Best Essential Oil for Psoriasis

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy

How can you tackle this problem? To find the right essential oil to fight psoriasis? You would be surprised at the number of products there are on the market that addresses this very issue. There are plenty of companies that make essential oil blends to help skin that is affected by psoriasis. No one enjoys walking around with bright red splotches on their face. And if there is a treatment to get rid of psoriasis, of course, they would want to take advantage of it. They would be crazy not to. Why would you walk around in public with bright red spots on your skin if you did not have to? So, you don’t have to anymore.

There is help for you and there might be just the right essential oil combination or singular essential oil that will remove your psoriasis once and for all. It is not uncommon for people to fight the discomfort of psoriasis but the not so common treatment of using an essential oil to treat the condition may not be used by very many people. Let’s get the news out that essential oils may be able to help reduce and remove psoriasis from the skin. Please do not get me wrong this may not be a miracle cure for the skin condition. But with the steady application and sticking with it you may be able to keep psoriasis at bay.

BeShiny Chamomile Essential Oil Soothing

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BeShiny Chamomile Essential Oil Soothing

Benefits and Uses: The essential oil is less than $10.00 for 30ml which is not bad. The essential oil can be used virtually with any other beauty product which makes it a very versatile product. It can be used on any skin, especially sensitive skin. It will greatly calm the skin down. Chamomile oil is supposed to shrink blood vessels and the benefit of this is unknown. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it relieves pain. The oil is known to combat the effects of insomnia and it is a great calmer of the body, soul, and spirit. It may help psoriasis as well. It has a lot of medicinal benefits and the big one is it can cause the skin to relax.

Feedback: This review is irrelevant for our purposes the writer says the essential oil is good to use in a lot of recipes. The customer also uses it on their body lotions. This is more to the point of what the article is about. The customer suffered from eczema on the upper and lower parts of the eyes. She applied the product to the reddish areas around the eyes. The itching has stopped and now the reddish and flaky skin is vanishing. She figures if she continues to use this product eczema will not return. This customer loves the product because it moisturizes so well and they just ordered the second bottle. This customer does not like the idea that the product has vegetable oil in it. It is not “pure” in their eyes.

This rating was based on the fact that the product had vegetable oil in it. It did not reflect if the product helped the person’s skin or not. As far as I am concerned this is not a fair rating because it doesn’t reflect the quality of the product. This customer uses the product for unusual purposes because she pours it into homemade candles. This review may as well not have been written because all the customer said was that the product is “great”. The obvious question why is it great? Does it treat psoriasis? Does it moisturize the skin? Who knows why the product is great? Another review says it “smells great” but why does it smell great? What does it smell like? Reviews like this just do not help anyone to make a decision to buy or not to buy the product.

Essential Oils For Psoriasis: A Complete natural guide of essential oils to eliminate psoriasis

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Essential Oils For Psoriasis A Complete natural guide of essential oils to eliminate psoriasis

Benefits and Uses: This is not an essential oil per se but a book about essential oils. The key here is it is a book focusing on how to use the 24 essential oils to treat psoriasis. according to this author, 3% of the world’s population suffer from this skin condition. The author thinks that modern society has swept the skin condition under the rug. This is not true because there is a lot of awareness of the skin condition on the internet today. The book takes a holistic or natural way to treat the skin condition called psoriasis. The author has a few degrees after their name which may indicate they are an expert. They seem to have a lot of background on this subject or essential oils treating psoriasis.

Feedback: The first review was written by a professional on the book. He says the book is easy to understand and the author offers many recipes and oil mixes to help combat psoriasis. The customer infers that the book is a wealth of knowledge on how to treat psoriasis. The dream that one cure fixes all is just that a dream. The customer suggests that if you or a loved one has this skin condition you need to purchase the book and start reading. The customer gave the book a 5-star rating.

Another customer says that the book is well written and the author is an expert on psoriasis is the implication. It contains many recipes to use essential oils in to combat this skin condition. And it tells which essential oils to use in which recipes. This reader rated the book at 5 stars. A friend of this reader was talking to him about how essential may help psoriasis. It just so happens his wife just started exhibiting symptoms of the skin condition. The customer bought the book to find answers on how his wife may find comfort and remedies to help alleviate psoriasis. The customer says the book reveals clearly how essential could bring comfort to his wife’s discomfort. It broke it down to him in a simple and clear way. He hopes some of the essential oils will help his wife. He too gave it a 5-star rating.

A good book to learn how essential oils are to be used to treat psoriasis. There are many different types of psoriasis and the book tells which oils to use for the different types of psoriasis. This reader also gave the book a 5-star rating. This reader claims there is no permanent cure for psoriasis and I do not know that this is necessarily true. The book gives you hope that psoriasis can be treated with essential oils. The book tells how to apply the essential oils to the skin. A must read the client says. They gave the book a 5-star rating. his customer benefited greatly from the information in the book. One of the customer’s family members has psoriasis and now that the customer has read the book they think they can help this family member treat the skin condition.

