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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

This is fairly obvious what good collagen supplements should do. They should produce collagen in the skin in abundance. This will restore the new skin and make the skin much more elastic overall. If the skin becomes tired and old it will shrink and the signs of aging will set in. We see increased age spots, wrinkles, and thin lines appearing on the face. Once the skin starts losing collagen the aging process will start. A good collagen supplement will stop and reverse all of these aging signs. The collagen supplement is able to duplicate the body’s natural tendency to produce and store new collagen in the skin. You want to find a collagen product that will deliver real results and make realistic claims.

If you run across a product description that says the collagen supplement will make you look like a teenager again or will take 75 years off your look you better believe it is a phony product. The company should say that the collagen will regenerate old and dead skin cells and replace them with new living cells that will regenerate the skin and make you look younger. The supplement should be able to erase thin lines, smile lines crow feet, and wrinkles in general. If you read a product description offering these benefits then there is a good chance you have stumbled on to a realistic collagen supplement. Just beware of the hype some companies will put in the product descriptions so you will buy their product.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is soluble in either hot or cold liquid. The company says that the customers like it either in a smoothie or a cup of coffee. I wonder if a collagen supplement tastes good in a coffee? The collagen supplement is able to promote healthier hair, stronger nails, and younger-looking skin. It helps support joint health and keeps bones strong. People with joint arthritis and osteoporosis may benefit from this product. If the product does all the company says it will do. The product is gluten and dairy free and you may get a product with a white lid.The reassures its customers that it is the same size jar and the same product inside. This is nice of the company to warn people because there seems to be a lot of fake products sold online.

Feedback: This is a lengthy but good review written by the customer. She started taking the product and noticed results immediately. Her nails started growing at a terrific rate to the point they outlasted her nail polish. Her hair seemed to grow longer faster and it looked fuller and other people commented on the growth of her hair. She says her fine lines were reduced by 30% all of this when she was taking the supplement twice a day. Once in her morning coffee and once with her evening tea. She says the collagen supplement is tasteless which is good. She saw the kind of results she wanted. Then she switched to consuming the supplement once a day and the nail growth slowed, her hair did not grow as fast and her thin line reduction slowed down.

Next, she tried a fish collagen but it seemed like the results were not as positive as when she was taking the other collagen supplement. She says of the three different types of collagen supplements she took the animal one worked the best. She is going to experiment with other collagen supplements to see what type of results she will get. She writes that if she switches back to the animal collagen supplement she will stay with it forever. She also has to take the supplement twice a day to get the results she really wants. If the animal collagen supplement was working so well why did she switch from it in the first place? She should have just stayed with it because it was by far giving her the best results.

I agree with the philosophy of this review. The customer writes the latest batch they ordered of the product seemed bad. The earlier batches were odorless and dissolved easily in the coffee. This round was thicker and did not dissolve so readily in the coffee. It also had a bad odor to it. The latest batch did not cause the couple’s nails to grow as fast as the earlier batches did and the couple’s skin began to itch with the latest bad batch. The wife contacted the company and told them of her concerns.

They asked her where she bought the product from. In 6 days that I all they asked and they did not communicate with her anymore. She rightfully assessed that the company did not care that the product she bought was bad. If they did care they would have taken steps immediately to resolve her issue but they did not. She warns other customers of the bad batch she received and that if they complain to the company they will not do anything about the complaints. Why? The company does not care that is why. Personally, I would not do business with a company who did not listen to my concerns. This customer was disappointed to learn that the company will not listen to the concerns of their customers which in the long run will be a big mistake for the company.

It is sad to say that this customer came on to Amazon to find out there were other customers who had similar experiences with the product being bad and they received lousy customer service from the company who made the product. I can say to the company keep up your poor customer service practices and you will not have a company left to field any customer service complaints. People will take so much bad customer Service than they will buy a different product from a company who cares about their concerns. This company has clearly shown they do not care about their customers. Businesses who practice this poor quality of service will not be in business. You have got to take customer complaints seriously as long as they are within reason. These customer complaints are reasonable.

Neocell Super Collagen+C

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed is a protein that is supposed to strengthen every part of the body. It also maintains the flexibility of the whole body as well. It reinforces broken, split, or damaged nail beds and it makes thin hair thicker. The company has an advanced technology they use to make their collagen supplement. It is free of many harmful ingredients. The product is safe to use on a regular basis the company claims. Will the reviews reflect that attitude? The formula has been clinically proven to support collagen production throughout the body, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make skin firmer. Again, these are company claims. It is suggested you take 6 tablets daily for the best results. And take the tablets on an empty stomach if you can.

Feedback: The customer went to the hairdresser for the first time in 3 months. Her hairdresser was shocked because her hair grew 4 inches in 3 months from using this product. The customer is 62-years-old and says thank-you to the company. Another female customer took all kinds of vitamins and nail strengthening supplements. Her hair has been at the same length for 8 to 10 years and she really wanted it to grow. No progress for all those years; fast-forward to now when she started taking the collagen supplements. In one month her hair has grown noticeably longer than it has in the last several years. She posted before and after images and you can tell the difference in hair length. It looks like the hair grew about one or two inches in that month and the hair looks thicker too.

Gun ho on this review. The customer is in love with the product and is a supplement guru anyway. The customer started taking the supplement and noticed results fairly quickly. Her hair is normally thin but since she has been taking these supplements the hair is now thicker and fuller. Notice it is thicker and fuller not longer. The nails always grow at the speed of light. She trimmed the nails down to the core and they grew back really fast like they do anyway. The only difference is that when the nails came in this time they were very strong which is not the norm for her. She lifts weights all the time and is always breaking her nails. Since using this supplement she has not had one broken nail.

