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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

A very popular subject these days is what is the best lip gloss. It has become so extreme that it has become a worldwide issue as to which is the best lip gloss. I mean there have been fist fights in bars over which lip gloss was better. It has even evolved to the point that whole cities have experienced riots about which is the best lip gloss. In one case, they had to call in the National Guard to get the crowds under control. It has not become an international issue to the point that the United Nations has to get involved though. Why people have become so sensitive is of great concern among lip gloss experts. We will try and help to calm the issue down by reviewing some of the best lip glosses on the market today.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Benefits and Uses: The lip gloss delivers super pigmentation covering the whole lip in one single swoop. This product has to be awful smooth to be able to achieve that goal. This is a little hard to believe. The company claims they have ignited the beauty world with their supreme products and their products will leave you looking polished. These are some bold claims being made by the company Will the reviews support these claims? If the reviews do not support these claims this company will look awfully foolish. Ten the company talks about the way their products have revolutionized brow shaping which has nothing to do with lips. The connection is irrelevant and it makes no sense. This is definitely a sensationalistic product description. The product is made in Southern California and the company claims to have worked with some of the most famous faces which sounds like an exaggeration. No sources were revealed.

Feedback: The customer says they only use lip gloss and no other makeup on their face. They seem to prefer the natural look. They accidentally found this product so they tried it and they noted every product out of Beverly Hills always sounds so special. She says it works well and it has no scent or smell which lines up with the customer’s natural preferences. The customer says that lipstick is too thick for the lips so they tend to prefer using lip gloss. They talk about the latest trends in lip gloss which really is irrelevant to reviewing the quality of this lip gloss. The customer bought a couple of shades from the company and the customer loves the products. The customer says the lipgloss applies fully and smoothly and has a slight scent that does not last long. The customer says the lip gloss lasts for a long time. They are happy lip gloss has come into vogue again.

The customer covers a whole routine of putting the lip gloss on for the best effect. The customer says the lip gloss smells like frosting and it swipes on the lips for full coverage with one application. The customer says sometimes they put too much lip gloss on and it smears on their teeth. To avoid this customer suggests you put your finger in your mouth like you are going to lick t. Pull the finger out of the mouth and the excess lipgloss will come off on the finger. The customer also suggests that you apply lip gloss with a tissue to reduce the amount that goes on the lips. The customer has uneven lips so if more gets on then she intended it is ok. She says she stretches the endurance of the gloss by rubbing the lips together. This makes the product last longer and saves money in the long run. I have never heard of lip gloss smelling like cake frosting it makes you think you can frost your lips with lip gloss like you would frost a cake. The customer has unique methods of applying the lip gloss to the lips. The customer also showed images of what the different shades of lip gloss will look like on fair colored skin.

The customer loves the product because it comes in a purple shade and it glitters. If you like both of these features then the customer says this product is for you. The customer gave the product a two-star rating because she is very concerned about the inaccuracy of the color descriptions. She says what the computer shows and describes as a color are totally wrong. She ordered certain shade she thought would be certain colors that the descriptions said they would be. The lip gloss colors, in reality, did not look like the colors the descriptions said they would look like. She cannot wear any of the shades she ordered. The company needs to fix the color description errors. The colors should match in reality what they say they are in the descriptions. The color shade pictures did not match what the color shades really looked like either. The customer warns other customers to be aware of these flaws. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the company will have a lot of unhappy customers.

The customer says the pigment does not look like other pigments that she has bought and used from this company. The customer says it does not take much effort to smear the product on her teeth. I wonder if the customer is applying too much lip gloss on one application. Another customer said the applicator brush was wide and thick and that you could easily apply too much product to the lips and the product would end up on the teeth. The product applies too easily and the texture is too thick if the lip gloss can smear on the teeth as easily as these customers are making it sound like.

There have been too many incidents of customers smearing this product on the teeth. This customer complains they cannot stand the color of lip gloss they received. It was not the color that was shown. Here we have a second complaint that the shade the customer received was not the shade the customer thought they were ordering according to shade descriptions.

FocusOn Lip Plumper Gloss

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Benefits and Uses: Wear as lip liner during the day or you can wear the product during the evening. It will work to nourish, hydrate and make the lips plumper while you sleep. The only problem is what if the product smears all over the pillow. The product is free of harmful products. It will restore and revitalize the lips as well. The mint flavor will cool and burn the lips for a few seconds. The company says it will cause momentary tingling. This really means it will burn the lips temporarily. It contains antioxidants that will fight environmental aggressors during the day. I am not sure how outside elements an damage the lips. It is not like there are hazardous airborne germs floating in the atmosphere.

Feedback: The customer says they received a slight sensation when they applied this product to the lips. It made the lips plumper and gave the lips a cool sensation. The customer says the product does not work as well as some of the lip glosses that really burn the lips and make them look fuller than this product does.She says she likes this product and it works perfectly for her.

The customer says the product works better than one they were using before and this one is cheaper. The lip gloss moisturizes the lips during your sleep. You wake up with lips that are soft and hydrated and the product will give the appearance of the lips looking plumper. This customer says the product will make the lips look fuller for a little while. It does not make the lips look plumper by any stretch. The product dries out the customer’s lips and does not work as a lip plumper or a lip treatment. The customer made it sound like it was a good chapstick to use temporarily to soothe the lips. This Is not a very flattering review for the product.

