Best Chapsticks and Lip Balms for Men

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm for Men

Men in general, are not known to really care what kind of lip balm or chapstick they use. I for one being a man, do not care what kind of lip balm or chapstick I use as far as one brand over another brand goes. I like a chapstick that will be long-lasting but not messy on my lips. It should have a nice scent to it but I cannot stand it when the chapstick breaks off into pieces on my lips. I do not like a lip balm that goes on my lips feeling like a mousse hair shampoo. It feels really thick and greasy. I like it to be easy to apply and to last on my lips for a long time after one application. I prefer the lip balm actually contain enough ingredient that the container will be long-lasting as well. It has to protect my lips from the sun and keep them moisturized and not chapped.

If I am using a lip balm that will not treat my lips and my lips are chapped, sore, and bleeding still after using the lip balm. You better believe that product will be disposed of quickly and I would never buy it again. I am not in the habit of eating chapstick but if some does get on my tongue it would be nice if it had a pleasant taste. By no means do I advocate eating lip balm. It certainly would not be good for the digestive system. I do not want to spend a lot of money on a chapstick either. I don’t want to spend just pennies on a lip balm either. A middle of the road price is ideal. I don’t sit around thinking about what is the best lip balm for me to use either. Like most men when I need chapstick I go to the store and find one that will do the job and buy it. I am not really concerned about top brand names but I will buy a top brand name that will work to keep my lips protected. The chapstick should be made specifically for men but if it is made for men and women that is fine with me as well.

I just cannot see any point in spending hours researching the best chapstick that is an absolute waste of time. Just pop on Amazon find some of the top brands and see what other customers are saying about it and decide if you want to buy the lip balm or not.


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Benefit and Uses: It combats chapped and dried out lips which really means the same thing. It keeps the lips hydrated all day long. It contains beneficial organic elements that help to protect the lips. It is laced with mint so it leaves a pleasant flavor on the lips. But do not get too excited it will not help with bad breath. It is cruelty-free meaning it has not been tested any animal’s lips. Since when do you put wheat in lip balm?

Feedback: This mother has ordered her third set of the lip balm. Her son has bad acne and he has very dry skin. He is allergic to nut oil and this lip balm doesn’t contain that which is a big plus. He likes the lip balm and it keeps his lips nice and moisturized. It also smells and tastes nice. Even though you really don’t want to eat lip balm. This female customer does not wear makeup but she wears lip balm. She likes the mint flavor and applies it 4 times a day. Her husband and son love the lip balm and this is the seventh one she has bought. She gave it to her husband and son as Christmas stocking stuffers. She loves the product and absolutely stands by it. It does not leave her lips looking or feeling greasy.

The customer thought the ingredients were good but the lip balm had a strong peppermint smell the client thought. It is a mint smell actually. The customer said the smell was too strong but it would last for only 10 minutes. The client was using a lip balm that was too expensive. The rate the client was using the lip balm it was getting too expensive. They switched to this brand and they absolutely love it. They like the minty smell and they thought at first it had a rancid smell. They could have imagined the rancid smell they said. They think it stays on the lips for a long time. This female client loves this product despite the fact that it is made for men. It keeps her lips dry and she has given the product to her sister and another person. People really seem to like giving this lip balm away.

This guy thinks this is the best lip balm made for men. He recently relocated to a colder climate from Florida. His lips and skin are taking it hard the climatic change that is. He uses this lip balm and it keeps his lips moist for a long time. He says there is no smell or taste to it. As I remember there are a strong mint taste and smell to the lip balm. I wonder how he can say there is no taste or smell to this lip balm. Many reviews have commented on the strong mint flavor and smell. The product description mentions the mint taste and smell. Another customer says they get chapped lips often and this lip balm has saved their lips. It applies easily and smoothly. They only have to apply it once I believe and they are good to go. They like the mint smell and the fact that it lasts a long time. The package comes with 4 lip balms so they like this because it will last them a long time.

Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm

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Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm

Benefits and Uses: It has a unique feature to it that makes it an attractive purchase. It has an Spf rating of 15 to protect the lips from the sun’s damaging rays. You will not find it a common element in lip balms to have a sunscreen element to them. It is for men of any age who need to have chapped and cracked lips restored. The key to its effectiveness is that it has all natural ingredients. The company’s products sell in over 20 countries around the world and their products have been featured in some famous magazines.

Feedback: The client gives a generic review here. He says it is made for men is this good or bad? How does it smell clean and how does it work great?

Some more detail is welcome in this review. Why should anyone buy the lip balm based on this review? More detail is needed to describe why the client likes the lip balm product. This review was written by a professional makeup artist. They wrote it looks good on the lips and it does not look glossy or shiny. A noteworthy product they say.

This client writes a nice concise review. He says this lip balm works better than other ones he has tried. It does not leave a glossy film on the lips but it goes on nice and clean. It has a nice mentholated scent to it. He only has to apply it once or twice and it lasts a long time. Other lip balms he has bought he has to keep applying it which means he would use more. The result he would spend more money on the product. This is rather an odd review this customer wrote, He says he sees no difference in this lip balm than in other lip balms. He will eventually buy the product again because he supports the company. The point is why did he even bother to write a review because his comments will not help anyone decide to buy the product or not. He would have been better off not to have written a review.

