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(Last Updated On: November 5, 2018)

It is vital that a cooling sheet obviously keep the body cool and it must be made of a material that will transfer heat from the body and somehow absorb that heat. You will want to consider purchasing a well-known brand of a cooling sheet. How do you know if it is a famous brand because it will have many reviews written about it? It will be a well-known sheet manufacturer. If you look into the market you will find that the prices of most brands of cooling sheets are in the same range but you will notice there are certain brands that are much more expensive than the majority of the other brands. I mean some of these are way out of the range and this being the case the sheets better be of very high quality. Most of the brands on Amazon are around $25-$36 dollars but there are a couple that is over $100.00 dollars which is way out of the standard range. Paying over $100.00 dollars for a set of sheets is a bit extravagant and a little bit senseless to be charging this much for sheets. They have to be made out of silk to be priced in this range. They better be of the highest quality as well for these prices. At these prices, they should last a very long time and have extraordinary cooling properties. Let’s do some surfing for the ideal cooling sheet.

Premium Bamboo Bed Sheets – Ultra Soft Cool Bedding – Hypoallergenic Blend

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Benefits and Uses: The sheets are made of bamboo rayon and micro polyester for the most comfortable sleeping experience. It has the silky feel of skin caressing comfort. It is said that bamboo sheets are able to absorb 4 times more moisture than cotton the company claims. The sheets will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and generally comfortable all year round. The sheets are hypoallergenic and they will resist dust mites, deadly mold and they will let you breathe easily as you sleep. They also resist wrinkles and stains so they will stay looking as good as they feel. They will even resist pollen so if you are allergic to pollen you will find comfort sleeping in these luxurious bamboo sheets. You will find that the sheets are reasonably priced at under $40.00 dollars. The mattress sheet will cover the deeper mattresses up to 16″ deep. It will cover oversized mattresses and these sheets are elasticized all the way around them. So, they will not come off. It will stay on all night long and it will stay on securely. The company guarantees the sheets carry a lifetime warranty and they will refund your money or replace the sheet.

Feedback: This product has had over 1500 reviews written about it so it is a well-known product. This customer suggests that all the one star reviews be ignored that were written about this product. Those one-star customer reviews where people rated the product one star because it is not bamboo. The customer says they researched it and it is bamboo rayon. The customer says it is a 40/60 ratio of polyester and rayon. This is why it is a less expensive brand sheet than the sheets that contain 100% bamboo. These more expensive brands can run into the hundreds of dollars according to this customer. The customer says the sheets came in a nice package that can be used for carrying other items. The customer writes that the sheets had an unpleasant stale smell that the washing machine took care of. The client says the mattresses came out of the washing machine soft and smelling nice. The color of the sheets did not fade from the washing and they should not have faded anyway. The sheets did not cover the 8″ foam memory topper and the mattress together. After all this, the customer rated the product 4-stars which does not make a lot of sense because he said so many good things about the sheets. I do not understand why he did not rate it 5-stars.

The customer regrets leaving the negative review about the product. The customer complained that the sheets were too small and did not fit her mattress. She rated the product 3-stars for this reason. She said the company read her review and they reached out her and apologized to her that the sheets did not fit her mattress. They insisted that they make it right and they made it right. She says the company has outstanding customer service and she updated the review to say all that I just wrote above. She was irritated when she wrote the original review. She says she learned an important lesson to reach out to the company before she writes a review if she has an issue with the product. She says the sheets are soft and nice-looking and they are worth trying. The customer did not rate the product in the updated review. This is a very sincere review and it will help to sell a lot of these sheets for the company. And the company’s customer service will help to sell a lot of sheets as well.

The customer says the sheets did not fit their pillow top queen mattress and the customer says the sheets will not even fit a regular queen-sized mattress. They fit the mattress over three corners but it was too short to fit over the last corner. They stretched the sheet so far they thought it would rip so they could not fit the sheet over the mattress. The sheets were so comfortable and the customer was disappointed the sheets would not fit the bed. The customer updated the review and said it was not the sheets that were wrong but the Amazon website did something by default she did not notice. She clicked queen and then the color and ordered the sheet. She went back and reviewed the order and noticed the website had changed the tan colored sheets to full size because they did not come in queen-size. The website did this automatically and they did not notify the customer this was done. She did not notice the size had been changed. She contacted the company and said she received the wrong size and the company refunded the money. She went back to review her original order and found the size issue so she re-ordered the right size this time. She rated the product 5-stars and says to do business with this company.

Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set with 1 Pillowcase, Ultra-Soft Fabric Transfers Body Heat 

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Benefits and Uses: The sheet has a superior ventilation system that will keep the sheets and your body cool. They are very breathable and will help to wick 5he moisture away from the body and this sheet is perfect for people who suffer from night sweats it will keep those people cool and stop the sweating. The fabric of the sheets are very delicate and soft and will hug your skin. The pillowcases are made of cooler fabric than cotton. As we said before the sheets have properties that will keep you cool all night and prevent you from sweating. Wash the sheets in a washing machine on a cold cycle. The sheets will not lose their color in the wash.

Feedback: The customer says they have bought sheets ranging from $100 to $600 dollars. The customer bought Egyptian sheets directly from Egypt but they were too hot and made the body sweat. They decided to try these sheets and they did not regret the purchase. They did think they would compromise softness and comfortability with these sheets but they were softer and more comfortable than the Egyptian sheets. The sheets keep the person cool and comfortable at night. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The customer says the sheets are reasonably priced as well. The customer thought they would be disappointed in the sheets they write.

