Best Energy Drinks

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2018)

Obviously, by the name, the drinks are supposed to elevate and sustain the body’s energy levels at a higher level. The drink is a liquid that accelerates energy because it contains sugar, caffeine, or some other stimulant. All the famous brands are found on Amazon and most of the packages come in packs of 12 0r 24 cans. They are relatively close in price and one of them has a lot more reviews than the other brands but we will not talk about that until later in the article. The question is are energy drinks healthy and where did they come from? Also is it possible that the energy drinks can be addictive? You know that some of the drinks are flavored but they are still laced with caffeine or sugar or some other type of stimulant. Is the energy drinks any safer to drink than a cup of espresso or strong coffee? I wonder if the energy drinks will affect your mind and your moods?

One minute your as happy as can be and then all of a sudden you are more depressed than a deflated balloon. Does the human body build up a tolerance to the energy drinks over time? This would mean you would have to drink more energy drinks to achieve the same energy rush. If this is true this could get to be a very expensive habit. I don’t know if energy drinks have even been clinically proven to be safe to consume. I mean can a person get high off drinking energy drinks? You know there is the possibility that your immune system could become compromised by drinking energy drinks. The constant energy increase and decrease the body experiences may weaken the immune system. If this happens you will make yourself more susceptible to sickness and disease. Let’s looking into the popularity and phenomena of energy drinks.

Red Bull Energy Drink Cranberry 24 Pack of 12 Fl Oz, Red Edition

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Benefits and Uses: This is the red edition of the Red Bull energy drink and it tastes like cranberry. The company makes this sound like it is some kind of prestigious drink which it is not. It is a common energy drink. It contains an “impressive” list of ingredients caffeine, taurine, alpine water, sugars, B-group vitamins. Is it safe to mix vitamins with sugar and caffeine? What about caffeine and vitamins? It comes in a pack of 24 red edition cans. It comes in recyclable cans and it stimulates the mind and the body. Notice it does not say it will offer the human body any health benefits.

Feedback: The customer says he drinks one Red Bull every morning instead of drinking soda or a cup of coffee. Not that this energy drink is any healthier than the other drinks. The customer likes the packaging and says it is easier to track the product when it comes in 4-6 packs instead of 24 individual can. He says the individual cans are sold at Sam’s club and Amazon sells the packages as packages. He buys them from either source depending on which source is cheaper. He takes them when he travels. The customer does not really detail the benefits the energy drink offers. He does not tell us the downfall of the drink either but he rates the energy drink 5-stars. But why does he rate the energy drink 5-stars? The review would not convince me to buy this energy drink. It has no selling value nor does it really contain any strong selling points. I know no more about the product than I did before I read the review.

This customer’s experience really stinks. The customer ordered 24 cans of the drink and he only received 23 cans because one of the cans was missing. He jokes that someone at the sorting facility was thirsty and decided to steal one of his cans. The company needs to be notified of this error and the company needs to rectify this issue for this customer. I do not know if the client contacted the company about this issue. The customer paid for 24 cans, not 23. Either someone took a can or the quality control missed the fact that a can was missing. The customer rated the product one-star which is totally understandable.

energy drink

Here we go again this customer had the same experience as the last customer. He received his package minus one can. Someone helped themselves to a can. This is the second time this has happened to someone who bought the energy drinks from Red Bull. Did someone steal it or did this shipment get overlooked in the quality control process? This is odd that this is the second customer who found a can of energy drink missing in the shipment. The customer is not happy about this and who can blame him. He pays for 24 cans and he receives 23 cans. The company needs to address this issue because this is the second time this has happened. How many cans are missing from shipments sent to customers who have not written a review? The customer was too generous in giving the product 4-stars. This is definitely a one-star experience. This is the second time this has happened there is definitely a problem going on here. This is no coincidence.

This is not funny now here is the third customer who writes that they are missing a can in their shipment. What is going on with this? The customer said on top of this problem the cans were shipped moldy! What does the drink look on the inside of the can? The customer had to wash the 23 cans he received. This is shipping a poor quality product and for the money, the customer is paying for the product these issues should not be happening. This is the third time a can is missing and this is setting an unhealthy precedent. I would not drink these energy drinks because there was mold on the cans. How unhealthy is this? The customer needs to call the company and complain about the missing can and the shoddy product that was sent to him. This is totally unacceptable. The customer rightfully rayed the product one-star. The company’s credibility is definitely lacking after three customers pay for 24 cans of energy drink and receive 23 cans of the product.

Red Bull Energy Drink Zero Calories 24 Pack of 12 Fl Oz, Sugar Free

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims the energy drink is free of calories and has just wings. But the problem is that the company does not explain what the wings are. This is Red Bull drink Zero and the reason it is zero is that it has no calories in the drink. Every can of this type of energy drink contains no calories as we have written above. The drink contains “high-quality ingredients” including Caffeine, Taurine, B-group vitamins, Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame, Alpine water. Besides the vitamin and the alpine water, the other ingredients are not high-quality ingredients. The case comes with 24 cans that have 8.4 ounces in each can.

Feedback: The customer says buying this product is like buying the stock market. This is because the price fluctuates between $54.00 to $76.00 dollars on Amazon for a package of 24 cans. It just depends on what day you click on the product on Amazon. The customer says in the store you can purchase 2-12 oz. cans for $5.33. The customer says to buy on Amazon at the above low price which is not that great. But using the Amazon credit card will defer a little bit of the cost. The customer writes to buy in bulk when the energy drink is on the lower end of the price range. This drink is not worth the high prices it is being charged. You could run into a few hundred dollars buying in bulk. Remember, this is the company that sent 3 separate customers only 23 cans instead of the expected 24 cans. This you will find in the first review written about Red Bull energy drinks. The customer rated the product 4-stars which is plenty generous for the ingredients contained in the drink and the price being charged for this Red Bull product.

