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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

This calls for a product that will give the skin a slight but not too dark of a suntan. It will blend well with the natural tone of the skin and it will keep the skin moisturized. If it has some kind of SPF rating that would be helpful as well. It is always an extra benefit to keep the skin from being damaged by the sun’s rays. It should keep the skin soft, supple and smooth but can you truly find a tinted moisturizer to meet all of these needs? Sure you can you just need to follow the reviews written in this article and you will find some solid products that will meet these requirements and then some. This article will make it easy for you because all the research is just a click away. You will also find products that will blend seamlessly with the natural color tone of your skin.

DRMTLGY – Anti Aging Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 45

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DRMTLGY - Anti Aging Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 45

Benefits and Uses: This is a tinted moisturizer and sunscreen all rolled into one. It has an SPF rating of 45 which is fairly strong protection from damaging sun rays. Supposedly, it gives you flawless-looking skin instantly and it is good for that no makeup look if that is the look you prefer. It protects your skin from the damaging rays of the sun as was noted above. It also functions as a foundation to set the makeup upon. It keeps the skin hydrated. The SPF rating of 45 will protect the skin against UVB and UVA rays. This product could be a potential shield against skin cancer and other damages to the skin from being exposed to the sun too long without protection. It can be used by men and women who want a lighter but full coverage. It can be applied to all skin types including the most sensitive skin.

Feedback: The customer is in her sixties and is developing wrinkles and fine lines. She read a lot of reviews about this product and decided to give it a try. She likes the fact, that it is a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation in one package. She says other foundations make the fine lines more visible than if she had no makeup on. She says it covers the wrinkles well but she as not used it long enough to see how it will cover the fine lines. So far she is happy with the product.

The customer prefers the natural look over the intense makeup look. She likes the product because it goes on lightly and smoothly on her skin. It looks natural with her native skin tone. It is a lot cheaper than the other products she was buying. She likes the high SPF rating which is unusual for this type of product. The customer has a rare skin disease and is a blonde with fair skin. She is very particular about what goes on her and the family’s skin. She keeps up with their dermatologist and the latest trends in the skin beauty world. She is an avid ingredient reader and she liked the ingredients this product contained. She bought some and tried it on a patch area of her skin. She then upgraded to try it on her face when she was out on a sunny day. She is pleased with the high SPF rating and the product in general.

This person is an expert in using bb and cc cream. She says she applies this to her face and she is 62 years old and this product makes her look 45 years-old or even younger. This is what she says it is doing for her. But to really verify it makes her look 15 years younger other people should be commenting on how young she looks. The product is working well for her by her own admission. She is happy with the moisturizer. She may be writing a paid or a review where she was given a free sample to write a glowing review. This review does not sound sincere. This likes the SPF rating feature of this product. She says she has used many foundations and primers in the past that do not protect the skin from sun damage. She has suffered enough damage to her skin from the past. She really does like this product.

Another customer said the product was too oily for the face. It was good it had a high SPF rating but it was too oily for the customer as mentioned before. The customer said if you live in a dry climate this product is for you. Apparently, this customer doesn’t live in a dry climate. Another client said all the benefits of the product were great the high SPF rating, the moisturizer aspect, the foundation, but it made the face too shiny for this customer. They will most likely be returning the product. Another negative review was written saying the moisturizer did not have enough tint. This is the first complaint I have heard about a tinted moisturizer not having enough tint in it.

The customer says the product leaves the skin looking pasty because she has a yellowish/orange skin tone it does not match her skin tone. She also has red hair which explains the yellowish/orangish skin color. The Spf rating is great and it works but she will not buy the product again because of the other negative points she wrote about in the review. This is a generic review the customer says when the put the product on it looks orange on their skin which is rather bizarre. The client says the product is not made for light-skinned people. But the client cannot make such a broad and sweeping statement as this. The client doesn’t know what experiences other people have had with this product who had light-colored skin. Just because it looks orange on this customer’s face does not mean it would look orange on other customers with a light skin tone. The client’s skin may have reacted with the moisturizer to make the product turn orange on their skin.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30

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bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30

Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to give the skin a healthy glow because the formula has a sheer foundation. The product is supposed to give varying degrees of color depending on your skin tone. The product is formulated to match your skin tone which sounds rather odd. How can a foundation react with different skin tones to give the perfect blend? It hydrates and improves the skin texture over time. It does not say how much time. It has an SPF rating of 30 which is good. It can be used on the most sensitive skin type and not cause the skin any kind of irritation.

Feedback: This customer is in her late 60’s and she is retired. She says she does not need a full face makeup any longer. But she needed something to wear so when she answered the door the UPS guy or Mailman would not get scared and run away. She found this product which gives her a much-needed glow she says. She applies this and adds eyeliner and she is set. She says she doesn’t have to hide. She does not seem like the shy type so I doubt she would have gone into hiding anyway.

This customer says if you are worried that this is really the product that it says it is don’t. She says it is the real product because she has been using this tinted moisturizer for years. She says you can use it as a daily moisturizer or you can apply moisturizer and then apply another coat of this moisturizer to give a heavy makeup look. She says the first layer will apply to the skin and look sheer and any subsequent layers will look and feel heavier on the skin. If she just wants a sheer look around her nose she will just apply this product and then she will not apply anymore moisturizer on top of it. She says to give a second to set before you freak out and think it will look shiny on the face. Also, let it sit for a moment before applying a tint or bronzer to the skin. She thinks this may be because of the moisturizing properties that you have to wait for a moment before doing anything else in the makeup routine.

