Best Hand Moisturizers

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

This has to be a moisturizer that will relieve the pain of dry, cracked and chapped hands. It must hydrate the skin and restore the skin from cracks and cuts and any bleeding that may be occurring. It should be able to alleviate any soreness that your hands may have. It is very irritating to have hands that hurt especially in the cold winter months. You want a product that will last a long time and one that you won’t have to use an excessive amount to cover the hands. You also do not want to pay an exuberant price for the hand moisturizer either. It would be nice if one application would last for about 8 hours and you want to see results fairly quickly. A definite plus would be a moisturizer that did not leave the hands feeling like they were washed in a tub of motor oil either. You know that greasy feeling that you get when you use a hand moisturizer that is not oil free. It really is not unfathomable to find such hand moisturizer(s) on the market. You know that a hand moisturizer made by a reputable company would be a nice benefit to have as well. Let us begin the search for the perfect hand moisturizer.

Weleda Regenerating Hand Cream, Pomegranate

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Benefits and Uses: It is for dry hands and it moisturizes and renews the skin. It has antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil and it is cruelty-free. It is certified natural skincare but it does not say who certified the product. It is also vegan free. Again, the reason it is cruelty-free is the company did test it on animals.The animals complained that when they rubbed the hand moisturizer on their paws that it did not heal their dry, chapped and cracking paws. So they refused to be tested any longer. You win some and you lose some in this case the company lost.

Feedback: The winter where the customer lives has been really cold. They gave the product a shot and it made their hands feel really smooth and supple. This is now their go-to hand moisturizer. They are giving it away to friends because they say everyone needs to try it. This customer works with the hands a lot and bought the product. They bought it to protect their hands from the elements and for no other reason. The product did not beautify regenerate the hands. They will not buy the product again. If your hands are smooth and soft the product will protect your hands from the elements but it is not worth the cost to them.

It sounds like they think the product is overpriced. But yet the customer buys a hand lotion to make the hands feel and look good that went from $20.00 a tube to $29.00 a tube. They admit it is way overpriced but yet they keep buying and they say they use it carefully. If it is so expensive then why do they keep buying it? This makes no sense at all. This particular tube costs $9.09 per tube and the customer thinks it costs too much money. They are paying $20.00 more for a product that they claim is the only one that makes their hands feel and look good.

It is a good compact size for the customer it fits right into the purse. It keeps the hands smooth and soft. The customer likes the product and she was very straightforward in her review. She which is agreeable to her. This customer is 30 years-old and has a weird obsession with the hands aging. She lives in Florida and she is outside a lot this product works well for her. The sister has complimented her on how good her hands look. She uses this product at night and another product for the daytime. She does not want to wash off the great ingredients of this product. She thinks this is a very good product. This customer was disgusted with the product. They could not stand the smell of this product so as far as they are concerned there goes $12.00 bucks into the trash.

The customer likes the light citrus smell of this product and it does exactly what is said it would do. Another customer had the unfortunate experience of receiving this product in a tattered box and the tue looked like it had been handled. Not a good shipment by any means. Hopefully, they will get their money refunded or get a replacement for this damaged product. This is too bad the customer likes the cream because it works well for the hands. The smell of the product they cannot stand so they will most likely not buy the product again. This is about the third complaint of the product smelling awful? I wonder if it is time for the company to change the scent of this hand moisturizer.

This customer says the product has a weird smell and leaves an unwanted residue on the hands. The client says it dries too fast and absorbs too quickly but I cannot see why it absorbing too quickly would be a problem. It just means the product will act quickly on the client’s hands. They find it more practical to apply the product instead of smearing it on and then putting night gloves over the moisturizer.

Another customer says the product did not do anything for their dry hands. They tried the hand moisturizer and their hands remained dry just the same. This client says the product had a weird-feeling texture on the hands and they did not care for the smell. Another client said they too did not like the smell. There is a lot of complaints being stated about the smell of this product is not too pleasant. This is a call for the company to change the scent of the moisturizer or improve the existing scent.

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Extra Dry Skin Lotion

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Benefits and Uses: The company touts that it is a 16 oz. bottle. It is supposed to keep the skin moist for 24 hours according to clinical testing. This is a hard fact to prove. It helps to protect, hydrate and replenish the skin’s natural barrier. It has ingredients that will help the skin and it contains skin-essential lipids. It is designed for super dry skin.

Feedback: The client says they have tried expensive hand lotions that did not work. They tried this product and it has worked wonders for the skin. It has left the skin softer, more elastic and it even has left the skin smooth. The client says she applies it all over the body before she gets out of the shower. Then she sometimes adds it to the face as needed. It does not clog the pores and she has used for 6 months and she has seen significant improvement in the skin. Before she applies the product she exfoliates the skin with a brush. It goes on nice and not greasy. She loves the product and says it is worth the price. She is stocking up. She really loves the product and she has finally found something that works for her.

