Best Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

We are not talking taking a toothbrush and scrubbing your skin with it until it bleeds. The critical issue in using a facial cleansing brush is to clean the face but you do not want to scrub the skin so hard it starts bleeding. You want to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and remove all the excess oil to leave the skin radiant and smooth looking. Of course, having it feel soft and smooth will not hurt either. The brush system would most likely be battery powered or run off electricity. You want to be able to pick the brush that has the right texture, sized bristles shape, and weight for your particular skin type. There are even refill brushes for facial cleansing systems if you are not in the market for the whole system. There are all kinds of good facial cleansing systems on the market today. Some systems are of better quality than other systems will be. But in the reviews in this article, we will be looking at the best facial cleansing systems on the market today. Let’ start searching.

Clarisonic Mia 2, Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System – 2 Speeds for Gentle and Everyday Cleansing

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Clarisonic Mia 2, Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System - 2 Speeds for Gentle and Everyday Cleansing

Benefits and Uses: It is claimed that this facial cleansing device is recommended as the number one choice to use by American dermatologists. This may or may not be true and how would you go about proving whether this statement is true or not. The description says the brush can remove oil and dirt 6 times better than if it is done by hand. It has 2 speeds one for everyday normal use and another speed for those extra sensitive days when the skin is really feeling tender. It is supposed to clean pores make the skin softer, and the company will warranty the product for 2 years. It is claimed that 96% of the women who used the product experienced smoother, softer and better-looking skin but how can you prove this percentage? It is suggested you apply the cleanser to the brush and gently move the brush in circular motions on the damp facial skin. This cost much higher than the other hair cleansing brushes. The closest system in price to this unit is still S20.00 less which is quite a big difference. This is a really expensive price to be charging for a facial cleansing unit.

Feedback: The first customer did not have glowing success with the facial cleansing system or the company. The customer bought the facial cleansing unit for his wife’s birthday and let it charge for 24 hours. After the 24 hours was completed the unit would not turn on. This is a brand new unit costing 4169.00 dollars and it doesn’t turn on after a 24-hour charge. At the time of the writing of this review, the customer had been on hold for 30 minutes with the company. For such an expensive unit the customer service dept department of the company should be more responsive to the customers. The customer said he will most likely send the brush back to Amazon. The unit was poorly made if the power would not turn on after a 24-hour charge and it was a brand new unit.

This is a strange review. The customer tried to register the unit on the company’s website using the lot number. The number came back invalid. The customer thinks (and they are probably right) that the product is not authentic. It is very bad customer service to assign a lot number to a product. Then have the consumer try and register the product on the company website and have the number come back as invalid. This company cannot be trusted.

Fancii 7 in 1 Waterproof Electric Facial & Body Cleansing Brush Kit with Handle and 6 Brush Heads – Best Advanced Spin Brush

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Fancii 7 in 1 Waterproof Electric Facial & Body Cleansing Brush Kit with Handle and 6 Brush Heads

Benefits and Uses: This cleansing brush kit comes with 6 brushes. It also has one detachable handle and the brushes will take care of all your facial and body cleansing needs. Through a microabrasion process, the brushes will remove blackheads, acne, dirt, shrink pores and generally cleanse the face. And it is said to renew skin texture by cleaning it. You have two speeds to choose from one for deep cleaning and the other for a gentle scrubbing of the skin. The brushes rotate in 360-degree circles picking up anything in its path. You can use the brush in the shower because it is water resistant and it is powered by 2 AA batteries. They should be but the batteries are not included in the kit. The brush bristles are the softest ones made the company says. The brushes may be used safely on all skin types.

Feedback: According to this client the brushes are too soft for their skin. The husband bought it for his wife and she absolutely loves the brush. Her skin feels invigorated and it has helped her beauty regime immensely. She uses it all the time. She says the rolling massager is a waste of time and the husband thinks she may be using it wrong. The husband wishes it was rechargeable and that the kids would not play with it so much. The 6 brushes are easily attached to the handle and the brush is water-resistant which makes it a breeze to use in the shower. It comes with many attachments and it is selling at a good price making it a wise purchase.