Another reader who says there is no consistent way to treat psoriasis. From my perspective whatever the method used works to cure psoriasis then it is a consistent method. The reader says the essential oils are called essential because the plant fragrance extracts remain in the essential oils. I am not sure that this is a correct definition of essential oils. The reader says the book is informative and has no “filler” information in it. They gave the book a 5-star rating. The oils are supposedly easy to order online. The last reviewer says the book is very informative in giving information on how to use essential oils to heal psoriasis. Straight and to the point the writer implies. They too gave it a 5 star-rating.

There were 8 reviews written about the book. And all the reviews were very positive and solid in content. The book received 5-star ratings from every one of the customers who read the book and then wrote a review about it. The author wrote useful information throughout the book and seemed to cover 24 essential oils to treat psoriasis with. The author also chronicled many different types of this skin condition. She also listed which essential oils would work with what type of psoriasis. There were recipes included and the book even said how to apply the oils to the affected areas. The author did her due diligence before she wrote the book.

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy

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ArtNaturals Aromatherapy

Benefits and Uses: They are a therapeutic grade which could mean they are a higher quality essential oil. The price for the 8 is about $30.00 dollars which are not a bad deal at all.The company says they are beneficial to use with carrier oils. They can replace candles and incense they may be safer than these. The ingredients are al natural in the essential oils set.

Feedback: The customer says they can use the oils in different recipes and the oils could help with psoriasis. The package came sealed properly and none of the bottles leaked. Unfortunately, this customer cannot say the same thing. They have a communal mailbox with 15 other houses. As they approached the mailbox they could smell a strong scent of tea tree essential oil 10 feet away from the mailboxes. They opened the package the oils were shipped in. One of the bottles leaked and spilled oil in the package. The smell contaminated everything around it. Very poor packaging to say the least if one of the bottles of essential oil leaked. If the smell is that strong should people be using it to treat psoriasis?

The customer says these oils are a lot cheaper than name brand oils. But they are as effective in treating psoriasis I would assume. The customer said they were as good as quality as the brand name oils but they are a lot cheaper to buy. The client warns that you need to research the oils if you are going to ingest them. All oils are different and will react differently to psoriasis. The customer says they are a beginner in the use of essential oils. The oils were packaged well but the scents were strong. Sounds like the oils did not leak and the client already used a few of the oils the same day she received the product.

This has to be a fake review because the customer says the essential oils were tested and found to be fake synthetic copies. The customer says do not buy. What tests were done to prove these oils are not authentic? The client gives no scientific data to support this sensationalistic claim. What elements of the essential oils would make them copies was not discussed. It sounds like the client just got on Amazon and wrote a very random but negative review about these essential oils. This review carries no validity and smells of a fake review all the way.

Skin Hero Natural Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

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Skin Hero Natural Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

Benefits and Uses: The product is formulated to restore and revive skin quicker. So, you can have healthier looking skin quicker which will boost your confidence. The product contains essential oils that hydrate and nourish the skin so say hello to the new skin and say goodbye to the dead, dry and itchy skin. It calms and heals psoriasis-riddled skin and the product is free of harsh chemicals. The product has never been used on animals because they do not have dry, itchy or flaky fur. They will never need another animal to rub this ointment on their fur. They just don’t need a product like this. The product is free of harmful chemicals.

Feedback: The customer uses the product only at night because it takes a long time to absorb into the hands. The client would use it during the day but it just takes too long to absorb into the customer’s hands. The customer wishes the ointment had a quicker absorption time than it does. This customer says it did not help their eczema at all. It made it worse because the skin became redder, dryer, and more irritated. The customer asks if it is possible to get a refund. If they read the company’s guarantee they have 90 days to get a full refund on the product.

āVō Pure Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil 

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āVō Pure Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil 

Benefits and Uses: It says it will treat psoriasis and several other skin conditions. One bottle is said to treat psoriasis and a host of other skin problems. This is because the essential oil blend in the product is so effective. You can use this product to make an environmental disinfectant to clean the home with. The company offers a very generous 365-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer says this is a miracle liquid in a bottle. It is not a miracle liquid in a bottle but an effective essential oil blend in a bottle. She had a big unsightly double tag on her neck. She bought this stuff and had to rub it aggressively into the affected area every night. It stung really bad she said but she did not care. She used it every night and put a band-aid on her neck. At some point, she is not exactly sure the tags disappeared and her skin returned to normal and flattened out. The customer says the company lied about the product removing nail fungus. She has nail fungus and she applied this product to the nail fungus for a month until the bottle was emptied.


You now know what essential oils can do to treat psoriasis and which ones to use for which type of psoriasis (if you read the book about essential oils that was reviewed above) and there seem to be various types of the skin condition. A couple of the essential oil products discussed actually said the product would treat psoriasis. There were a couple of comments made that psoriasis could never be cured or cured consistently. Both of these statements may not be true there is no clinical evidence to back either assertion. Do not give up you may find the right essential oil blend to get rid of your psoriasis once and for all. You will not have to look at those embarrassing red splotches anymore and you will no longer have reddish, dry or itchy skin.

No matter how severe the psoriasis itches or leaves the skin feeling dry and flaky there is a cure for you. You just need to read some of the reviews above and choose the best essential oil treatment for your unique skin problem.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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