Best Intex Air Mattress Reviews

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This is interesting because Intex air mattresses are a two-in-one design. What do I mean by this? I mean that this model of an air mattress serves as a box spring and a mattress all in one. I am not saying this takes the place of a traditional bed but it is a viable option. It is a lot cheaper than a regular bed but it will never take the place of a bed. If you have a strict budget then these will work for you. I do not know that these are very popular but they are available on the market today. Hopefully, this article will bring these types of air mattresses to the forefront. These types of air mattresses probably will not float very good on the water but they may make good sleeping beds on a camping trip. For all the value they offer they are very reasonably health.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

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Benefits and Uses: The airbed is designed with fiber-tech technology and it is made for the home. The mattress has a built-in pump making inflating the mattress virtually easy. It will save you the trouble of having to inflate the mattress by hand. The mattress did have over 2,000 reviews written about it so some people know about it. The mattress is made of waterproof material and it is raised 18 inches off the ground. It has slotted side openings so the bed sheets will not slip off the bed. The flocked sides made of vinyl have been tested for the highest quality standards. The bed is supposed to be able to be inflated in about 4 minutes.

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Feedback: The customer said they read the instructions and they figured out to let the mattress sit for 24 hours before she tried laying on it. She tried it the second night and she really likes the air mattress. She said the mattress did not lose any air and she considers herself lucky because of this. The mattress holds the sheets very well and her queen-size sheets fit the bed nicely. She says the mattress moves from side to side when you get on and off the air mattress. The built-in pump makes it very handy to inflate and deflate the mattress. The customer says they had a couple of guests sleeping on the air mattress who totaled about 350lbs. the air mattress under this weight did not lose air. The customer thinks that vinyl will stretch and tear over time and she is glad they attached a repair kit to the air mattress. The customer says to find out if you have an air leak or not do this: take some soap and water and rub it over the suspected areas. If bubbles rise after you apply the soap and water you have a leak. She writes wait until the area dries then repair the leak. then repair the leak. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

It is safe to say the customer is disgusted with the product. They bought two air mattresses and the air mattresses were blown up and they seemed to hold air for two hours of no use. Then they used it and the mattress deflated by 50% the customer said. It was inflated and by night time it deflated by 30%, this is not on a good track. The second followed the same pattern because a 130 lb sleeper slept on the mattress. The mattress deflated by 30% by morning and the second one was would not hold air as the first one would not. They did not use the two mattresses and they were deflated by 75% they still did not use them and they were deflated by 95% the next day. The client said they called the company about the issue and the company said there was nothing that could be done because the product was out of warranty. The customer says don’t buy the air mattress but if you do make sure you return before the warranty expires. The customer rated the product 1-star.

Oh boy, another customer who bought two air mattresses and they thought they had leaks in them. The instructions said the vinyl would stretch which stimulates a leak. The customer said the air mattresses were not used and they were deflated. The mattresses definitely had leaks in them and the customer rated the product 2 stars. The customer bought a twin mattress because they wanted to save space. The twin side rocked from side to side. Next time, the customer will build a full-size mattress so it won’t rock. The customer says the mattress is ok and it inflates decently. The customer rated the product at 3-stars. This is not an encouraging review at all. The customer says the mattress is alright this review sure sends mixed reviews.

The customer questions the quality of the product. The customer wires the product started out as an excellent product but then it went downhill. The bottom vinyl started to wear the mattress developed a leak. The only problem is that the customer only had the mattress for 2 months and they are very disappointed with the product. The customer says they need a better customer return policy but the only problem is the customer did not say what the return policy should be. Th customer also did not say what the current return policy is. The product was rated 3-stars. They really did like the mattress. This is a mixed review, to say the least. The customer says the bottom wears out and the mattress leaks. The customer said the mattress was a failure and they rate it 3-stars. The customer wanted to return the product but could not. Yet the customer likes the mattress.

The customer really likes the product and says it works great for overnight guests or weekend guests. It is easy to inflate and deflate she writes. The client had a spill incident on the air mattress but she could not believe how easy it was to clean up the spill. The customer gave the product a 5-star rating. There were no complaints about the mattress losing air or wearing out. I wonder how long the customer owned the mattress.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Bed Height 22″, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The queen-sized mattress was made for the home using fiber tech construction like the mattress discussed above. This mattress has a built-in pump that will automatically inflate and deflate the mattress in 4.5 minutes. The mattress is elevated 22 inches from the ground and the sides are indented to keep the fitted sheets in place. The mattress is waterproof which is a nice benefit. The mattress comes with a duffel bag which makes for easy storage and transportation of the mattress. The suggests you turn the knob to the maximum setting for the inflation and deflation process. Read the instructions carefully and watch the instruction video so you use the mattress properly.

Feedback: The product had 8800 plus reviews written about the product. So, the product is well-known to customers. The product had 8800 plus reviews written about the product. So, the product is well-known to customers. The customer says he is the “mattress engineer” of the family. He was not too thrilled to buy the product in the first place because of the reviews he read. The customers either hated or loved the mattress and he read a lot of reviews which said the mattress leaked air. He bought the mattress and inflated it while he let it sit for a period of time.

