included with the bed. It also has a ladder that can be installed in one location.

Feedback: The customer says the kids love the bed but the customer is very concerned about the cracks in the wood. The bed is only 4 months old and the wood should not be cracking after 4 months. The customer had noticed the cracks last night (this was on October 12, 2015) and is rightfully concerned that this is a safety issue. The customer has not had the opportunity to check the wood up close. The customer rated the bed 2-stars which is surprising since the workmanship of the bed was poorly done. The client should have called the company and expressed their concerns over the wood cracking after only 4 months. The client said their kids do not jump on the bed so the cracks in the wood are not from abuse. The wood was defective in the first place.

Best Bunk Bed

Another customer complaining that the wood is too soft because it can be damaged with just a fingernail. The wood is splintering on this bed and the client has to glue the wood back together so the child will not get cut. The customer said what if pieces of the wood were banged together and they broke. The wood is obviously defective as other customers have complained about the wood being too soft as well. The customer says the top bed is being used for a cozy corner and their 3-year-old son sleeps on the bottom bed. The little guy loves the setup. But the wood being so soft is a dangerous safety violation and the company needs to address the problem as soon as possible. Children so young are not aware of the damage that splintering or cracking wood could do their skin. This is a big concern especially if all the beds have the same problem. The company may have to perform a major callback on the wood parts of the bed. The customer who complained about the soft bed rated the bed 4-stars because it is a great product for the price. But the wood being so soft is a very serious safety issue that could cause some serious injuries to young children if they run their hands through the broken and splintered wood. Until the wood issue is fixed the bed should receive only a 1-star rating because the wood parts of the bed are very poorly constructed.

The customer says the bed is good overall except for one issue. The issue is that the bed slats are too far apart and the mattress will fall off on either side. The only options to fix this problem are to buy your own bed slats or buy a box spring. No, these are not the only options these are not even options. The customer should not have to buy a box spring when the company says the bed does not need a box spring.

The client should not have to buy their own bed slats because the company should have placed the bed slats at the proper placement in the first place so the bed slats will be close enough together that the mattress will not fall off on either side. The client should return the product and get their money back or get the bed slats put in the proper position. It is critical the bed be safe enough for a young child to be able to sleep safely on the bed without the fear of the mattress and child falling out of the bed because the bed slats are too far apart. The customer rated the bed 4-stars despite this serious safety issue. The bed should have been rated one-star.

Through the thread of these reviews two very serious safety issues popped up from the reviews written about the bunk bed. These are not issues that parents can just wink their eyes and look the other way. A couple of the reviews rated the product 4-stars which in the author’s opinion is too high. The safety issues are major and could endanger the lives of children sleeping in this bed. The wood on the bed splinters and cracks too easily. A young child could suffer a serious cut on their body or what if a piece of wood gets lodged in their eye. The bed slats are too far apart and the mattress can fall off the bed on either side. What if a toddler is sleeping on the top bed and the mattress falls off the bed. This could cause a life-threatening injury possibly death. These problems must be addressed and fixed promptly. The company could face lawsuits in the future because of the poor workmanship of the wood parts of the bed. The poor design of the bed slats does not help matters either.

Dorel Living FZ7891 Phoenix Bunk Bed, Twin, Mocha

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Benefits and Uses: If this important for the customer the bed has a transitional design which may mean the design of the bed can be changed. The bed has a solid wood construction which has a mocha finish. The only concern is this company made another bed that had wood parts and that wood was too soft and would crack and splinter easily. Could this be the same issue with this wood bed? The bottom bed design allows for maximum space allocation. It also can be converted into two separate beds which are twin-sized and guess what? The bed does not include the twin mattresses which it should.

Feedback: The bed had only 5-reviews written about it so it may not be a very popular product yet. The customer says they are happy with the purchase but there were a few minor issues with it. The bed is very durable and sturdy. The customer says the bed slats are put in very sturdy to really keep the mattress in place. The husband put in some extra boards to make sure the mattress stays in place. During the installation, the wife noticed that the instruction letters were faded so it was hard to tell a difference in the letters. The hole where the “barrel nut” went was full of sawdust so the nut went in at an angle. The customer cleaned out the sawdust with a screwdriver and solved the problem.

Back on the faded letters on the instructions, the customer had to look a little closer to tell the letters apart. The husband says if you use a straight “Allen wrench” put it in a drill the installation will go much quicker. The wife says to be careful not to strip out the Allen head screws. The instructions say the bunk bed can be assembled in 45 minutes. It took the couple 3 to 5 hours to assemble the bunk bed. So much for the assembly taking 45 minutes. The company grossly underestimated how long it would take to assemble the bunk bed. The customer rated the product 5-stars and said it exceeded their expectations.

