Best Face Oils for Combination Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

This is a tricky proposition to find a facial oil that will treat combination skin. This skin type is defined as having dry patches in some areas of the skin and oily patches in the T-zone or the forehead, eyes, nose and chin areas. What makes it complicated is these type of people with this skin type will need different treatments for the various areas of the skin. They will breed a face oil that will treat oily skin and dry skin all in one product preferably. Or you could buy separate oils to deal with the different areas of dry and oily skin. This may be a stretch but what if you forget the product you are using and apply it to the wrong area of the skin. For instance, you apply a face oil to an area of oily skin when it is supposed to be applied to the dry skin areas and visa versa. This probably would not happen but if it did hypothetically you just brought on a whole new set of problems for your skin. The oil (that is used for oily skin) that you put on the dry skin could cause the dry patches to become excessively oily than you will have breakouts where you normally wouldn’t. Conversely, you put a face oil on an oily patch that is supposed to be used for dry patches you will dry up the skin and cause it to become irritated, flaky and red. So, people with combination skin really do face a unique arena of problems when treating their skin. It would be great if you could find one face oil that would take care of both the dry and oily areas of your skin. Then whether you put it on an oily patch of skin or a dry patch of skin it wouldn’t matter because it is formulated to treat both types of skin conditions.

Another facet of having combination skin is that you van have two different types of skin conditions going on at the same time. You could have an acne breakout down the t-zone of your skin. Then on the right and left side of the face where the dry patches could be you may have a breakout of psoriasis or eczema. This could be embarrassing for you to have acne in some areas of the face and eczema or red, splotchy, dry and flaky skin on other areas of the face. By now, you maybe asking then what shall I do about my combination skin.

Using two different types of oils could get expensive. Then to have to invest money in treatments to cure the side effects of the combination skin could become overwhelming. So, back to our earlier premise you want to find a face oil that will treat combination skin on both the oil and the dry fronts. You may think it is out of the question to find such a product at a reasonable price. Quite simply this is not true because there are several products or face oils on the market that can treat combination skin effectively. The best part is you do not have to spend a lot of money to obtain these products. We will share with you some of these products in the following reviews. You are not alone and there have been many people with combination skin that have gone before you and found the perfect face oil to treat all the issues pertaining to combination skin. You can rest assured they did not empty their wallets paying for these products either. These products are specifically formulated to treat the unique needs of people with combination skin.

Once we actually get to the reviews and the product descriptions you will see what we are talking about. There are people who have reviewed the products and have told of their successes or failures with a certain product. Do not be discouraged because we used the term “failures”. We have also used the positive term “successes” as well. So you will try products that will not work for your combination skin that is just a reality of life. But you will quickly or eventually find a face oil that will work effectively on your combination skin. Other people have and you will too.

Pangea Organics

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Benefits and Uses: The product focuses on the skin by bringing power antioxidants to it that will free it from free radical damage. These powerful agents will keep the skin clear, vibrant, and youthful-looking. The product will clear the pores and will give you 100% satisfaction that it .is clearing your skin of excess oils. It will help to rejuvenate dead skin and fight the anti-aging signs effectively. The gluten cleanser will work with your skin to cleanse it of excess oil and keep it hydrated and balanced. It will clear impurities from the skin. The company claims that customers have raved about the product will leave their natural oils in the skin. They say it doesn’t irritate the skin and they are experiencing fewer breakouts. Let us confirm that the reviewers are really making these statements about the product.

Feedback: Mom says that if you have oily skin and you really want to remove the oils from your skin. If you want to have nice, clean skin this product is for you. She bought it for herself originally but she did not know it was for oily/combination skin. She gave it to her husband and daughter to use and they loved the product. She felt left out so she started using it too. The product cleanses the skin effectively and it does a super job taking the makeup off as well. It smells like fresh, tangy oranges which the customer likes. The customer likes the packaging because it keeps the ingredients nice and fresh. She says that the box opens up flat which tells you all the amazing things the company stands for and that the product is eco and body-friendly. Honestly, I do not know how she can tell that the product is eco and body friendly because the box opens up flat. She also says the company stands for amazing things because of the box that opened up flat. How can you perceive all of these things from opening a flat box? The product goes a long way and hardly any product has been removed from the bottle.

The customer thinks she reversed the breakouts she has been having recently. She bought the product to balance her skin’s pH. She says the product has really cleared her skin up and she looks forward to what the product will do for skin clarity in the future. The client did not plan on falling in love with this facial cleanser but she did. She writes that facial cleansers can be tricky but this one really appealed to her. The cleanser lathers nicely which she likes. It has left her skin calmer in the sense that the redness is gone. She has rosacea and sensitive skin. Within three days of using the product, she noticed the texture of her skin had changed for the better. Previously, she used the same facial cleanser for over 17 years and once in a while she would try another facial cleanser. She would always return to the old facial cleanser. She says she will buy this cleanser again and it seems like she will not be returning to her old classic facial cleanser anytime soon.

