Best Concealer for Dark Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

IMAN Cosmetics Concealing Foundation

This could be a tough issue to deal with if you are looking for just that right concealer for a dark skin tone. Do they make such a product? You bet they do or the problem would have never come up. There a lot of people in the world today who have dark skin and want to conceal skin imperfections. For whatever reasons they want to cover the skin imperfections or for whatever cause the skin imperfections developed on their skin in the first place. If you have a dark skin tone you must be careful of which type and color of concealer you would choose to hide any skin imperfections you might have.

There is the right color to cover skin imperfections for the eye area, cheek area, nose area, and any area of the neck and face. It must be the perfect blend of your natural dark skin tone. Yes, there is hope for you because there are plenty of concealers on the market today to meet your unique skin beauty needs. There are plenty people in the world who have gone before you and they have found the ideal concealment to use on their dark skin tones. One thing that may help you is to read reviews of concealers and see what people are saying about that particular product.

You never know someone may have the same skin imperfection they successfully concealed that you are wanting to conceal. They may even suggest to you the best way to apply the concealer so you get the maximum coverage and concealment of that skin imperfection. Whether it be a skin rash, acne, pimples or age spots there is an answer out there personally for you. You may find the perfect concealer that matches your skin tone or you may have to try and blend a combination of concealer colors to match your particular skin tone.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-In-1 Concealer 

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-In-1 Concealer 

Benefits and Uses: This is a concealer that corrects the areas under the eyes. It provides natural coverage and this may be applied to dark skin tones as well. Cover puffiness, dark lines, and wrinkles under the eyes. Once you are done with this product you will never know you had any imperfections under the eyes. Additionally, it provides a broad spectrum of protection from the sun at a rating of SPF 20. It blends with your skin tone effortlessly and smoothly.

Feedback: This is wisdom for the ages. This client is 77-years old and definitely has an opinion. She says the product applies naturally and smoothly under her eyes. It blends well with her skin tone. She has dry skin and the product did not make her skin any drier. She says she sounds like a walking ad but not really. She is giving a blatantly honest review. Unfortunately, this review was not so positive. The client says the product covered her dark black circles very well for about an hour and then the black shone through. It did not last long for her at all. And she was hopeful it would work for her after she read all the good reviews about the product. She needs heavy-duty concealment because she has dark, dark black circles under the eyes. She says the product would work well for someone with normal colored dark circles under the eyes. Her dark circles are just too dark for this product to conceal.

The male customer griped about the fragrance of the concealer. He says who puts scent in a concealer. Why not have a scented concealer you have to wear it all day. The customer says if you have allergies beware of this scented concealer because it may activate the allergies. He thinks it is stupid to put a scent in a concealer. It blends naturally with his skin and it looks like he is not wearing makeup which is huge for a man. He claims his dark circles are very dark because of allergies. His eyes look like someone gave him two black eyes It sounds like the concealer has not caused any allergic reactions to the skin under his eyes.

The customer decided that after three uses they would stop using the product because it irritated their eyes slightly. They too say the product is for people with minor or temporary black circles under their eyes. They personally will not be using the product anymore. The reviewer was frankly disgusted that the eye product had a scent added to it. She did not like the smell and thought Neutrogena would be more conscientious and not put a scent in an eye product. I can see how the scent could irritate the eyes and make them water and become red. But if the eyes can take it there is nothing wrong with putting a scent in an eye product. They will return the product.

The product was yellow in color and did not blend well with the consumer’s skin tone it almost sounded like it was too light. Besides, it did not help to conceal the client’s dark circles under the eyes. They won’t use the product again. This consumer said the product did nothing to conceal the dark circles under her eyes. The client ays the coverage is very light and did not adequately cover the dark circles under the eyes and it just did not work. The customer said they looked better before using this product. They actually think the product made their black circles look worse. The whole design of the product is to make the black circles under the eyes vanish not show.

The client has dark circles under her eyes but she doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup. She is always trying to lighten up the dark circles under eyes by not putting a lot of makeup on. The concealer covers her dark circles under her eyes but it doesn’t feel like she has tons of makeup on. She likes the way this product conceals her black circles. She likes this product better than the one she was using. It costs almost $5.00 cheaper on Amazon than what is charged at her local drugstore. This is a big difference in price.

IMAN Cosmetics 

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IMAN Cosmetics 

Benefits and Uses: This product specifically says it is made for dark skin tones. It has a pump that easily dispenses the product. Another good feature is that the product can be easily applied with your finger or a sponge. It is a highly colored concealer and foundation all-in-one product. Just think you are getting a concealer to hide black circles under the eyes or whatever you are trying to hide. It doubles as a foundation for makeup a versatile product indeed. You can build on it to hide hyperpigmentation, unevenness, and those dreaded black circles under the eyes. It offers flawless yer full coverage under the eyes as a high-end foundation/concealer.

Feedback: This review written by a 53-year-old professional woman is her dream foundation. It works well as a concealer as well. It covers fully, does not make her breakout, and it applies easily and smoothly. She is a dark-skinned woman and she bought the medium shade which turns out to be too dark for her skin. She says she blends it with other products to make it work on her skin. She thinks she will try a lighter shade next time. It helps her to look made-up but not overdone. In other words, she doesn’t look like she is wearing makeup. She hopes the company will continue to make fine products like this one.

