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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

A latex pillow sounds like it is a pillow made out of rubber? Or is it made out of plastic? Either way, the pillow sounds like it would be very uncomfortable to sleep on. A latex pillow is either filled with shreds of latex or is filled with the latex material. The advantage of a latex pillow is that it is very breathable material and it will keep the consumer cool all night long. This may be the attraction to latex pillows. This would be beneficial when you are sleeping on a summer night and it is 90 degrees outside and inside your house. It will definitely reduce the sweating factor while one sleeps. So, maybe a latex pillow can be very comfortable to sleep on after all. This article is written to find out if latex pillows are comfortable or not.

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is constructed with natural latex foam and it has very good ventilation. It is a pillow that contains antimicrobial properties that prevent odor and pathogen development. It softly cradles the head and the neck all night long for a quiet sleep. The cover is made of cotton and has a 300 thread count. It is removable and easy to clean.

Feedback: The product has had over 1300 reviews written about it. So a lot of people have tried this product. The customer has had 4 neck surgeries and is fused on a few levels. This is the first pillow she has been able to sleep on in 20 years. The first one bought 3 years ago and she couldn’t believe it had been 3 years. She really likes the pillow and she is a side sleeper which is no problem for this pillow. She likes this pillow so much she bought another one and she highly recommends it. She thought it was time to write a review about the pillow. The customer tells everyone about the pillow and how well it works for her. It is not too hard or too soft it is perfect for her. The client rated the pillow 5-stars.

Latex Pillow

The customer says these pillows are great and they offer some tips on how to use the latex pillows. The pillows are soft and they do not generate heat and will keep you cool. Like memory foam, they bounce right back to their original form and a lot quicker than memory foam. They are very soft as well. The pillow will face the space between your neck and the bed so you will not press on jugular when you sleep on your side. The pillow has no pressure points which means that when you sleep on the pillow it will not press on the sinuses or your face or other parts of that region so the face will not feel smashed.

You will not have trouble breathing either since the sinuses will not be pressed. The pillow stays the same shape on both sides so if you switch to the cold side the pillow will be formed to its original shape. You will not have to re-position the pillow it will be all set for you. The pillow will depend on the brand on how firm or soft it is according to the manufacturer’s standards. The customer says the pillow will ink to half its size before the head will stop sinking into the pillow. The customer likes this because the customer likes the pillow to compress to 1/2 its size.

The customer likes their head to sink about halfway down in the pillow. She cautions others may not like to sleep like this. The customer says she has used latex pillows for years but then she couldn’t find them in the stores anymore. She had tried many other types of pillows but none compare to the latex pillow. The customer rated the pillow 45-stars. This customer rated the pillow 3-stars because she ordered two nature para latex rubber, pillow and mattress material king-sized pillows. She expected them to be the same. This could not be further from the truth. One pillow had a low loft and the other pillow had a high loft so the pillow was too large. The customer was disappointed with the pillows. They were far from being identical. The inconsistency bothered the customer they were not expecting this. The man says he loves the pillow. His head sinks down just enough into the pillow to help him sleep so he does not wake up with head and neck pain in the morning. He bought two of the pillows because his wife liked the first one so much she took it from him. He bought a second one for himself. The customer and his wife are two totally different sleepers so they bought a custom bed. The customer use to sleep with 3 pillows now he only needs this pillow to sleep comfortably on. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

The customer lost her favorite latex pillow on vacation. It felt like she was sleeping on a marshmallow it was so soft on her neck and head. She thought when she ordered this pillow it was the same one as the pillow she lost. The pictures were not the same pillow as her old pillow was. She did not pay close attention to the pictures. What she received was not what she wanted. These two pillows she ordered were so thin her face smashed into it. Her hand smashed in the pillow and the pillows were just too flat for her. She returned the pillows because they just would not work for her. The customer rated the product 2-stars so she really did not like the pillows.

The customer has been buying these types of pillows for 4 years but the quality seems to be eroding with the pillow. The client says he has many sleeping issues but the pillow is not meeting these problems. He claims the pillow has shrunk in size over the years. The latest pillow he tried did not work for him so he is returning it. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars.

Cardinal & Crest Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow | Hypoallergenic Antimicrobial Pillow With 300 Thread Count 100 Percent Cotton 

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow was made from latex from the rubber tree. This particular pillow will fit a king-sized bed and it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This means the pillow will stop odors and pathogens from forming. The pillow will cradle your head and neck so you sleep soundly. There are no pressure point issues with this pillow. The company is committed to customer satisfaction so they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer has neck problems and has had brain surgery so they are a very sensitive sleeper. They have had headaches and neck aches when they wake up in the morning using the other pillows. They have not been able to sleep on their back since they had the brain surgery. They said the pillow is ok and that it is just the wrong pillow for the client. The client says it is more than the pillow does not work for him than the quality of the pillow being poor. The customer rated the pillow 3-stars. The customer rated the pillow a little above average so there must be some issues with the pillow for the customer. If there wasn’t the client would have rated the pillow higher. The customer says that latex pillows are great and it is good that bed bugs cannot get into the pillow. Yes, this is a very good thing because no one wants to sleep with bed bugs.