The woman likes the brush because it has two speeds you can use to clean your face and body with. She likes the extension that you can attach the brushes tip to reach the hard areas you normally could not reach. This is very handy in the shower. She was not thrilled that it took so long to clean her body with the rolling brush, She likes to get in and out of the shower as quick as she can. She uses the extended handle with a pumice stone to clean her feet. A pumice stone sounds like it would hurt the feet after a while.

The client rarely writes reviews but this product has helped her skin so much she had to write a review of the product. She has very sensitive and problematic skin. This cleansing system ha cleansed her skin and has prevented further acne breakouts from occurring. She has had problems with acne scarring but the brush seems to be fading the acne scars. The brush has been cleaning her skin so well that she has not broken out in acne like she once did. It looks like this brush can restore the texture of the skin as is evidenced by her acne scarring starting to fade.

The client says when you turn the brush on it displays a slow speed. Once you start cleaning it rotates even slower. She really doesn’t like the product but she will not return it because she doesn’t want to pay for the return shipping. Which would not be nearly as much as the brush costs. It doesn’t work at its best but she loves the idea of a facial cleansing brush. She may have received a defective product. If she returns it the company may send her another one free of any shipping charges.

Another customer says like so many of these types of products the motor is weak. The motor will stop with the slightest bit of pressure applied to the skin. The batteries sounded like they were dying.So, she put new batteries in the unit. Many reviewers said there was no explanation for the brushes. She says the explanation for the brushes is on the paperwork. Oddly, there are no instructions on how to install new batteries in the unit. It sounds like everytime the batteries sound weak she puts new batteries in the unit. This could get expensive after awhile. She doesn’t think the facial cleansing system will clean her face the way she thought it would.

The customer says the brush is great in theory. He too complains the motor is too weak and stops with the slightest pressure on the skin. He thinks it would work well on the face ( it is designed to cleanse the face) or on the very sensitive skin like a baby’s skin. This would not be safe to use on a baby. The baby would be squirming the whole time you are trying to clean the baby. This could result in injury to you or the baby or both. He is disappointed because he can not use the brush to scrub his entire body in the shower.

Essential Skin Solutions – Face and Body Brush Cleansing System – Exfoliating Facial Brush Microdermabrasion Pore Minimizer

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Essential Skin Solutions - Face and Body Brush Cleansing System

Benefits and Uses: This claimed to be the best facial and body brush cleansing system. It has two brushes for different skin types. It is touted to minimize pores remove facial and body acne. Removes redness from the skin. It removes dark spots and evens out skin tone and as it was said before it reduces pores. It sure is able to perform a lot of functions on the skin. Let’s see if the reviews agree that this brush will perform these functions.

It can prevent acne breakouts by cleaning the pores deep within. This will stop acne scars from developing. It can help to remove acne scars as well. It will remove acne from different parts of the body. It helps to remove blackheads and milia( it is a little nodule that forms on the skin when a sebaceous gland is blocked). The skin corrector will help the skin looking clean, healthy, and vibrant. It helps to reverse aging signs by removing fine lines and wrinkles. It removes brown spots on all parts of the body keeping skin looking clear and youthful. It helps to tighten skin t prevent ingrown hairs. And it will apply the sunless tanner evenly on the body. It comes with a tool that will remove rough spots on the heels and the feet.

Feedback: The consumer has been struggling with blackheads all her life. She has tried every product but to no avail, the blackheads would not be removed. She used this product for 2 weeks and her blackheads are completely gone. This is a great product for her.

This review was written by a person who has been a cosmetologist for 20 years. She says that the product is great but if you exfoliate the skin every day you will have to buy a cleansing system every two months she claims. This would be very costly to replace these every two months. She said exfoliating will damage the skin. She says that the companies use the term “dead skin cells” as a convenient ploy to get people to exfoliate the skin every day. She says if you do this every day you will cause serious damage to your skin. She recommends exfoliating the skin every few months or 2 or 3 times a year.

