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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

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Oh, the wonders of green tea that people rave about around the world. You can travel to China, India, Europe, United States and just about anywhere in the world and you hear people talking about how they lost 100 pounds drinking green tea. People everywhere know about the wonders of losing weight drinking green tea. Now, the reality can you really lose any significant weight just by drinking green tea? There is some truth to the fact that you can lose weight drinking green tea. But we must endeavor to weave our way through the hype and pick out the truth about the power of green tea to help mankind lose those stubborn pounds. Let’s start the search in the local green tea yard.

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and it has a slightly bitter taste to it. It also is pale green in color. You really have to like tea to drink green tea. Without any flavoring or sweeteners added to the tea, it is pretty tasteless. Yet, people seem to love drinking it by the gallons. It does have some awesome health issues and one of these is losing weight.

The Weight Loss Meister

The Weight Loss Meister

The fact of the matter is that green tea is not a magical cure for weight loss. You will not drink one cup of green tea and drop twenty pounds overnight. Green tea can help to aid in weight loss but just drinking it by itself will not amount to a significant weight loss. Don’t get discouraged it can help you to lose weight but it should not be counted on as the primary source for weight loss. It is even been said that a green tea supplement would help you lose more weight than drinking green tea. But we will focus on drinking green tea for weight loss.

Wherever that green tea came from or whatever you call it they call come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea is mainly grown in China and Japan. Green tea is also grown in pretty much all parts of the world but set your mind to the fact that it all comes from that one plant. The go-getter element in green tea that is the catalyst for weight loss is EGCG. It is a polyphenol compound and without it, green tea would have no effect on the weight. According to a study, conducted by a University of Maryland, it was determined that green tea has more polyphenols than any other variety of tea. This is what gives it the benefit of helping to people to lose weight a benefit that other teas cannot offer. But like it has been repeated before how much weight can green tea help us lose? Along the lines of which green tea to choose it really does not matter because all varieties of green tea contain EGCG so any one of them can help you to lose those stubborn pounds.

There was a study conducted in 2015 which can shed some light on the reality of green tea helping a person to lose weight. In the study, Fourteen active men were instructed to incorporate an exercise routine with taking a decaffeinated green tea extract to see if they would lose weight. The green tea did come through as it made a noticeable difference in the total weight loss these men experienced. The green tea extract helped increase the weight loss burning mechanism by almost 25 percent and the total body fat weight loss amounted to 1.6 percent. These are pretty solid numbers to confirm that green tea will help us to lose weight.

Researchers claimed this to be an enhanced benefit to the exercise routine that green tea extract did help to increase the weight loss process by a notable percent that otherwise would not have been realized just by exercise alone. This study was published in 2015 by an international sports and medicine journal. It adds credence to the fact that green tea extract can help to speed up the weight loss process. Remember these numbers were taken based on decaffeinated green tea extract.

What About Green Tea

What About Green Tea

Now, can drinking green tea produce the same numbers as the decaffeinated green tea extract did? An earlier study conducted in 2013 answered that question. Researchers took 400 milligrams of EGCG in the green tea extract and compared that amount to how much green tea a person would have to drink to equal that amount of EGCG found in the green tea extract.

The numbers were surprising and disappointing because you would have to drink between 4.5 to 16 cups a day of green tea to equal the 400 milligrams of EGCG in the green tea extract. So, the bottom line is that green tea is capable of producing weight loss but at a much weaker rate than the green tea extract did.

Some Reasons why Green Tea is a Weight Loss Winner

Some Reasons why Green Tea is a Weight Loss Winner

1.Green tea has some power antioxidants in it. These will help you in your quest to lose weight.

2. Another reason is the ECGC contained in green tea. It is an antioxidant.

3. Green tea contains caffeine which helps to burn body fat.

Side Effects of Green Tea Extract

Side Effects of Green Tea Extract

Beware that there are side effects from taking the green tea extract supplement. They are minor but annoying they include nausea, trouble digesting food, vomiting. If you want to try and avoid side effects do not take multi-ingredient green ea extracts you will suffer greater side effects taking these.

But take heart because after a while your system will get used to the green tea extract and you will have no more side effects. If you want to suffer through until your body adjusts to the supplement.

If you are thinking of trying to lose weight just by drinking green tea it will take a little longer. But really to think you will lose a significant amount of weight just drinking green tea it will not happen. You can supplement any weight loss treatment with green tea as part of your weight loss effort.

Which Green Tea to Choose

Green tea

As we mentioned before really there is no top-rated variety of green tea to choose to lose weight with. Since all the varieties of green tea have ECGC in them any variety will do. Below we will specifically recommend 5 brands of green tea for weight loss:

Vahram Organic Green Tea Leaves

Vahram Organic Green Tea Leaves

This is the champagne of green teas. It has no fillers or extracts. It is just heart green tea leafs. You really can not get any more organic than this tea. It comes from the Darjeeling tea region which is known for making some of the finest teas in the world. Supposedly this tea is delivered to retailers all over the world within 48 hours. This means this tea manufacturer has an extensive supply chain and an efficient transportation network.

The tea has a very strong natural green tea flavor. If you are not a veteran tea drinker the tea may be a little overbearing for you. It will slowly but surely help you drop that excess baggage. It is a very good organic product and it has a very nice price tag to go along with the tea.


