Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

What can you say about Egyptian cotton sheets? Does anyone even buy them? They do come in King and Queen-size so this tells me they are well-liked and well-known. In other words, a lot of people are using them. But why are they specifically labeled Egyptian cotton sheets? Cotton is very breathable and these cotton sheets should disperse heat and keep you cool while you sleep. This is fine in the summertime when it gets hot but what about in the wintertime. The hope is that the sheets will keep the bed warm enough so the client does not get cold during the winter. There are plenty of Egyptian cotton sheets on the market today. Amazon seems to carry a large quantity of this type of cotton sheets. These types of sheets are also more expensive than regular sheets but why is this? It could be because they are Egyptian or because they are made of cotton.

CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 800-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Deep Pocket Sateen Weave Full Sheet Set, Charcoal

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Benefits and Uses: This particular set of sheets is made of 100% Egyptian cotton and the sheets are thick and closely woven together. The sheets are made of the finest Egyptian cotton yarns. The company claims the sheets are of hotel quality and comfort. The sheets get softer with each wash which seems highly unlikely. It seems more like the sheets would get rougher and scratchier with each wash. The sheets have a 15-inch pocket to accommodate pillow and deep mattresses. The mattress has had 2200 reviews written about it so it is surely a well-used and well-known mattress among customers. Let’s see what some of the reviews are saying about the product.

Feedback: The customer says his wife is very picky about the type of sheets she sleeps on. The customer decided to buy the sheets and he seemed to like them when they came. The package they came in was heavy which is odd for sheets. But in this case, not really because of the product description said the sheets say they are heavy. The customer got the sheets and washed them right away and then he put them on the bed. The wife came home from work and slept on the sheets that night and she really liked them. She was so excited to sleep on the sheets the second night she could not wait. The customer says the sheets feel heavy and thick like the ones the customer slept on in a hotel. Usually, the customer when they move in the bed they take the sheets with them and take them right off the bed. This did not happen with these sheets. The customer rated the sheets 5-stars. The customer may order a second sheet for the guest bedroom so they must really like the sheets. The sheets are expensive but this did not bother the customer.

The customer said this was a tough review to write but they had to write it. This was a negative review but the customer really did not want to write it. The sheets were soft, heavy and they were of hotel quality. The customer says the sheets lived up to all its claims and the sheets received some very positive reviews. The customer loved the sheets and they are soft and great to sleep on. So what is the problem? The customer rated the sheets 3-stars despite the act she liked them so much. The issue is after the 4th washing the seam on the left tore after so few washings. The customer sent the company a picture of the tear when they contacted the company. The company was very responsive to the customer’s issue and the company offered the customer 2 options. The options were the customer could return the sheets for a full refund or keep the sheets and get a partial credit on the sheets. The customer liked the sheets so much they chose to keep the sheets and receive a partial credit from the company. The customer sewed the sheet back together and chalked the damaged sheet to a one-time experience. The customer said the company’s response was quick and satisfactory. The customer liked the sheets so much they really did not want to return the sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The customer thinks everyone looks for specific things in sheets. I do not know that this is necessarily true. This customer loves heavy sheets that are soft and keep the customer warm in bed. The customer only buys cotton sheets because they get very warm when they sleep at night. They do not wash the sheet protector every time but they wash the sheets a lot because they like a clean bed. Sometimes they drool in bed and will wear cold cream or hairspray to bed. The hairspray will definitely make the sheets dirty. The customer likes the burgundy color so this is what they chose. The customer says they read the reviews but they were not convinced. They did not say why they were not convinced of.

The customer likes soft sheets but thought these sheets were stiff when they were brand new. The customer washed the sheets and threw them on the bed but they were still stiff. The customer washed them again and put them on the bed this time they were soft and the sheets do not keep the customer too warm while they slept. The customer says the sheets are warm enough for the customer to sleep on during the summer with the air conditioner on in the bedroom. In the wintertime, the customer says the sheets keep them warm enough. The customer would like to see the company make more color choices with the sheets because her daughter wanted a set but that was more trendy than the customers. The customer wrote a detailed review but the customer offered too much information that was unnecessary and personal. The part about drooling in bed we did not need to know.

Urban Hut Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set (4 Piece) 800 Thread Count – (King, White)

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Benefits and Uses: The sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and they are imported. The company stands behind their product and they will give you back every penny if you are not satisfied with the sheets. This is good but the company does not say how long the guarantee will last. They will ask you know questions as to why you are returning the sheets. The material the sheets are made of are very breathable and they will keep you cool while you sleep. The company says, unlike other sheet manufacturers they do not fold the sheets over to make them heavier and increase thread count. If this is important to know? The company says the sheets are good for gifts to give on any holiday and any age group can enjoy these sheets. I don’t know if I would want to receive sheets for a gift.

Feedback: The customer bought these types of sheets 9 years ago but could not remember the name or type of sheets they were. So, they hunted for the perfect sheets and then they discovered these sheets and they realized they were the same ones the customer bought 9 years ago. The customer says the other set lasted for 9 years and they are so glad they found these sheets because they are like the ones they bought 9 years ago. They are extremely soft and the customer really likes these sheets. The sheets are durable and long lasting.

