Best Cooling Pillow Reviews

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2018)

The obvious conclusion is the pillow has to keep you cool while you sleep. How does this pillow have to be constructed to be able to maintain a cool temperature? For one thing, it has to allow the air to flow through the pillow. This may be accomplished by the pillow being made of breathable materials that will regulate the heat and keep the pillow cool. It must be able to disperse body heat to keep the pillow cool as well. The pillow should give the consumer ample neck and head support so the consumer can sink into the pillow and not wake up until morning. The client should be able to sleep in one position all night long. This will prevent the consumer from tossing and turning which will keep the body temperature down allowing the pillow to remain cool.

Xtreme Comforts Luxury Plush Gel Infused Fiber Filled Pillow with Proprietary Cool-X Cooling Cover (Standard) MADE IN THE USA

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Benefits and Uses: The company says they use science to give this pillow twice the cooling ability as other cooling pillows. The technology for this cooling pillow was developed by NASA the company claims. The cover is soft and silky and the filling is made of the coolest gel to let you sleep in comfort. The company added their unique gel fiber to keep the air circulating through the pillow to keep it very cool. This is the best cooling pillow on the market the company claims. The pillow can be adjusted for your personal fit which means the thickness can be adjusted. The pillow will support the proper neck and spine alignment and will help to relieve various body ailments. It will help to relieve migraines supposedly which I find a little hard to believe.

Feedback: The customer’s wife gets extremely hot at night. She has been very ill for a long time and she tried every pillow under the sun to help her sleep. But none of the pillows worked for her. She bought this one but it moved around so much she did not think it would work for her. She wedged another pillow under it and this pillow did not move. She liked the pillow so much she had the customer order her two more pillows one for her legs and one for her back. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The customer says this pillow is no better than her regular pillows. It is cool to the touch but when she puts her head on it it is warm. She has to keep turning the pillow over like her other pillows and it does not keep her cool. The pillow is too expensive to not work for the customer so she will be returning the pillow. The customer rated the pillow one-star.

The customer says the outside cover is too firm to be able to feel the soft filling inside the pillow. The customer replaced this cover with a bamboo cover and she can feel the inside soft filling and she says it is perfect. She rates the pillow 5-stars quite a difference from the above negative review. But the customer should not have to put a different cover on the pillow to feel the soft inner lining.

Cooling Pillow Reviews

Most of the product description details how the advanced technology of the pillow will keep the consumer so cool. The company mentions that NASA developed the technology for this pillow. Ironically, a lot of consumers have complained that the pillow does not keep them cool while they sleep and this pillow will keep them no cooler than a standard pillow would. This pillow is no better in that regard than a standard pillow. The company needs to design an outer cover that will help to keep the pillow cooler. Sadly, the reviews contradict what the company says about their technology keeping their pillows cooler than the other cooling pillows on the market.

This customer writes a very different opinion about the cooling power of this pillow. This is the best pillow the consumer has ever owned and they love the way it keeps their head cool. They only puff it up a few times and it keeps its plump shape. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The pillow conforms easily to the contour of the client’s head. No one has complained about the pillow is uncomfortable. You just never know how a pillow will work for people some it works so well and others say this is the worst pillow they have ever owned.

Another positive review that says the pillow worked wonderfully for the customer. The client said they slept on it the first night and it was so comfortable. There was no adjustment period to get used to the pillow. The pillow kept the customer’s head cool all night. It is puzzling that some consumers say the pillow is too hot to sleep on and others say it is the coolest pillow they have slept on. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. It seems like either the consumer hates the pillow or loves the pillow. There is no middle of the road among the consumers who wrote reviews about this pillow.

This is an interesting review because the customer says they have a closet full of pillows but this one does not seem to be much better. It keeps the head cooler than other pillows but it does not keep the head cool it is a pillow that stays warm during the night. This pillow will not help with the night sweats the customer writes. So what is it? Does the pillow keep the consumer cool or warm? The consumer does not make it clear one way or the other. The consumer rates the pillow 5-stars. The content of the review betrays this 5-star rating because the consumer writes that the pillow is the best one she has ever owned but it really does not keep her cool while she sleeps. This review will not help to sell any pillows. It is a muddy review that does not state clearly the benefits of the pillow.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Double-Sided Pillow, Soft and Comfortable Orthopedic Support, Standard

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is a reversible pillow because it has cooling gel on one side for the warmer nights and the other side has memory foam for the cooler nights. So this pillow will keep you sleeping comfortably all year round. This may be the only reversible pillow that contains separate materials on either side. The memory foam cradles the head and the neck to keep them in the same position all night long. It retains its shape all the time. You will enjoy many nights of comfortable sleep. The cool gel foam will disperse the heat keeping you cool all night long. But you have to sleep on that side of the pillow to enjoy that benefit. So, that benefit will only work during the summer months when the nights are warmer. It has a medium push feel and it is effective for side, stomach, and back sleepers. The company claims they have outstanding customer service.

Feedback: The customer wrote a review after resting the head on the pillow for only a few minutes. They said the pillow is fine but gives them better support when they put a standard pillow underneath it. There was not much to say about the pillow. The mistake was that the client should not have written a review after resting on the pillow for a few minutes. It is not realistic to write a review after only using the pillow for a few minutes. The customer did update the review.