The customer gave a very short and uninformative review. The client said you need “bunkie boards” (are thin platforms to help support a mattress on a bunk bed) and you need 8ft. of clearance and that was the extent of the review. The customer rated the bed 4-stars and did not elaborate why they gave it 4-stars instead of 5-stars. The client does not tell us what you need the 8ft. of clearance for and he does not tell us what the bunkie boards are for. The customer does not reveal what the negative points of the bunk bed were. The customer did not say what the benefits of the bunk bed were either. It would be hard to make a decision on whether to buy the bunk bed or not. This is because the customer simply does not give us enough negative or positive information about the bed. Obviously, there were positive and negative points for the customer concerning the bunk bed. This is concluded because the customer rated the product 4-stars.

This is absolutely a terrible review but it is justified. The customer said the bed arrived with no hardware and it was damaged, to begin with. The customer put the bed together after the hardware finally arrived. The wood was damaged, cracked, and stained. The customer provided some images of the bed. The one image had red marks on it and the other picture showed a corner of one of the steps on the ladder. The corner of the step was split and the wood was coming off. The customer rated the product one-star (you cannot blame them) and they were very disappointed with the bed. They said it would be too much effort to take the bed apart and return it. For almost $300.00 it would be worth the effort to take the bed apart and return so you could get a full refund. That is too much money to chalk up as a loss. The fact, that the hardware did not come with the original shipment and the wood on the bed was broken, cracked, and marked shows poor workmanship on the part of the company who made the bed.

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Storkcraft Caribou Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Gray, Twin Bunk Beds for Kids with Ladder and Safety Rail

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress contains a full-size slat roll support for the mattress. Fits a standard twin-sized mattress. The mattress does not come with the bed. The bunk bed will separate into two individual beds. The company designed the bed with safety in mind and the bed meets the current safety guidelines in the United States and Canada. It has a limited one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The bed is made of stylish wood and a solid wood construction. You can download the instruction manual application. The bed comes in different boxes and they may not all come to your residence on the same day. This could be a bad thing.

Feedback: The customer has built all kinds of furniture, tv stands, desks, and tv stands. The customer said the bed came 2 days earlier and all the parts were shipped and the instructions were clearly labeled and simple to follow. The assembly took the customer 3 hours because he wanted to build it right. The customer needed help lifting the top bed on the bottom bed. The assembly was easy. The customer says to use an electric screwdriver or a drill with a bit or it will take forever to screw the 36 screws into the bed frame to put the beds together. The product is sturdy and it is great for the price. The customer’s boys love the bunk bed and they think the bed will last for years. The bed was rated 5-stars.

The customer says the advertising is deceiving. The company explicitly says the bed is made of stylish wood and solid wood. This is a lie because the customer noticed some of the wood was pressed laminate to look like real wood. The company was not upfront about what the bed was really made of and this did not make the customer happy. The assembly was easy and the customer is good at assembling things like this. The boys love the bed but some of the laminate is starting to break off the bed. The customer showed a picture of the damaged laminate. The bed will not last as long as the customer hoped it would. The customer will not buy a product like this again. The client rated it 2-stars it should have been rated one star for the deception of what the bed was made of. Also, because the fake wood is already starting to break off. This is poor workmanship and a false advertisement on the part of the company. The company cannot be trusted.

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder, Space-Saving Design

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Benefits and Uses: The design will save space and it will accommodate one twin mattress and one full mattress, of course, the mattresses are not included with the bed. The front ladder is attached to the front of the bed and it is slanted for extra safety for climbing up the ladder. The top bed has guardrails which are good to prevent children from falling out of the bed. The top bed will hold 200 lbs and the bottom bed will hold 450 lbs. The weight potential for this bed is very promising. The bed ships in one box and it is easy to assemble.

Feedback: The customer has a 16-year-old son and a 19-year-old son and they have to share a room. The older boy is 6’4″ and he needs room to stretch out. He will take the bottom bunk and the younger boy will take the top bed. The mother said the bed was bought instead of buying two beds that put side by side would take up all the space in the bedroom. The mother and the 16-year-old bot assembled the bunk in no time. It was very easy to assemble.

This is a terrible and sad review. The customer said when he was a boy they bought a bunk bed that lasted for 8 years and it never broke. This bed was assembled and within 24 hours caused problems for the customer’s son. The son grabbed the top rail and it broke and the boy fell off the bed and he was hurt. The father checked the joints and the other parts of the bunk bed and he concluded the bed was cheaply put together. I would say so. The company could get sued for the boy hurting himself using their product. The customer rated the product one -star.

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin over Twin Classic Metal Bunk Bed with Dual Ladders

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Benefits and Uses: The bed has pending technology that will allow the bed to be assembled in less than one hour. The beds of a metallic construction. It has a strong steel support that requires no box spring for the mattress.

Bunk Bed Reviews

Feedback: This is rotten for the customer. The client says the bed arrived and there were broken parts. The customer said they contacted the company and the company says they don’t send replacement parts. This is customer service at its worst. The customer rightfully rated the product one-star.


We have shared some bunk bed product reviews with you. Please read through the reviews and draw your own conclusions as to which bed will work for you. One of the beds has wood parts as part of the design. The wood is soft and it will crack and splinter very easy. Another company has lousy customer service. The customer contacted them and told them some of the metal parts were broken. The company said too bad and that was the end of the discussion with the customer. The name of the company is Zinus.


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