Best Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Obviously, for the face mask for sensitive skin, you will want to get a face mask that will hydrate and not irritate sensitive skin. Especially if the skin is ultra dry you need to be very careful what type of face mask you put on your skin. There may be several vegetable and fruit-based face masks that can accomplish that very purpose. The key is to find the most widely used face masks and recommended face masks by beauty experts.

It does not hurt to read some of the actual experiences of consumers who have tried a particular face mask product that one may be thinking about using. Sometimes the best advice comes from people who have actually used the face mask product and can tell you how it worked for them. If it improved their skin or made no difference. Sometimes people try facemasks and find that it made their skin a lot worse than it originally was.

Ideally, we want a face mask products that will dramatically change the condition of people’s skin. Once in awhile, you find a person whose life has changed from using a high-quality face mask product. This is why we will list the best face mask products and individually review them and then you can decide which one is the best and choose the one that will work well for your sensitive skin.

Pure Biology Deep Pore Cleanser Clay Face Mask, 9 oz

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Pure Biology Deep Pore Cleanser Clay Face Mask, 9 oz

Benefits and Uses: This is a unique Bentonite Clay-based facial mask product which has proven cleansing ingredients that are combined with a patented “Nature Pep Pea” which is an extract that has been scientifically proven to rectify skin defects and it brightens and smooths the skin. It is 91% percent natural (not 100% natural) and is a non-GMO, paraben, and cruelty-free product. It also is formulated to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin from blocked pores, visible pores, dark and red spots, acne scars, blackheads, and excessive oil which will stop acne from developing on the skin in the first place. Their formula with “nature pep pea” will alleviate dead skin cells and illuminate the skin noticeably after only the first application. The soap will give the skin a luminescent glow that will turn people’s heads it is guaranteed.

The “nature pep pea” is actually extracted from the peapod and will absorb deeply into the skin to kill any free radicals that are implanted in the skin and reverse any damage they may have caused. It will also influence the overproduction of melatonin caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation which really means it will double as a sunscreen if you were inclined to go outside while wearing a face mask. This, in turn, directs the skin pigment to return to a more normal state leaving the skin to look brighter like it should. The soap is able to effectively cleanse all skin types without irritating the skin. Even the most sensitive skin will not be irritated by this soap.The product works especially well on the combination and oily skin types.

Feedback: The first customer doesn’t know where to start. The cream went on easily and lathered really nice for her. She felt this was the best face mask cream she had found. She tried a few. She bought her second jar and she is very pleased with results of the cream. She has been using the cream for six months and it feels great on her skin. She shared a picture showing the first time she put the cream on. Then she showed a picture of using the product at 6 months. There was a drastic change in the appearance of her skin. It looked tighter, brighter, smoother, and you could not see the pores in the second picture. This product helped her immensely.

The review stated that the user applied this face mask for the first time. As soon as she got out of the shower (she washed the face mask off in the shower) she noticed her skin was smoother, brighter and it felt wonderful. This was after only one application and she noticed a big difference. She doesn’t hesitate to recommend the product to others. Another user showed pictures of a dark spot on the skin. The clay face mask has, for the most part, faded the spot. She likes the product.

Vivo Per Lei Mineral Clay Face and Body Mud Mask 

Vivo Per Lei Mineral Clay Face and Body Mud Mask 

Benefits and Uses: It naturally detoxes the skin and eliminates dull and dry-looking skin and it will boost your troubled complexion. The company boasts that the product will make you look younger and eliminate the extensive and deeply rooted signs of aging. They will not go as far as to say this an eternal fountain of youth. But they are confident that it will make your skin a more youthful appearance. It contains some interesting ingredients including Sea Silt, Bentonite, Kaolin Clay, and of all things Bamboo Charcoal. It mimics a beauty salon treatment but they could be a very big stretch. Beauty salon treatments can be very expensive.

Feedback: There were only 57 reviews of this product so far. But a majority of the reviews were rating the product at five -stars. This amounted to 95% average rating which is quite good for being this early in the stage of the review process.The first user was smitten by the product. She has used it every day since she purchased the product and is obsessed with it. She is hooked on the product because she loves the way her skin looks. Her skin is so sensitive and the face mask product has not turned her skin red and there has been no itching, burning or stinging of any kind. It has no scent and she is going to order a few more jars. Another user commented that she too just started using the product and it removed the redness from her skin. Her face cleared up fast and even her husband commented on how clear and bright her skin looked.

This reviewer was listed as a “top 500 reviewer” so her view may carry a little more weight. She tried this product on her sunburned skin and it gave her instant relief. It cooled her painful face as soon as she put it on. It id not dry ou to the point where it cracked on her face. She said it did not pull any blackheads or sebum out of her face. It did pull the sunscreen from within her skin. She noted that the jar would last for months. It contains charcoal, bentonite, and kaolin which were safe ingredients for her to put on her face.

Brightening Face Mask For Women and Men By ERH

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Brightening Face Mask For Women and Men By ERH

Benefits and Uses: This face mask product has tranexamic acid which can fade dark spots and it has acerola extract which is effective in regenerating new cell tissue under the surface of the skin. It contains plant-based ingredients that have not been tested on animals making it a cruel-free product. It is also hypoallergenic, all natural, and is free of parabens. It is absolutely applicable for all skin types no skin type is left out. It has the best ingredients and covers your face completely for the total coverage look. You don’t need applicators to put this face mask on just apply it to your face and you are done.

