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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Did you ever ask yourself the question “What characteristics would make a good exfoliator?” Probably not because you do not sit around all day thinking about exfoliators. But if you had to buy one then you would be definitely thinking about which one would be the best one to purchase. This article will help you decide which exfoliator is best for your personal needs. It should be able to scrub the skin clean by removing old dead skin cells and unclogging pores of any sebum oil. It needs to be sensitive to the skin and not tear it up or irritate it. You do not want to make the skin bleed either.

The last thing you want to do is aggravate an acne breakout by making it worse. The product should have a proven track record of exfoliating skin and keep the skin clean and healthy-looking. It should make the skin look new and shine after the product is applied to the skin. The exfoliator should be a natural process in the skin care routine and add to the whole experience and not take away from it. The exfoliation process should prep the skin by cleansing the pores and opening them up. In this way, the skin can absorb other products applied to the face to keep it healthy and vibrant looking.

Very important to the success of any product is what are other people saying about the product. Are they a saying excellent things about their experience with the product or are they saying this is the worst product I have ever used? You want to be sure the reviews are transparent and honest that the person has nothing to gain by writing a positive review. Their intent should be to genuinely want to help other customers make the right decision to buy an exfoliation product. Hence, this is why this article will review the best exfoliation products on the market today. The author wants you to buy the best exfoliator you can for your dollar. And you want to get the best value for your dollar. Let us take a look.

Ongaro Organic Enzyme Exfoliator 

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Benefits and Uses: The product lists a lot of scientific ingredients that are supposed to help remove dead skin cells which seems to be the key to successful exfoliation of the skin. The product contains fruit enzymes that are supposed to assist in removing dead skin cells. According to the company who produces the product. If the process is done correctly your skin will look radiant, youthful, and smooth. It should take years off your look if it is done like it is supposed to be done. The company says that granular scrubs can damage the surface of the skin. These non-abrasive scrubs are supposed to effectively remove old skin cells gently without damaging any layer of the skin. The company claims these types of scrubs are the future of skin exfoliation. Time will tell if this assertion proves to be factual or not. Abrasive scrubs will remove all the natural oils out of the skin while non-abrasive scrubs leave the natural skin oils in place. The product is cruelty-free because the animals complained this product was too harsh on their fur and they refused to allow the company to test their product on the animals anymore. Furthermore, the company thinks they put the best products on the market today. Their products are made on American soil.

Feedback: The customer likes the product. They usually buy the best facial products. This one was a little cheaper but they really like the product. They use only non-abrasive exfoliators so they will not develop small tears in the skin. They are 20 years old and already have soft skin so they are not concerned with anti-aging products. She bought this product for her 62-year-old mother who tried it and loves it. The mother’s skin looks more youthful and has a glow she did not have before. She likes the organic aspect of the product as well. A very positive review indeed.

The customer has battled with acne since she was 12-years-old, she is now 42- years-old so we are talking 30+ years and she found no solution until she came across this product. It has reduced the sizes of the pores on her nose and her forehead. Thes enlarged pores were the cause of the breakouts. The breakouts have vanished and her face is just about cleared up from the acne. She likes the way the skin feels smooth and how the product exfoliates without scrubbing the skin with sandpaper. The dark spots she has had for years are fading and the lines around the mouth and on the forehead are fading. For the first time in years, she feels confident enough to go out without applying makeup to the face. This product has really boosted this woman’s self-confidence and has all but taken care of the acne and line problems on her face. She has had an acne condition for years but now it seems to be under control this has to be a big relief for her.

This could be a trumped-up review. The customer says she has (is) at the end of her rope with her facial eczema. The pain around the eyes and the lips was unbearable. She applied the product and now her skin is smooth and feels velvety and this was only one hour after using the product. The scaling was fierce and she said just one hour ago she looked like an alligator. This is good that she seems to have found a product that has helped her with her skin. This sounds like an unrealistic review that the product would work that fast clearing up eczema so quickly. The customer was at lost on how to rate this product because it did not change the skin for the better. It smells nice and it makes her clean feel so soft and does not make her skin feel greasy or oily. She has been using the product for 2 months and she has not seen any improvement in the skin. She is hoping she will see improvement in the future on her skin. She did give it a 4-star rating which is very high.

Premium Nature Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The product has antioxidants that combine to act like a natural exfoliator. That will reveal the best and most beautiful skin. The product will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spot to reverse the signs of aging that will make the skin look years younger. It sounds like the product contains some natural ingredients as well. The scent of the product is very sweet so you will smell sweet and look great. The product nourishes and strengthens the skin and protects it from environmental factors.

Feedback: This is a different review. The client claims that if you hang out on the beach the wind, salt, and water will clear up the skin of acne and ingrown hairs. This has never been heard of that by hanging out at the beach it will make the skin healthy. The customer writes the product will have the same effect as going to the beach will the skin. The customer will use the product on a regular basis. I can see the product clearing up acne and ingrown hairs but the beach? The customer says you must leave salt on the skin to help to achieve these ends. This all sounds like it is not true.