This customer suffers from dry and cracked feet. She has tried many hand lotions on her feet in the past. None of them works until she found this product. It is helping her feet and she is seeing improvement in them. She says she needs to use the product twice a day instead of every day. It must really be helping her feet. This customer likes the product because it leaves the hands refreshed and she keeps the bottle next to the kitchen sink for easy application. The one thing she does not like is the scent it is a mild scent but she doesn’t like it. She would rather have an unscented hand lotion. She says the lotion absorbs into the skin slowly giving her time to rub it into the skin. This customer has used the product for years and loves it. She was glad to find it on Amazon and she will continue to order it.She says she lives in the desert where having dry hands is common.

The customer was skeptical about the product but she has been won over. She did not think a product that moisturized the hands would absorb into the skin quickly. She was wrong because she applied the product to her hands and in 2 minutes it absorbed into the skin. Her hands were dry and they felt hydrated for the rest of the day. The lady has eczema on the skin.unfortunately, she could not afford her usual brand. She tried this product and it worked as well as the other product. This product is much cheaper than the other product. She will buy it again. The lady got right to the point. This is the only lotion that keeps her hands moisturized and that is all she has to say about it.

This customer is not happy with this product. The customer bought it thinking it was the original formula but it turned out not to be. This bottle the pump did not work because the liquid came out too thick. She tried to apply it to the skin but it was so thick it did not run properly into the skin. She thinks they changed the formula and added a thickener to it. She is the only who has complained that it would not absorb into the skin. Other customers said it absorbed into the skin just fine. It could be that the customer is applying it wrong or they got a bad batch of product. He says it did absolutely nothing for his skin. This sure sounds like a bogus review it just does not fit in with the rest of the reviews.

Dragon lady (this is what she calls herself) gave the product a meager 2-star rating. She says it made the skin drier instead of moisture. She wanted something she did not have to use all the time. This product did not work for her. The customer says the lotion did not deliver the moisture as it said it would. Another customer says the pumps don’t work so do not buy the product. This is the second complaint about the pumps not working. The customer did not say why the pumps were not working. To convince people not to buy the product he has to say why the pumps do not work. He needs some weight behind his assertion. This customer says the lotion is average. This is the only information the customer offers and nothing else. They need to say why they think it is only an average lotion and why they gave it a 2-star rating. Just saying it is an average product with no supporting statements will not get this review very far.

-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics Anti Aging Hand Moisturizer Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product will keep the moisture levels where they are supposed to be in the hands. The hands will remain soft and silky and this is the premiere anti-aging hand lotion. The formula is designed to protect the hands from environmental and household damage. I do not know what household items or environmental factors would damage the hands. This could be bogus product information by the company. It melts really dry and rough skin and leaves it to supply to the sight and touch. The ingredients in the lotion keep the hands extra soft and smooth as was mentioned before. The company claims this is one of the few lotions that applies easily and does not leave a greasy feeling on the hands. It is able to keep the hands soft and supple.

Feedback: The customer ordered the product because her mow who is 90 years-old in a rest home. The caregiver bought the product and applied it to the mother’s hands. The daughter became aware of this and decided to try the product herself. She likes the product and says it leaves her hands very soft. The mother’s hands were very dry but this product helped them. The customer says the product is truly luxurious and she says a little bit goes a long way.

The customer received the product as a Christmas gift. She loves t and it worked very well on her hands. She bought some and brought it to work. She used it a few times then something unexpected happened. She tried to squeeze some out and the bottle exploded there went her money, tube, and product. She will contact Amazon to solve the problem.She loves the product. The customer says the product keeps the skin soft and silky smooth. The husband ran his hand up the wife’s arm and commented on how soft her skin was.

Certified ORGANIC All-in-One Intense Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product will help to keep the skin fresh, supple and young looking. It also helps with restoring the skin processes to remove damaged skin cells. It protects against environmental elements and from harsh and cold winter weather. It helps the skin stay healthy, firm and radiant. It protects the hands from peeling and it adds natural oil production and collagen to the skin. It has fatty acids that help keep the skin looking healthy and smooth. It contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent the skin from becoming inflamed. It is said to be able to assist in natural wound healing by speeding up the healing process.

Feedback: The customer lives in the cold tundra of Northern Minnesota where the winters are very harsh and rough on the skin. Her hands are chapped and dry all the time. She has to be outdoors all year round for the horses and the other animal. She needed to find a product that had natural ingredients and this lotion fit the bill. The lotion began to heal her hands after only two days. She says the lotion is very thick and she squeezed too much out so she fetched her husband and applied the excess to his hands. The product works great for her.

Royal Jelly – Natural and Organic Face Moisturizer & Hand Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product can be used on the whole body in addition to the hands. It will firm up sagging skin, heal acne scars, fights uneven skin tone and will help to reduce wrinkles. It is quite a versatile product. It has no fillers, paraben, or any harmful chemicals in it. It will also reverse aging naturally helping the body to reverse the aging process.

Feedback: There are no reviews written about the products of yet. But from reading the product description it sounds like it is a solid product that can really restore aging skin and keep it young-looking and healthy.


The list is never ending of all the top-notch hand creams that are available on the market today. They will all help with dry and chapped skin and some will even restore lost collagen in the skin. A few of them will help to fight aging and there was one that would prevent the skin from developing inflammation. The list has a product for everyone so pick the one that will benefit your skin the most.


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