Best Eyeliner for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

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A good eyeliner is a requirement for any makeup routine. No lady ever leaves home without an eyeliner in her makeup bag. However, the problem is when you have oily lids. If you have an oily face, it will be a challenge to use eyeliner. But with stay put pens and pencil grabs, you will find it easier to apply an eyeliner.

Alternatively, you can clean your face and keep it oil-free so that you can use your eyeliner without challenges. Your eyeliner will, in turn, affect the texture of your skin, keep you healthy and youthful for a long time.

You need to pay attention when it comes to choosing high quality products that work well for your face. Be cautious when looking for an eyeliner for your oily skin. Different eyeliners work well on different skin types. Therefore, take time to learn about your skin and use one that works well for you.

After knowing your skin type, you have to use eye products that are appropriate for your skin type. You can choose quality skin care and makeup products that are able to conceal your flaws and keep you looking striking throughout the entire day. With oily skin, the basic rule is avoiding all liquid products and sticking to eyeliners and powder blush.

Eyeliner Application Process You Can Follow

Eyeliner Application Process You Can Follow

It is important to create a great base in order to apply makeup. Initially, it is advisable to apply a few drops of foundation lightly on the lids. Many products are available today.

However, there is a special primer specifically formulated namely the. L. F Fundamental Eyelid Primer to help your eye makeup stay for a longer time frame. Another famous system is Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer which is being substantially used by a lot of females. Dab lightly a small amount of the product on the eyelid using the tip of the ring finger. This will keep your oily eyelids from getting messed up.

You can also opt for Urban Decay Eyeliner special primer formula. This powerful product will also make your eyeshadows look chic and alluring. Another water resistant wear which will help to fight this oily issue is Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Attention Colour Base. This product’s one of a kind formula can carry out wonders in boosting the beauty of your fatty eyelids. Once it is applied and mixed on the eyelid, the skin tone at the top will be even and your eyes will be ready to be in the spotlight. You simply need to dust a layer of any transparent powder over the eyelid so as to set the essential primer.

As soon as you try the process, you can start dressing up your eyes. The only way to enhance your oily eyelid is to refrain from using products that usually cake or make your lids seem even oilier.

You should apply a thin layer of eyeshadow. It is important never to apply it heavily in one stroke. You need to find the most ideal eyeshadow formulation which promises to last for at least several hours of crease-free use. One of the most preferred brands is Maybelline Coloring Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeliner because it lasts longer.

The very last, but the most important part is definitely the perfect application of the eyeliner. You can use skin gel eyeliner so as to improve the alluring appeal of the eyes. Latest skin gel eyeliners help to make a dramatic effect.

They can be smooth and easy to apply. It is important to avoid foamy pencils and tough-lined local formulas. In fact, an excellent quality gel eyeliner product such as Bobby Brown Long Use Gel Eyeliner will help you achieve this look within your budget.

Earlier eyeliners used to smudge and it was very difficult for women with greasy lids to use the products. Application of eyeliner was relatively a long process and the gloss would fade rapidly in a few hours. Today, quality products happen to be launched by respected brands in the market. They present the best remedies you can possibly imagine, ranging from exotic kajal eyeliners to chemical eyeliners, to retracting eyeliners and to jellified eyeliners in different color choices.

Now you can build that perfect look although you may have oily eyelids. However, the most important characteristic is to know how to handle your natural oils production. Following the right techniques, you can flaunt your beautifully-colored eyelids with style and beauty.

Tips for Getting an Eyeliner for Oily Skin

Tips for Getting an Eyeliner for Oily Skin

You don’t necessarily have to give up wearing makeup just because you have oily skin. You just have to find the right products.

Try hypoallergenic. Many cosmetics companies make hypoallergenic makeup, which contains fewer skin irritating preservatives and fragrances. But even hypoallergenic products aren’t completely safe. They’re just less likely to rile up your oily skin.

Use an oil-based foundation. Oil-based foundations are less likely to provoke oily skin than water based products because they contain fewer and different preservatives.

Oil-rich foundations are fine for both dry and oily skin. And if you’re prone to breakouts, choose a water-based over an oil free foundation. Your skin’s natural oils will make an oily free foundation darken on your skin after a few hours.

Put your makeup to the test. You can determine whether a new foundation or blusher will rile up your skin before you use it. Dab a small amount of the product on your inner forearm twice a day for a week to see if your skin reacts.

However, this test is not foolproof. Some ingredients irritate the skin on your face, while others affect only the thin, delicate skin of your eyelids. Test only moisturizers and face cosmetics. Avoid testing eyeliner, mascara, eyeliner or hair products, which are more likely to irritate oily skin.

Keep with products that are tested and true. Once you find makeup your skin can handle, stay with it. When the urge to experiment strikes, it’s safer to try a new hairstyle than a new foundation.

In the past, black was king in terms of choosing a color for your eyeliner. Now, there are currently a lot of colored eyeliners available. You may choose the one that matches with the color of the outfit or sight. But if you’re using multi-colored dress after that, go for black eyeliner. Eyeliners come in natural powder, pencil and liquefied form and can be utilized just above or perhaps below the eyes. The easiest way of applying eyeliner is to start from the lining corner of your vision to the outside in a single stroke. Eyeliner must be applied after your eyeshadow. Gel-based eyeliners happen to be gaining much recognition these days for their convenient application and long lasting feature.

It can be true that beauty lies in eyes of the beholder, but you’ll want to make yourself presentable. A classy dress according to the latest trend with ideal jewelry, along with designer shoes can do magic. But the one thing that creates all the difference and adds more elegance to personality is a good makeup. In today’s busy life, spending a lot of time for makeup is not practical. However, a perfect eye makeup can easily solve this problem mainly because it takes very little time to do.
If you’ve tried all the suggestions you’ve read, and still failed to calm your skin or if you suspect a cosmetic or skin care product of causing your rashes or breakouts, maybe it’s time to consult a dermatologist.

