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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

If you happen to be an avid person who likes to stay active and count the calories you lose. While you are engaged in physical activity then this is the perfect tracking tool for you. This tracking tool is known as a calorie tracker. You can watch your progress as you work out. If you are running, walking, swimming, or lifting weight these calorie trackers can help you see the calories as you burn them off in real time. It will be encouraging to you to see those calories burn off and you will know you are actually losing weight. Be patient it may take some time to burn off a lot of calories to see any significant weight loss. But it will happen just keep working at it and keep tracking those calories burned and you will reap the results.

Calorie trackers are a popular tool these days in this healthy-conscious culture of ours. They come in all sizes, colors, and certainly, the price will differ from product to product. Just like anything else you will get what you pay for. This article will present to you some of the most popular brands of calorie trackers being used today. You can browse through the reviews below and see which calorie tracker will fit your personal needs the best. Calorie trackers are a tangible way to track how much weight you are actually losing. Here take a look at these calorie trackers.

OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer, Accurately Track Steps and Miles, Calories Tracker

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OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer, Accurately Track Steps and Miles, Calories

Benefits and Uses: This tracker is designed to track how many calories you burn while you run, sprint, walk, or jog. It measures the calories burned every step of the journey. It will also track other measurements for you as well. It will motivate you to keep losing weight and to keep yourself in good shape. It will be encouraging as you watch those calories evaporate. The device is a simple setup and very easy to use.

It is not a Bluetooth device and it is very easy to program. It resets at midnight giving you a clean slate to start measuring calorie loss every morning. It keeps a log of your numbers for the previous 7 days. It has a large LCD display that makes it easy to read. You do not have to wear glasses to see the different modes of operation. It is good for seniors, kids, and adults. It is at an affordable price.

The buttons are large so it makes programming very easy. It is small and can be concealed anywhere to keep your personal fitness goals just that personal. It will fit in the purse, the exercise belt, the pockets, and you can even hook it to a belt. The blue color will make it easy to spot if you ever misplace it. It will stand out if it gets shuffled to the bottom of the bag. It would make a nice gift if you were inclined to give such a gift to someone. People like the fact that it is easy to setup and that you don’t have to use the internet. It is not a computer and this was appealing as well. People think it is a valuable investment. Others absolutely love the device. A person most likely would not like to receive this as a gift and if they were sensitive they make take it the wrong way as to why you are giving them the gift. They may think you are sending the message that they are overweight and they need to lose weight. This would not be good to give as a gift unless it is asked for to be given as a gift.

Feedback: This customer put this tracker through the ringer. He varied the of his steps and he varied the length of his strides. He wanted to test the accuracy of the device. The accuracy was not affected by these changes in speed of steps or length of strides. The accuracy was thrown off when he placed the device on different parts of his body. The accuracy was way off when he put the device in his pocket but the device was the best when he attached a device to a lanyard and put it around his neck. This was smart thinking on his part to test how accurate the device was. The last thing you want is an inaccurate calorie tracker. If it is inaccurate how do you know how many calories you are really burning?

Another consumer complained the device was too clunky and showed through their shirt. So people would know exactly what they were doing and that is tracking their calorie burn. This consumer tried other calorie trackers but they really did not fit her needs. She bought another tracker and it was so complicated to set up she sent it back the same day. She bought one of these devices and wears it practically every day. She likes the simplicity of the setup. She also likes the big numbers which are easy to see. She loves this device.

Fitness Tracker Aneken Activity Tracker 

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Fitness Tracker Aneken Activity Tracker 

Benefits and Uses: You can track your calories through many avenues with this handy tracker. You can track calories through 14 different sports activities. It will help to track calories scientifically to help you stay in top shape. The product is compatible with a few devices including Bluetooth and Android. It is waterproof and the company warranties the product for 2 full years. A generous warranty indeed. It is priced on the higher end.

Feedback: The customer said the tracker is reasonably priced but it is more expensive than some of the other trackers. The first one he owned and he says it works fine. He did say the Apple tracker was better throughout much more expensive than this one. This customer is annoyed because the band resets through every time zone change. And all the data is lost for the day.

The app the band syncs with also lose all the data through different time zones. The customer says they should update the band so it saves the data and with all the capabilities of smartphones these days this should be a simple task to fix. To have the band sync with the smartphone to save the band’s data. The customer is a frequent traveler and says until the band is fixed it is useless to them. This is really not a big deal it seems like a good feature that the device would reset through every time change zone. But the customer has a point that data should be saved. For the price, this should be an automatic feature.

The customer loves the tracker but would like the band to come in more colors than just black. They really like the heart monitor and sleep function. The person has had issues with the heat so the doctor advised them to track their heart rate thru the day. The client says the band covers just about every function that others on the market cover. Including monitoring the calorie burn. The price is reasonable and he thinks the watch looks nice. He thinks it would be a nice gift to give to someone. This may not be a good gift to someone because they make take the intent of being given the tracker in the wrong way.

This customer says his wife owns a Fitbit and this device is a cheap imitation of that one. He says the display is easy to read and the functions are fluid in their processing. He wore the device for a couple of days and the flaws began to show up. He ran a comparison of the quality of this device to a Fitbit and the difference he could not handle.