Feedback: One customer said the mask stayed moist for 45 minutes. Another client said it was the best face mask product she has ever used and would like to recommend it to anyone who will listen. A third customer wrote a lengthy review as follows.

She reports that what started out as a fun event with friends turned out to be a positive experience for this user. She observes that what started out as a fun event with friends turned out to be a positive experience for this user. She was saying that she bought the mask to have a bonding session with friends. In her mind, nothing is more humorous than talking to someone with a face mask covering their face. She used this product and the night washed it off her skin felt plump and smooth. The next morning when she woke up her skin was still fuller and felt supple. The product really worked for her. Her friend’s skin had not felt that way in years and hers had never felt that way before.

She says reading this review a person would think she fell head over heels with this product but she did not. She was still skeptical that this product would work. She convinced her brother to try the face mask product. He did and he had great success with the product on his facial skin.

She continued to use the product and she says it practically has faded all of her dark spots. She did use other products during this time but she still attributes the fading of her dark spots to this face mask product.

She says she tried other face masks hoping for the same results but those results never came. She switched back to this face mask product. What she likes about it is that it keeps the valuable sebum within the mask. It also feels like cling wrap when to apply the skin mask to your face. It has an inside-like cloth texture that is breathable. She is truly sold on this product now. She highly recommends it.

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask 

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Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask 

Benefits and Uses: Everyone of all ages will benefit from using this product despite the fact it is designed for younger men and women. It has jojoba oil, shea butter, and Aloe Vera to revolutionize the appearance of your skin. This dead sea mud mask will absorb deeply into the skin and cleanse it from dead skin cells and excess oil. It will work deep within the layers of the skin and will remove dirt and other substances blocking the pores. The result you will have new and fresh, bright looking skin to look forward to. You will not look like the same person.

It fights acne and blackheads and supposedly spas across the nation are really talking about how well this product works. It contains powerful ingredients including magnesium, sulfur, bromide, calcium, iodine, sodium, zinc, and potassium. All of these minerals are known to kill acne on contact. It delivers an ample amount of moisture to the skin cells. The blood circulation is improved within the face and this helps to develop tighter looking skin to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

You should try testing this product in a hidden area off your skin. If you have sensitive skin the astringents in the product might irritate your skin and cause you to have an allergic reaction.

Feedback: This particular consumer tried the mud mask even though it is supposed to irritate dry and sensitive skin. It is more for oily and combination skin types. She has dry, sensitive skin and tried it anyway. The firstest lasted for about five minutes and it made her skin feel cool and did not have the kind of burning sensation that the clay mask had. It also brought blackheads to the surface and eliminated them. It also brought any whiteheads hidden under the surface of the skin to the surface. She was happy her skin felt smooth.

She did not wait for the full 24 hours to try the full face mask instead she applied the face mask after 12 hours. She liked the feel of her skin after she took the face mask off. It did not burn like the clay mask and it treated acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Her skin felt very calm and smooth after the treatment. She will opt for this face mask over a clay one.

This reviewer has oily and acne-prone skin. She has used this product a few times since she bought. She says she uses when you apply medium foundation to her skin. It peels off nicely and makes her skin feel taut, smooth and cool. The pores around her nose have gotten smaller. She says it did not make her skin glow as some have said in previous reviews that it made their skin glow. She says her acne is not inflamed and irritated as it once was since she has been using this face mask product. She will continue to use it. She recommends applying it with a brush because if you use your fingers you will smear way too much on your skin.

Nugg Beauty Hydrating Face Mask – Camellia Seed Oil & Spirulina Extract

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Nugg Beauty Hydrating Face Mask - Camellia Seed Oil & Spirulina Extract

Benefits and Uses: This package contains 5 envelopes of face mask material.This product is an award winning face mask product. It works best on the dehydrated, dry and normal skin. It will elevate your skin’s moisture levels and remove dry off flaky skin. It is a must for dry and normal skin types.

It brings comfort, plumpness, and health back to dry skin. It has won the prestigious Allure beauty award three times showing the high quality of this face mask product.It is almost 100% made from natural products. It contains no parabens, mineral oil, or artificial colors or scents. It is cruelty free like most beauty products manufactured these days. It contains Spirulina Extract, Camellia Seed, and ALoe juice. It comes with single serve pods that are ideal for when you are traveling and they keep the product fresh. This face mask product has also been tested by dermatologists.

Feedback: One reviewer said she likes the product because it makes her skin feel very moist. It is the best product she has found in years that makes her skin feel moist for a long time. She also says you can get many uses out of one face mask pod. Another satisfied customer has combination skin and finds this product cleans out the pores efficiently and doesn’t clog them. She is really ecstatic about using this face mask product in the future.


We have explored in this article the best facial mask products in the beauty busty today. All of the products listed seem to be reasonably priced and received positive reviews. The ingredients in each product worked well to keep the pores clean, the acne away and the skin hydrated. One reviewer said she experienced results with her face mask product she has never seen before. Look over the list, read some of the reviews and decide which face mask product will work the best for your type of skin. All of the products will work well for you.

You can even choose a face mask that contains mud from a very famous sea found in the Middle East. This face mask is very effective in killing acne.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.