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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

So what are we talking about here? Why in the world would you want to stain your lips and cheeks? Ok, I can see putting blush on the cheeks and lipstick, lip crayon, or lip balm on the lips but stain? You stain furniture you know like desks, chairs, and cabinets. This is to beautify the wood and preserve it. Especially, if it will sit outside in the cold, hot and other seasons that transpire during the year. The stain will protect it against the harsh environmental elements. Or you stain your front deck (if you have one) or the back deck. You know you stain the wood to cover cracks or pores in the wood. It makes the wood look more natural and protects it against snow, rain and other forms of moisture. But you do not stain your lips and cheeks. People are not pieces of furniture, are they?

But wait a second let’s stop the ranting and raving about staining the lips and the cheeks. You know there could be some validity to this. It just may well be that lip and cheek stain can make the lips and the cheeks look more natural and blend in well with the natural skin tone. What if it can cover up enlarged pores and other skin imperfections? You know this lip and cheek stain may even protect the skin from sun damage in the summer and the torrid, blasting cold of the winter. You know this product may even protect the skin from other environmental hazards it may even be a buffer against free radical damage isn’t that a radical thought? Before we throw the baby out with the water let’s take a deeper look at the lip and cheek stains sold on the market today. We may just surprise ourselves at home beneficial they really can be for the lips and the cheeks.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

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Benefits and Uses: The product provides custom color to the cheeks and lips it is claimed by the company. The color is long-lasting. The product contains elements that will soften and hydrate the lips. Use the fingers to apply to cheeks and massage in for a natural color. Use it directly on the lips for long-lasting color.

Feedback: The customer says that have light skin to the point that any product they put on will look bold. It will look bolder than any image of a person wearing the same product with light-skin. The client is wearing pink on both the lips and the cheeks. The pictures of the client were available and the pink contrasted very well with her fair-colored skin. The client says she is a tanned Asian and she likes the product. It adjusts to her skin tone as she applies the product to the lips and cheeks. She has tanned lightly and the colors adjusted naturally to her skin tone. She says in the wintertime the product adjusted to the skin tone as well. You do not have to blend the product color with your skin color because the product will naturally blend to the skin tone as the product is applied.
The customer says she liked the pink as it blended well with her skin tone. She tried the peach but she said it had too much of an orange tone. She was hoping the red would be a little bolder on the face than the pink but it had an orange tint on her skin. This is odd that red would have an orange tint on her skin. She decided to stick with the pink as it looks the best with her particular skin tone. This 66-year-old has used many lip products in the past. This one was the best for her. She applies it once because if she applies it more than once on the lip it will look darker. She has wrinkles above the lips how this plays into the product application is not known. The customer says there were reviews that said the product did not stain the lips. She does not understand these comments because she says it stains the lips fine.

This is not a happy review the customer said it was a waste of money because it was way too light and she had to reapply it. The pink tone was not flattering she basically hated the product. The customer gave it a one-star rating. This is a different review the customer gave the pink shade a 5-star rating. The client gave the peach a 4-star rating because it turns orange after a few minutes. It grows more orangish as the day rolls on. The client gives the overall product a 4-star rating. The customer read the reviews and was afraid to try the product because she thought the pink would become darker. The pink stayed the color it was supposed to and went very well with the customer’s skin tone. The product gives the appearance of plumper lips and the product applies easily to the lips. A mirror is not needed for the application it is that easy. The color doesn’t last a long time though but it is very faint. The gloss will come off when you drink or eat something. The color is faint and the gloss comes off too easily these are not good features of this product.

The customer says at $24.00 dollars a tube this is nothing more than an expensive lip balm. It does not keep the lips moisturized so you must keep reapplying the product. The customer said you would be better off to buy a lip balm in the local drugstore. The customer is not impressed with the product. The customer also thought it would show more color on the lips then it does. It is an overpriced lip balm as far as the customer is concerned. Yet the customer gives it a 3-star rating. Overall the product, according to the reviews, is not that good of a product.

Tints & Sass Lip and Cheek Stain 

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Benefits and Uses: The is supposed to last all day long and will not transfer when you eat or drink anything. The bottle is spill proof and will not drip so you will not satin anything other than the lips or the cheeks. It is a formula that won’t dry the lips or cheeks out and it smells like cherry. The company will let you try a sample before you actually buy the product. This is excellent customer service and shows the company really has confidence in their product. The product is cruelty-free because the animals refused to have their lips and cheeks stained with this product. They prefer their natural color.

Feedback: The customer wears it under gloss or chapstick and layers this product for a darker color. In other words, the products apply darker the more layers you put on the lips.
The customer showed images of what the colors looked like at different layered levels. The customer says they love the way the product will stay on for a long time. They put gloss over it (it is not necessary though but the like the shine on the lips) and the lip stain lasts for a long time even after the lip gloss wears off. They say you can wear it independently as well. If you are not put together well the product will still look good on the lips and last for a long time. They have not tried staining their cheeks though. The customer gave it a 5-star rating. The customer says of the 6 products they have tried this one is the best. And it still lasts no matter how many layers of other lip products you apply to the lips. The other products would not last if you applied multiple layers of gloss or balm to the lips the customer writes.