The client says she thought the product would go very fast. But it has lasted the customer a long time as the customer says a scoop will cover the face and the whole body. The customer says she is a big girl and she will buy the product again. The customer has dry, itchy skin that flakes off and the product takes care of that issue far better than a washcloth can. The instructions to use it only once a week so the client suggests if you need to use a product like this daily. You should find a supplement to the beauty routine.

The client is very transparent. She also likes the smell of the product and she loves the product so much she gave it a 5-star rating. This customer says this is the best bath scrub she has ever used. She uses it in every bathtub and shower she gets into. She says it is great to use before shaving. The customer either did not read the directions or she chose to ignore them. The instructions say to use the product only once a week, not every day. It is my hope this customer does not permanently damage the skin from overusing the product. This is not a wise choice on her behalf.

Microdermabrasion Face Scrub by LAVO 

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Benefits and Uses: The product will remove acne, blackheads, flaky skin on the forehead, sun damaged, skin, age spots, wrinkles, and much more the company testifies. The company also boasts this is the best product on the market. But the age-old question is will the reviews agree with these statements? The cleanser contains enzymes and fruits that will mechanically (whatever that is supposed to mean) dead skin cells leaving you with a restructured and brighter complexion. This is due to new skin cells being produced to replace the old, dead skin cells. The product will heal the tears on the skin left by coarse exfoliation products and it will protect the skin from these tears because of the ingredients it contains. It is said to work as well as some of the best microdermabrasion machines you find at salons. But this seems like a stretch that a cream can work as well as a highly efficient machine can work. Especially, when the machine is specifically designed to exfoliate the skin to the deepest level and in the most detailed manner possible. The product is free of harmful products and is never tested on animals. You see the animals preferred to go to the salons to use the microabrasion machines over this product. The animals reported the machines did a much better job than this product did. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer claims that most of the reviews she read about the product were written by people who received the product for free. And if this is a true statement then what can you expect but for these people to write rave reviews. Do you think they are going to trash the product when they receive it for free? The company says the product received rave reviews but what they do not tell you is the product may have been given to the reviewers for free. This is not an accurate reflection of how good the product really is.

The consumer says the product is shrinking the pores but has not removed the blackheads on the nose. The blackheads have been there forever the client writes. The client will wait to see if the product removes the blackheads from the nose. The client gave it a 4-star rating because the container holds 2 ounces of product for almost $30.00 dollars. This is way too much money to be charging for so little product. This is strike 2 against the product it costs too much for so little. Strike one is most of the reviews (if this is true) were written by people who received the product for free. The customer says it is an awesome product.

The customer says the product is not made for sensitive skin but it cleans the skin very well. The client says they stopped using it but the company kept in contact with her to see how it was working for her. She told them of her negative experience with the product and they offered to send her an alternate product free of charge. This is stellar customer service. The customer does recommend the product and says people should use it. But it is not made for people with sensitive skin.

Asutra Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains many ingredients that will make this a pleasant and gentle exfoliating process for the skin. It will leave the skin looking fresh and nourished. It hydrates the skin making it as smooth as velvet. The dead skin cells will gently fall of the dry and itchy areas of the skin. Taking all the aging signs with them. The company wanted to make a product that would go beyond d just exfoliating the skin. They made a product that will absorb deeply into clogged pores and unclog and clean them It will make the skin shine beyond your wildest expectations. The company seems very factual and realistic in their appraisal of their product. This could mean they can be trusted to deliver a quality product. They have a “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

Feedback: This review was from a grizzled biker. Yes, a biker who still rides a ‘Harley Davidson” with a carburetor and points. The client says he tried this product because he is tired of his wintery, dry and itchy skin. He makes it sound like he is wearing fur. He found out that hot showers make the skin dry and itchy. The client takes scalding hot showers by his own admission. He says the product leaves his skin feeling oily (not motorbike oily) but a well-lubricated type of oily. The client sheepishly admits he likes the lavender smell of the product and it feels good on the skin. He does not want the scent to linger because the boys at work would question him about it. His wife bought an expensive product that works like this one. He tried it and says his works better but his wife will not admit his works better he claims. He can buy four of his product for the price of one of her products. He gave it a 4-star rating instead of a 5 star rating because he loves people not objects, This makes no sense. If you love a product you give it a 5-star rating, not a 4-star rating.

Herbal Unity USDA Organic Peppermint Body Scrub 

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Benefits and Uses: You need to respect the company for this revelation. They say don’t use it on the face because it is a heavy-duty exfoliator and the implication being is it would be to rough for facial skin. You could even damage the skin because the product is so strong. It can be used for the rest of the body and it will remove dry skin and leave the skin feeling exhilarated and fresh. The company uses all natural ingredients in their products and it is paraben free and free of other harmful chemicals. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products.

Feedback: There were no reviews written about the product because it may be that it is a fairly new product on the market. The one comment I would make is that the company seems to be straightforward and realistic about the benefits the product has to offer.


There are some decent exfoliators on the market that come in all sizes and shapes and contain a wide variety of ingredients. Most of the products have natural ingredients in them and are free of harmful and synthetic elements.


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