Best Exfoliators For Rosacea

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Rosacea Wash (4 ounce)


An Exfoliator for Rosacea must be a very strong cleaning agent. It has to be able to remove the red spots and the pain of the skin rash. Also, there is the emotional side to deal with. It is embarrassing to have red spots on your face especially in very obvious places on the face. Like on your cheeks or your nose for instance. People may think you blush easily or you are permanently shy or embarrassed. It must be an exfoliator that has the right ingredients and benefits for the right kind of skin type. Rosacea is a painful and very obvious skin rash for people who have it. They need something that will exfoliate the skin and get rid of the rosacea fast. Yes, you can conceal it but that is only a temporary solution. You want a solution that will permanently remove the Rosacea. This is where skin exfoliators specifically designed to remove rosacea come in. Let’s do a search on some of the top rosacea exfoliators on the market today.

Microdermabrasion Face & Body Scrub Exfoliator (8 oz) by Organic Prestige

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Microdermabrasion Face & Body Scrub Exfoliator (8 oz) by Organic Prestige

Benefits and Uses: They say dermatologists recommend that you shouldn’t use cheap quality products because the will contain cheap ingredients. This may not be true that dermatologists tell their patients not to buy cheap products. The company says their product is high quality and only contains the best ingredients. But the big question is will the reviews support these claims? They say that products bought in beauty and bath stores will not work.

This is not true you can find good, strong skin products in these types of stores. It is designed to take care of rosacea and a host of other skin conditions. It is supposed to be the best of the best in skin exfoliating products. It is free of harmful ingredients and chemicals. The products are high quality because they include minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The ingredients offer a lot of benefits as well. They say the ingredients that are cheap cause skin issues and scalp issues for people. They also say that the products are way overpriced. Their products are reasonably priced but this doesn’t mean they will work as effectively as they say. They appeal to spa owners to try their products. They invite beauty professionals to ask any questions they may have about their products.

Feedback: There are 12 customer reviews written on the product so far. The sad reality is that the product averaged a star rating of 3.0 which is not that good for such a high-quality product. The first consumer really likes this product. They use it on the skin and their skin is now an even tone. It used to be rough and patchy now it is even and smooth. They also like the fact they can still breathe normally using the product. Other products have set off their asthma, not this product. They are usually not loyal to a brand but they are when it comes to this brand. They have also applied to their skin to stop ingrown hairs. Another customer says the product is alright but it is too abrasive and is not like products that have fine granules.This customer read the ingredients of the product they have been using for twenty years and they did not like what they read. It seemed like there were too many harmful chemicals in the ingredients for the client. They decided to go organic. They tried this product but the bottle arrived and was leaking profusely when she opened the package containing the product. This was no reflection upon the quality of the product but she lost a significant amount of product. It was not discussed if she returned the product or not. The company’s response to the leaking product was not discussed either.

This customer is disgusted with the product. They left it in the shower and every time they opened the bottle the product began to run out. The portion they could get on their skin. They like the “beads” because they are not ground up particles of salt or nuts but then they say they don’t care for the scrubbers in this product. It is not clear whether the client likes the product’s scrubbers or not. They think the product does not exfoliate very well. They said upon reading the ingredients contained in the product that they were not organic at all as the company claimed they were.

Basically, she is saying the company is not telling the truth about the products they put in the product. She could not remember the products and she advises other clients to read the product ingredients before purchasing. Irad the ingredients in the bottle and I have to honestly say the products all were organic in the ingredients list. The reviewer is mistaken about the products not being organic. For the most part, they are organic or natural. She is picky about the ingredients she uses and she will not order the product again. She is not sure why she tried the product in the first place.

pHat 5.5 – Rosacea Wash (4 ounces)

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pHat 5.5 - Rosacea Wash (4 ounces)

Benefits and Uses: The company says the product zeros in on all the symptoms of the four different types of rosacea. They say you may have tried all kinds of rosacea skin products with no success. Their organic formula will treat the soreness, acne, and red spots that rosacea manifests to the skin. The product is gentle on the skin touched by rosacea and at the same time, it cleans the skin deeply. The company knows how sensitive skin can be that has broken out in rosacea. The product contains ingredients that will balance the pH of the skin and repair the damage to the skin caused by rosacea. The product is free of any artificial or harmful chemicals. The ingredients are pretty much all organic. The product will attack the symptoms of rosacea and will heal the skin from rosacea. The product is made in America out of organic materials. The nice thing about this product description is that you get the sense the company realistically presenting the benefits their product provides. They are not making inflated claims about the product. They really seem to care about the customers. This product is also specifically designed to treat, heal and remove rosacea.

Feedback: This is not a positive review. The customer said the product slightly worsened their rosacea. It did not leave the skin raw like other rosacea products have. It did loosen up some dry patches of skin on the face. But it sounds like the product really did not work for this person. Which rather unusual because the company claims it will treat all the symptoms of rosacea not make the rosacea worse. This customer said the stuff worked no better than her apricot product. This product is much more expensive than the apricot product. The client said the product was overpriced. It did not do a thing for her rosacea. She says don’t waste your money. This is not a fair statement to make because the product really did help other people.