The sleep tracking of this device to the Fitbit was way off. The steps tracking on this device compared to the Fitbit were way off as well. He said he lost about 1000 steps on this device that he did not take. He also said the device would register steps when he drove slow. Both functions need to be improved if this company wants to have a competitive take off the market. He will spend more money on a tracking device. These discrepancies were not acceptable to him. He cannot be blamed for this assessment of the device.

Fitness Tracker, WFCL Women Monitor Waterproof Smart Bracelet

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Fitness Tracker, WFCL Women Monitor Waterproof Smart Bracelet

Benefits and Uses: This device tracks many physical activities including the all-important calorie burn. It is your partner in health and tracks calories so you can stay healthy and monitor your progress. It has a sleep tracker app that can be downloaded to a smartphone. Or you can go to the Google Play or Apple App store and find it scan the code and download it to this device. You can also control your phone camera with this device and you can regulate the music app with it as well. It will vibrate to let you know if you have any notifications through social media. It will support most smartphones with the proper applications.

Feedback: The consumer by nature, does not like to wear watches but she likes wearing the device. She loves the gold color and it tracks accurately for her. This customer says it does not come with a recharger and the band is not as elegant-looking as the picture portrayal. A recharger should be a standard accessory for a device like this. This is a big oversight on the part of the company.

One customer was ranting about 200 positive reviews and only one negative review which was a verified purchase. They go on to say that China is flooding Amazon with cheap products. The implication being China is also flooding Amazon with trumped up reviews. This review has absolutely no relevance to the quality of the product or the user’s impressions of the product. Quite a misguided review it does not pertain to the product at all.

The consumer was disappointed with the product and says it is a piece of junk. None of the functions work for the client and she downloaded the app to her cellphone. It did not work. She won’t buy the product again. Messages came across the screen clearly for this consumer. But the steps and heart rate apps are useless.

She says don’t buy the device if you want to track these two activities. The next customer is a skeptic for sure. She says the steps function is very unreliable. She takes small steps because of a back injury she has. She sets the stride to two feet. According, to the device her bathroom is 577 steps from the bathroom to the sofa in her 975 sq. foot home.

The distance would be 288 ft but in reality, the distance is about 22 feet. She says the sleep function she could not find a symbol for and she could not access this function. She says most of the reviews say the reviewers have owned the device for a week or less. She noted that you cannot trust the reviews of the product so ignore them. These two functions should be working properly for they should be core functions that work correctly on the device. This is not good advice some of the reviews seem reliable.

Another consumer complained about the inaccuracy of the steps counter on this device. She compared it with two other apps and this one was way off. The other two apps recorded 30 steps as opposed to this one which recorded 300 steps. Talk about inaccurate this device is way off. She assumed the other functions would be way off too so she did not even try them. This customer says the tracker is fairly accurate and it works fine with her iPhone 7. There seems to be a consistent negative thread in some of these reviews that the steps app is very inaccurate and is unreliable.

Wireless Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor Step Calorie Counter HR Blood Pressure 

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Wireless Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor Step Calorie Counter HR Blood Pressure 

Benefits and Uses: This device has the ability to notify you if it is lost. You can get all the usual messages from social media. It tracks many physical activities including calories burned. Like many devices, it will vibrate the arm to wake you up. And it will wake you up. It will give you an idea of your fitness level as you observe all the physical activities it tracks. It has a recharger device and the standby power reserve will last from 5 to 7 days. Will fit most applications. The company (in this field this is rare) offers you a one year return policy. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product you have one year to return it.

Feedback: The device works good for this father. It has all the functions he wants and it runs fine. He has had it for one week. His son tried to break the device but it still runs great even after his son abused the product. It is easy to read the display even in direct sunlight and it is good to record activities on while exercising. It looks cool and can be used underwater to a certain depth. The user works in a lab and uses the device to record the time of various steps in his experiments.

She says the device stopped working correctly after only the second day. The display would not light up when she flipped her wrist. It does not record the temperature and after the first day, it stopped recording her sleep activity. She believes it is a terrible product for the price. She will never buy the product again and she is really disappointed with it.

Fitness Tracker,Touch Screen Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Watch Bluetooth Smart Watch Sleep

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Fitness Tracker,Touch Screen Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Watch Bluetooth Smart Watch Sleep

Benefits and Uses: Reminds you of your music selections and it will alert you if you lose your phone. It tracks many physical activities including calories burned. It will automatically track your sleep at night so you can get a full night’s sleep. It will track 14 sports for you ad it will let you control sports activity data from your wrist. Press the long “play” to activate this function. Press the “white phase” button to stop this monitoring the activity from your wrist and the data will be saved.

Feedback: The customer says the waterproof quality of the device is great. It is wintertime where they live. The client can take the device outside while they run or walk. They have a lot of rain and the customer does not worry about the device getting wet because it is waterproof. It does all they want it to do.


Some calorie tracking devices for you to look and you may want to think about buying one of them. They are all pretty reliable but they all have their weak points that make them flawed to an extent. For the most part, the reviews were upbeat about the products the reviews were written for. There were a couple of reviews where the product just did not work for the client. Keep in mind that if you keep seeing the same complaint about a product than more likely that product has that defect people are focusing on.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.