Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The best lip balm for dry lips is lip balm for dry lips. In other words, it has to have the ability to extensively hydrate the lips for a long period of time. Even though you should not eat lip balm if the lip balm had a pleasant taste that would be comfortable. It must apply smoothly and easily across the lips. It should not have a greasy feeling you know you feel like you just coated your lips with a drum of oil. You want a lip balm that is specifically designed to treat severely, cracked and chapped lips. A lip balm that will cover up and seal cracks and stop badly chapped lips from bleeding. You want a lip balm that will irritate your lips or burn them. It needs to soothe the lips and it should be a long-lasting lip balm. These are quite a few demands to be made on a lip balm but there are lip balms on the market that can meet these requirements and then some.

There are a myriad of lip balms out there for all seasons and all types of lips. But we want to focus on lip balms that are specifically made for dry lips and that will hydrate dry lips for long periods of time.

Lip Scrub and Moisturizer Gift Set

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Benefits and Uses: These are lip exfoliating scrubs. They are used to exfoliate dry, chapped and lips that are cracked from being dry. They moisturize the lips with three sweet flavors. They will remove the dead skin cells from the lips leaving looking bright and healthy. Your lips will be treated to a sweet treat and the product will help them heal as well.

The company suggests that you can give them as gifts but who really wants to receive a lip scrub for a gift? This may not be the best to give to someone if you value that relationship. The lip scrubs contain no harmful chemicals and they are made of all organic and natural ingredients. They are cruelty-free because the animals said they exfoliated their lips with the product but the flavors were too sweet for them and they said they made their lips even worse.

Feedback: The customer says they love the flavor they bought so they had to buy the other two flavors. The product has really helped their lips stay healthy. It has been a harsh winter but client said they have not had dry, bleeding or cracked lips during the winter when it is usually a serious problem.

She has no problem supporting businesses like this and she does not have to make her own lip scrubs. The customer bought them as gift sets and gave one to her daughter. Whenever he daughter’s lips feel chapped or dry the daughter applies some to her lips. It soothes the lips and lasts for most of the day. The daughter likes the vanilla flavor and it smells nice too. The client likes the lip scrubs because they moisturize the lips effectively. Another client says the moisturize the lips while removing the dry skin.

The customer says the flavors are good but they would like the product to have more consistency and sugar. The product sounds like it does not need more sugar because it is already sweet enough. Another customer says they bought them for friends and the friends and the customer like the way the lip scrub moisturizes the lips and the way the product tastes. Another clients say the lip scrub is ok and it did not help their lips at all. In the reviews, people do not seem to mind getting these lip scrub as gifts but I personally would not want to receive one as a gift.

The customer showed great self-control with this product. They applied the product on the lips and woke up the next morning and their lips felt great. The scraped the lip scrub off but they did not eat the sugar. The customer liked the product but they said they were too pricey for their pocketbook. This female customer says it does what it supposed to do but she doesn’t like the weird aftertaste. She is the only one who does not like the taste of the product everyone else thinks the lip scrub tastes wonderful. This client is 61 years-old and says it is exactly what the lips needed and they really like the product.

It is unusual that everyone will react to a product differently than other people will. One person will absolutely rave about this lip scrub and they will say it will work wonders for the lips. Others will say the product is useless and tastes terrible even with three sweet flavors and sugar added. It seems like the body will react differently to the lip scrub where some people’s bodies react well to the lip scrub and others seem to reject the product all together.

This customer says they absolutely hate the product and it does nothing for the lips it is so oily that it does not moisturize the lips but it greases them and it does not cure the dryness and it did not exfoliate their lips. They will not buy the product again and they will not recommend it to anyone. A big waste of money and a big disappointment to them. This review seems to bitter and negative it really makes you wonder if it is a real review or not. It is not constructive at all but just seems to be written out of anger and malice. I do not think this review would be helpful for anyone looking to buy the product. It does not make sense that the product could be so oily that it will not exfoliate the lips. Also, the product is made out of all organic and natural ingredients. How could it have so much oil in it? This does not make any sense.

SPF 30 Lip Balm Lipsaver 

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Benefits and Uses: The product has a rating of SPF 30 which is an adequate rating. It protects against the sun’s UVB and UVA rays and it protects against wind-chapped lips. The product is ideal to be used for playing outdoor sports, football, tennis, softball, baseball, and of soccer. It is cruelty-free because the animals tried the lip balm but they found it did not protect their lips from chapping in the wind while they played soccer. So they requested the coach to buy them a different brand thus this brand is cruelty-free. The ingredients in the lip balm will give the lips instant hydration which means instant relief. It is easily applied to the lip and it rubs on smoothly plus it has a pleasant mango scent. It will protect the lips from cold weather and other elements that will damage the lips.

Feedback: The client says the product performs as it said it would it goes on smoothly. The customer feels the product performs well at all levels and they will buy the product again after their current mango 4-pack runs out. They may try spearmint for a change of pace. This does sound weird the chapstick makes the client’s lips feel chunky which doesn’t make a lot of sense. The product tastes like an SPF product which sounds strange as well. What does an SPF lip balm taste like? The customer also says the lip balm has a weird aftertaste.

