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(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

Do you really want an innerspring mattress? What if you feel every spring everytime you move on the bed? What if you dive on the bed and it feels like you are diving into a pull without water? You definitely do not want a bed that will be as firm as cement and you can feel every spring. The best innerspring mattresses will be firm but not too firm and soft but not too soft. You want to have some give on the mattress but not to the point you will be sinking into a sinkhole and the springs will be digging into your back or stomach. You want a mattress that will have long-lasting springs and if there is some memory foam layered above the springs that would be nice as well. If you can buy a mattress that has individually encased springs this will help to remove motion transfer and the sleeping partner will not feel you moving around either. The innerspring mattresses are varied in price on Amazon. Let’s go fishing for some innerspring mattresses.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress, Twin

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress combines traditional innerspring with the latest gel foam memory. It will give you the best sleep you have ever had. The pillowcase, sides and the corded edge all contribute to the breathability of the mattress. The gel memory foam will disperse the body heat [1], the surface combines with it to give you orthopedic support while you sleep. 8 inches of inner coil springs will remove the motion and will reduce motion disturbances which means your sleeping partner will not feel your movement [2]. The memory foam and the gel foam will resist allergens, molds, bacteria and other harmful germs. The pillow has a nice firm feel and the company offers a 10-year warranty on the mattress.

Feedback: The customer says the mattress is too big for the bed frame. The mattress cannot be returned after it has been taken from the box. It can be but you have to pay $50.00 to return it and another $50.00 for a specially ordered box o repack the mattress in. This is $100.00 before you ever can return it which is not right. The company should pay for the shipping and let the customer should not have to pay for a new box to pack the mattress in. This is just not right. Naturally, after this experience, the customer rated the mattress one-star. Another customer says the mattress sagged after only 2.5 months of use how unfair is that? The quality of this mattress is not good. You can only return the mattress within one month of purchasing and after that, you are stuck with a poor-quality mattress. The company really needs to extend the return window to at least 3 months. One month is just too short of a return window for the mattress. The customer rated the mattress one-star.

This customer says the idea of a “cool” mattress is a marketing tactic and there is no cool mattress. The only way the mattress can be cool is if there a cooling system running through it or it depends on how many covers you have on writes the customer. This is not true because there are a lot of mattresses designed to allow air to flow through the mattress allowing the mattress to stay cool. There are also layers of gel foam that will disperse the body heat keeping the customer cool while they sleep. The customer says he has had broken bones and back issues over the years so the bed has helped him with those issues. It allows circulation and it does not wrap around the body causing the customer’s legs and arms to go numb this is what the customer claims. The customer says he does not see or feel the issues that others have written in the reviews the customer read. Just because the customer does not relate to the issues of other customers does not mean these issues did not occur for the other customers. The customer says he does not understand why people were complaining about the patterns embossed on the mattress. You cannot feel them on the mattress and if you put a cover on the mattress that will resolve the issue. The problem still exists for the other customers whether this customer acknowledges those issue or not. The customer and his sleeping partners like the mattress and he rates it 5-stars.

Innerspring Mattress

This couple says they are heavy people. The mattress does not cool down but it is very comfortable to sleep on. It cannot be returned once the mattress is taken out of the box. The mattress explodes out of the box and unless you have 15 strong friends you will not roll up this mattress and put it back in the box. The customer says the mattress sleeps hot but it is much better than sleeping on a waterbed which the couple had slept on the previous 30 years before they bought this mattress. The customer only rated the mattress 4-stars. I am not sure why the person did not give the mattress 5-stars. The customer is very, very satisfied with the mattress then why didn’t the customer rate the mattress 5-stars. The customer was nervous about buying this mattress because it was from an online source. The customer pushed the button and the mattress came quickly in a box which surprised the customer very much. They set the mattress on a box spring that formerly held a waterbed. The customer has slept comfortably on it to feel good about telling others to buy it. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

The customer originally bought a mattress for his young son. He slept on the mattress for a couple of days and he really liked it. The customer had back pain which he thought was from his son climbing into the customer’s bed and sleeping next to the customer. He slept on the son’s bed and his back pain went away so he bought one for himself and he gladly rated it 5-stars.

LINENSPA 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Twin

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress combines foam memory with traditional innerspring to give you the sleep of your dreams. There is memory foam woven into the cover of the mattress. There is a 1.5-inch thick layer of foam below the top layer of foam that reduced the pressure points which will relieve the body of pain while you sleep. The mattress is shipped in a box for easy setup and mattress.

Feedback: The mattress had over 5500 reviews written about it. So the product has been around awhile. The customer sells mattresses for a living so she is an expert in the field. She says she is broke and she cannot fund a $2000-$8000 dollar mattress. She bought this mattress and she says it is not a hybrid mattress but she thinks it is an innerspring mattress with a plush top. The mattress is a medium firm mattress and the customer likes a soft mattress. But she says this mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. She says if you can lay on a mattress then don’t buy it. The mattress she says will last 10 to 20 years and she does not expect this mattress to last a lifetime. She says go to the store and buy a better quality mattress if you can afford it’s the implication. She will buy a more expensive mattress when she can. The customer rated the mattress 4 stars and not 5 stars The reason she gave it 4 stars because the product description said it was a hybrid mattress and she claims it is not a hybrid mattress.

