Best Face Lotion for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

The best face lotion for oily skin is to not put any face lotion on the oily skin. Seriously, though the best face cream to put on the oily skin is one that is designed specifically for oily skin. It has to have nutrients in it that will revitalize the skin from acne scars that have developed from acne. People with oily skin may have more propensity to break out in acne than people with dry skin would have. The person with the oily skin naturally will have more sebum oil produced through the pores.

The perfect face lotion will clear out the pores and keep them clean and open. It will not clog pores which are the perfect breeding ground for acne-producing acne to propagate acne in the pores. The face cream for the oily skin must contain ingredients that will kill bacteria found in the pores on contact. The last thing a person with the oily skin needs is a face cream that will feel greasy on their already oily skin. The face cream must not leave an oily film on the skin. The face cream needs to remove the excess oil from the oily skin without stripping it of all its natural oils. Then the person with the oily skin will have the opposite problem. The skin will become dry, itchy, flaky and very irritated from having all the natural oil removed from the skin. We will explore some of the best face lotions for oily skin.

Concept Skin Oil Control Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The company invites anyone interested to try the product. It will keep the acne-prone and oily skin types from getting acne and it will control the oil. It promises to give you healthier and younger looking skin. These are some huge claims to live up to. You may be able to save on expensive acne medication if the product can help to clear the skin of acne. The company says it will reduce pores and mattify the skin. This moisturizer can be used under foundation and take the place of a separate primer.

You can have a nice glow on the skin but it won’t be an obvious oily shine that makes you stick out in the crowd. If you have acne the last thing you want to have is a glowing face to bring attention to the acne. You can avoid that unwanted attention with this product t is implied by the company. The moisturizer will remove all the oil but it will not dry out the skin. Some results of dry skin are you look tired and older than you really are. The product will stop acne from developing on the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated but it also keeps the oil away from flowing in excess on the skin and spawning acne.

The product is made of all natural ingredients and it contains no harmful chemicals. The company says using this product you can say bye to expensive beauty products that contain harmful chemicals, that according to the company, will damage the skin in the long run. The company says that if you are not completely happy with the product they have you covered. They will give you 60 days from the date of purchase to return the product. They will give you a full refund and they will ask you no questions about why you are returning the product.

Best Face Lotion for Oily Skin

Feedback: The customer says they like the product and it leaves a nice matte finish on the skin and it surprised them. They have darker olive skin and it was good it did not leave a white film on the customer’s face. It also did not leave the skin dry. The customer says it is good for oily skin, large pores, and it applies on the skin lightly. It seems like the customer likes the price of the product and it sounded it like the customer may purchase the product again. The customer is 38 years-old and has major acne breakouts. The customer also has very oily skin and never used moisturizers. Other moisturizers dried the skin out and made the skin produce excess oil. The customer found this product and applies it before bedtime the product controls the oil on the skin and prevents acne breakouts on the client’s skin. The client likes waking up without having an oil reservoir on the nose.

The client works as a nurse on a busy floor sometimes more than 12 hours at a time. She has very oily skin and has tried different moisturizers which none of them worked. They made her skin breakout and they were useless for her to use. She discovered this product and it works very well for her. The product seems to have reduced her breakouts. She says that in the evening when she takes the makeup off she still has a lot of foundation left. She writes the product smells weird but it really works for her.

The client has extremely oily skin and was very surprised at how well it worked. She says she goes longer without having to blot her skin with a blotter. She has used it for 2 weeks and her skin is less oily than before she started using the product. She says her skin is staying drier for longer periods of time. She rated the product 4 stars. This is because the product dried her skin and made a little itchy and flaky. She has bought a second bottle because she like the product so much. She updated the review and upgraded the rating to 5 stars.

The dryness she experienced before has vanished. Her skin is also sensitive in fact it is extremely sensitive. This guy says the product leaves a nice matte finish on the skin. He says the product is good but there are other products that are as good as this one. This product is good for people who have acne. The problem with this review is the customer says there are other products as good as this one. This tells potential customers who read this review that this customer is not totally confident that this is the best product to use. This review has no selling advantages for potential customers.

Pangea Organics Facial Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product is extremely expensive selling for $40.00 per bottle and on top of that the bottle only contains 2 ounces. The product contains ingredients that will clear the skin the company claims. The product will moisturize the skin and reduce the size of the pores and the product is 100% guaranteed. Unfortunately, the company does not say how the product is guaranteed this could be a potential problem. It will boost cell production and smooth wrinkles. It will also reduce inflammation and create clear, glowing skin. The company says customers are saying positive things about the product.

Feedback: The customer is moving toward using all organic products and they really like this product. It has reduced the redness on the skin and has prevented acne breakouts. They seem to like the product. The customer says the product has helped the skin a lot. The customer applies the product and it relaxes the skin and reduces the pores. The customer says they like that the product has all natural ingredients. The product relaxes the customer when they apply the product.