I am not sure how mango or spearmint can give a funny aftertaste? This is kind of a blah review. The customer says that the lip balm rubs on the lips roughly and that the lips do not feel moisturized and conditioned. The mango is a light pleasant scent for the client. The outdoorsman spends all kinds of time outdoors in all kinds of weather.They Use a lot of lip balm and they are glad this product comes in 4 packs. The scent is pleasant to them.

The customer says this is a medical product and I am not sure where he gets that this a medical product from? If it because of the SPF rating this does not necessarily mean it is a medical product. It is more of a sunscreen product than a medical product. The client wishes the lip balm would apply easier on the lips. It applies unevenly on the customer’s lips. The customer thinks that because it is an SPF product that this may not be so. I am not sure why the customer is saying this because most likely SPF-rated products could be made to be smoother in texture.

This female customer says her dentist used to give this product as samples to his patients. She really liked the lip balm and she was very happy when she found this product online. She says it is organically certified (where it says that is unknown) and she suggests you read the ingredients because you will find that they are all organic and natural. This is the best lip balm the customer has ever used. She tried other lip balms and none of them worked. This product moisturized her lips promptly and healed the lips from being chapped and dry. It is the only lip balm that has worked for her.She loves the product.

The customer says the stuff works but it has a nasty taste to it. So does this mean the client will buy the product again or not? It is really hard to tell. This same client says their lips are not dry and chapped. The customer says this is an SPF product but it does not have a smooth application as the customer would like.This is not the first review that the customer has said the product applies too thick to the lips. The client gave the product a one-star rating and they never used it. The package came with broken seals so obviously, the product was compromised in shipping.

The customer was ecstatic when the product arrived. The delight soon turned sour because they complain the product did arrive fast but it tastes like crayons and it applies like wax to the lips. The customer returned the product because it was so bad.The customer will not tell anyone to buy the product which means it was a really bad product for them.

All Natural Beeswax Chapstick by Naturistick

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Benefits and Uses: The product comes in four sweet flavorings and it comes with a free neoprene holder. A side highlight of the product. It has certified beeswax which means, I guess, that it is authentic beeswax. I wonder what fake beeswax looks like? It may be made by plastic bees. The product is free of a lot of harmful ingredients which means it could have all natural ingredients. The company says it is a secret formulation they make the product of. It is classified information and is a one-of-kind formula that only this company uses. It is safe to use for all ages and on the most sensitive lips.

It is a cruelty-free product because when the animals inquired about the secret formulation the company withheld that information from the animals. The animals refused to cooperate with the testing so the product became cruelty-free and they have never tested it on animals. It will protect the lips year round and again it is safe to use on the whole family. The company says that if you do not like the product they will give you a replacement or a refund.

Feedback: The customer has had very dry/chapped lips lately and they have been very painful. The customer bought the product and really likes it and it has helped their lips out tremendously. They would recommend it to others. The customer says they carry the product in a loop holder and they no longer lose the lip balm. It rolls on the lips smoothly and keeps the lips moist and healthy. The customer no longer has dry lips and says goodbye to dry lips forever. The customer is a lip balm addict and really liked the flavors of the product. This was the extent the customer liked the product though because it did not roll on the lips as smoothly or as thick as they would have liked it too.

Maybelline Baby Lips Glow Lip Balm

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Benefits and Uses: It is Ph color changing lip balm whatever that is supposed to mean. It has over 2,000 reviews written about which makes it a pretty popular product. So, the Ph color changing means it will show the true color of your lips.Their true pink color that is if you are interested in knowing this. It will give your lips a pink glow so you can glow in the dark. It also keeps the lips hydrated for hours. This product may be geared for children and teens.

Feedback: The customer likes the product and they have fair skin. This equates to they have trouble finding the proper lip balm shade for their lips. They do not want to look like “a little girl who stole some of mommy’s makeup” in their own words. The texture is nice and creamy and it rolls on the lips smoothly. The customer likes the product.

The customer says the packaging is nice and the flavor is nice. They read all these rave reviews about the product so they tried it.They do not understand why people like the product so much because it did nothing for them. It does not moisturize their lips and they have to reapply it every few minutes. I wonder if they are licking off the cherry-flavored lip balm and this is why it is going to fast? The tube will not last them a very long time. They say the product is worth $1.00 not the inflated $3.00 it is being charged.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm Mini

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Benefits and Uses: The product will help to lock in moisture to keep the lips feeling and looking healthy. It gives the lips a natural shine and it is made from genuine petroleum jelly a very soothing element for the lips. It will give the lips long-lasting lip care and there are a few flavors to choose from. The product has had over 10000 reviews written about it.

Feedback: The customer says the product smells very strong but it really softens the lips when they are cracked. It sounds like the customer has mixed feelings about the lip balm. Another customer complained about the packaging. They thought it was very poorly packaged.


We have listed some very solid lip balm products for you to read about and consider buying if you have trouble with dry and chapped lips. Some of the reviews stated the customers were suffering from extremely dry and chapped lips and the lip balm they chose to use really helped to heal their lips and keep them moist. One customer said that after they applied the lip balm they never had dry lips again. Yet another reviewer stated that the lip balm they bought was the best one they ever tried.


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