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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The purpose of the ideal and best face mask is to remove wrinkles, thin lines, age spots, and of course blackheads and other forms of acne. But you do not want to look like a clown wearing a face mask. And obviously, you would not want to wear a face mask in public because if you did you would totally make a fool of yourself. No one needs attention that bad that they would brave wearing a face mask walking down a crowded street. People would think it was some kind of a gimmick you were advertising for a circus. Back to the serious stuff. You want a face mask that will moisturize the skin and leave it smooth and soft. A nice glow after the face mask application would not be a bad benefit either.

You definitely want it to open your pores and cleanse the skin from all imperfections and impurities. Of course, the mask must be lightweight and feel like you were not wearing anything on your face. The mask should absorb deeply into the skin cleansing the skin at the deepest layers possible. It should also remove dead skin cells leaving the face vibrant and youthful-looking. You would like to have a clear complexion when the process is over with as well. If you want to go to a beauty salon for the face mask application fine but you would save a lot of money if you applied the face mask yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains clay and other ingredients that will remove skin imperfections and leave the skin brighter and healthier-looking. The ingredients are 91% natural and the product is cruelty-free. This is because the animals did not want to put clay on their faces so the product is now cruelty-free. The product will absorb deeply into the skin and will effectively remove acne scars, red spots, and reduce the size of the pores. The product contains a breakthrough peptide that will instantly brighten the skin as this has supposedly has been proven in clinical trials. This peptide from the peapod supposedly slows down the production of melatonin that increases when the skin is exposed to UV rays of the sun and free radicals in the environment. This allows the skin to return to a balanced state and there is no clinical support to verify this claim. The skin mask can be used on very sensitive skin, all skin types, and especially oily and combination skin.

Feedback: The customer struggles with acne breakouts and faces masks that burn her skin and will stop breakouts. She tried this product and it gave her skin a tingling sensation wherever she had breakouts this was on the first application. The second application produced a tingling in the breakout areas but not as strong. The mask left her skin feeling clean and refreshed. The customer stopped short of saying that the face mask reduced and stopped the breakouts. She also did not say what other benefits the face mask had on her skin. She left out important data in the review.

The customer says she was a sun worshipper in her youth she is now in her 40″s and damaged her skin from being out in the sun so much as a youth. She has sensitive skin and finds that products will irritate and burn the skin. She started using this product once or twice a week. It has tightened the skin and refined the pores. She applies tan spray after she uses the face mask. Each time she applies the face mask she says it tightens the skin even more. The product has faded sun spots that damaged her skin when she spent so much time out in the sun as a young person. It is working well to restore her skin and she says lets the face mask completely dry on the face. She writes she has had problems with certain sunscreens because of the sensitive skin. Now, whenever she goes out she puts sunscreen on especially if she will be out in the sun for hours.

The customer had been following the brand and reading the reviews on the product. She decided to buy the face mask and tried it. She left it on for about 15 minutes and then she washed it off. Her skin felt very good. She says it came in a bigger container than she expected and she surmises it will last for a long time. She applied the face mask to herself and her three daughters and all these applications hardly dented the jar. She has very sensitive skin but this product did not irritate her skin. It sounds like she will buy the product again. The customer has used the product twice and the company recommends the product be used two times a week. The mask made her skin tingle but it did not irritate the skin. She says it has treated her stubborn pores and it has begun to fade acne scars and spots. The customer applied a thick layer to the face (you have to she says) because it drives thin. She washed the mask off and the skin felt very fresh. It did tingle a little bit but nothing serious. She highly recommends the product for others to try.

The mother had bought it for herself originally but she shared it with her daughter. The daughter said it felt minty(this sounds like the tingling sensation others have reported sensing) and the daughter liked the product. The mother said she could visibly see a reduction in her daughter’s acne. There were only 6 reviews written about the product but all 6 customers gave it a 5-star rating and they were very happy with the product. This is not bad the product got a 100% 5-star rating from all the reviews. The product may turn out to be a winner.

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask 

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Benefits and Uses: The company says this is the number one face mask product used by spas. How do you prove a statement like this? They say it is designed for younger skin and men and women can safely use it. The product is said to remove toxins, skin impurities, and other foreign matter out of the skin at the deepest layers. It removes excess oil and other impurities as well. It will reveal new, softer-looking and brighter skin. It is supposed to cleanse the skin from blackheads and other types of acne. The company says the spas are raving about this face mask product which is a highly suspect statement. You cannot prove a comment like this. There is an element of sensationalism in the product description. I have never heard of this benefit before but the product is able to improve the blood circulation in the skin. This, in turn, will tighten and nourish the skin giving you healthier-looking skin. The company advises that you try a patch test on your skin before using the face mask product. You can see if it will irritate the skin or not.

