Best Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Shouldn’t a lot of people ask, does it even matter what eye cream you use for the sensitive skin? After all eye cream is eye cream and you should be able to put eye cream on any type of skin. But this isn’t necessarily the case because if you have very sensitive skin and you put eye cream on it could irritate and burn the skin. You do not want to make your eyes sting because you put the wrong eye cream around them. So if they make cream for sensitive skin there has to be a reason. Now, we need to find out. What is the best eye cream for those sensitive skin types and which eye cream will work best for your sensitive skin? In the following article, you will find a list of the best eye creams for sensitive skin. You just may find the eye cream you have always wanted.

Roc Retinol Correxion Sensitive Skin Eye Cream

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fight aging signs around the eyes

Benefits and Uses: This tube of eye cream has 1/2 of an ounce in the tube. This is not very much cream in this tube, For starters, you will be paying for a small quantity of product. I will fight the classic signs of aging around the eyes. It is reported to fight aging signs around the eyes removing wrinkles and thin lines. It is designed to help skin that cannot tolerate Retinol. It has a weaker version of retinol and hyaluronic acid. Clinical research as proven in fades wrinkles and thin lines around the eyes. The product has quite a name as it has accumulated over 3400 reviews.

Feedback: This review is realistic. The customer says if you think you will use this eye cream for one week and expect dramatic results you will be disappointed. But if you keep using it every day and you are patient you will see results over the long run. She has used the product for six months and is now seeing noticeable results. The wrinkles around her eyes are fading. The wrinkles in between her eyes are completely gone. She smoked for about 20 years and said the age marks were from the smoking. She took a picture of herself in the morning and she said she now looks her age instead of 50. This is from using the eye cream for 6 months. She isn’t disappointed in this product and expects continued results. She says the retinol really works it will just take time.

The second reviewer is 22 year-old and has spent most of her life in the grueling New Mexico sun. She has developed three wrinkles on the forehead, acne scars, and age spots. She wrote a long analysis on how the FDA has approved strands of retinoids because research has proven they are a viable anti-aging compound. She is by no means an expert in this field she just shared what she found in her research. Now, for her personal results using this eye cream. She has been using it every night for 4 months, She has noticed some results the wrinkles on her forehead are gone and the acne scars are fading. She says she gave this product 4 stars instead of five because it says it will heal deep wrinkles. She has no deep wrinkles so she cannot say whether this would work on deep wrinkles or not. This makes no sense why she did not give the product five stars it as met all her needs for using the cream, Based on that information she could have given it a five-star rating. According to this review, it will take time to results from using this eye cream but the results will come.

The reviewer says this eye cream is great. She noticed results in about one week. She added to her Korean beauty routine. She says to use it at night and only what you need. Work up to using it every day because if you have sensitive skin the eye cream will burn your skin. She warns if you use AHA or BHA do not apply these treatments right after using this cream. These treatments will throw your pH off balance and negate the work of the retinol.

Burt’s Bees Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

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99% natural cream made for sensitive skin

Benefits and Uses: This eye cream claims it is 99% natural cream made for sensitive skin. It comes in a 1/2 ounce tube another tube with a limited product in it. Supposedly, studies have shown it to moisturize the sensitive skin area around the eyes without irritating or making it red. It is a natural eye cream that is able to remove puffiness around the eyes without drying out the skin.

Your skin will feel refreshed after using this eye cream. The cream is able to moisturize and the cotton and rice extracts in the product, restore the skin under the eyes. It is hypoallergenic and comes recommended by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

Feedback: This reviewer gave the product a four-star rating but she was not really pleased with the results it had on her skin. She says it loses emollient quite rapidly and it seems to rapidly dissipate on the skin so it cannot be felt anymore. She is also concerned about the wrinkles it is not preventing. It sounds like it is not really benefitting this comfort. This has to be chalked up as a loss of money for the customer. Another customer says this is their main eye cream they use. It works very well for them. Another customer said the cream moisturizes her skin but so far it has not done anything for her wrinkles or fine lines.

One more dissatisfied customer who said normally Burt’s Bee products are wonderful. This eye cream was too runny and not thick like she was expecting. The cream burned her eyelids so she had to stop using it. This was a 67-year-old woman who needed to get started on her eyes. She used the product for two weeks and has seen no improvement.It moisturizes her skin and doesn’t irritate it. She needs to give it longer than two weeks for results to be seen. Another customer says the eye cream works well for the bags under her eyes and the berfalitis and it doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin. Berfalitis is a condition where the eyelid gets inflamed. So, this cream is reducing the inflammation of her eyelids. The cream works well for the puffiness underneath this client’s eyes but the packaging is a problem to manipulate. The gasket that is supposed to hold the cream back is ineffective because the cream will flow into the neck and the cap making for a mess to clean up after every use.

Eye Cream Moisturizer (1oz) 94% Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

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restore, tighten, rejuvenate and make the skin around the eyelids look smoother and younger

Benefits and Uses: This manufacturer is more liberal with the product they actually give you a 1-ounce container of cream. It is a well-used product as over 2700 reviews have been logged concerning this cream. It has The cream will restore, tighten, rejuvenate and make the skin around the eyelids look smoother and younger. The cream contains no harsh chemicals or parabens, artificial colors or any harmful ingredients. The company says the cream is cruelty-free meaning it has never been used on animals. But why would anyone use an eye cream on an animal anyway?