The smell is bad at first but you get used to it very quickly. The customer admits the price is very high but the product is worth every penny. The product is way overpriced and it is a little bottle the product comes in. The customer says the product feels sticky on the skin and the client needs to use a hair dryer to dry the face before the foundation is pt on. The client has used other products by the same company that made this product. This product was supposed to be made for the customer’s acne-prone skin. It did not work for the customer so they will switch back to one of the other products they had been using. The customer rated the product 3 stars.

The customer has dry skin around the nose and the eyebrows and regular products make the skin look splotchy. The customer tried this product and says they need to carefully rub the product in wherever they put it on the skin because if they do not it will go everywhere. A little bit will go a long way. The product moisturizes the skin and does not leave it feeling tingly or does it burn the skin. It lasts a long time and the customer can wear it under makeup but for the price and how long it lasts the customer prefers a product made by Avon. The customer says the product works well and gave the product a 4-star rating. The customer is sending mixed signals in this review because they give the product a 4-star rating. Then the customer says they like another product better than this one and then they end the review by saying they have no complaints. But they had two issues with the product that it was too high priced and how long it lasted.

The client strongly complained about the smell of the product. They think it would have worked well on the skin and they really wanted too like the product. But the smell was awful and it would not go away. Another client said the scent did leave after a while. The smell was so bad the customer had to throw the product away.

The just could not get past the bad smell. They will buy the product again. The customer gave the product a one-star rating because the smell was so bad. The customer tried adding rose to the scent but it did not help to improve the scent. The customer says the product is so thin they have to use two layers on the skin. The customer says using it this much will not fight wrinkles and their skin feels tight after using the product. The customer gave it a one-star rating and they write they have to use their other moisturizer to compensate for this one. The customer maybe applying way too much of the product on the skin. Another customer said this product was so thick that a little bit went a long way. It sure sounds like the customer is using way too much product.

MARLOWE. No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product hydrates a cleansed face and is supposed to fight aging signs on the skin. The product is made with the company’s proprietary formula that will nourish and make the skin feel and look healthy. The product is lightly scented with aloe and citrus making a pleasant scent. The product is made for all skin types especially oily skin types and the product contains many nourishing extracts. The product is free of harmful chemicals and it has never been tested on animals.

Feedback: The customer is an older guy who just started using moisturizers. The customer started using the product about two weeks ago (at the writing of this review) on the advice of his girlfriend. He says his skin has taken a beating over the years. The product applies nicely on the skin and it feels light. It is not greasy and it does not leave a sticky film. The customer says do not wait until you are older to take care of your skin. The customer says the product does not feel greasy on the skin nor is does it feel too heavy. It applies nicely to the skin and it feels smooth on the shaving area. It is not a watered down lotion either. The customer says he will only use Marlowe products and this product does not disappoint and it works well like all Marlowe products. The customer says the product is reasonably priced.

The customer says the product will only bring temporary relief as it leaves the skin feeling tight. The customer says the product will not heal dry patches. The only positive for the customer was the size and because of this, the customer gave it an extra star. The customer says the product dries very quickly on the skin. The client says it is just a sub-par lotion and there is nothing spectacular about it. The customer rated it 2 stars.

Beauty by Earth Oil Control Face Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product will not leave an oily film on the skin and it absorbs deeply into the skin. It will remove wrinkles from the complexion and it will not clog the pores. It is designed for combination skin, oily skin, and acne-prone skin. It will not leave a greasy film on the skin and it is made in the United States. It has never been tested on animals.

Best Face Lotion for Oily Skin

Feedback: The customer said they had to stop using the product after only two days because the product made their skin beyond oily. In other words. It made the skin excessively oily beyond reason. The product is supposed to control the oils in the pores and it is not supposed to leave an oily film after it is absorbed into the skin. It appears that it failed miserably with this customer. The customer understandably gave the product a one star rating. The second review really was a waste of time to read. The customer wrote they were looking for a cream and found this cream and that is what they wrote. They gave no details of how the product worked for them. They gave it a 5 star rating but they did not explain at all why they gave it such a high rating. The review has absolutely no selling value. The review may as well have not been written because the first part was about the tanning product the customer used sparingly. It was irrelevant to the assessment of the quality of this product.

LATHER Shine Control Face Lotion 

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Benefits and Uses: The product will smooth the skin and fight blemishes. It also exfoliates the skin cleaning it of any blemishes or other skin imperfections. It will undoubtedly unclog dirty pores as well. There is an ingredient in the product that will bind moisture to the face and prevent the skin from drying out. The product contains another ingredient that tightens pores. Like most beauty products the moisturizer is cruelty-free.

Feedback: The product had only 2 reviews written about it. The customer days if you have oily or acne prone skin this is the product for the year. The customer has been using the product for a while and the skin is clearer than it has ever been. The customer has been battling acne for 10 years. The customer says this is an investment because the product is pricey but the customer feels it is worth the cost. The second customer says this is the best oil-control product they have ever used.


This article has entered the world of facial lotions for oily skin. The article has covered some pretty solid facial lotions that will help to control acne breakouts and excessive oil production from the pores. If you suffer from oily skin you should take a hard look at the facial lotions reviewed in the article. There is certainly a product in the list that can help you with controlling the oily skin and acne breakouts you may have.


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