Best Essential Oils for Rosacea

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is needed for an essential oil to be effective against painful and embarrassing skin condition called rosacea? It has to be gentle, refreshing and hydrating for the irritated skin. It should also be non-irritating for people with rosacea. Rosacea is caused by the skin becoming, irritated, dry, and flaky. So the last thing you want to apply to your face is an essential oil that will amplify the irritation of the skin which in turn will make the rosacea worse. You also want an essential oil blend that will not burn the skin either but will nourish and soothe the skin.

These are quite a few demands to put on an essential oil product to be able to treat rosacea but there are plenty of essential oil products on the internet that can more than meet these skin challenges. We will list some of them for you and you will find help for your rosacea skin condition. You are not alone and please do not give up hope on your rosacea treatment. Some of these products that will be reviewed really may be able to get the rosacea under control. You do not want to have to spend a fortune to treat the rosacea skin condition.

Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil

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Benefits and Uses: It contains fatty acids and an acid that is able to fight inflammation. It is a non-greasy formula that absorbs very quickly into the skin. The company warns that there is 100% Evening Primrose essential oil in the ingredients. IT has a slight scent that may still be offensive to some people.

Nowadays, people prefer unscented products over scented products no matter how slight the scent maybe. The company suggests you mix the product with Rose and Lavender essential oil to give it a more pleasing scent. If the primrose is absolutely too much of a scent for you. The oil also will fight rosacea and other painful skin conditions. Primrose will keep the skin supple and fresh-looking and it has powerful properties that kill free radicals preventing the aging damage they can cause. Primrose seems to be the active ingredient that will help the skin issues.

The product can also help your hair stay healthy. The primrose can keep the scalp healthy and nourished. IT can prevent the hair from thinning out thereby preventing hair loss.It is able to treat redness, itchiness, and flakiness all signs of an unhealthy scalp. It keeps the hair nourished and smooth looking as well. It will also help the hair to grow. These are things the company says their product can do for your help. But you know saying and doing are two completely different things. The dark bottle is supposed to protect the oil from spoiling or getting damaged some other way.

Feedback: The customer says they were losing a lot of hair because of a vitamin D deficiency. They started using the product and they say the oil has helped to make their hair feel smooth and look shiny. They rubbed the oil into their scalp and their hair loss has slowed down somewhat. So, according to this review, the product will slow down hair loss just like the company said it would.

The customer has very sensitive skin she says that anything will make her skin react. She would try a patch test with just about any ingredient and the skin would react. She tried this product and she had no reaction. She says that primrose ingested is supposed to stop hormonal acne according to a study she mentioned in the review. She tried it topically (at that time of the month) and found it to stop her hormonal acne so apparently, there is some validity to the test findings.

She applies it early in the morning and then when she arrives at work she dabs a little more with a paper towel. She says the only concern she has is that primrose may affect the ability of sunscreen to protect the skin. It may also cut down on how long the sunscreen will last. There is nothing conclusive about these concerns as she says more tests need to be conducted to prove whether these issues are apparent or not. She threw that scientific tidbit in there in case anyone was interested in some beauty facts.

The customer says it is a miracle product for her. It has not reacted to her skin and her breakouts have been curtailed. Also, her acne is disappearing and her skin looks supple and smooth. It is a lot clearer than it used to be as well. All of these results within a few days of when she started using the product. She says she has applied it to her hair and it has cut down on her hair breaking and it has made her naturally curly hair soft and silky looking.

Besides the fact, it has also made the curls stay detangled. The only issue she has is the oil has a meat smell which quite frankly I find hard to conceive. The oil is made of primrose essential oil and that oil does not smell like meat. If it smelled like meat people would not put it on their skin and walk around smelling like pieces of meat. The application pump that came with the product makes it hard to pump the oil out and she is afraid of contaminating the dropper with the oil. She bought a different application pump that pumps out the right amount of oil. This is not a good follow up because for some reason after she used the product for a couple of weeks it started to lose its effectiveness. It was not making her skin soft and silky anymore. It started to irritate the skin and it would not heal her skin anymore. Unfortunately, she had to return the product.

Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil 

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims that environmental factors can be rough on the ski. This product is able to protect the ski from such outside factors that could damage it. I am not convinced that outside environmental factors can damage the skin. Other than the sun, wind or other natural factors. The product can lock in fatty acids that will keep the skin healthy and nourished.

The jojoba oil in the product has esters init that can keep the hair smooth, hydrated and soft-looking. If the hair dries out it will become dry and brittle and break but this product is supposed to stop the hair from breaking and becoming thin. Jojoba oil is a good carrier oil so you can use it in your eye makeup, oil serums, facial oils and in massage oils which makes this product very appealing to customers and versatile in its uses. The product is free of everything in the world and it may have all natural ingredients. The bottle comes with a good pump system allowing you to get out only the amount you need or want. The pump comes with every 4 oz bottle.

Feedback: This may be a paid review or the writer could have received something in return for this review. The person said they have tried jojoba oils many times in the past but this is the best one they have ever applied. They can feel their skin drinking in the jojoba oil as they put it. This sounds like a trumped-up review. The customer heard about the product from a makeup artist. The customer, being in their forties, started using the product under the eyes. The customer applies a drop under the concealer to prevent creasing and it does not absorb into the wrinkles. The product works very well for the client. She is very sensitive to anti-aging creams and this product has really helped to reduce the signs of aging on her face.