The customer says they regret buying the sheets because they are rough to the skin. They washed them several times and they say they are still rough. They say you should look around before you buy these sheets. This is a strange review because others have said they have washed these types of sheets before and they softened up. So why they are not softening up for this consumer could be because they are washing them improperly. The customer rated the sheets 2-stars. This could be a bogus review it just not ring true. The customer likes the box they came in but the customer says they will not buy these sheets again. If the customer has such disgust for the sheets than why is she keeping them? Also, why does the customer not detail why the sheets are so rough-feeling on the skin? There needs to be more information written why the sheets are so rough to the touch if the customer wants to convince people not to buy the sheets.

This review is irrelevant to the actual quality of the sheets because the customer says they did not know it was a sateen finish until they ordered it and they did not want a sateen finish. This was supposed to be a gift and the recipients did not want a sateen finish but they ordered it anyway once they found out it was a sateen finish. The customer says it was too thin for them but someone who wants a sateen finish this would be right for them. The customer rated the product 2-stars but this review is a negative review but not for quality reasons. The customer ordered the wrong finish so this review should not be in this product category. Reviews are written to measure the quality of a product or the company’s customer service not to rate a product as a poor quality item because the customer ordered the wrong finish. The customer is to be blamed for the mistake, not the company.

Mayfair Linen 100% EGYPTIAN COTTON Sheets, SATEEN Weave for Soft and Silky Feel, Fits Mattress up to 18” DEEP Pocket

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Benefits and Uses: These sheets are 100% made of Egyptian cotton and the company claims they are a 5-star indulgence when you sleep on them. The sheets are made from the Egyptian cotton yarn. The sheets have been carefully handcrafted with the customer’s comfort in mind. The company says they manufacture the best Egyptian cotton sheets but earlier they say he sheetsbate handcrafted. Does the company manufacture the sheets or are they handcrafted? This is misleading information offered by the company. The company writes they have no misleading product descriptions but the source of the manufacturing of the sheets is misleading. The sheets are very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The company is interested in your satisfaction as their main goal. They will give you your money back a full refund. If you contact them within 30 days of the date of purchase of the sheets.

Feedback: The product has had over 2400 reviews written about it. So, obviously many, many people have used these sheets. The customer’s wife was originally looking at buying a much more expensive set of sheets than this one. They were super expensive but they delivered what they say they would. So, for the sake of saving money, the wife focused her attention on these brands of sheets. They were a lot cheaper and they are just as good quality as the really expensive brands. The customers slept comfortably on the sheets. They liked the sheets so much they bought a second set. Both clients had a wonderful night of sleep. The customers rated the sheets 5-stars.

The company is deceptive the customer warns. The company says if the customer rated the sheets 5-stars they would send the customer a free set of pillowcases. The customer took the bait and wrote a 5-star review for the sheets. The company never sent the pillowcases so the customer rated the sheets one star in an updated review. The customer says people mistakenly equate many thread counts with thick sheets but he says this is wrong. A material that is thin can be very tightly woven with many threads the customer writes. Since the customer is not an expert’s opinion about thread counts could be wrong.

The customer is right in saying the company is deceptive. They tell the customer if he writes a 5-star review they would send him a free set of pillowcases but the customer never received the pillowcases. The company cannot be trusted. The customer says the sheets are a fair value for the money but he rates the product one-star because he did not receive the free pillowcases. I do not know why he did not confront the company about getting the free pillowcases?

Egyptian Luxury Hotel Collection 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set – Deep Pockets, Wrinkle and Fade Resistant, Hypoallergenic Sheet and Pillowcase Set – Queen, Taupe

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Benefits and Uses: The company says to slip into comfort in their bed sheets. The sheets will give you a comfortable night’s sleep and they are the softest sheets you will ever sleep on. The sheets are designed for the customer who wants a comfortable pair of sheets to sleep in. The sheets resist dust mites and they will keep them off in between the time the sheets sit on the shelf until the next time they are put on the bed. The company will give a 30-day money back guarantee and you will get a full money back refund if you return the product within 30 days.

Feedback: The customer was looking for another brand of sheets than these. They found these and they really like these sheets. The customer was concerned because the sheets were so thin but they were not disappointed. The sheets breathed very nicely and kept the customer warm while they slept. The colors were vibrant and the sheets are put together well. The customer had their old sheets for 3 years and the colors are still vibrant. It is showing signs of wear though. The customer hopes these sheets will last as long as the other sheets. This is the reason why the customer rated the sheets 4-stars because they want to know how the sheets will hold up. Really the customer should not have written a review until they tried the sheets for a while.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Comfy Sheets Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton – Genuine 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set-Fits Mattress Up to 18” Deep Pocket (King, White)

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Benefits and Uses: This company says the sheets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton as all the other companies say things are made of. The sheets are supposed to meet all of your bedding needs. The package contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The standard set is what you will get. Wash the sheets with a mild biodegradable liquid soap and make sure you do not add whitener bleach to the load. Dry in a dryer on low setting and then when it is dry iron the sheets.

Feedback: The client says these are the best sheets he has ever slept on and he rated the sheets 5-stars. This is all he writes and he gives us no details as to why these are the best sheets he has ever slept on? We need more detail incorporated in this review. This customer rates the sheets one star and he says they are too rough to be 1000 thread count. He claims they are clones of the real product because the real product costs $30.00 more than these sheets. Don’t buy he says. He is not an expert and he does not know if there is a 1000 thread count nor does he have any proof these are not the real comfy sheets.


We have shared some top-rated Egyptian cotton sheets with you and you can be sure each set of sheets reviewed are made from 100% Egyptian cotton because their product descriptions say so.


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