The client likes this company’s products anyway. But she likes this foundation/concealer the best. She has very sensitive skin and breaks out if she looks the wrong way at makeup. The product goes on naturally and smoothly and blends well with their skin tone. She is almost 50-years-old and this is such a good find for her. It does not change the color of her skin and outside of dabbing some translucent powder on her face, it lasts all day long. She says she doesn’t break out when she applies the product and when she takes it off. It has to be a major relief for her to know she can put her foundation on and take it off without breaking out.

The customer ordered one product and she received a totally different product than she ordered. She likes the products but she was disappointed (and understandably so) that she did not receive what she ordered. The company ought to take the product back and pay for the shipping. They should also send the replacement product for free. The customer was not thrilled with the product because she only gave a 3-star rating.She said it lasted 6 hours before it needed to be touched up. It seems like she was expecting it to last all day without having to touch it up. This is very reasonable.

The customer ordered the shade she had used before but this time it was too light for her. She missed the window to return the product. She gave the product a 2-star rating which doesn’t seem fair because it was her fault she ordered the wrong shade for the concealer. She missed the return shipping timeframe. The customer liked the product because it felt light on her face. What she didn’t like was that it was too orange for her skin.She wants something that is not so bright on her skin. She rated it at 3 stars but it cannot be because of the quality of the product. She was the one that ordered the wrong shade of orange.

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

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Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

Benefits and Uses: It is a medium shade but it may be able to be used on dark skin tones. It covers, clears, calms, and controls blemishes all of the ingredients contained in the formula. The only problem is that how can a concealer prevent and control blemishes? This claim seems rather unrealistic. Usually, concealers conceal they don’t heal skin imperfections. It contains a mineral complex to absorb the oil in the skin to give the skin a matte finish. It has other elements that help control redness and soothe the skin. The good news is that it can be bought in 3 shades.

Feedback: The customer had a war with a pimple a few months back. Then she came across this product that seems to be working well to conceal the pimples. She bought the lightest color which was not the best choice for her. She tried the medium which seemed to work. There was the dark option which was not considered by her. She says the applicator is stupid because once you put it back in the tub bacteria will spread in the tube. She would have given it a 5-star rating instead of a 4-star rating but the color selection was too limited and the applicator did not work well. She dabs the concealer on the face with clean fingers. She refuses to use the applicator that came with the product. She says it looks like she is not covering anything on her face. She found a good match for her color tone.

The customer says they are very pale and because of that purchased a shade that was too light. It was lumpy and cakey and sounds like it is a poor quality product. The reviews this person read said it was such a great concealer. It dried out and the customer could not use it because it was too lumpy. This customer rightly gave it a 2-star rating because it has a design flaw in the bottle. Every single time she puts it in her makeup bag it leaks and this is without fail. Over the years she has switched to other products and then she bought this one again. She hoped the bottle design problem would be fixed. The company has not fixed the problem. his concealer should not be leaking in the makeup bag. This poor quality bottle design for sure.

Divine Skin & Cosmetics

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Divine Skin & Cosmetics

Benefit and Uses: This is a creamy concealer that will richly moisturize the skin. You have a double benefit with this concealer because it conceals and moisturizes. It is designed for all areas of the face. It has an extensive color formula that covers skin imperfections without settling into fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections. But it does not say it will conceal these skin imperfections. It conceals the most difficult blemishes located in the hard to reach places of your face. It is paraben-free if this is a concern of yours. If you do not like the color you selected you can return the concealer for a full money back guarantee. This is not a bad deal.

Feedback: The customer was in love with a product she had used for years. It was discontinued and she thought she would never find another product to replace it. But she found this product and she loves it more. It applies nicely to her eyes and it doesn’t settle into wrinkles and fine thins. It stays on all day and her eyes still look bright when she arrives home from work.

The customer suffered two bad bruises when she fell. She bought the product hoping it would conceal the bruises they were black and purple. The product did not cover the bruises but she did not blame the product because the bruises were very bad. The bruises had healed a bit and she applied the product and then it helped things along.

Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation & Concealer

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Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation & Concealer

Benefits and Uses: This product was designed by a professional makeup artist. It is a natural-looking liquid concealer that has a long-lasting finish. It is an airbrush quality concealer that is able to improve the appearance of the skin. It reduces the size of pores, improves the texture of the skin, and brightens the skin. Smooth concealer that covers the skin adequately and even makes mature skin look healthier. Cover under eye dark circles and covers wrinkles. Tight tube design prevents the product from leaking and the applicator is easy to use so you won’t have to use fingers or sponges to apply the product.

Feedback: The customer has been using the product for years and says it goes on very sheer but it does blend naturally with the natural skin tone. It does not apply unevenly or does it leave a cakey look. It covers very smoothly. The customer said the concealer was way too thick. She looked like a clown with pancake caked on her face.This was the description she used about how she looked after applying the concealer.She promptly returned the concealer.


We have reviewed some good quality concealers for dark skin in this article. There were some negative reviews about the products but there were not any really negative reviews where the customers ranted about how bad the products were. The positive reviews were healthy as customers said the products helped to conceal blemishes and acne and whatever needed to be concealed. So, if you have dark skin there are products out there that you could purchase to apply to your particular skin tone and have a natural-looking finish. Or if you are of the mind you could blend in colored concealers to match your skin tone.


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