She puts on a little eye cream and then takes about the size of a nickel of this product and puts in on her fingers. Don’t put it on the palms but put it on the fingers and rub it into the skin with the fingers only not the palms of the hand. This customer has the routine down pat. She then waits a minute or two and the product works great. She says this product is really oil free because if any oil touches her skin the pimples will breakout with a vengeance. This product truly is oil free as her skin has never reacted to it. She says it is a great product and never makes her face shine like the sun. She has very sensitive skin and recommends it for anyone who has sensitive skin. In case you have not noticed this was a very lengthy review. Very detailed and filled with valuable information for would-be customers.

Grandma bought this on the advice of her 17-year-old granddaughter. The granddaughter loves the product and it looks great on her healthy-looking, smooth skin. This customer is in her 50’s she has larger pores and is starting to develop wrinkles on the skin. She tried the product and it did not work for her. She was looking for something light to cover the imperfections on her skin. This was not the product to achieve that goal with.

This customer really tried to like the product but it just did not work for her. She is 40 years old but claims she looks a lot younger. This product made her look older because it took forever to dry and it made her look sweaty and aged. Unless it was a weekend and she could let it dry for one hour and then add moisturizer to the skin. She doesn’t have the time to work this routine during the week. She wants a product that will help her look her age not older or make her look like a clown.

The customer admits she has mixed emotions about this product. On the one hand, it hydrates the skin very well and it diffuses the light giving the skin a nice glow. But it does not last the whole day because she noticed patches were missing as the day wore on. This was after putting a mineral setting powder on the product. Another issue is it makes her skin breakout with acne bumps under the skin. She has not broken out since her college days. She says if you have mature skin the product may work.

But if you have sensitive skin and you are a little younger and prone to breakout this will not work for you. She returned the product to the store and the store clerk said they were getting a lot of returns on the product because too many people were breaking out using it. The company definitely has a problem with the product because too many people are returning it because of acne flare-ups. There’s something in the ingredients that are not reacting favorably with people who are younger and still prone to have acne issues. It is time to change the formula and either add new ingredients or take out some of the current ingredients contained in the product.

Best Broad Spectrum Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 

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Best Broad Spectrum Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 

Benefits and Uses: The product gives a sheer tinted coverage for a natural tone on the skin. There are some properties in the formula that make the water bind to the skin to give a long lasting hydrated-fresh look. The product reflects the rays of the sun off the skin giving it maximum protection against sunburn and other skin damage caused by the sun. It is free of harmful chemicals and has a weightless formula that defies gravity. It may be applied to all skin types the company says. It is an oil-free product that leaves a nice matte finish on the skin. It will not clog pores and it has antioxidants that fight environmental free radical damage to the skin.

Feedback: The customer says it gives light coverage but the moisturizer was too much and it made the skin look shiny. She had to put a loose powder on the face to tone down the sun-look. She would like to see a higher SPF rating in future products. The color was good for the natural look. This customer sounds like she is not a heavy makeup user but goes more for the natural outdoor look. This customer says the product made the skin pull too much. I really do not know what she means by the product made her skin pull too much. Does it mean it stretched it out? She does not give a whole lot of detail on what this means. More detail needed in this review. This tells the customer nothing.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Tinted Moisturizer

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Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Tinted Moisturizer

Benefits and Uses: Wow, it comes in a 1.5-ounce tube which is not a very generous amount. This tube costs almost $11.00 dollars too much for such a little amount of product. Very low Spf rating of 15 which is naturally supposed to protect the skin from the sun. This rating is too weak to give the skin any kind of significant protection. It is supposed to give a person a healthy complexion. How can it do that with such a low SPF rating? This product will allow the light of the sun to absorb into the skin and damage the skin. If anything this product will not give you a healthy complexion when all the sun damage on the skin is taken into account.

Feedback: The product irritated the skin of the customer. The product is made of all natural ingredients which it should not be irritating the skin. The customer writes she broke out in bumps from using the product for about a week. She cannot get rid of the pimples there is something really wrong with this picture. Another customer says the product does exactly what she wants. It leaves a balanced skin tone for her. She says if you want full coverage with one application then this product is not for you.

Tinted Moisturizer – Nude

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Tinted Moisturizer - Nude

Benefits and Uses: The product will add a hint of color to the skin to give it a natural look. It won an award in 2007 and supposedly a couple of actresses use the product. It has a weak SPF rating of 20 which will not offer much protection from the sun.

Feedback: The says it is great because she can use this product instead of foundation. It gives her a nice natural look. You would have to layer it on if you want a heavier look like a foundation would give. A black woman says this moisturizer like so many others was too light for her skin tone. It did not make the grade for her and it did not come close to matching her skin color. She says it looked chalky on her skin. This product did not work for her.


There is a variety of tinted moisturizers that have been reviewed in this article. Hopefully, you can find one that will meet all your specific skin beauty needs. One of the products was overpriced for the amount of product contained in the tube. Another product consistently made customer’s sensitive skin breakout with acne. The company received a lot of returns on this product.


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