Feedback: The customer says if you have bought the face mask before and plan on buying it again don’t buy it again. This customer bought the product the first time and really liked it. She bought the product the second time and noticed it was not the same product. The container was the same and so was the name of the product. The ingredients were different and it was made in China but the first one was made in Israel. She finally tried the second bottle and said it felt different than the first product. She says she will not buy it again. This is a major false advertisement on the part of the company because the packaging and the name of the product are the same. But the product was made in a different country and the ingredients were not the same. This is a very negative review but the customer had a bad experience with the product. She applied the face mask and when she washed it off it had burned the skin. She had a sunburn and her skin was all red. She does not have sensitive skin but this product irritated the skin. She will never use the product again.

The customer was not expecting much from the product in the first place. This face mask is cheaper than some of the more expensive ones on the market. She tried it as directed twice a week and she said it felt like it was not doing anything. She removed the mask and her skin looked slightly better. She says this is an average face mask and basically said you get what you pay for. She said it is not as good as the more expensive face mask products on the market. She rated the product at 3 stars.

The customer thought the mask was a clay face mask. She realized it wasn’t when she applied the mask to her skin. The mask partially cleaned her skin but she still felt like she had something left on her skin after she removed this face mask. She thinks the product would be good for people with dry skin but not people with oily skin (like she has) because it won’t cleanse oily skin completely. She says a clay mask would completely clean her skin. I don’t think she will be using the product again.

A final note on this product a major flaw with this company is that they changed the ingredients and the country who made the product. They did not notify the public of the change and they tried to pass it off as the original product. The ingredients changed but the packaging the product came in and the product name did not change. This is massive deception on the company’s part. The company cannot be trusted now to be dealing with the public in an honest manner. This is very unprofessional conduct on their part.

Aria Starr Activated Charcoal Mud Mask 

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Benefits and Uses: Another product that the company is saying is number one and that spas are raving about it. I find these kinds of claims sensationalistic and suspect. How do you support a statement like this? There are no numbers to back this opinion up with. Another problem is this product is made by the same company who tried to pass off another one of their products as the original product when they changed it. So, from the outset how do you trust anything they say about this product? The toxins are drawn to the charcoal in this product and attach themselves to the charcoal. Once you remove the face mask your skin will be brighter, clearer and younger-looking. The mask is not a peel off mask but you must wash it off. The product is made in America. Just because the product is made in America does not mean you can trust this company.

Feedback: There is not going to be much feedback about this product. There were only 3 reviews written about the product. Which is odd because they had over 2000 reviews written about their other face mask product. It could be their deception has caught up with them and people are not buying their products anymore. The product scored very poorly with these three customers. There was not one positive review out of the three reviews written. One customer said the product stunk and did not do anything for the customer’s skin. The other customer said the product set her face on fire and the final customer said the product did not do anything for her skin. She took the face mask off and her skin did not feel silky, soft or clean. She said the product may have made her skin breakout. This product is a bomb so far. I really doubt this product will sell well on the market. It has had a very rough start.

This company is striking out with their face masks products. This was mentioned before but they tried to pass off a different product as the same original product. A customer who had bought the product originally really loved the product. The second one they bought was totally different and it did not do anything for the customer’s skin. The customer exposed the scam the company is trying to pull off. Their second face mask cream was reviewed by three people and all three people wrote very negative reviews about the product.

Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask

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Benefits and Uses: The product supposedly has gold in it. The gold will make the skin radiant and bright. Another ingredient in the product will moisturize the skin extensively and will tighten the skin noticeably. The product has strong antioxidants in the formula that will fight free radical damage that can cause premature aging of the skin. The product also has vitamin E which will also fight free radical damage. The product is alcohol and oil-free. The company encourages customers to try their face mask product.

Feedback: The customer does not write reviews normally but the customer says the face mask product is so good they had to write a review. The face mask really moisturizes the skin and the customer said they left the face mask on for thirty minutes. It really brightened the skin.

The customer says the product did not do anything for the skin. It feels good and looks good when you apply it to the face. It has gold specks but beyond these comments, the customer says it is just a fancy product. The customer implies it is a real waste of money. They most likely will not buy the product again.

Nylea Blackhead Remover Mask 

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Benefits and Uses: It seems like the face mask product is specifically designed to remove blackheads from the skin. At the time this article was written the company was offering a free black, nylon brush if you bought their face mask product. The product had over 900 reviews written about it so it may be a popular product. The company says the product will remove other types of acne and skin imperfections. They say follow the instructions which are very easy to understand. You can use the face mask right out of the box and it peels off when you are done with it.

Feedback: The customer says the product peels off quite easily and it does not hurt when you peel the mask off. The only problem is the mask only took off a few blackheads from the skin. The customer said they had many blackheads still sitting on the skin. The product needs to “stick” more to the skin to remove all the blackheads. The customer says if they cannot find a better face mask product with more “stick” they will buy this one again.


There have been some face masks reviewed in the article. Two of the products are not considered, by the author, to be the best product on the market. Both products were made by the same company and both products are not that good. The company changed the first product and tried to pass it off as their original product. The same company marketed a charcoal face mask and it had three reviews written about it. All three reviews said the product was a very poor quality face mask product.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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