He noticed the bag that the mattress could be put into after it is deflated. The customer noticed the air mattress was very compact and easy to transport and store. The customer rated it 4-stars because they only used the mattress for two nights. The first night the mattress deflated and felt more like a water bed. It was the customer’s fault because he did not read the instructions. He had set the knob improperly causing the air mattress to lose air. He set the knob to the right position and the air mattress did not lose any air the second night. The customer says if the mattress continues to work well he will upgrade the product to a 5-star rating. They are an elderly couple that needs to have the mattress set to a high level of firmness for their backs. The customer says the air mattress is better than some standard beds. This seems inconceivable that an air mattress can feel better to sleep on than a standard bed. The customer really cannot tell if the air mattress is better than a standard bed after only sleeping on it for two nights.

This is an encouraging review because the client had their expectations met with the mattress. The client bought the mattress and said the higher edge makes it easier to climb into the bed and you do not have to get on the floor to get into or out of the bed. The customer had guests over for a week and one loved it the other said it was too firm. The client deflated/inflated the mattress easily but let the mattress stretch for 24 hours and then they had to top it off so it would not lose any air. The instructions said to do this.

The client said the mattress was very easy to fold up and pack it into the duffle bag. The customer travels for months and brought the bed with them. This saved them from having to rent furniture and the mattress was very comfortable for the customer to sleep on. The customer updated the review and said after two months of using the mattress it still is working well for the client. The customer put a memory top on the mattress and the friend who said it was too firm had a change of heart. The friend now said the mattress was perfect because of the memory foam cover that was on it. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

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Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Comfort Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of soft flocking on the top and the sides. The mattress has a built-in pump with 110vac-120vac making it easy to inflate and deflate the mattress. The bed is raised 16 inches off the floor which made mean you have to get on the floor to get on and off the bed. The mattress is built with Dura-Beam for the nest support and durability.

Feedback: The product has over 800 reviews written about it which is a decent amount. The wife and her husband slept on the mattress for one week and neither one is young or that small in form. The couple slept nicely on the mattress and turned the pump on and off not raise the bed was losing air. They just wanted to make sure it was not losing air. The wife is happy with the purchase. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

This customer says the mattress is useless because the stitches are coming out. The customer may have received a defective product and should give the mattress another chance. The customer rated the product 1-star which may have been a little hasty on the customer’s pat. This could have been a one-time defective product. This does not mean that all the mattresses will have their stitches coming out so soon upon purchase.

The customer bought the product for a friend who came to stay with the couple for the holidays. The customer was impressed by the product. The mattress was easy to inflate and it did not lose air the whole week while the guest slept on the bed. They said it was as good as a regular bed. The mattress inflated and deflated quite easily. In fact, their air mattress inflated in under 5 minutes. The product is easy to fold up and it fits nicely into the duffle bag. The client likes the product and is very happy with the purchase. The product was rated 5-stars by the couple.

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump, Twin, Bed Height 16.5″

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Benefits and Uses: A twin-sized air mattress equipped with a built-in motor for easy inflating and deflating. The product is built with vinyl beams and this gives this mattress solid support. The air mattress has built-in pillows making for greater comfort while you sleep. It has a built-in motor as we mentioned earlier. The pump will inflate/deflate the mattress in about 3 minutes. Double-layered weave beam construction in the inside of the mattress and the mattress stands 16.5 inches above the ground.

Feedback: The air mattress has had over 6700 reviews written about it. A popular product indeed. The customer read reviews that said it was a very good mattress or it was an awful mattress. She decided to give it a try. She inflated and it deflated over the day. She tried it the second day and it deflated through the day. She was thinking it was stretching out so she tried it the third day and again it deflated. She filled it up and left it standing for a week and the mattress did not lose any air. It was stretching in the days previous to this week. The customer rightfully said yes the mattress will deflate because the material is stretching. It will eventually stop leaking and hold the air. She tells people to be patient and give the product a chance. I could not agree with this customer more.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The company says that depending on temperature, climate, and weights of the people sleeping on them all these factors will determine the firmness of the mattress. The mattress being vinyl will stretch and lose air. So, you need to inflate it and let it sit for a few days as the air will leak out as the mattress stretches out. The mattress will calm down and stop losing air. It is a queen-sized mattress that can be used indoors and outdoors and it is made of plush waterproof material. The extra-wide valve makes inflating and deflating easy. The mattress will accept most electric and motor pumps. The mattress does not come with a pump which is not very good. If you use fitted queen-size sheets they will fit nicely on this air mattress. This could be limiting that it only takes fitted mattresses.

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Feedback: The customer says they filled the mattress several times but it still leaked. The customer contacted the company and after being routed several times during the call was finally told the mattress is not covered under warranty. This is not good customer service as the client said. The client will return it through Amazon. The customer rated the product a hefty one -star.


We have identified some quality Intex air mattresses for you in the above reviews. For each product, the customers either loved or hated the product. Some claimed that the mattresses leaked but they were not patient enough to allow the material to stretch because after the product stretched or maintained the full volume of air.


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