Important Steps to Consider When Applying Makeup

Important Steps to Consider When Applying Makeup

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts of the overall cosmetic application technique. If you know how to apply eye makeup, you could improve your appearance and attractiveness.

Here are the 4 important steps in applying eye makeup:

1. Choose the right eyeliner suitable for yourself

Choose the right eyeliner suitable for yourself

Eyeliners are classified mainly into cream type and powder type. Powder type eyeliner is more suitable for higher age or with oily skin type.

A matured lady may have more wrinkles around the eyes. It should be noted that cream type eyeliner could easily hide the wrinkles and darken the lines around the eyes. Besides, the cream type eyeliner would be more easily dissolved in oily skin and is less long-lasting.

2. Choose the right color

Choose the right color

A brownish eyeliner is generally a natural selection for daytime. If you are attending some formal nighttime party, then it has to be matched with your dress’s color. Usually, a brighter color is more suitable.

It is not necessary to match exactly the same color with your dress, but they should be in the same color range. Although there are a lot of colors you can choose, it is possible you may not find the one which is most suitable for yourself.

If this happens, then you could utilize your creativity to develop your own color by mixing 2 different colored eyeliners. You could simply do it by brushing the powder type eyeliners onto the back of your hand and mix the color thoroughly before you apply it to your eyes.

3. Skillfully apply the eyeliner

Skillfully apply the eyeliner

After you finished applying the eyeliner, the next step would be wearing the eyeliner.

Choose of eyeliner application includes eyeliner pencil, eyeliner liquid and eyeliner cream. They have different uses and functions. Eyeliner pencil would be the easiest to use and have the most natural effect. However, it is comparatively less long-lasting and would be most easy to dissolve.

Eyeliner liquid is more long lasting but the appearance would be less natural and it is more suitable for on-stage use. When using the eyeliner cream, the eyeliner brush should be dampened first and then apply with a little drop of eyeliner cream.

It needs the highest skill because a shaking hand will easily result in two or more eye lines in one application. If you want a younger appearance, a natural brownish colored eyeliner should be applied starting 1/3 from the inside corner and all the way to the outside corner of eyes. Also, the eyeliner should be applied closely to the eyelashes.

In general, eyeliner pencil is the most commonly used, and below is the tip to make it longer lasting.

After applying the eyeliner with the eyeliner pencil, a bit of black color or dark grey eyeshadow could be brushed on top of the eye line. This acts as the protective layer for the eyeliner and makes it more long lasting.

4. Framing with mascara

Framing with mascara

The final step is applying mascara to make your eyes look good with beautiful flaps of thick, dark, long eyelashes. The most common problem encountered would be messing up the lower eyelid mascara during blinking.

It would be easily solved by applying a small quantity of dry powder onto the lower eyelid. It would absorb excess moisture and oil around the eyelid and prevent dissolving the mascara.

If you want to have thick and attractive eyelashes, you should apply a small quantity of dry powder onto the eyelashes first and then apply the first layer of mascara. You could repeat this procedure one more time after the first layer of mascara has dried. Use a small eyelash brush to separate the thickened eyelashes.

You may choose the mascara which contains ingredients for nourishing the eyelashes. In case you love swimming or you easily cries in movies, you can choose a water-resistant mascara. But be sure that you have the special removal cream for those water-resistant makeups since general makeup remover may not do the work.

The Best Eyeliners for Oily Skin You Should Buy

The Best Eyeliners for Oily Skin You Should Buy

We are all familiar with the effect eyeliners have on oily skin, right? If this has happened to you before, you are sure that the eyeliner will fall off your lid and that would be pretty messy.

However, if you have an oily skin, then you shouldn’t worry about getting an eyeliner that works well. We have listed some eyeliners that you can consider when you have an oily skin.

1. Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

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Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Black Magic is apparently among the best eyeliner that should be considered. The eyeliner has an edge on the market over different eyeliners because of three unique reasons. The first one is the brushing tip.

This eyeliner has an amazing brushing tip that is nearly flexible and makes tracing a precise flick easier. Second, the eyeliner is inky blank and requires you to retrace. The third reason is the period of time it takes before the eyeliner wears and tears. Frankly, the eyeliner can be worn even when it is raining and it does not budge like most eyeliners.

2. Voluminous Liner

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Voluminous Liner

This specific liner is used by many people as it exceeds the expectations of many and even in terms of features, it outweighs the other liners and its counterparts. It has an extremely flexible tip and makes it easier to control how thick or thin you want the liner to be. Also, it is made of a formula that dries to a nearly glossy black finish.

3. Aqua XL

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Aqua XL

If you have an eyeliner that doesn’t mess up all over your lids, then you are pretty lucky. However, if it does then you have no need to worry as you can simply use Aqua XL. It doesn’t end up all over your lids after applying. You can confidently wear Aqua XL without worrying if the eyeliner covers all the lids.

Aqua XL is a confident wear that doesn’t wear out even if you rub your eyelids by mistake during the day.

4. Long Lasting Wear Eye Liner

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Long Lasting Wear Eye Liner

The long lasting wear liner is pretty much what anyone would want to buy. A liner that only costs a few bucks and doesn’t even flick off after you wipe with your finger by mistake. The long lasting wear eyeliner has been known to be a suitable liner for those interested in using a high quality confident eyeliner that is a bit pricier than the rest.

5. Supercat Eyeliner

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Supercat Eyeliner

If you want your eyeliners looking dramatic then you won’t find a better liner than the Soap and Glory one. The eyeliner tips an amazing amount of pigment with just one swipe and dries within a short period of time allowing it to stay on your face without melting away quickly.

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