This is a positive review because the client says the product is helping the skin tremendously. The client has had cystic acne for a long time. It was so prolific that one would appear right under another one that was healing. The client mixed this product with some aloe vera and rubbed the mixture on the chin. The cystic acne has dissolved and the customer has not had any cystic acne for 6 months. The customer found out that she was stripping her skin and the acne began to appear. She has restored the skin and the acne has disappeared. The product is working wonders for her.

The customer loves the product because it nourishes the skin and it leaves no oily residue on the skin. The customer does not give any other feedback on how the oil is helping their skin. A little more detail would have been nice and informative. A lot of products can feel non-oily but what makes this product stand out from the rest? The customer has bleached hair so she rubbed a couple drops into her scalp. Her hair was a mess but now it is nice and smooth and it stays in place. It keeps her skin moisturized and it eliminates dry patches on her skin. All-in-all the product has worked well for her in a few different applications.

This was a sad review because the customer still loves the product. It was working wonders for the skin, particularly on the hands. She rubbed it into the hands and within a few days it cleared out the dry spots on her hands. Then she rubbed it into her skin as a moisturizer it worked great on her facial skin. It was working well for her. Here comes the disappointing part. She bought another bottle and the company made the mistake of switching from a dropper to a pump to dispense the product. She says using the pump is ineffective because when she pumps the product out it goes everywhere and makes a big mess. She will not buy the product anymore and she is looking for a product that has a dropper. It is sad when the company makes a mechanical change in their delivery system and ruins the product. The customer will switch to another product because the company switched from a dropper to a pump. The company lost a customer because of a poor quality delivery system and not because of the product was of poor quality. For the company, this has to be hard to take. They better switch back to the pump before they lose more customer.

Slice Of Nature Virgin Tamanu Oil 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is a naturally prevents acne, shingles and it may treat rosacea and other skin conditions. It may reduce fungus and other skin bacteria. The oil is produced in Madagascar and it is more potent than tamanu oils produced in Polynesian countries. The formula is left as original as possible so it retains its natural therapeutic properties. The oil is not diluted in any fashion. Like it was mentioned, it is kept in its purest form possible.

The product has no added harmful ingredients in the formula. This is a new one the company says it uses ethical trade practices making it eco and socially friendly whatever that is supposed to mean. Is this really true or is the company trying to make themselves look good? I have never heard of a company touting their trade practices. If this is true this would be great on their part. They would be a company with a conscience. The company says it does not come with messy droppers but a precise pump to dispense the right amount of product every time. A lot of people like droppers so I hope this company is not hurting themselves by not providing droppers with the product.

Feedback: First off, the first two customers had the same issue with the product. They opened the bottle and the dispensing tube was too long for the bottle and it doubled back on itself in the bottle. One of the customer’s tried to pour the product out in their hand but it made a big mess. Another customer had a similar issue and they could not even use the product. They returned the product to the company. This would be a very simple fix the company needs to make a shorter dispense tube to fit the bottle. This customer tried an oil mix then tried the product directly out of the bottle. They ended up in the hospital with a severe skin reaction to the product. Their face swelled to the point they could not open their eyes this is a very bad reaction. The smell of the product was terrible so they wondered if the bottle they received was bad or is it a universal issue. They asked if anyone else had a similar reaction to the product. This stuff is supposed to treat facial conditions not create them. This is a serious problem the company needs to address someone could really get sick from this product. One customer was already hospitalized because of it.

NOW Foods Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend

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Benefit and Uses: About all the product description said was that it was a NON-GMO product, had 10% oil blend, and it was steam distilled. Two potential problems with the product are that it has a very weak level of essential oil in its ingredients. It is steam distilled which could take away some of the potency of the ingredients. Beyond this short description, nothing else was said about the product. description, nothing else was said about the product.

Feedback: The customer said the product was good for joint pain. The customer applied the oil to the affected area and it relieved the pain so the customer thinks it is a great product. The customer said it really helped to treat the migraines/headaches the customer was suffering from. By itself it smells great and works well. It is a great product.

One customer did not realize what the blend was and made a mistake that is all they said about the product. Another customer said it was not what they wanted and they cannot return the product. This is not right they should be able to return the product and get their money refunded.

Rosehip Seed Oil Cleanser for Rosacea

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Benefits and Uses: The product was specifically designed to treat rosacea and other skin condition. It is blended with essential oils and other plant extracts so the hiprose oil is not the main oil in the ingredients. It soothes and revitalizes the skin and the good part is that the product can be applied to all skin types. It has no parabens in the formula.

Feedback: The only customer review written about the product. The customer is a redhead with sensitive skin and the product refreshed and made the skin feel smooth and soft. The customer had no breakouts from the product. She puts moisturizer on after applying this product. She has had no acne breakouts from the product. She loves the product.


These are some viable essential oil products to help treat rosacea. Many of the reviews did not address the products helping rosacea but the reviews were positive about the products working well for the customers. Most of the products said directly in the product description that they would treat rosacea. There are plenty of products on the market today that can treat rosacea.


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