Best Essential Oils for Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Essential oils seem to be the talk of the beauty world these days. You can find everyone talking about essential oils in a different context. This means that a lot of people are discussing the many uses that essential oils have. They are good for so many applications and they come in so many different varieties. Honestly, the bottles are small and they can be pricey for beauty products. You can find just about any essential oil will benefit the skin in one way or another. They can fight acne, treat dry, irritated, itchy skin. They may treat rosacea, psoriasis and a myriad of other troubling skin conditions. They contain ingredients that will fight free radical damage and they can cleanse the pores keeping the skin looking young and radiant. They will even rejuvenate the skin to make the skin look years younger. Another benefit is they do not smell too bad either. But they may go quickly if they are used on a daily basis. They can get expensive after awhile too.

You talk to anyone in the beauty world and they have either heard of or personally used essential oils for the skin. There are whole websites dedicated to using essential oils as skincare products. Like any other skincare product, the results for people will vary. Some will experience great, healthy skin from using essential oils and others will experience no change in their skin condition. Yet other people will experience a worsening of their skin conditions.

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils

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Benefits and Uses: The product set provides multiple aromatherapies, healing, and other benefits that can heal the skin. All the essential oils were made from the most recent pressing methods. The essential oils are limited because they have to be used with a carrier oil. But when they are used with carrier oils they work well on the skin. This could become expensive having to buy the carrier oils with the essential oils. They can be used in diffusers, vaporizers, and humidifiers and they are allergen-free to add to their value. The ingredients meet the company’s strict standards and they are cruelty-free meaning they will not be tested on animals. They are paraben-free as well. The product had over 6,000 reviews written about it.

Feedback: This customer says they work great in certain recipes that help them with stress and they give the customer energy in the levels. They may have helped the customer’s skin as well but this was not mentioned. They expire in two years which the customer did not know previously. This customer says the oils are real despite the fact this customer read that a lot of reviews said the essential oils were a scam. The customer says they used some scientific method to determine by graphs they were fake. The customer says the oils are real and they highly recommend them. The customer has no proof that the oils were authentic and this very well could be a fake review. The customer does not say why the oils are good for the skin nor does the client mention any benefits derived from the oils.

The customer is new to essential oils and just received their package of the oils. The set came with instructions and uses for the essential oils. The customer tried a few different oils. Beyond this, the review does not tell of any of the benefits the customer derived from the essential oils. The review is generic and does not give any feedback to potential customers to help them decide to buy or not to buy the essential oils. Some detailed benefits the customer derived from using the oils would have been helpful if they were incorporated in the review. This is especially true since the customer is new tonesentialoils. Potential customers will readily identify with the customer because the customer is new to essential oils. A potential customer may be new to essentials oils as well or they are looking to use essential oils for the first time.

This review has no value either. The customer talks about blending oils together to make nice scents. It will help them to know which oils to choose in the future for the best scents. The client does need to write about the quality of the essential oils or what benefits the customer derived from the oils. There is absolutely no selling value in this review for potential customers when they read this review. It would have been beneficial if the customer would have said how the essential oils improved the quality of their lives.

The consumer writes a generic review with little detail of how the oils benefitted their skin. They say the oils are inexpensive but are high quality essential oils. The customer received compliments on the scent of the oils she filtered through her diffuser. The customer said the oils passed the oil test which means they did not stain a white surface and they dried clear on that surface. I have never heard of this test and it is unscientific in nature. The oil is not authentic because it did not stain a white surface. It dried clear on a white surface but this still does not make it a quality or authentic essential oil.

Another review about how great the oils smell in the diffuser. The customer says the oils are great for their price point and the customer would buy them again. The customer does not relate any benefits skin or otherwise the client derived from the oil. This is not a convincing review to move a customer to buy the oils. Too generic and no beneficial details were written by the reviewer.

The customer says the oils work well to clear allergies. The customer’s daughter came home sick with a cold/allergies and the customer put an oil in the diffuser it helped the daughter feel better. The customer lives in Texas and the family is constantly battling allergies. The customer did not give any details of how the essential oils may help skin conditions or any other health issues for that matter. Another review that would not convince buyers to purchase the set of essential oils or not.

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil

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Benefits and Uses: The product is designed for skincare. The essential contains four essential ingredients that will treat just about every part of the body. The product is versatile in that it has multiple uses. The product sprays out a fine mist and it is free of unnatural ingredients. It is a non-gmo product and it is animal friendly. This means that it is not cruelty-free and it can be tested on animals. The animals really like the mist the bottle sprays on their fur.