The same customer wrote in the original review (the one written above is the update) that he bought 24 cans for $55.00 dollars and he went back to order some more and the price had shot up to $76.00 per case that is ridiculous he writes. He says it makes no sense and it does not make any sense. He hit the dash button which means he will order the product automatically on a recurring basis. He said no way, not for these prices. He wishes he could just order from the company directly because he drinks 2 to 4 cans a day. I wonder if the company would offer any better deals.

This customer comments on how absurd the price is for Red bull on Amazon. The client has been drinking this particular brand of Red Bull off and on for 6 years. He likes the taste and the fact that it has 0 calories. But he is not going to pay $76.00 for a case of 24 cans. He will try the Monster brand now. He rightfully rated the product one-star, especially at these prices. Come on $76.00 for 24 cans of an energy drink. If Red Bull does not solve this price issue with Amazon they are going to lose a lot more customers like they lost this longtime customer. There really is no excuse for Amazon to be charging this kind of prices for their energy drinks they are not worth this much. They are not worth the low end price either.

The customer says some of the Red Bull cans he received in shipping were flat when he tasted the product. Some of the cans were lost as well and the customer thinks he received a bad batch. He says this batch was made in Austria instead of Switzerland but he is not sure if this made a difference or not. Red Bull seems to have a lot of trouble in shipping of their product. To have cans that taste flat and are loose in the shipment should not be taking place for the prices that are being charged for the energy drink product.

The client loves Red Bull energy drinks but he received a bad batch. He says he thinks the batch he received had been left out in the sun because the cans of energy drink did not taste good. It tasted like they were left out in the sun and then put back in the refrigerator. He says that some sugars can become toxic if the drink is left out in the sun. This is an issue for the client and he thinks Red Bull needs to solve the issue. The customer rated the product 3-stars which is generous considering the circumstances he received the product in. It almost sounds like the cans of energy drink was bought and returned to the company. How else would they taste like they were left out in the sun and then put back in the refrigerator? Boy this Red Bull seems to be having some serious issues going on in the shipping of the product. They better resolve them or they won’t have any customers left to consume their product. The customer loves his Red Bull. But how long will he keep loving this energy drink if the issues continue?

CELSIUS Sparkling Orange Fitness Drink, ZERO Sugar, 12 oz. Slim Can, 12 Pack

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Benefits and Uses: This company claims their energy drink will speed up the metabolism and burn fat. It is healthy energy and each can contains 200mg of caffeine. Do they call this healthy energy? I don’t think so with 200mg of caffeine per can. It is a wonderful Pre-workout drink and it is said to be a refreshing change from coffee. But is it because it will have the same effect as coffee has on the human body. It is a tangy orange flavor and it has no preservatives or sugars. It also has no artificial flavors or colors

Feedback: The product has had almost 1800 review written about it. So it must be a popular energy drink. The customer says this is the only brand of energy drink they will consume. They will not drink the other brand of energy drinks. The customer has to sip one drink throughout the day because there is so much caffeine in one can. If they drink 2 cans of this energy drink they will get the jitters. Their favorite flavor is sparkling grape and the worst flavor is coke. It tastes like it is flat all the time. The flavor that tastes the most artificial is the watermelon flavor. The customer says it has been burning fat in the body and he thinks he has been losing calories or weight. The customer says don’t drink the energy drink more than 6 to 8 hours before you go to sleep. The customer says when e sweats he thinks he is losing weight. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

Best Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar Free Energy Drink, 16 Ounce (Pack of 24)

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Benefits and Uses: The product comes with 24-16oz cans. This drink has no calories and no sugars and it is a diet energy drink sprinkled with B-vitamins. It is also lightly carbonated so you will not be burping a lot after you drink this energy drinks. A little less sweet than the original flavor and this product has a hint of citrus. It has all the benefits of the Monster energy drink.

Feedback: The customer says this is the best energy drink he has tasted. He would like to find something that tastes as good but is less expensive. The price on Amazon keeps escalating and it used to be cheaper to buy than to buy it at Walmart. It is cheaper to buy it at Walmart now than on Amazon. Walmart holds the price down why doesn’t Amazon. The customer likes only the one flavor and he says the other flavors taste like cheap kool-aid. He wonders why Amazon cannot control the price of this energy drink. The customer still rates the product 5-stars despite the high price of the energy drink.

Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix, Variety Pack, 30 Count

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Benefits and Uses: The product is enhanced with vitamins and energy the company claims. It has plenty of electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins as we said before. It contains a low amount of carbs and sugars and it supplies 4 to 6 hours worth of energy. Will you crash at the end of the 4 to 6 hours? It is good for traveling or if you have a busy life. It is gluten free and contains 100 mg of caffeine. They say to consume 3 tubes a day which would contain a total of 300mg of caffeine. This is a lot of caffeine to put into your body. The company claims the caffeine is from natural sources.

Feedback: The product has had over 3100 reviews written about it. It is a very popular energy drink. The customer says the product works but the only issue they have is with the artificial “sucralose” and they wish they would use a natural sweetener like Stevia. If they would change the sweeteners the person would drink more of these energy drink tubes. I doubt the company will change for one person. The customer rated the product 3-stars. They say the customer service is very good.


There it is a short review list of some of the best energy drinks available on the market today. Be warned that some of the drinks contain a lot more caffeine than some of the other brands.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.