Best Face Products for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

What really are the best face products for sensitive skin? It should be a product that does not clog the pores which will make already sensitive skin ultra-sensitive. It will cause the pores to clog up and acne to spring up. The face will become inflamed and irritated. This implies that the product obviously had an allergy trigger and it was not designed for the particular skin type it was applied to. The last thing you want is a product that will irritate your skin. But how can a product be gentle on sensitive skin? It has to be formulated with ingredients that will stop the product not to proliferate it. You may have to go online and search the market but if you look deep enough you can find the right type of face product for your sensitive skin. One side note if you have sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. You do not want to pick at the acne or pop pimples. If you do either action too much you will leave acne scars on the skin. We want to help you find the right face product for your sensitive skin type. We have reviewed some face products below towards that end. Let’s look at some of the face products in depth.

 face products for sensitive skin

PHisoderm Anti Blemish Gel Cleanser

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Benefits and Uses: The product, unlike regular soap, will remove makeup, unclog pores, and remove the dirt from the skin. It will not strip the skin of the essential moisture it must have. The cleanser will work for all skin types and will the skin looking healthy and beautiful. The gel is dermatologist-tested and it is free from dyes and harmful chemicals. The medicated dye also cleanses deeply preventing acne from forming and it will keep the pores clean and unclogged. It is able to clean, soothe and calm the skin without interfering with the skin’s natural barrier. It can be used on the body and face.

Feedback: The customer bought the product to get rid of Proactiv and he went ahead and applied this product. He did not want to use benzoyl peroxide because it dries out the skin but it will eliminate acne. He saw impressive results with this particular product. The results came fairly quickly as well. It also is said to bleach the clothes as well. This product is made for sensitive skin and it is a gentle cleanser. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The client says the product is working so far. The customer has oily spots on the skin and the product is keeping the skin clear.

This is an opposite review from the above two reviews written. The client says that the formula is supposedly has changed. The customer used to rub the old formula on the skin and it would not be seen. The new formula is supposed to be less soapy but leaves flaky specks on the skin making the skin look like it is flaky. The product is harder to rub on the skin and the customer can no longer use the product. The customer had once rated the product 5-stars but now the client rates it one-star. The client says they used the product for years even before pHisoderm bought the product. The reason the customer gave the product a one-star rating which is not justified just because of the product flakes on the skin. It works very effectively. The client will look for another cleansing product. All that needs to be done is after the product absorbs into the skin just wipe the flakes off.

This is a very candid review by the client. They had very unhealthy skin which involved having pimples, acne, acne scars. They tried everything to try and get the skin cleared up. They started wearing a mask and told people they were sick because they were so desperate to cover up the skin. They even tried facial masks and all kinds of beauty treatments but nothing worked for them. They did not want to invest in prescriptions because they were too expensive. The customer became very depressed about the condition of their skin. They finally ran across this product but they were not sure it would work because it was so inexpensive.

The customer tried it and they are so glad they did. It cleared the acne, acne scars, and the pimples. The customer says everyone who has acne needs to use the product because it will remove acne and it will stop acne from forming. The client is surprised the product works so well because it is so inexpensive and it is not popular. If more people used the product they would not have to see dermatologists and they could avoid using prescriptions written for acne. These two factors will save people a ton of money. The customer seems to be perplexed that the product is not very popular. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer rated the product 5-stars but it was a waste of time. The customer says the product works great and it is not aggressive on the skin. But the customer does not say why the product is great or why the product was rated 5-stars. There is absolutely no information written to say how the product helped the client’s skin. The customer left out so much pertinent detail that the review does not reveal any of the benefits the product has to offer. Generic reviews like this one might as well not have been written. It says nothing about the quality of the product. Based on this review why should anyone want to buy or consider buying the product.

This customer rates the product 5-stars. She says this product is great for acne-prone skin. I will not guess the reasons why the client writes this product is good for acne-prone skin. They do not give any reasons why the product works so well for the acne-prone skin. More detail is needed to be written to convince a person to want to buy the product. The review has no selling value for potential customers.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

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Benefits and Uses: The bottle contains 12 ounces of product. It will moisturize, nourish and protect the skin. It will clean dirt, oil, and makeup and it will treat rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin.

Feedback: The customer used this company’s oil-free product but they tried this one. It did not lather and it seemed like it was cleansing the customer’s skin. But it was quite effective in cleansing the skin but the client uses too much product. The product is not lasting a very long time. The customer will once again use the oil-free product it lasts longer than this product. I am not sure why the customer did not rate the product 5-stars but they rated 4-stars. It could have been because the client used the product up too quickly. The customer said they used the product and it made the eczema flare-up and they say if you have eczema don’t use this product. The customer rated the product one-star. The company says the product will treat eczema so this customer cannot make such a broad statement to say if a person has eczema they should not use the product. The product reacted negatively to the person’s eczema but this does not mean that all people will react negatively to this product who have eczema.