They love the various scents of the essential oils. The animals write that they would highly recommend the essential oil to their human and animal friends. In many reviews written by the animals rated the essential oil ant 5 stars. The product will tighten the skin, heal rashes, hives and remove acne scars. It will strengthen the hair and the nail cuticles. It will restore the moisture lost as a result of the skin becoming sunburned. It will thicken brittle hair and it can be used to heal an itchy scalp. It may even help to control dandruff. It can be applied to all types of hair. The company says they will refund the money in full. Just send them an email requesting the money back and they will refund the money. They will ask no questions and they will even let you keep the product even if you get your money refunded. Not a bad money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer says she was blessed with a nail fungus(sarcasm noted) after she went to have her nails done at the place she has been going to for years. The fungus was so bad the nail bed was bleeding and the nail literally falling apart. She went to the doctor but nothing came of it. She tried this product and it seems to nourish the nails and she implies it is restoring the nail. She did not come out and directly state this though. This is the weakness of the review in that it did not give any detail as to how the product was helping the nail to be restored. She writes that her friend who is in the hospital wanted to keep the bottle she let him use. She will buy another bottle.

The client says the essential oil has done wonders for her skin. She used to have red splotches on her cheeks. She started using the product every morning and evening and it has worked wonders for her skin. Her skin is now clear, plump, smooth, and radiant. She told all of her friends about the wonderful product. The product has made all the difference in the world for her skin and she loves the product. She could go on and on but she says you get the point. She advises you stock up on the product.

This was not a thrilling review but the review does have some positive feedback. The customer says the pump did not work on the product or it broke. The mist comes out as a single stream and the lavender smells ok not great. The product is not too greasy and it seems to last a long time. The customer writes the lavender scent is a little too strong for their sense of smell. This is a good review it tells you what the customer likes and dislikes about the product. It gets to the point without giving us a lot of unnecessary detail.

Health Priority Natural Products

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Benefits and Uses: The product may do a great service for the skin. It will heal the skin and reduce the black spots and the circles under the eyes. Supposedly, there is an ingredient in the oil that will deliver results twice as fast as other oils. The company infused the oil with 100% vitamin E and some other ingredients. This adds up to that it will not leave a sticky film on the skin so the company claims. The oil will calm and the skin and of course there is no synthetic oils in the ingredients.

Feedback: The male customer tried cheaper oils and they made the skin breakout. This oil is starting to alleviate dark circles under the eyes. The customer says he gave it a 4-star rating because it costs $40.00 a bottle and he has to see more results before he will give it a 5-star rating. The cheaper oils had synthetic vitamin E in them which the customer did not like at all. This one has real vitamin E which the customer was looking for in an oil. The wife uses the oil as well and seems to like it. The customer says he can use it on acne scars and other skin imperfections. He will buy the product again. He cannot justify spending $60.00 on an oil when this one costs $20. Cheaper and works just as well.

A very negative but detailed review of the product. The customer initially fell in love with the product. The customer told everyone about the product and how good it worked. The client orders a second bottle and is shocked at what they received. The second bottle was yellow instead of a tannish color like the first bottle was. The consistency is much more watery in the second bottle and the smell is different. It smells like grass. The print on the label was different and the worst part of all is that the product did not work on the skin and the customer rightly suspects this could be a fraudulent oil. The customer will not purchase the item again unless she gets the same kind as the first bottle was. This sure sounds like a case of the customer being sent a fake product. It is hard to understand why companies ship their customers a fake product.

Cacay Naturals Face Oil 

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Benefits and Uses: The product has 50% more vitamin E than Argan oil in the contents but what the value of this is unknown. It has twice the amount of another ingredient than Argan oil. It has three times more Retinol than Hip Rose oil and it has 100% Cacay oil and it contains all natural ingredients and it has no synthetic ingredients in it.

Feedback: This is a very unusual review and it contains no useful information in it. The doctor writes that she makes her own holistic products using ingredients from around the world. She says 7 years of research have yielded treasures for her. She says she has incorporated Cacay oil from Colombia in her formulas and it has yielded great results. This is all fine but what does any of the information have to do with the product being reviewed. She does not mention any benefits this particular product has given her. She does not tell us what amazing results the, oil from Colombia, has given her. The review is totally irrelevant to the product and it should not have been included in these reviews. It gives absolutely no selling value for future customers.

Brookethorne Naturals Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

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Benefits and Uses: The company really pushes the massaging aspect of this oil. It is great for a body massage and it is good for a body, stress-relief, and athletic massage and much more. The ingredients in the product will calm you. The oil will help you relax after a long, hard day at work. The product is great for home massages as well and contains all natural products. It is cruelty-free and paraben free and it is made on American soil. The animals did not like the smell of the oil and they became too relaxed after they received massages with the oil. This is why the oil is cruelty-free.

Feedback: The client rarely writes reviews but they had to write one for this product. They had a condition in their food for years that caused intense pain. They rubbed this oil into the affected area and the pain instantly vanished. The next morning when they woke up they had hardly pain in the foot. It has calmed every muscle in their body.


We have reviewed some of the top oils for you and we hope you will find one that will work wonders for your skin. There was one customer who wrote that she suffered from foot pain for years and she rubbed the oil into the foot. The pain stopped instantly and she was amazed by the product. So, you can find an essential oil that will work for you.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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