Another client for whatever reason said they could not use most products that say they treat rosacea. Fortunately, for this person, this product is working for them and this is really good to hear that it is helping their rosacea. Another client says it feels good on their skin and it is reducing the redness on their nose and this is really the only area they have had a problem with. The customer says the product leaves their rosacea-affected skin nice clean and loose not dry and tight. It is used with their brush and it does clean thoroughly and rinses off nicely. They rinse their eyelids with it being very careful not to let the product get in their eyes. There is no change in the redness of the skin but the dryness is fading and the flakiness is also disappearing. They have had fewer acne breakouts and it sounds like they will be using the product for a while. Yet another customer said they tried a lot of products for rosacea with no success. This product is working for the person and it really calms their skin down. They would recommend it to anyone who has irritation from rosacea.

Natural Facial Cleanser With Vitamin C & Argan Oil 

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Natural Facial Cleanser With Vitamin C & Argan Oil 

Benefits and Uses: It has organic ingredients and it is free of harmful chemicals and anything that could damage the skin. It Has no parabens, dyes, or artificial scents.All the scents are natural. I wonder why algae smell like?

The company uses fresh botanicals in small batches. It acts as a sunscreen that protects the skin from sun damage. It is said to unclog pores and help you get rid of pores and blackheads. Unlike most cleansers that are formulated for acne prone skin, it will not dry out the skin. It controls sebum production and hydrates the skin. Since the product is formulated from natural sea ingredients it is advisable to store the product in a cool, dry place. If you leave it in heat or near moisture these elements will break down the ingredients. Once this happens the product is rendered useless.

Feedback: This review was written by a Dr. She says it is a good product to use to remove makeup and foundation. It is non-irritating and soft on the skin. She says it can help to treat rosacea and other skin conditions. It does not interfere with the natural pH of the skin. She highly recommends it. This mother bought the product for her son and her son loves it. It is organic and the mother really likes that. It seems like she bought the product for her son’s acne. This customer was ecstatic about the product she says she washes her face with it and her skin feels great. She is excited about trying the whole product line.

Baiden 2 pack Exfoliation 

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Baiden 2 pack Exfoliation 

Benefits and Uses: These gloves that are supposed to treat rosacea. They are non-chemical gloves that are supposed to give you smoother skin by rubbing the skin with the gloves. It is supposed to remove bumps on the skin and leave smooth and silky skin. It also is said to clear the pores so beauty products will absorb easier and deeper into the skin. It is not clear how the gloves can treat rosacea though.

Feedback: This customer said they really like the mitts. They were skeptical at first at the effectiveness of the mitts. She went and worked out very intensely. She hopped in the shower then she took the soaked mitt and started rubbing. She said she rubbed in an up and down motion just with enough pressure. She claims the dead skin came falling off. She did not know she had so much dead skin. It really works the mitts do. She looks forward to her next exfoliating session. Her scars look better too.

Luxury Face and Body Wash (8 oz) Facial Cleanser

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Luxury Face and Body Wash (8 oz) Facial Cleanser

Benefits and Uses: This is supposed to be a luxurious product and retails for double what the first product retails for. For this product so far there are 22 reviews written. This product as the first product has not received a lot of reviews. Does this mean the company’s products are low-quality and poor sellers?

Feedback: The client has sensitive skin and they have been looking for a decent face wash for a while. This product has ended their quest and they love the product. But they did not give any extensive detail as to why the product is so good. This type of information is essential and should be included in the review. This customer, unfortunately, had an allergic reaction to the product both times she used it. She has a skin condition that flared up when the product was used the first time. She waited 2 weeks and tried the product again. The second flare up was worse than the first flare up. She used a cream to clear up the skin rash this product caused. She can use coconut oil which seems to help her skin. She was disappointed the product did not work for her as it has worked for so many others. Her skin could not take the product it reacted violently to the product when she applied it to the skin. The second customer has sensitive skin too. Many face washes cause her skin to breakout but this one was gentle on her face. She is using the second bottle and will keep buying the product. It is very healthy for her skin.

The client says the product is gentle on her face and it cleans very well. She loves the product. This client hates the product and it did nothing for her in a positive direction. She used the product and she broke out in acne in places on her face where she doesn’t normally get acne. She thinks the product is terrible and she wants her money fully refunded. Obviously, she won’t buy the product again. She only used it for three days. At least she gave the product a try for three days even after breaking out acne. The client says the product helps to heal the acne. The only complaint she has is that the product is too runny. She would like the product to be thicker. She uses too much product every time she applies it to her face.

The customer says the product does not lather well and it is too runny so she has to use too much. The customer said this product did not clear up her skin rash like another product had cleared it up so effectively. The product is either very slow at working or it doesn’t do anything at all. The customer used the product for 3 days in a week and it did nothing to her skin. She says the product is useless. There was another complaint that the product does not lather well and the bottle is very small holding hardly any content. This is bad because the company is charging about $15.00 for a small bottle of product. This product is way overpriced for the size of the bottle.


It may seem like it would be hard to find a decent rosacea product in the sea of rosacea products that have flooded the market. But if you do a little digging you can find some genuine quality rosacea products. There is help out there for you. One customer said they will never find a cure for rosacea but this is not true. There are plenty of rosacea products on the market that have helped other people with rosacea.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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