The person says they do not like synesthetic fabrics because it makes him feel sweaty and clammy. But these sheets are the exception and they do not make him feel this way. He has two complaints about the sheets and they are: He cannot move his foot because it gets stuck in the sticky sheet and the pillowcases are too long. The customer has king-sized pillows and the pillowcases stretch beyond the pillows by a foot. The customer has to fold the pillowcases in half to fit the pillows. He likes the sheets and will continue to use them. The customer rated the sheets 4-stars because of his grievances. The grievances do not justify lowering the rating of the product by one star. I do not think the customer’s issues were that major but minor inconveniences.

The customer claims the sheets revealed all the snags after one washing and they are deteriorating only after a couple of uses. This is the first review to say these things about the sheets. In another review, the person says they washed the sheets and it did not impact the sheets at all. This customer rated the sheets one-star and said they are not worth $150.00 dollars a set. The review sounds like a fake review for this review is the only one to claim these sheets show snags after one wash and deteriorate after a couple of uses. It seems like sheets costing over $100.00 dollars would not be made this poorly. I just cannot see that the company would charge so much money for their product and make them of such poor quality this just does not add up.

Cooling Sheets

This customer says to read a lot of reviews before buying this product. The customer was worried the sheets would slide off the bed and snag too easily. The customer bought the sheets and discovered they do not snag easily and they do not slide off the bed at all. So a lot of the reviews claiming these two facts are wrong. The customer says the sheets are great and they are worth the price. The customer rated the product 5-stars. So you cannot always depend on reviews but you need to buy the product and experience it for yourself.

This customer spent this much on the sheets because he wanted the best for his mattress. He had cheap sheets before he bought these. He said they were cheap common sheets. They fit over the mattress nicely and they are so much more comfortable than the old sheets. These sheets allow the customer to sink into the bed and he cannot feel the mattress springs through the sheets. He rated the sheets 5-stars. Here we see the sheets are expensive but they seem to be worth the price.

The customer claims the sheets are silky and nice-looking. They say the sheets slip off the bed (this is contrary to the review in which the customer wrote that the sheets did not slip off the bed) and they did not transfer the body heat into the sheets so the couple drowned in sweat and they became overheated sleeping on the sheets. They are in their 60’s and they hoped the sheets would transfer the body heat so the couple could sleep without sweating through the night. The customer rated the sheets one-star and they contacted the company by email. The company never responded to their inquiry and the customer implies the company has poor customer service.

King Size Sheet Set – 4 Piece – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Breathable & Cooling – Wrinkle Free 

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Benefits and Uses: The kit comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet. The sheets will fit mattresses 16 inches deep and if the mattress is not 16 inches deep then the sheets will still fit the mattress. The company says the sheets will fit just about any size mattress. The sheets are very soft and they are softer and more comfortable than Egyptian sheets the company claims. You can use them anywhere the product description says but you can use any bed sheets anywhere. They are a great gift idea that is if you want to receive bed sheets as a gift. The sheets have a lighter touch and you will have such sweet dreams sleeping on them you will keep coming back for more. The company offers discounts for bulk buys. In other words, the more you buy the less you will pay for the sheets. The company says this discount applies to all their products.

Feedback: The product has had over 1900 reviews written about it. It had almost 2000 reviews written about it which is not a bad number. The customer says they like these sheets so much that they have them on every bed in the house because they are so comfortable and soft. The customer has even given them to others as gifts. I am not sure if giving people bed sheets for gifts is such a good idea. The customer read the product 5-stars. This review sounds really fraudulent because the customer has sheets on every bed? This could be a sign that the customer was given these sheets for free for writing such a positive review.

Best Cooling Sheets

Smart Cool Bed Sheets Set – Microfiber Moisture Wicking Fabric Bedding 

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Benefits and Uses: The sheets come with geometric prints and they have moisture wicking technology. The sheets will fit people of all ages and they can be used in the bedroom, dorm room, and just about anywhere. The package comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The sheets are easy to wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Wash each article separately then dry the articles but do not iron them. If there is not a free movement in the dryer and washer than use an industrial-sized machine. Remove them from the dryer immediately and the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer is 26 years old and has an autoimmune disease that gives her nasty hot flashes during the night. She bought the sheets not knowing if they would work for her or not. She tried them and she says they wicked the moisture very well. She says the sheets keep her cool at night and she will purchase more of these sheets. The client rated the product 5-stars.

Cosy House Collection King Size Bed Sheets – Cream Luxury Sheet Set – Deep Pocket – Cool & Wrinkle Free 

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Benefits and Uses: after washing. Most sheets will not tear after washing. The sheets resist stains, dust mites, fading, and wrinkles. The company offers a lifetime warranty and if you are not happy with the product you are covered. Send a picture of the sheets and the company will send you a replacement product. A decent warranty offered by the company.

Feedback: The product had over 5400 reviews written about it. The customer received the sheets and they said they felt cheap. But the customer read so many good reviews about the product that the client decided to try them. The customer washed the sheets and pulled them out of the washer. The seam on the pillowcase was ripped this is very poorly made product and the customer contacted the company so she will see how they respond to the issue. The customer rated the product 1-star.


The article has covered cooling sheets that will keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. They all contain properties that will absorb the body heat and the moisture giving you a wonderful night of sleep.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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