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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What comprises a good face wash? How many times a day are you asked that question or better yet how often do you think about questions like that? Surely, having the best face wash has got to be a priority in your life. Think about it when you were a teenager (or maybe you are one now) you would get very upset at even one pimple showed up on your face. Noone wants to be labeled a pimple head and no one wants to stick out in public like a sore thumb. It is embarrassing to have a face full of acne at that age because this is one of the most sensitive times in our lives. But as an adult getting acne is not fun either because by that time you think your acne days are behind you. This is why it is critical to get a face wash that will cleanse the sebum oil out of the pores without clogging them. It must also be able to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the face and it must not infect or irritate the face.

DermaSafe Exfoliating Face Scrub 

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Benefits and Uses: The product it speeds up the exchange of cells, removes adipose tissue (this is connective tissue that stores fat and when there is too much fat in the cells they will swell which makes the face or that part of the body look swollen and fat) and it reduces the permeability of blood capillaries. Why reducing the permeability of blood capillaries implied to be a benefit is a mistake. This would then block the blood walls ability to allow nutrients, water, etc to pass through it. The exchange of old skin cells for new skin cells in rapid succession is good because this will keep the skin looking young and radiant. It is good for oily skin and acne prone skin because it controls the secretion of sebum oil which is a magnet for acne bacteria. By reducing the bacteria growth it will definitely reduce the acne production.

The product will remove excess dirt, oils, and other dead skin cells. It can help to remove sun spots, age spots, acne, acne scars, and a host of other skin imperfections. It is safe to use for men and women and the company only uses the best ingredients to keep the skin safe. Men and women of all ages can use it and the company says it is a miracle lotion. Which is a stretch because this lotion will work effectively to cleanse the skin but by no means is it a miracle face wash. The product is made in America at an FDA approved facility and it adheres to the strictest quality standards. The company uses aloe vera for its base in the product instead of water. If you are not happy with the product the company will refund your money.

Feedback: The client says she has multiple issues with cleansing and moisturizing the face. She has the unusual issue of oily eyelids. The oil eventually migrates into her eyes and burns them. A lot of products have caused her eyes to burn in the past. This product has not irritated the eyes or the skin and it keeps the skin clean. The product does not burn the eyes and the client can wash the face every 24 hours if she so desires. The customer is suspicious of the packaging because only the shrink wrap (which the bottle was wrapped in) had printed material on it. There was no visible printed material on the bottle.The bottle was not completely full the liquid only went to where the neck begins on the bottle. The Customer is understandably suspicious of the packaging because the bottle had no printed material on it. That is very suspect and it may be the product was tampered with. This calls for a money back guarantee.

This was a lengthy but detailed review which is good. The customer is 41-years-old and had to use the whole bottle before they could write the review. Why they had to do this is not known. The liquid is yellowish in color and the customer says you need to be careful when you apply the product. The client says it has to be an expert touch.The client thinks that those who did not like the product were applying it wrong. The client applies a little bit on a rag and then covers the whole face with the amount on the washcloth. The client has acne prone skin and gets whiteheads in the nose area.

The client says the product will exfoliate the skin and it cleanses the skin well. It took off some of the skin in the beginning and the client had a sunburn-look from the application.The Customer claims the skin is supple and the clearest it has been since she was 12 years-old and it seems to be removing the acne from her skin. She again says you have to use a little amount because a little bit will go a long way. She wrote an update to the original review and says after months of using the product still is working well and preventing her skin from breaking out with acne. Other products she has used eventually would break down on her skin and allow acne breakouts to occur. This product is keeping the acne breakouts at bay. The customer says she has literally spent thousands of dollars on skincare products. This product is working so well she no longer has to wear makeup to hide her rough skin. Her skin is smooth, soft and supple. This is her miracle product she says. This is the second bottle she is using.

The customer was concerned the product would not exfoliate the skin. They applied some to the face for the first time last night (last might as of the time of the review being written) and the product made the skin feel clean and refreshed. There are little exfoliating beads in the product that really works. This is according to the client’s perception. The customer has sensitive skin and it is implied the product has not irritated the skin. The product is really working for this client. It is too early to tell what the long-term effects will be for the customer.

JustNutritive Clear Face and Body Wash

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Benefits and Uses: Customers say it hydrates the skin and removes the red spots. What the fed spots were attributed to was not said. There are no medicated ingredients in the product just aloe vera and some other elements that will soothe the skin. There are no harsh ingredients to irritate the skin either the company says.Other ingredients actually improve the performance of the wash. The product will make the skin look healthier and radiant. You may even take years off your look.

Feedback: The customer’s son loves the product and he has used many before. It does not dry out his skin and he has noticed he does not have as many breakouts since he started using the product. The customer says she has bumps all over her body. She has tried different products and none of them worked. She tried this product and 90% of the bumps are gone and she basically has red spots. She had dirt-like material on her neck which she called “black neck”. She scrubbed and scrubbed but could not remove the dirt from the neck. She used this product and it got rid of the dirt off the neck. She says it is working now and it has boosted her self-confidence. She doesn’t know how long the product will keep working though. It should work for the rest of her life.