1. 100 percent natural green tea
2. It is totally Organic
3. Made by Darjeeling Tea Company
4. It is a reasonably priced green tea


1. A very strong natural flavor
2. It will have a very bitter taste because the taste is so strong
3. Beginning green tea drinkers may want to stay clear of this tea until they build up tolerance to drinking green tea
4. The taste will not be for everyone

Total Tea Herbal Green Energy

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What Is Green Tea?

This tea is said to have the best reviews and credentials of the five teas we will list here. It is recommended by doctors all over the country as the tea to lose weight with. It also enhances the memory. At first glance, these would seem like some pretty bogus claims. What one tea could be recommended by doctors all over the United States for losing weight. And improve the memory on top of it?

It seems like there were a lot of positive reviews and feedback about this tea online. So, you could look at it from either side of the argument. Either there are a whole lot of people lying about how good this green tea really is or the tea is as good as they say it is. We will go with the option that the tea is as good as people say it is. There is just too much feedback to deny the tea is not as legendary as people say it is.

Many people said the tea supplied them with energy all day long and curbed their appetite so they would eat less. This is key to how this tea helps people to lose weight. The one consistent complaint about this tea is that it tastes lousy.


1. Every doctor under the sun will advise that you drink this tea for weight loss.
2. The teabag is extremely easy to use
3. Weight be Gone and it will
4. It is a very popular tea among the medical profession throughout the United States


1.The tea flavor is definitely lacking. This was one common complaint from many people
2.Strong flavor is putting it lightly
3. It takes light years to steep. If you are in a hurry then don’t drink this tea.

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

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Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

Do you remember a famous bear by the name of Yogi? No, this tea was not named in honor of him. Anyway, This tea is another weight loss that is capable of helping you shed some pounds. But remember green tea is part of a weight loss program not the weight loss program. Many people think they can just drink tea and lose a bunch of weight. It will not happen it is a supplement to a weight loss treatment program that you have already developed.

This tea has a nice flavoring to it. It comes with blueberry and hibiscus extracts which will liven up the flavor a bit. If you do not like the natural green tea flavoring this will be a nice diversion for you. It has a nice fruity kick to the flavor to get you going in the morning. This tea has two benefits it has a nice flavor and you can lose weight drinking it.

A lot of people noticed that this tea helped them to lose weight by suppressing their appetite s. It did not make them make many bathroom trips like some other green tea varieties will. There is one downside to this tea though and that is one of its key components, kombucha organism, dissolves when you pour hot water into the cup of green tea.

So, you will not derive any of the stated benefits of this component. This seems really odd that a tea manufacturer would put this key element in the tea.To only have it disappear when hot water is poured on it. The point trying to be made here is that why would you put an active ingredient in your tea that will wash out when you pour hot water into the green tea.

No one likes to drink tea cold that would be really useless.The company definitely needs to fix this issue. There are a lot of people who will lose out on some strong benefits this ingredient has to offer. If this ingredient is vital to losing weight than this company may start losing tea sales. Think about it does this make sense?


1. Assists in your dieting treatment
2. Some surmised it reduced their urge to eat
3. Convenient tea bag to utilize
4. Nice flavor change from the standard green tea taste


1. The organism is killed in hot water and it is a key ingredient
2. The Company has not corrected this critical issue
3. The Kombucha organism is a key ingredient in this green tea

21st Century Slimming Green Tea

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It is Tea Time

This green tea has the distinction of being specifically designed to help you lose weight. It says on their packaging it will help you lose weight. The label says it will clean your body out and accelerate your metabolism. You cannot be plainer than that.

One way it helps you to lose weight is by adding senna leaves to the green tea recipe. If you are sensitive to senna products then you will want to stay away from this tea. This tea is reasonably priced. Many users said the senna worked but it tasted really bad.


1. The tea is 100% natural made al of natural ingredient.
2. This tea can be consumed hot or cold. Which is convenient if you are short on time and need to get out of the house quickly.
3. You won’t have to file for bankruptcy after you buy this tea because it is reasonably priced.

4. It is designed specifically to be a weight loss tea.
Which may be a first of its kind being a tea designed for losing weight. Beware though it still will not help you lose tons of weight. It is geared toward being a supplement to a dieting treatment.


1. It has senna in its ingredients which is a laxative. This element in the tea could cause an upset stomach or make you nauseous.This is definitely not a highlight of the tea.

Lipton Green Tea

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Lipton Green Tea

This tea needs no introduction because everyone knows Lipton teas, Their green tea is illustrious, to say the least. It can be found practically on every store shelf. After all, it is supposed to be ” America’s Tea” and it has finally gone green. The tea doesn’t specifically say it is for losing weight though.

Lipton is a trusted brand but can it be a problem that they don’t say it will help you lose weight. It can be a benefit though for new tea drinkers their name is well-known. In other words, if you are new to drinking green tea or you are leery of drinking green leafy the this is the tea for you. You will be familiar with Lipton tea so it will be safe for you to drink.


1. This tea is a household name and in one way or another everyone has Lipton tea in their cupboards.
2. Their teabags are easy to use just plop it in the water and let it steep. It will absorb into the water rapidly.
3. The tea is reasonably priced and you won’t break the bank buying a box.


Green tea can help you lose weight but it is not as effective as green tea extract supplement. The supplement will help you to rapidly lose weight in a greater measure than drinking green tea. But some of the green teas we listed will help you lose weight because they will reduce your appetite throughout the day. This will help you drop some of that unwanted baggage. One of the teas on the list is specifically designed to help people lose weight. You can lose weight drinking green tea it will just take longer.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.