They slept on the pillow for a night and changed their thought about the pillow. They say even with the standard pillow under this pillow they really could not get comfortable sleeping on the pillow. They had to keep adjusting this pillow throughout the night which was quite a chore for them. If they were adjusting the pillow all night how could they have slept? They said the head sunk so deep into the pillow that it felt like they were sleeping in a puddle of water. But then it did not feel like a puddle of water but it felt weird sleeping on the pillow. The customer says these are subjective feelings and don’t pay any attention to the review. They write that things that bothered them may not bother you.

But you see any review will be subjective on the part of the reviewer and things that bug them may bug you. This makes no sense to say the review is subjective because all reviews are subjective. But a lot of times people will constantly complain about the same things. The consumer still rates the product 5-stars and they ordered another one. This is a confusing review because the client does not make it clear whether it is a good or a bad pillow. They do recommend the pillow for others to try.

The customer originally rated the pillow 3-stars but said the smell was very strong coming from the pillow. They washed it but the smell remained. The customer updated the review a couple months later and they washed the pillow twice and let it air out. Nothing worked the smell remained after 2 months and it was as strong as ever. It was so strong the consumer could not sleep on the pillow. They lowered the rating to one-star. The customer is disappointed with the pillow. This is the only review where the consumer has complained that the pillow smelled really bad. The company may need to look into the issue of the pillow smelling so bad.

The pillow has had over 1400 reviews written about so a lot of people know about and have tried the product. It could be that the pillow smelled so bad because it is a reversible pillow and it looks like there is plastic constructed on both sides of the pillow.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination With Adjustable Fit and Zipper Removable Kool-Flow Breathable Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover (Queen)

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow has had over 3700 reviews written about it. So this pillow has been around the block a few times. A Lot of people have tried this pillow so maybe just maybe it is a good quality pillow. The pillow is constructed of a few materials which may or may not make the pillow effective in helping a consumer to sleep soundly. The pillow is made by a certified manufacturer in the United States. I am not sure what the significance of the manufacturer being certified is? It does not mean the company will produce a superior product.

The pillow is set for side, stomach, and back sleepers to comfortably sleep on. The company will give you up to 4 months to return the pillow with no hassles and the company offers a whopping 20-year warranty. This is a very generous warranty indeed. The company will not hassle you about returning the pillow either. They make the return very easy as long as it is done within the 4 month period. They may just have a good customer service department. Maybe the reviews will confirm this observation.

Feedback: The customer originally rated the pillow 2-stars because it was very uncomfortable for the client to sleep on. They removed some of the inner stuffing and found there were plastic pieces on one side. The consumer woke up with neck pain which they normally don’t. The pillow was not good for the consumer who slept on her stomach or her side. The consumer says the pillow may be good for back sleepers exclusively. The consumer returned the pillow and the company contacted the consumer. They offered to send a second pillow for free even after the consumer returned the first pillow. They would lose money on the deal. The consumer was leery of accepting this deal. The company offered to make her a customized pillow for her specific needs. The consumer accepted the offer.

The company sent a silk pillowcase with this customized pillow. The consumer slept on the pillow the first night and slept more hours than she ever had. She did not move to the other side of the bed either during the evening like she normally does. She slept on it the second night and she slept more hours than she ever had again and she did not rotate to the other side of the bed. She updated the review a couple of months later and said the pillow was not a fluke. She sleeps through the night and stays on the same side of the bed. The consumer says the pillow is no fluke. The customer has tried other pillows but always comes back to the pillow. The consumer upgraded the rating to 5-stars. The customer likes the pillow. It is surprisingly the consumer did not specifically identify how outstanding the company’s customer service was. What the company did for the consumer is unheard of. The company did not say anything about the negative things the consumer wrote about the pillow. The company did not ask the consumer to write a new review either. This is unbelievably excellent customer service.

Coop Home Goods – Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Zippered Cover and Adjustable Hypoallergenic Gel Infused Memory Foam Fill – Queen

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Benefits and Uses: This pillow is made of a few different materials as well. The company says it is one of the finest cooling pillows you can buy on the market. The pillow will draw out the heart and keep you cool throughout the night. The company offers a 100 night trial which within that time frame you can return the pillow for a full money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer says they have a sensitive nose. The smell was so bad from this pillow, in the beginning, it made the consumer ill. It took 10 days but the smell did become fainter. The consumer almost returned the pillow because of the smell. If it took 10 days for the smell from the pillow to dissipate there is something really wrong with this picture. If the consumer was becoming ill from smelling the pillow, in the beginning, this is very unhealthy. The company needs to address this issue because this is not healthy for a consumer to feel sick from smelling the pillow. The customer rated the pillow 4-stars.

Best Cooling Pillow Reviews

Restorology Genius Pillow (2-Pack) – Hotel Quality Plush Cooling Gel Fiber Filled Pillow with Sateen Gusset – Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant – Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The gel in the pillow expands giving the pillow more volume and more area to rest the head on. The pillow is resistant to dust mites, mold and other harmful elements. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The consumer says the pillow is squishy and it will not stay in the case it is like an oversized stress ball the consumer claims. It is way too soft for the consumer. The consumer says when their head does stay on the pillow it is like sleeping on a large pair of earmuffs. The consumer rated the pillow one-star. A very negative review indeed.


This is the end of the reviews on cooling pillows. Some of the pillows are very popular others were not so popular. There should be a cooling pillow in the list that will meet your specific needs.

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