This makes no sense because you do not use eye creams on animals. The cream is for both men and women to use. It has rosehip, Vitamins A and C to name a few to nourish the skin around and underneath the eyes. It will not irritate the sensitive skin around or underneath the eyes. It can be used either in the morning and in the evening. The eye cream calms, tones and softens the skin under and around the eyes. It makes skin look more radiant. The company will give a 30-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: This could have been a negative experience for this customer but it turned out well for her in the end. She had bought his cream but took a break from it and all creams for two weeks. She went back to use it and when she opened the jar she got a big surprise. The cream had turned moldy and had black spots in it. She was disappointed because the cream seemed to be helping her with the bags under her eyes. She said she would not buy the product again at that point. She returned the product and the company said she had received a bad batch. Many customers had complained to e company that the cream turned moldy. She gives the five-star rating for the company more than the cream.

She received her new batch of cream which was fine and did not turn moldy. She received a note from a worker apologizing for the bad batch and thanking her for the previous purchase. The customer was thrilled with this response. She says that no company does this kind of excellent customer service anymore. She will but all her skincare products from this company from now on. She said they have the best customer service of any company she has dealt with in the past. They treated her well and now they have a customer for life. Outstanding customer service pays off. You just cannot beat good customer service like this company has shown to this customer.

This is a very honest review. This review was written by a 59-year old woman who said she had read so many good reviews about the company she decided to try the product. She is very happy with the product and it is working well for her. She wanted to wait to write a review to make sure the cream would work. It works and she will buy the product again.The cream has good staying power and she knows she has the eye cream on for hours. She paid her own money and she did not get a discount for writing this excellent review, She wrote this review on her own initiative. She is a 59-year-old customer who really likes this product. She likes the fact, that she can buy a product from a mom and pop company and not a giant box store.

This customer is almost forty and wants to get rid of her wrinkles. She bought the product and started using it. She did not know how it was working. Someone asked her if she was getting botox. Now, she knows the cream is working well. She uses it on her eyelids, around her eyes, around her lips and underneath the eyes. It is working wonderfully for her.

This review was written by a 25-year-old who says she doesn’t want to age prematurely. She wants to look her age now and she will age when she ages. She has sunken eyes and started using the cream. She also has acne and the cream seems to be helping with both issues. She showed some pictures before and after using the cream. It seems to be helping her skin.

VEBELLE Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

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anti-aging cream for the eye area

Benefits and Uses: This product is designed as an anti-aging cream for the eye area. It addresses problems including crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles between the eyes, inner corner creases, and under eye vertical lines. It may prevent future wrinkles and drastically improved the appearance of current wrinkles the company claims. The company says the cream is 100% natural and 86% organic what the difference between the two has not been explained. It is supposed to treat any kind of lines or wrinkles around the eyes and underneath them.

It is supposed to treat any kind of lines or wrinkles around the eyes and underneath them. The product is safe to use on any type of skin and will deliver results whether the skin is oily, dry, or combination type skin. The cream contains no harmful products and has never been used on animals. Why would you use eye cream products on animals? It is frivolous to say it has never been used on animals because no one would use eye cream on animals anyway.

Feedback: The customer is in her late forties and she is happy with the product. She has been using anti-aging products for years but really hasn’t seen any results. It is hard to see results with this anti-aging eye cream. He has very sensitive skin around and underneath her eyes. She says they are having a hot summer in Georgia. In the past, she has had to stop using beauty products in the summer because when she sweats the makeup or whatever she was using would run into her eyes. This would cause her eyes to sting.

This product keeps her skin around and underneath the eyes well-hydrated and it is gentle on her skin. She sweats but this product does not run into her eyes and cause them to sting. It absorbs nicely into her skin and she likes the product. This was a review written on her own volition. For her honest review, the company sent her a free product. This is excellent customer service considering she said it was hard to see any changes with this eye cream around the area.

He was having an issue with puffiness around the eyes on the camera. He started using this cream and now the puffiness and bags under the eyes are completely gone. He says he is a straight male and for men not to be shy to use this eye cream because it works. This is definitely a different slant. This male was very honest and he was not afraid to say he was using eye cream. Good that he is so transparent.

Vitamin C Eye Gel

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eye gel for puffiness, eye bag, dark circles all under the eyes

Benefits and Uses: Results will be achieved by this eye gel for puffiness, eye bag, dark circles all under the eyes. It also helps with eye skin sagging it will tighten the skin in a good way. It is an anti-aging product that specifically targets the sensitive skin under the eye. It will treat any issue under the eyes regarding the skin. Vitamin C the active component in the gel helps to produce collagen which leaves skin looking youthful and radiant. Is vegan-friendly and made of natural products and it is a high-quality product.

Feedback: The customer has fallen in love with this product and it has changed her skin already. It as removed the morning bags from under her eyes which was a nice surprise for her. She likes the pump but if you engage the pump fully too much product comes out. She has mastered the half pump action and she gets the right amount of cream. She recommends the product highly.


We have listed a few top-rated eye creams for you. A couple of the creams had thousands of reviews written on each product. If you would like to you can read through some of the reviews and get a good feel for what others think about the products. If you have sensitive skin around and under the eyes and you are looking to get rid of some wrinkles, crow’s feet, thin lines under the eyes then you have come to the right place. Read the reviews above and pick the eye cream that will work best for you.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.