This customer was cautious about buying this mattress but they were wrong because it is very comfortable to sleep on. The customer says the mattress is worth 5-stars. This customer bought two of these mattresses but in different sizes. The twin-size mattress (was bought for the son) came in a box and it was in excellent condition. The full-size mattress came without a box and it was filthy and it had a stain. The customer called the company and was waiting for a response. The company responded to the customer the same day and apologized for the bad mattress being shipped to the customer. The company sent the customer a brand new mattress and it came a week later and it was in perfect condition. The customer rated the mattresses 5-star based on the company’s excellent customer service.

The customer was very excited about buying the mattress until they slept on it. The customer says you can feel the springs when you lay on the mattress. The topper is too thin but the mattress is good for the 60lb. child who has no issues with the body. The child would be comfortable sleeping on the floor. The customer says he should have bought a used mattress in better condition. If you are desperate for cheap quality mattress and you have a child who has no physical issues then this mattress is for you. I think the customer is exaggerating about how bad this mattress really is. This mattress is better than any used mattress and a lot of other people wrote this is a good mattress. This customer thinks he paid too much for the mattress and he rated the mattress 3-stars. This is odd the customer would rate the mattress 3-stars after the customer wrote such a negative review.

This customer says they have had the mattress for 3 weeks and they love it. They do not say why they love it which would be nice to know. The mattress came in a nice box and it exploded once came out of the box. It is a medium firm mattress and it is great for side sleepers. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars. The review would have been better if it detailed why they loved the mattress so much and why they rated the mattress 5-stars.

The customer said they were very skeptical about buying the mattress because of all the reviews. The full-size mattress worked out well and the customer followed the instructions on how to open the package. The springs began to pop and the mattress filled up with air and the child loves the new mattress. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars. The customer did not give much more detail on why the mattress worked so well for the family. They really liked the mattress but it would have been beneficial for the customer to have detailed some concrete reasons why they loved the mattress so much.

The customer bought this as a guest bed and they slept on it. They said it was very comfortable and they say the company’s products are good. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

The customer says when she and the husband slept on the old mattress it was not uncomfortable for them. They would wake up with sore hips tingly arms (this could be a sign of more serious medical problems for this couple and not sleeping on the mattress) and they would take pain medication before they went to bed so they could sleep. The wife is a light sleeper and would wake up every time the husband would toss and turn. The wife says that most people judge a mattress by what problems they do not have with it. This is not true for me a good mattress is one that I can sleep on pain-free and comfortably. It will also keep me cool and it will contour to my body. The customer wrote in the review the things that she and the husband looked for in a mattress. The customer says when you buy a mattress it should be 6 inches longer than the tallest person who will sleep on the bed. This is the first time I have heard this and it may not be true.

This customer bought the mattress for a unique reason indeed. The customer and his wife would sleep at different times. The wife would get up during the night and the husband would wake up early in the morning so they would lose sleep. They bought the mattress and set it up in the guest room so they could catch up on their sleep. The mattress is cheap but it is a good mattress the customer writes. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 10 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Mattress 

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Benefits and Uses: The company says the mattress will take your sleep to the next level. How can sleep be taken to the next level? Either you sleep soundly or you toss and turn. This is because of the 10″ hybrid mattress and the company says they go the extra mile in packaging, protecting, and getting the mattress to the customer on time.

Feedback: The customer is a woman and single and she lost 200lbs. Her old mattress was a mess so it was time for her to get a new mattress. She researched which mattress to buy thoroughly before she bought this one. It came in a box and the box was very heavy but she managed to drag the mattress into the bedroom. She carefully cut open the outer plastic that contained the mattress. It expanded almost as soon as she took it out of the plastic. It nearly made her jump through the wall because of the sudden expansion it really scared her. She was looking at other mattresses but she writes she cannot afford $1000.00 for a new mattress. This mattress was cheaper so she ordered it instead. She found this mattress online for a much lower price and she bought it. She let it expand fully before she put the linen on the mattress. It had no odor but the customer let a fan blow on it all day. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

Best Innerspring Mattress

Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Mattress & Independently Encased Coils Innerspring Hybrid Mattress 

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is made of latex which is taken from the rubber trees of Thailand. Now, the latex contains no harmful materials and it meets the Federal fire requirement 1633 so the company claims. The encased spring layer is made of steel springs. The springs are set isolated and prevent motion transfer so your sleeping partner will not feel you moving. The springs also prevent the bed from sagging and sinking. The latex layer is supposed to relieve pressure points to help numb limbs you may have and it will help you have a night’s sleep free of pain. the mattress is designed for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Feedback: The customer writes the mattress has a weird chemical smell that would not dissipate even after the mattress sat outside for a week to air. This contradicts what the company says that the mattress is made with no harmful chemicals. The customer rated the mattress 0ne-star because of the foul chemical smell.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress, King

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is equipped with the traditional innerspring and the latest generation of gel memory foam. This combination will give you the best sleep you can have and you will sleep in peace and comfort. It will also cut down on motion disturbance which could mean that the sleeping partner will not feel the motion when you move around.

Feedback: The customer rolled the mattress up two flights of stairs by himself. The mattress fit a bed frame with no foundation perfectly and the mattress had minimal outgassing the customer rated the mattress 5-stars.


We have shared some reviews with you on what the best innerspring mattresses are on the market today. Get out there and by your dream innerspring mattress today.


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