This is a review criticising more the mechanics of the product than the product itself. The customer says the tube does not work well as he cannot spin the actual lip balm up. He says nothing about the quality or of quality of the product at all. The customer says the product leaves more of a glossy finish on the lips than he likes. He likes the peppermint smell it has but since he is a man he prefers more of a matte finish. I do not blame him at all I would prefer a matte finish with my lip balm as well.

It sounds like the customer never had the chance to use the lip balm. It melted in his pocket. Surely he will not be buying the lip balm again. This customer is disgusted with this product. He says this is the worst lip balm he has ever purchased because it leaves his lips more chapped than before he used the product. He does not like the shiny finish it leaves on his lips either. It is funny because in the product description it says the product is supposed to heal and restore cracked and dry lips.It made this client’s lips drier.

7 Pack Peppermint All-Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Gift Set by Naturistick

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7 Pack Peppermint All-Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Gift Set by Naturistick

Benefits and Uses: But the question is does the product work? It has certified all natural ingredients in it and it contains no harmful chemicals to damage the lips. The formula is unique to the company and is not open to public access. It is safe to use on adults and children of all ages. In other words, they have never applied this lip balm to protect an animal’s lips. Why in the world would you use a lip balm on an animal in the first place? They say the product is cruelty-free. It is good for all-year-round protection and it should be. If you are not satisfied with the product the company will either return your money or replace the product it sounds like the choice is yours.

Feedback: The customer says her lips chap all the time and seriously they get dry. She does not know if it is the Texas hot summers or extreme winters that are the cause. Her lips get really dry and cracked. She has tried all the name brands and none of them worked. They left their lips glossy and it did not help the lips. The dentist put petroleum on her lips without warning her she knew she was in trouble. She tried this brand because it was cheap and it works great for her lips. She gives the product to her friends and she begs the company to not change the formula.

The customer gave these as gifts for guests and they seemed happy with the product. The customer likes the product because it applies smoothly and it smells nice. The customer wishes the smell lasted longer though. She likes the pomegranate scent she chose. For one I would not want to receive lip balm as a gift. It just seems tacky to me to be giving people lip balm as a gift no matter how good the lip balm works.

This customer lives in New York where the weather is crazy. The summer was hot and the fall has been hot or cold depending on the day which sounds strange. She bought the product in July and cannot put it down. It has a nice strap she attaches to her bag so she doesn’t have to dig through the bag to find the lip balm. Her lips are very sensitive and have reacted to all the top brand lip balms. This one has not caused her lips to react and it has kept her lips protected and they have not cracked. This is very unusual for her. She will buy the product again for sure. She recommends this to anyone who wants a good quality lip balm.

Miracle Emu Oil Lip Balm Therapy

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Miracle Emu Oil Lip Balm Therapy

Benefits and Uses: The company claims this product will give the best hydration and protection for the lips. It will protect in sun, rain, snow, and the weather in general. It seals in the hydration and very little is needed. It will protect the lips all day long. The product has been used on sunburn, fever blisters, cracked skin, and many other conditions. Sounds like the product is made for more than just the lips. The lip balm has a mild mango scent and the company boasts you get up to 3 times more lip balm than other manufactures will give you. The company is making some bold claims.

Feedback: This woman has chronic dry lips and nothing worked for her. She has cracked lips all year round not just temporary winter dry cracked lips. She had to stop using lipstick because it would not apply evenly. She estimates she spent over $100.00 dollars on lip balms. She came across this lip balm and it works. It keeps her lips soft and moist even after only one application. She applies it every 3 or 4 hours and if she doesn’t her lips will get dry again. She is a lifetime customer of this product because it works so well for her.

This person writes a very drab review of the product. They are outside all the time and the product was gone in 8 days. Very little comes in the tube. This is opposite of what the company says that they give a generous portion in their tubes. The customer said the product did nothing for them. A very negative review indeed. They must use an excessive amount of lip balm if they went through a tube in 8 days this is very extreme use. I have to say this person is not correct in saying there is not very much balm in the tube. They use way too much. The tubes should last for months not just 8 days. How can you use a tube of lip balm up in 8 days?

Henné Organics V2 Luxury Lip Balm Stick

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Henné Organics V2 Luxury Lip Balm Stick

Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to be a luxury lip balm that is made of all organic ingredients. So, you can have confidence knowing that you are putting a safe product on your lips. It keeps the lips hydrated all day and night. If evening time is a concern for you to have chapped lips or not. They use the most natural ingredients they can in the product. If you do not like the product they will either replace the product or give you or money back.

Feedback: This customer is 50 years-old and has had dry and cracked lips all her life. She has tried hundreds of products and none of them worked. She tried this product one time and she noticed a big difference. This lip balm keeps her lips moist and they do not feel chapped anymore. They are not cracking either.


We have covered products that have helped real live people who have suffered with some horrific lip conditions. Some of them have had cracked lips for years and all year round at that. But they discovered that right lip balm that restored their cracked and dry lips to normal. You too can find relief from dry, cracked and chapped lips like these people did just by finding the right lip balm that will work for you. Read some of the reviews and find out they did it.


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