The client likes the angled applicator that applies the product to the lips. The customer says you can cover the upper and lower lip with one pass but the customer likes to make three passes because she likes to have color on her lips. The product does not dry the lips but it does not moisturize the lips either. So, if it is not drying the lips and it is not moisturizing the lips then what is it doing? The customer writes that it is a forgiving product if you mess up and the customer says she messes up a lot. The client says they have had one bottle last over 6 months but that was not applying the lip stain on a daily basis. The client says the consistency is runny but it has a little bit of a gel-like texture to it. How can it be runny and have a gel-like texture at the same time? The customer says the product does not apply into the cracks on the lip.

The customer applies this product when they go to the gym to workout. The customer wants a light color on the lips when they sweat and why they want this is unknown. They say they apply some coconut oil when it dries out on the lips they are then good to go. The other customer says the product doesn’t dry out or moisturize the lips. This customer says it drys out her lips so which one is right? The workout client says this is the first lip stain that she has used.

The customer does not like the applicator that comes with the product. The client says it does not taste very good but she likes having it in her collection because she likes to have many options. She says she will not buy it again. The customer rated the product at 3-stars and the customer is sending mixed signals in this review. She says she likes having it in her collection but then she will not buy it again. Does she like it or not? This is not a clear review at all. The customer says the product is too runny and they have to apply it 3 or 4 times to the lips to get the right color on the lips. They do not like having to rub it around the lips with the finger because the finger turns red. The product does not last a long time because it is too runny. The applicator does not apply the product to the lips properly. It seems like the customer does not like the product. But yet the customer gives a 3-star rating instead of a lower rating.

This is not a promising review but it certainly sends mixed messages. The customer says it wears off when you eat but you can reapply it and you are good to go. The customer gives it a 3-star rating so it is not clear if the customer likes or dislikes the lip stain.

Fat and The Moon Lip and Cheek Stain

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Benefits and Uses: It has a few colors mixed into the formula so you do not know what color will come out on the lips after application. It has no metal-based colors in it. This could mean the colors are all natural. It has an earthly mild scent and has some geranium essential oil in it. The company says that some customers find the product to smell too earthy. How can a product smell too earthy? This does not make any sense. It has no harmful ingredients in it and the company claims all the ingredients are natural and organic. Of course, the product is cruelty-free and the reason for thesis that the animals thought the product was a little too natural tone staining their lips and cheeks with. Thus ended the company’s vision of testing this product on animals.

Feedback: The product is geared toward consumers who prefer a very natural look. The customer says they applied the product to their cheeks directly from the can. The product barely showed up on the cheeks and it gave the cheeks a slightly dewy look. So, if you want to apply a very subtle lip and cheek stain to your lips and cheeks this is the product for you.

The customer wants a cheek/lip stain that will not look like she has been slapped around or she has been drinking kool-aid. This product really did not meet her expectations because as a cheek stain it was invisible. It seemed to work adequately as a lip stain but the customer says it is not a lip stain but a tinted lip gloss. The customer gives it a 3-star rating which is consistent with the customer’s feedback about the product. This is weird but the customer says the smell of the product is really bad. It smells like rotten gasoline and the product barely shows up on the cheeks. This is not the first customer who complained that the stain barely showed up when applied to the cheeks. The customer will not buy the product again.

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

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Benefits and Uses: It is a liquid stain for lips and cheeks which means it could be very runny once applied to the lips and cheeks. It is long-lasting and it will not dry out the lips. But if it is liquid how can it not eventually dry out the lips and how can it be long lasting? It is a lightweight product that you will not feel on the lips or the cheeks. You can layer it on the lips for a progressively darker looking color. It has been tested by dermatologists. The results of the tests were not revealed. If this is important it is 100% vegan which means it that the company is not cruel to animals, says no to environmental destruction and the company advocates a healthy lifestyle. It also means the company is saying to its customers to pay attention to the ingredients in their food, cosmetics, and other products. It also alerts animals that they should do the same.

Feedback: The customer says they have to reapply it to the cheeks several times a day. They tried applying it to the lips but it went on splotchy and the customer said they exfoliate their lips. They will not use it as a lip stain. I am not sure what exfoliating the lips have to do with preventing the product from being splotchy on the lips. The customer was not impressed with the product.

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Natural Cheek and Lip Tint

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of all natural ingredients and it is healthy and all vegetarian. Does this mean that people who eat meat are not allowed to use it? It can be used on both the cheeks and the lips which do not make this product special. Any cheek/lip stain can be used on both the cheeks and the lips. The product can be applied for both a sheer or bold look.

Feedback: This is a very generic review written by the customer. All they write is that the color is close to the “Boom” color stick. What is the “Boom” color stick and what color is this stick? Why Did the customer give it a 5-star rating? They Said the color was great and that was it. Too much detail left out of this review. We want to know the reasons why the customer gave it a 5-star-rating. The information just is not there. Why should anyone buy this product?


You have some decisions to make about what type of cheek/lip stain you want to buy. There were some excellent cheek/lip stains reviewed in the above article. There were some detailed reviews written about the products were not so detailed reviews written about the product. There was one review written that will absolutely not help the customer decide whether to buy that product or not.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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