The customer says they disagree with many of the reviews that say the product is not effective. The customer’s dermatologist recommended the client only use a gentle cleanser. The customer writes this is a neutral cleanser and it works fine for the customer’s skin. The bottle pumps out the product easily and the product is white and creamy. The customer says they are not breaking out and the oily spots on their face are not oily anymore. The customer says the bottle contains a lot of product. The client likes the company’s products so that is why they chose this product. The customer gave it a 5-star rating. This customer rated the product 4-stars and said they really like the product. Their dermatologist advised they use this product. The customer gives a very brief review that tells potential customers nothing about the benefits the product offers. They need to share why their dermatologist recommended the product and why it made the client’s skin feel clean so quickly. The review contains no selling value for potential customers. The customer was disappointed in the product they felt like it did not lather enough and it left the skin feeling filmy. They also complained it did not clean the skin either. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

cream for sensitive skin

Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product will rejuvenate the skin both on the face and the body. The product contains ingredients contains anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe dry and irritated skin. The aloe ingredient is said to be an ancient healer that will restore the skin’s surface and the deeper layers beneath. The product has 75 vitamins and antioxidants that calm and heals irritated skin. The product supposedly can heal skin infections as well. It just may do that with those vitamins and antioxidants it contains. It soothes the skin and restores skin cells and the product is able to address various skin conditions. The product will absorb deeply into the skin and will treat eczema without leaving your skin greasy. The Products contain no harmful chemicals and the company is so confident in their products they will refund your money.

Feedback: The customer says the product had great results for the customer. They really like the product and the customer used it on their daughter with good results. The customer suggests that people with different skin types will react differently to the product. The customer uses it on the arms and legs several times a day to keep the skin hydrated. The customer rated the product 5-stars. This Customer also rated the product at 5-stars and they moved to the East Coast and the skin dried out. The customer tried the product twice and the skin is hydrated. They put it on before the makeup and them they apply makeup. The client feels like they do not have makeup on.

The person had very dry skin on the hands and the back of the legs. They used this product about two times and the skin cleared up and looks healthy. The Customer says they have eczema on the back of the legs and the product helped to diminish eczema. The Customer Really enjoys this product. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The customer says this is the best lotion they have ever used. If You have dry, chapped, or sunburned skin this product is for you. The cream is light and not too thick but it is creamy and the lotion has really helped the customer’s skin. It is unscented and if you have skin allergies the product is for you. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

This review makes no sense because the customer said the product worked well at first. Then it stopped working so the customer quickly got his money refunded from the company. The customer says the company is good and the client rated the product 5-stars. The product stopped working for the customer and they got their money refunded. So if the product did not work for them and they had their money refunded how can they give the product 5-stars? You would think he would have rated it one-star.

The customer rated the product 3-stars because it smells like sour, stinky feet. The customer uses a lot of the product they claim the apply it hourly. If the product smells so bad for the customer and they are using so much it is time to try another product. The customer says they have hives and a dry face. In other words, the customer has bumps on the face. The product caused more bumps on the customer’s face. They were hoping the product would help their skin issues. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

Baby Eczema Cream for Face and Body, Great for Sensitive Skin 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is designed for baby’s sensitive skin and will treat a number of skin issues. The product will bring baby relief from burning and irritated skin. The baby will have relief and so will the mother. The product contains all natural ingredients to give your baby’s skin the best care that you and baby deserve. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The product was used on the customer’s 6 month old daughter. The little girl had a bad case of facial eczema and within two days the eczema was gone. The skin looks so much fresher and hydrated. Indeed the customer showed images of the baby girl before and after. The baby’s skin looked so much better after the mother applied the product to the baby’s face.

The customer says they used this product for a long time and it did not help the baby’s eczema. The customer says diet changes get rid of the eczema and not skin applications. They share this with others so they can save money. The customer is incorrect in saying that skin products do not help to reduce eczema on the skin. There are too many examples of baby’s skin being healed by skin products. This is an incorrect assessment of how eczema is treated. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

Organic Natural Shave Gel For Sensitive Skin

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Benefits and Uses: The product is a shaving gel that will shave the hair completely while leaving no nicks or cuts on the skin. It is designed for sensitive skin. It applies lightly and gently to the skin. The product contains all natural ingredients and there is not a fake ingredient in the product. The product contains no fake perfumes. The razor will glide over the skin smoothly and lightly. It is great for the environment and your sensitive skin. I fail to see how a shaving gel can help the environment.

Feedback: The customer does not know if they are applying the product to the face correctly or not. They shake the gel and then apply it to the face and it dries up before the customer shaves that side of the face. It sounds like the customer was applying the gel correctly. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

 different face products that may help you if you have sensitive skin


We have reviewed some different face products that may help you if you have sensitive skin. Most of the products are designed for sensitive skin and will not irritate your or your baby’s skin if it is sensitive too. A couple of the reviews reported the products they wrote about had dramatically improved the skin. One mother wrote the product removed her 6 month old daughter’s eczema in two days.


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