The customer has tried facial cleansers from the high-end to the more reasonably priced. The ideal cleanser for the customer is one that is not pricey, does not have harmful chemicals in the ingredients, and works for her skin. She says the product lathers very nicely and she likes the foam of the lather. She hates to have to wash her makeup off in two steps. In fact, any extra steps added to the beauty routine does not appeal to her. This product removes the makeup in one step she just washes the makeup off with the product. It has one weakness for her and she complained to the company about this issue. The product clogs in the pump sometimes and the product goes on the mirror and in every direction but into her hand. She says the company fixes the problem then she will give the product a 5-star rating.

Bella Beauty Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & E 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is safe to use for all skin types because of the ingredients in the formula. It will hydrate the skin effectively. The company says the product will remove the signs of aging such as age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and many other aging signs. The product will also reduce acne scars, fade acne scars and unclog the pores. By unclogging the pores the product may help to reduce acne breakouts. The company claims the product is made of 100% vegan products and 72% organic products. The company will return your money or give you a replacement product so you have no risk in buying the product.

Feedback: This is a historical review as the customer says she is 61-years-old. She ran into a friend she had not seen since she was in her 40’s. The customer claims the friend said she did not look any different after all these years. The friend raved about how this customer did not have any wrinkles. She says this product makes her wrinkles look plumper and her skin look better. She says she bought the product in 2017 and it expires in 2020 and why she mentions this I do not know. She bought another bottle in case the product is discontinued. The customer says everyone knows the benefits of hyaluronic acid (this is not true because not everyone is even aware of hyaluronic acid) and the serum that contains it. It has worked well on her face and has made it look shinier. It has evened out the skin tone and the customer claims she looks younger since using this product.

This was written by a male customer. He says the product has not done anything for the skin. He uses it as a moisturizer. I have never heard of men using moisturizers in the first place. This rather a disturbing review was written by the male customer. The female client says the consistency was too watery for a serum and that is all she said about the product. If she had other problems with the product she did not mention them. This is a strange review because in it the customer says he would have liked it if the product had more taste to it. I do not think it would be healthy to drink this serum as it was designed to be applied to the skin not to drink it. The customer gave it a three-star rating even though he says it was a good product. I thoroughly do not understand why he thought the serum should have a taste.

Concept Skin 

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Benefits and Uses: It will control oil sebum production and will reduce, and define the size of the pores. It will mattify the skin leaving it with a matte finish. It will control oil production keeping the face clear of acne. The company suggests you apply it before you put on makeup or foundation because it will help to keep the makeup in place. If a customer suffers from hormonal acne this could be the best product on the market for that type of acne. It will control hormonal acne, and balance the skin’s pH factor. The product contains ingredients that will help the skin look healthier. The company offers a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer tested the product out and they really like it. The product kept the customer’s skin matte but it did not dry the skin out the customer claims. The customer has caramel-colored skin and why this was mentioned is unknown. The customer says the bottle is big and not small which she likes. The ingredients are words she understands and if you have oily skin and large pores. You need to give this product a try.


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Benefits and Uses: The product cleanses the skin impurities and cleanses the pores at the deepest levels. Reduces the appearance of blackheads which means it should control sebum oil production. It is very good for removing makeup and the company implies that stage actresses use this product to remove makeup instead of soap cleansers. This may very well be an exaggeration because how do you prove and support a statement like this. The water-soluble solution rinses out thoroughly and it leaves no greasy residue. The company says this is a miracle product that will work wonders for your skin. I seriously doubt this is a miracle product because it implies it is a supernatural product which it certainly is not. The product removes excess sebum oil but not to the point of depleting the skin of the oils. The skin remains calm and doesn’t compensate by producing more oil. The product will leave enough of the skin’s natural oils in place. Rub a couple of drops on a dry face. Rub it in well then add water and it becomes a milky emulsion. Rub this in for a couple of minutes and the product will go to work immediately on the skin.

Feedback: The customer really likes the product. The customer has dry skin and oily skin in the t-zone. In other words, the customer has oily skin. The products she has used in the past normally leave the skin too oily. This product cleanses the whole face and removes the oil from the t-zone. The customer then runs water through the face. The water breaks the product down making it much easier to remove the product from the ace. The skin has never looked better the customer claims.

Ove Beauty Perfect Complexion

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Benefits and Uses: The product says it will clean the skin without it having to be stripped dried out. The natural ingredients in the formula will gently exfoliate the skin. The skin will look fresh and radiant. The product will reduce the pores, clean the skin and reduce the sebum oil production. Of course, this will stop the acne breakouts. It will be safe to use on all skin types and it will leave the skin fresh and vibrant. The product will treat a number of skin issues and the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer was not impressed with the product. The client says the product is no better than any other face oil. The client thinks it does not help acne or oily skin. It is not harsh or irritating to the skin.


We have reviewed some face oils that will help you treat your combination skin. They will remove the excess oil in the oily areas and they will hydrate the dry patches and keep them moist. Look through the list and find the best product for unique combination skin issues.


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