It is easy to apply and makes the lips look fuller for hours. It does not burn and it works great under lipstick this is what the customer writes. What good is a lip plumper that will not make the lips look plump all the time instead of just for a few hours? It seems like there should be some type of formula that permanently makes the lips plumper. The lip gloss should not make the lips burn as so many customers have said it does.

One customer says the stronger the lip gloss is the more it will burn the lips. This sounds so unsafe for lip gloss to be burning the lips. It does not sound right at all lip gloss is supposed to soothe and nourish the lips not burn them. This just not sound right it really does not. There has got to be something really wrong with a lip gloss that makes the lips burn.

The customer received the tube in the mail. Either the product was dried out or there was no product in the tube. The customer was naturally disappointed. There is a definite refund in this customer’s future. This is very poor quality control in the shipping process. Lip gloss products should not be shipped that do not contain lip gloss. People are paying good money for this product and they expect to receive their money’s worth. If this trend continues the company will lose a lot of customers.

Aliver Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Lipgloss

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Benefits and Uses: The company comes right out says the product is a must to ship to all your friends. Is the product that good? The company has a promotional offer and say the lip gloss applies easily and dries into a matte finish quickly. If you like a sparkle in your lip gloss this product is not for you. The matte look will last for hours too. The company says to apply it with a lipstick with the same color. You are to contour the lips with the lipstick. Then you add this product and it should dry a short time. Oh, by the way, you should not eat oily foods while wearing this product. So you can forget about going to your favorite Italian eatery.
The company is honest enough to say that the product color shown may not be the actual color shade you receive. The color appearance depends on the color of the skin and the color setting on your monitor. This great but the company really needs to reflect the colors accurately in the pictures.

Feedback: The price is great and the lip gloss covers the lips in one swipe. It has a nice matte finish and it lasts all day long with one application. The customer raves about the product and says the colors last a few hours on the lips. But the customer says they are diabetic and they drink a lot of water. If this were not the case, the colors would last a lot longer. The customer applied the shades to the hand and the color lasted for 5 hours on the hand. The customer had to use a baby wipe and scrub hard to remove the color. Dawn dish soap would not phase the colors. The customer is sold on the lip gloss product and she will buy it again.

The person says this lip gloss stinks. They felt their lips puckering after they applied the product. It dried out the lips severely and the color only lasted for a few hours. The customer will never buy the product again. This was a waste of money for the client. The client said they had to keep reapplying the product as it smeared off on everything. It sounds like the product is too watery in substance. The consumer is not happy with the purchase and she will not be buying it again.

This is terrible because the customer applied the lip gloss to one lip and it faded off the upper lip and stuck to the lower lip. This was right after the customer applied the product. This is a very cheap product if it is wearing off that fast. The customer posted images to support her claims. The product is terrible.

Lip Smacker Biggy Flavor Trio Lip Gloss Collection

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Benefits and Uses: This is a very poor product description to say the least. The description says the product comes in 3 flavors and that is it. It also says to give them to friends but make sure you smack them on your lips as well. The company did not mention any ingredients in the product. There were no benefits listed either. This is troubling when the company will write a description about their product like it is a big joke. How can you take this company seriously?

Feedback: The customer says it is hard to find these big lip smacker lip glosses. The customer says the daughter loves the lip gloss and the customer suggests they would make great Christmas stocking stuffers. This lip gloss is designed for children and it sounds like it is more of a candy lip gloss than a serious adult lip gloss. Another customer says these are like the ones the kids bought decades ago. This is clearly a child’s lip gloss.

This adult customer says the watermelon is the best flavor. The customer keeps it in the handbag and says the product moisturizes the lips effectively. The customer did not say how long the product kept the lips hydrated though. The customer said the lip glosses were chapsticks. The regular-sized ones are great but the bigger ones did not taste so good the customer writes. The customer does not think much of the therapeutic value of these lip glosses. The Customer bought them for the flavor only. It is ironical but the customer did not like the flavors they bought. This customer makes these lip glosses sound like the only value they have is that they taste good.

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss

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Benefits and Uses: The product reacts to your skin tone and pH balance to give the right color for the lips. This sounds very unstable that the product depends on skin tone and pH levels to reflect the shade of the lip gloss. The product comes with a full-sized mirror so you can touch up anywhere and at anytime. The product contains no harmful ingredients.

Feedback: The client says these lip glosses are fun because they are all the same base color of pink. The lip glosses will change to some color of pink depending on body temperature the client claims. I am not sure how the client thinks body temperature will influence the color the lip gloss changes to. The company never said that body temperature will react with the lip gloss to determine what color of pink the product would change too. The client says the product needs to be reapplied after 4 hours. This is not a long lasting lip gloss.


You have some lip glosses to choose from in this article’s review list discussed above. Some of the customers really liked the lip gloss they purchased others thought the lip glosses they purchased were a waste of money. One customer received the product in the mainland there was no lip gloss in the tube. So read about the lip glosses reviewed in this article and choose the one that will work best for you.


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