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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is in a good concealer brush? It must apply natural strokes to the face and not look like you painted something on the face. It should be able to paint the concealer on without leaving any evidence it was brushed on by the person. It needs to blend well with the other shades of makeup and if it matches the natural skin tone this always a plus. The brush would be effective it covered the face in one sweep and it should make the imperfections invisible. Like they were never there because the whole point of using a concealer brush is to make the skin look clear. So, clear that you would never know that you had skin imperfections on the skin in the first place.

You better believe you want a concealer brush that will not irritate the skin after you apply concealer to the skin. The brush should not leave the product streaky or looking like it was brushed on. If you use a concealer brush you want your skin to look natural like you never used a brush in the first place. The brush itself, you want to make sure you are buying a good quality brush that has nice strong but soft bristles. You want the bristles to be able to be clean easily and quickly as well. The brush must be soft to the touch as well because the last thing you want is to feel like you are brushing product on the skin with a piece of sandpaper. A brush with these characteristics will be the best bet to brush concealer on the face with and make it look like it was professionally done.

Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush

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Benefits and Uses: The brush is best to use under and around the eye area. The rounded bristles make it a good brush to apply cream and liquid concealers. The cream concealer sounds like it could get messy but so does the liquid concealer. The brush is used for liquid and cream concealer and can be used with foundation and blush. It has more than one function. You can use the bush to apply highlighter over the cheekbones and other strategic points on the face to really make the skin glow.

The brush (it sounds like) comes with step-by-step instructions to apply the best makeup to the skin. The company states a few other unrealistic claims about the product and how they are infusing women with new confidence worldwide. This truly does not sound like a valid point. You cannot prove that this company is giving women confidence all over the world. The product is supposed to be transforming women and their makeup routines all over the globe which is most unlikely. People do not get transformed by a cosmetic line because there is no beauty line that good.

Feedback: The customer says the brush is dense enough to apply liquid foundation with but it is also (the bristles) are small enough that all the small areas of the .face will. The application is super smooth and easy. The customer says they will use this brush as their daily brush concealer which means the product is working well for them. Another customer says they received a fake brush from Amazon for $1.00 cheaper. The bristles did not look like the real one she bought from target. The one from Amazon came in a plastic container that was open. It looked like customer showed an image of both brushes and they looked totally different even though they were supposed to be the same product from the company. The bristles on the real one looked so much bigger than the fake one of the left-side. Hopefully, the customer sent the fake brush and got her money returned to her. This is so unprofessional to be sending fake products to customers. Whoever is behind this scam will lose a lot of customers quickly.

This customer used the brush every day for five months. She regularly cleaned it out by putting a couple of drops of oil in the bristles and then she cleans out the brush with a cleanser. She tries to do this every 2 weeks but sometimes she has let it go for up to 4 weeks. About a month ago the bristles started coming out and then all the bristles popped out of the brush. The customer speculates that the glue holding the bristles in the brush deteriorated. She says then she pushed the bristles back into the brush and this lasted for one week. The bristles fell out again so she threw the brush away. She thinks the workmanship of the brush was fine and that her aggressive cleaning method ruined the brush. She likes the way the brush gives a wide application base on the face. The brush lasted her about 6 months and she will buy another one and recommends others try the brush. If she would have been gentler in her cleaning methods the brush may still have been in one piece.

She was cautious about buying the company’s brush because she is not a big fan of their products. She bought the brush after her favorite brush broke. This brush exceeded her expectations and she really likes the brush, The bristles are small and compact so you can apply liquid foundation to the brush. The brush applies the product o well it looks like her application has been airbrushed. The client says this brush works well on her skin. It does not irritate her skin and it applies the concealer so it does not leave the skin looking blotchy. She really likes the brush now. The brush also allows her to build her makeup in stages instead of applying the product too thickly. The customer does not know how long the brush will last because she has not used it that long. If anything weird happens to like her brush falls apart in the wash she will write an updated review.

The customer says the bristles are thick enough to apply liquid foundation to the skin with. The bristles are small enough they can reach the small areas of the face like underneath the eyes and around the nose. It is versatile enough to reach all the areas of the face. The liquid foundation is applied easily and smoothly to the skin. The brush the consumer uses every day and she thinks the price is reasonable. She is enjoying the product immensely. The client says this is the best brush on the market. It makes the perfect contour line and you just flip up the brush and it covers the cheekbone well. It is the perfect brush for making contour lines.

Under Eye Concealer Makeup Brush

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Benefits and Uses: The company says their product is 50% cheaper than the expensive name brands. This is good but let’s hope the quality is not bad. The bristles are synthetic and they apply the product effectively and fully. They do not shed and they are soft to the touch. The bristles are so thick the product rolls off the bristles and applies fully to the skin. The bristles are soft enough to reach all the hard to reach places on the face. You will get a value for your buck.