This customer wrote a negative review and gave the product a one-star rating. He asks “What are those black things?” and this is all he wrote. He does not say why he gave the product a one-star rating and what the black things were. For all I know, they could have been a regular part of the supplement. He gives no support for his low rating and one is the worst rating you can give a product. If you give a product that low of rating then you really disliked it. He really disliked the product but why? This review is valueless for potential customers. It gives absolutely no information why the product is so bad. It was pointless for the customer to even write a review because all he asks is one question. Ask a question but hen elaborate on that question and tell us why you hate the product so much.

This customer is a 5″8 female and is 45-years-old. She has taken the supplement and kept a diary of what effects it had on her system. She says she had hair loss, brain fog, itchy skin, bloating, and a puffy face. She says these are all symptoms of an underactive thyroid. She gained 3 lbs and she does not understand why because she does intense workouts and eats has a healthy diet. She said she had the same symptoms a couple of years ago with Biotin. In the course of her research, she says there is a slight correlation between collagen supplements and an underactive thyroid. She took the collagen supplement in the first place to grow her hair longer. She says she experienced hair loss while taking the supplement. She kept taking the supplement because she wanted to grow the hair back. She stopped taking the supplement and she says the hair loss has slowed down, the bloating is gone, the puffy face has disappeared and she has lost 4 pounds. I wonder if she has a thyroid problem because this is the second time this series of symptoms has occurred in her body. I doubt it was because of the supplement. But on the other hand, all the symptoms stopped when she stopped taking the supplement. This is too much of a coincidence I think it was the supplements that were causing her all the trouble. She stops taking the supplements and the symptoms stop.

Doctor’s Best Collagen

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Benefits and Uses: The product supports joints, ligaments, skin, hair, tendons, nails, and just about every part of the body. It increases the mobility and the quality of life. Collagen is the protein that connects tissue together so the skin remains youthful in appearance. It prevents thin lines, wrinkles and other conditions that develop when there is a collagen loss in the skin. The product comes in capsule, tablet and powder form. The peptides are supposed to be easily absorbed into the body. The product is gluten and GMO free.

Feedback: This 50 year-old customer says she is on her third bottle. She has taken the supplement for hair growth. She has never been able to grow her hair longer than mid back. She started taking the supplement and now her hair is to her waist. Her co-workers have noticed this hair growth. She says people in her age group usually experience thin hair and breakage. She owes the great condition of her hair to the supplement. This could be valid because how else do you explain her sudden hair growth?

This customer got the wrong delivery sent to her house. She ordered the supplement and received a package with a totally different label on it. Additionally, she cannot see the nutritional information because it is covered up. She is rightfully concerned about where the product has been and who handled it. This is a obvious shipping error and it makes me wonder how the company did not catch such a blatant quality control error. It is concerning and I do not blame the customer for being concerned and disappointed because of the misdelivery.

This is a disconcerting review and the customer gave it a two-star rating instead of a one star rating. They should have given it a one-star rating. They started taking the supplement and took it for 5 days. The customer had a continual headache from taking the product. She knows it was the product because she never had headaches before. She stopped taking the product and the headaches stopped. If she had a continual headache for 5 days there is something really wrong with the way the product is formulated.

Grass Fed Collagen Peptides

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Benefits and Uses: According to this company if you take collagen internally it is supposed to make the hair grow. I am not sure how this works? Collagen contains elastin which reduces wrinkles and puffiness of the skin. It is able to keep the skin young- looking and glowing. This collagen can be added to hot or cold drinks. Add some to your coffee or water. It is tasteless and odorless so you would never know you had added it to the drink. Or you can put it in any recipe that can use a protein boost. As a human gets older the collagen levels fall off and are not produced like when the human is younger. Adding a collagen supplement will increase the production of collagen.

Feedback: The customer is a robust 78-years-old and has noticed an improvement in the joints so the product is helping the customer. She practices yoga everyday which is not a healthy spiritual discipline to be engaging in. Despite this she can still tell the difference the collagen is making.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder 

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Benefits and Uses: The powder can be dissolved in any liquid which is typical for collagen supplements. It will replenish the skin because it will kick-start the body’s natural method of producing collagen. It will keep the skin glowing and young-looking It also helps with joint health which deteriorates with age. It will help to reduce wrinkles and tighten up the skin to prevent sagging again that comes with age. The company will give a refund within 90 days of the purchase of the product. They think you will be satisfied with the product.

Feedback: The customer says the product has a slight beefy smell and tastes a little salty. Which is odd because collagen supplements are supposed to be odorless and tasteless with the ability to be dissolved into any drink. This one included. Anyway, the customer did not give much detail as to why they did not like the product. The reasons they stated why they do not like the product are not strong enough to deter someone from buying the supplement anyway. A very broad but negative review indeed.


These are some collagen reviews for you to ponder and think if you would be inclined to try any of the products or not.Some of the products had thousands of reviews written about them others had hundreds of reviews written about them. Still, others had less than a hundred reviews written about them. So we have collagen supplements of varying degrees of popularity in the list. There were two reviews that stood out that were alarming. One customer took a supplement and suffered the symptoms that would reflect an underachieving thyroid gland. Another customer said the supplement gave them a continual 5-day headache which is not good.


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