The customer says this is a gat replacement for the old pillow and they think it too will last for 12 years. The client rated the pillow 5-stars. This is the extent of the review and there are a few issues with this very brief review. It’s Good That the customer rated the pillow 5-stars but why did the customer not tell us why they rated the pillow 5-stats. The customer says it will last 12 years like the old pillow but the customer does not elaborate on the benefits of the pillow. This is just too generic of a review. It would definitely not sell people to buy the mattress.

The client says this is the perfect thickness for their neck and the holes in the pillow keep it cool and ventilated during the night. This is the extent of the review. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The customer says the pillow id a little too thick for them. But it is still a good pillow and the customer rated the pillow 4-stars. The client says the pillow gives off no order. This is not a thorough review and based on its content it might be tough for a customer to decide to buy this pillow.

The customer has had 2 back surgeries and three neck surgeries so the client definitely faces some sleep issues. They bought this pillow and they were able to sleep through the night and it does not hurt their neck or back. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The pillow only had 9 reviews written about it. The positive note is that the pillow received more 5-star ratings than lower ratings so there is a potential for the product to become a favorite among customers. The product may be relatively new to the market because it only has had 9 reviews written about it.

Latex Pillows

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow, Standard

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow has been constructed from natural latex the product description says. Latex usually comes in the natural form anyway. It has antimicrobial properties that will keep the pillow smelling nice and free of pathogens. The pillow is easy on the neck and head guaranteeing you will have a calm and restful sleep. It has a removable cover and it is made of 100% cotton.

Feedback: The product has had over 1300 reviews written about it. It is a well-known pillow that should make it easy for customers to decide to buy or not to buy the pillow. There are so many reviews to read about the pillow. The customer says they have finally found a pillow that will relieve their neck, back, and shoulder pain. Until now they would wake up every morning with pain in the above mentioned areas. This pillow has stopped all their aches and pains. The customer said $100 pillows worked no better than $10.00 pillows. Just because a pillow costs a lot of money does not mean it is a high-quality product or that it will help the consumer. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars and highly recommends the pillow.

The customer originally rated the pillow 5-stars because it helped the client sleep well through the night. The loft and the firmness were perfect for the customer. The loft of the pillow is the inclination of the pillow. The customer updated the review because the son stole the original pillow from her. She bought two more pillows like the original one. These pillows were of inferior quality and they were flatter and had a lower loft than the original pillow. The customer woke up with shoulder and neck pain using the new pillows. The customer dropped their rating from 5-stars to 4-stars.

The customer says they used a latex child as a child. The son as a young boy loved her pillow so she lost it. She does not remember what she has used over the years. She found this latex pillow and she had to have it. She loves the pillow because it is not too high or too low it is just right. The client had to cover the pillow with plastic which makes the pillow cool. The pillow was not warm, to begin with. She started drooling because of the meds she is taking. This is why the pillow was covered. You cannot wash the pillow so you are better off to cover it anyway the client writes.

All Natural Latex Pillow With Organic Cotton Outer Covering (Standard – Medium Firm)

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is made of natural latex and is 100% cotton. It will give the customer a comfortable sleeping temperature from the contents and design of the pillow. The pillow is eco-friendly the company claims. The pillow ranges from soft to medium firm. If you want a firmer pillow then order “firm” or “extra firm”. The pillow will keep bacteria away and it wicks moisture so you sleep on a cooler pillow. The pillow is designed for air to flow freely through it. This will decrease perspiration for the client.

Feedback: The customer says the pillow will take some getting used to. The customer has had pains in their neck and shoulder from sleeping on uncomfortable pillows. They tried a pillow and it has improved their sleep quality but it is by no means a miracle pillow. They still wake up with slight shoulder pain. They say this pillow would work well for side sleepers because the side sleepers would not need extra support. She does not know that side sleepers would not need extra support. This pillow has different levels of firmness the customer can choose from. The customer rated the pillow 4-stars. The customer wrote a very lengthy review which some of the content has been left out of this review.

The customer is not happy with this pillow at all. It was very comfortable at the beginning which the customer says you would expect from a latex pillow. The customer should not assume the other customers will think a pillow is comfortable because it is latex. The customer says after 6 months the pillow became ½ its original size and began to lose its bounce. Now, the pillow is completely flat, has no bounce and it is not comfortable to sleep on. The customer thinks this is not a latex pillow. The pillow is clearly identified as a latex pillow so it is a latex pillow. The customer does not recommend this pillow to anyone and the customer rated it one-star.

Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow Standard with Eco-friendly Hypoallergenic and Anti-mite by SWEESLEEP (Soft, 23″x15″x5″)

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B074PNW3Z1&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20&language=en US - Best Latex Pillowir?t=balancemebeau 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074PNW3Z1 - Best Latex Pillow

Benefits and Uses: The outer cover is made of 100% cotton and is removable. The inner cover is made of 100% polyester. The outer cover is removed by unzipping it. The pillow will support the head very well and the pillow being latex is breathable and it will allow you to sleep comfortably. The pillow will absorb moisture.

Feedback: The customer says this pillow is not for back sleepers because it is too thick in the middle for a back sleeper. The customer may take a knife slit open the pillow and remove some of the inner linings. The customer thinks this will make the head sink into the pillow deeper and help the customer sleep better. If the customer does this he can forget about returning the pillow because he has tampered with its original design and form. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars.

Best Latex Pillow


There you have some thoughts about the different latex pillows on the market today. You have the thoughts and experiences of some of the customers who have actually used the pillow. For the most part, the customers seemed to like the pillows we reviewed in the article.


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