The dead skin is actually the outer layer of skin that protects the inner parts of the skin. If you exfoliate it you are leaving the inner skin vulnerable and unprotected until it can heal and form this outer layer of dead skin. She says to never exfoliate the skin when the sun is out because it will leave brown spots on the face. The best time to exfoliate is when it has been cloudy for 2 to 3 days in a row. She says to exfoliate the skin and then go to the freezer and rub an ice cube on the burning skin actually you can do this every time after your skin feels like it is on fire.

It is giving yourself a natural facelift and the ice will freeze the skin and reduce the pores. Also, never wipe your face after using the brush let it air dry this is the best way for the face to be moisturized. The only time you should be wiping the face is in the wintertime. Do not put any lotions on the face until the next morning the skin will be beautiful and vibrant looking. She says she is not getting paid to write the review she does love the product. She is telling us warnings that the companies would not tell us. She also warned do not ever use this brush on acne or other skin irritations you will cut your skin and damage it for sure.

The consumer bought the product because she wanted one for a long time. An employee at a store tried to get her to but one that costs $100.00 dollars but she was not about to spend that much money on one. She bought this one for herself and her daughter who has acne. They both use it and like the product. The daughter uses the regular sitting the client uses the sensitive setting. She likes all the attachments because you can do a full facial and body cleansing with one set. Her daughter uses it every evening and the customer did not say how often she used it. She likes the product and she recommends it for anyone who is looking to buy a brush like this one.

LAVO Giro Facial Cleansing Brush w/ 2 Brush Heads and Stand – Green

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LAVO Giro Facial Cleansing Brush w 2 Brush Heads and Stand - Green

Benefits and Uses: The company says they have sold 50,000 units since 2015 and they absolutely stand by the product. The customer service department will answer all inquiries within 48 hours. If you do not like the product hey will give you a full refund no questions asked.

They also mention that there have been almost 1000 reviews written about the product. This may not be a good thing if a lot of the reviews are negative. They revolutionized the 2018 model so it will last a long time. They upgraded the motor so when you press the brush against the skin the brush will keep on rotating it will not lose power. This model is also more leakproof and waterproof than earlier models.

The brush will rotate at 240 times per minute up to 420 times per minute and the unit has two speeds. The company recommends that you do not submerge the unit under water. It is ok to use it in the shower and rinse it off under the faucet. If you leave the unit in a humid area like the bath it will absorb moisture into the electronics and damage them. The unit will safely clean down into pores removing dirt, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Feedback: One customer was complaining the unit was not powerful enough and it needed to have more power. It gets the skin clean but they hesitate in advising others to buy the product. This is odd because the company said they put a more powerful motor in the unit. This review was written before the company put in the more powerful motor.

FOREO LUNA play plus: Portable Facial Cleansing Brush, Mint

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FOREO LUNA play plus Portable Facial Cleansing Brush, Mint

Benefits and Uses: The company says the unit is powerful enough to use just for one minute twice a day. It removes dirt, acne, and the usual dirt from pores. It massages the face while removing 99% of dirt, and residue from pores.

Feedback: One customer really likes the product because it is small and she can take it anywhere with her. It works great and she doesn’t have to bring ant attachments with it. Another customer said she had hers for 5 months and it just stopped working. She will not shell out another $50.00 dollars for another one though.


We have presented you with a list of reviews on some of the best facial cleansing systems available. They range in price greatly from one another. There was an eye-opening review where the person was a professional cosmetologist for 20 years. They said you should only exfoliate the skin 2 or 3 times a year and not daily as the brush companies say you should. If you exfoliate the skin every day you can damage your skin extensively. If this review goes viral it will hurt the brush companies market if consumers take to heart what this professional is saying. This as a groundbreaking warning she wrote in her review. So, go shop and find your favorite cleansing facial brush.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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