Feedback: The customer is a professional makeup artist/cosmetologist and she raved about the brush. She says it works better than a lot of high-end brushes. She says you can get a carrying case and a set of 5 brushes for a good price. She has tried a lot of other brushes and she owns every brush under the sun. This one is the best. The customer service is very good and they are highly responsive to the customer. They send the customer emails asking how she likes the product and they send her tips and the latest deals the company is offering.

The brush itself covers the skin fully and will target all the places on the face that are hard to reach. The customer says she will not spend $30-$40 on a high-end brush when she can spend less money and get 5 brushes from the company. She works in an NY salon and all the customers are talking about these brushes she claims. The customers love the product. She says one year later she still loves the brushes and they are working wonders for her client’s skin. This is a professional review but it sure sounds like a trumped up one in the sense the customer received some free products in writing these glowing reviews.

The review started out positive but the review ended up on a sour note. The customer liked the first brush she ordered because it cloud reach all the hard spots to reach on the face. She was ready to be a life customer but then the second brush came. It was completely detached from the handle and the customer was upset. The customer says you get what you pay for. She did write the customer service was responsive and sent her tips on how to use the first brush. She may have received a bad brush and this is it to say all these brushes will be like this one.

Lamora Kabuki Brush

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Benefits and Uses: The company says this is the best brush on the market and the best one you will ever buy. It will exceed your expectations. It is thick and dense and will apply foundation flawlessly. Skin imperfections what skin imperfections? It will look you airbrushed the foundation on the skin. These are very bold claims the company is asserting here. Will the reviews support these bold claims? The company says this is not just another Amazon brush but a brush that will give you the “airbrush” look. I wonder if the brush is as good as the company says it is. The brush is reasonably priced so everyone can afford it. The brush serves other beauty functions as well. The brush will not absorb the product into the bristles. You will get the full product application. The customer service will guide you through the shipping process and you will get a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not thrilled with the product.

Feedback: The client says they are a master at beauty preparations. They own a lot of brushes because they do not like to clean brushes. In essence, they are too lazy to clean the brushes so they keep buying new ones. The brush has no smell and it easy to apply the product to the customer seems happy with the product.

The customer had read great reviews about the brush so she decided to give it a shot. The brush did not work well for her because it left the foundation streaky. She wrote a negative review about the experience. The company contacted her and apologized that the brush did not work for her. Their brushes usually work well. They sent her a replacement and she says the second brush works very well and she said the customer service was the best. She plans on buying more products from the company. She may have upgraded the rating to 5-stars from 4-stars because it seems like the company more than made up for her sour experience using the first brush. The customer says this is a great brush and is better than the one she was using. She writes that she will buy another brush from the company.

The customer gave the product a one-star rating which is the worst rating the product can receive. The customer liked the brush at first saying it worked well. The customer followed the instructions and she did not submerge the brush in water. She cleaned it in her hair shampoo. The plastic carrying case keeps the brush clean and lint-free. This is a turn around the customer used the brush about twice a week for 6 months. The brush came apart and all the bristles fell out of the brush holder. She will not buy this brush again. What a turn around in this customer’s perception of the brush.

Real Perfection Marble Makeup Brushes

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Benefits and Uses: The product descriptions list the items to get in the set. The bristles are synthetic and they are smooth. You can apply dry creams and liquid-based products flawlessly. You can use powders, blushes, minerals, and bronzers with the brush. The handle allows for virtually flawless application and the brush is vegan-free if this is a concern for the customer.

Feedback: The customer thought for the price the set of brushes would be of so-so quality. The set came with a brush for every application. The customer said the bristles will not shed she even pulled on them and they stayed in place. She likes the way the brushes apply her face and eye makeup. She will buy the set of products once again. The brushes exceeded her expectations. It is always good when a product exceeds the customer’s expectations.

The customer was not very thrilled with the brushes. The client said they were very hard to blend her eye makeup with and the bristles were very stiff. She thought about soaking them in water to loosen them up. She really wanted to love the products but so far she does not. She will write an updated review in a month or so from the time of this review being written. She has not followed up with another review yet as of the writing of the article.

Beauty Bon Make Up Brush Set

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Benefits and Uses: The set includes 22 pieces in the package from blush brushes to contouring brushes you will find every kind of brush imaginable. The bristles are soft and they will not irritate the skin or tear the skin. They will not pull out during the application process either. You can use any type of makeup with these brushes and the brushes were designed by professional makeup artists. The brushes are guaranteed but there is no money back guarantee stated by the company.

Feedback: The customer was satisfied with the product but said they would not have ordered the set if they did not already know what the brushes were used for. The customer seems to now her brushes well. It was a lot cheaper than Groupon brushes. The customer says these brushes are good to give to a child. The customer said they only use two of the eyeshadow brushes. The customer writes that 4 of the brushes broke. Very poor workmanship. The customer probably will not buy the product again.


The concealer brush review list is out for your viewing. There are a variety of concealer brushes to choose from. Some are reasonably priced others are more expensive. One customer complained that 4 brushes in jersey broke. This is poor workmanship on the part of the company.


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