This is a very honest review. The customer has had severe acne since she was 12 years-old and she is now 22 years-old. The customer had tried so many products that did not work she gave up on trying new products. She found out about this face wash and she gave it a shot. It has taken 6 weeks but her face has cleared up a lot. She has had bad acne on her back but those have disappeared as well. She has gone out in hot weather and she has not developed ay acne. The product is keeping her skin clear and she likes the face wash. She warns if you have bad acne that this product will clear it up but it will take some time. The customer had a bump under the skin for a year and experts were afraid to remove it for fear they would scar the customer. The customer does not know how but this product removed the bump. She is very happy with the product. She has no scars either.

This is the best face wash the customer has ever bought and they will never buy a drugstore face wash again. This sounds like an artificial review because of the way it is worded. The customer does not bother to tell us why they like the product so much. There is too much critical information left out of the review for it to be an authentic one. It sounds so plastic and contrived and very stereotypical. The customer thought the product was not working at first. But then after about three weeks, the acne disappeared and the acne scars faded. The customer has her confidence back. It has natural ingredients and the customer thinks this is a big reason why it has helped her so much. It does not dry out her skin either.

This is a minor complaint but a negative one. The customer says it is so thick it will not come out of the bottle. It does not remove the makeup from the face. This is the only customer who has complained that it was too thick and it would not clean the makeup off the face. The customer says the product has an orange scent but it is not working at all for the customer. The customer clams the product has made their acne worse, dried out the skin, and made the skin irritated. The customer claims the company will not accept returned products but this sounds a little hard to believe. Most companies have some type of a return policy in place.

The customer throws a curve ball in this review. All they say is the product does not work for them at all. But they give no specifics as to why the product does not work for them. There have to be reasons given for why the product does not work for a person. This review has no value as it tells us nothing. Reviews like this are like they have never been written because they do not say anything.

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Wash

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Benefits and Uses: The company says the packaging has changed but the ingredients have not. It is the same great product it always has been. It contains no harmful ingredients and it will get the skin clean. It keeps the pores clean. The small 4-ounce bottle has the same amount of contents as other 8-ounce bottles. This is a little hard to believe. They say this because a little bit of their product goes a long way. It does not strip the skin away or leave a build up on the skin. It is made for both men and women and for all skin types.

The product is guaranteed to stay fresh for 6 months and if it does not or the customer is not satisfied with the product within those 6 months. The company will give a money back guarantee. They say people do not have to look old no matter what your age is. The company says invasive surgery and skin injections do not look real but artificial. The skin is a living organ that will look like what it absorbs. This is where these products come in.

Feedback: his person is unique in the sense that they have a beauty product for every season, the food they are eating. or workout regime they are on. They buy only products that will work for them. They tried this product and it began to shrink acne scars and reduce the size of the pimples. They like the product and they say it works well. But it does sound like they are extreme on how many beauty products they use. It is not known whether this is a male or female customer.

This customer gave a little too much personal detail n this review. Their hormonal balance crazy and they broke out in a rash of pimples. They tried the product and the product cleared up the pimples in about 2 weeks. They say the product works very effectively. The customer has a major complaint about the product and against the company. They have been using the product for years and it worked great for them. Recently, they claim the product has been reformulated and the scent is so strong it makes them sick. They claim the product now drys out their skin and burns their eyes. They blame the company for messing up the product. They will never buy it again and they are extremely disappointed with the product. There is no solid proof the company changed the formula. Most likely if they changed the formula they would have said so.

Omiera Labs Acdue Face Wash

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Benefits and Uses: The product will remove dark spots, acne, acne scars, and a host of other skin conditions. It is an anti-aging and fast drying product that will win the war against complicated skin issues the company says. It will clean pores and reduce the sebum oil production which eliminates the oily skin look. The company says if you use this product with some of the other company’s products you will see significant results on the skin in less then one week.

Feedback: The customer has tried many products in the past and was skeptical about using this product. She tried it and it reduced the breakouts she was having. The skin was clear earlier in her life but over the past year, she began to have breakouts. She developed some under the skin bumps and she picked at them and they scarred her face. She was concerned about the scars so she tried the product and it reduced the acne breakouts and it has begun to fade the acne scars. She likes the product.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains rice water and another ingredient that will detoxify, cleanse and brighten the skin. It cleanses the skin and
keeps the skin hydrated by minimizing the moisture loss. It contains high-quality ice water.

Feedback: The customer says they loved the product the first time they bought it. The second time they said they received a child’s hair bonnet instead. Either this literally happened to the customer or this review is absolutely senseless. If the received the wrong product (Boy is it the wrong product) they need to get a refund. The customer made no critical remarks in the review.


There You have some of the better face washes on the market. A few of the customers, who wrote reviews, discovered that the product they used really worked effectively to clear the skin. One customer said the product they are using is working so well for them that their skin has not looked as good as it does since they were 12-years-old.


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